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Content in Crisis: Making Your Content Matter in 2016

More consumption is moving to social media platforms, making it harder and harder for brands to build relationships with their consumers and make a profit from content distribution. This all means that marketers need to get creative, embrace the content shifts and follow the yellow brick road, wherever that might take us. Read More »

Election 2016: Five Debate Tricks You Need to Know

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Just so you don’t think that I’m taking sides, examples will refer to candidates Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. As far as I know, they haven’t endorsed any political parties this year. Read More »

Techies in the Workplace: 10 Non-Tech Skills IT Pros Need

IT skills are among the most essential in today’s business world. But they may not be enough. Just because you’re great at IT doesn’t mean you’ll forever be considered a valuable business asset. You must be able to showcase a few additional, valuable skills. Fortunately, many pros are able to balance their vast knowledge of tech while honing other skills ... Read More »

Eight Ways to Improve Your Team’s Customer Service Skills

It’s difficult to move on from a certain school of thought or way of doing things, but if you want to improve customer service and efficiency, it’s important to facilitate change in the office. Read More »

Preparing For Holiday House Guests

Depending on the number of house guests you are expecting this holiday season, making sure that everyone has breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a few days can be really overwhelming. Read More »