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Satire: Dirk Nowitzki Gets Ticked Hoff

Also: how not to access a fly ball, how not to squeeze tennis balls, and some strange trophies. Read More »

Randy Johnson: Last Man to 300?

Johnson will win his 300th game this season, but who will be next, if anyone? Read More »

THF: NHL Playoff Discussion, 93 Percent Goldblum-Free

Also: A-Rod's high school steroids, Mine That Bird's victory, swine flu scares, and "What Were They Thinking?" Read More »

Robinson Cano: The Future of the Yankee Dynasty

Robinson Cano is finally fulfilling his role as the future of the New York Yankees. Read More »

Ban A-Rod From the Game

The latest information about A-Rod further supports his banishment from the game. Read More »

Rodriguez Takes New Approach to Steroid Allegations

Alex Rodriguez is being chased by reporters again; his own doing as more steroid allegations hit the news. This time around, Rodriguez has decided to take a different approach to responding. Read More »

From 1976 to 2009

Chicago and Boston are going to crank it up if they want to participate in The Greatest Game Ever Played. Read More »

Know When to Move ‘Em …

At what point does a player's terrible defense force you to move him? Read More »

Stanley Cup Second Round Playoff Predictions

Expect another Californian upset. Read More »

The Five Stages of Grieving Over A 10-Run Inning

Here's how I got through that dreadful seventh. Read More »