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Tips and Advice

Blogging and Marketing Your Writing Profitably

Growing Your Blog

Blogging isn't easy, and it won't earn you money overnight, but with consistent effort, attention to detail, and time, it can be remunerative. Read More »

Interview: Photographer John Griffith on Beginner Photography, Tripods, and Effects

John Griffith Professional Photography: On Vaire

"My motto is, 'Don't race in the Indy 500 on a skateboard.' Get what works for you, and shoot with confidence." - John Griffith Professional Photography Read More »

On the Modern Road: Today’s Mobile Workplace

The Modern Road

No longer is the Beat Generation just one man or woman alone on the road, connecting by brief collisions of chance. They're moving towards a more global workplace every day. Read More »

Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic People

Before risking medical tourism in the third world, take a look at the standards set in other countries, and ask yourself if you're willing to risk disfigurement to save a few bucks. Read More »

Preventing Holiday Halitosis

Breath Can Be Wicked

Much like a man or woman with too much cologne or perfume, a person with bad breath usually isn't aware of it. Fortunately, most cases of halitosis are easily treatable. Read More »

Managing Debt Consolidation

Quality Time

Building and maintaining credit isn't easy, but neither is managing excessive debt. By carefully considering options and making informed decisions, you can maintain good credit and keep your finances in order. Read More »

Back Injuries and Weight Training

The Human Body

The science behind proper lifting is particularly complex from a mathematical standpoint, but in practical terms it is common sense. Read More »

Projector Technology for the Classroom: LCDs, DLPs, and More

Projector Lights

Before investing in projectors for your school, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the acronyms and jargon you might come across. Read More »

The New Face of Business: Hoping for a Big Buyout

business startup

In recent years, multimillion-dollar buyouts have become the big dream of smaller to mid-sized companies. But in today's competitive market, it's much easier said than done. Read More »

How Brick-and-Mortars Can Compete – And Are Competing – with the Web


Today's shopper is a sophisticated creature. When a customer comes to your store rather than buying online, he or she wants to interact with another human being. Read More »