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Rise of the Drone

phantom dji drone

Around the world there is a wind of change in the air, borne on the props of drones and drone operators from all walks of life. Read More »

Metromile and Uber Make the Perfect Partners for Rideshare Insurance

Metromile is one of the first auto insurance companies to even consider the ride sharing scene. This makes all the difference for rideshare drivers, who have an extremely hard time finding insurance that will keep them at a reasonable rate. Read More »

Luxury Car Gifts for Dads

TasteTV picks stylish and cool gifts for the luxury car lover who also happens to be a father. Brands include Tesla, Maybach, Lotus, Porsche and BMW. Read More »

Car Companies Take Proactive Measures To Combat Distracted Driving

You get into a car and try to use the on-board navigation system to plot your upcoming course. Unfortunately, something glitches out during your route, and you’re totally lost. Instead of pulling over, you decide to fiddle with the system in between lights and while you’re driving. You get lost between functions and struggle to find the right menu item ... Read More »

On the Modern Road: Today’s Mobile Workplace

The Modern Road

No longer is the Beat Generation just one man or woman alone on the road, connecting by brief collisions of chance. They're moving towards a more global workplace every day. Read More »