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Tips and Advice

The Art of Knowing and Getting What You Want (Or, Do You Want French Fries With That?)

Redtailed Hawkdiving

The assumption that outside circumstances determine what you can have will reduce even a mighty oak of a dream to woodshavings. Read More »

Stranger Danger: “Help” Offered by Roadside Men


It's best to decline a helping hand from someone licking yellow cheese puff dust off his fingers. Read More »

How Not to Give Up – Even When Someone Else Beats You To It


Giving up on your idea or project is (in effect) giving up on yourself. Read More »

Job-Hunting Tips for 2014

Non copyrighted image, source:

First impressions, persistence, and good interview skills are all key to a successful job search. Read More »

Ergonomics: From a Label on Your Keyboard to Reality

Bad Posture Ergonomics

Advice from a heavy computer user on ways to reduce the risk of injury from poor work posture and practices. Read More »

Turn Your iPhone into a Bugging Device


It's easy to use your iPhone as an audio surveillance device. Just make sure it's legal. Read More »

Book Review: “The Healthy Programmer: Get Fit, Feel Better and Keep Coding” By Joe Kutner

Healthy Programmer

This book will change your life. Read More »

How Writers (and Anyone Else) Can Work Through Anxiety with Mindfulness

Ralph Ellison was plagued by writer's block more than most. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learning to force your feelings of anxiety into the distance can dissolve writer's block - or whatever's keeping you from being productive. Read More »

Blogging and Marketing Your Writing Profitably

Growing Your Blog

Blogging isn't easy, and it won't earn you money overnight, but with consistent effort, attention to detail, and time, it can be remunerative. Read More »

Interview: Photographer John Griffith on Beginner Photography, Tripods, and Effects

John Griffith Professional Photography: On Vaire

"My motto is, 'Don't race in the Indy 500 on a skateboard.' Get what works for you, and shoot with confidence." - John Griffith Professional Photography Read More »