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More Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions – Round Three

After a forgettable second round of predictions, it's time for a third period comeback. Read More »

The Top 15 Baseball Books of All Time: Part 1

A list of suggested summer reading for the beach-bound baseball fan. Read More »

Zumaya Had Extra Innings Of His Own

In a 13-inning 14-10 loss, Zumaya's 2 2/3 innings stood out as a curious series of events. Read More »

Let Your Highlights Go, MLB!

Does the future of Major League Baseball really depend on making me pay to see Baba Booey throw out the first pitch? Read More »

Boston Fans, Embrace The Hate

Why the Boston sports fan's evolution from loveable loser to unlikeable victor isn't necessarily a bad thing. Read More »

When A Referee Makes The Beautiful Game Ugly

The Sounders' 1-1 tie was marred by inconsistent calls and unnecessary scuffles. Read More »

When is a Win Not A Win?

I don't know, but make sure you have enough Just For Men. You're going gray. Read More »

Searching For The Top BAOD

Chelios, Martin, Mutombo, Mawae, Moyer, or Vizquel. Who's the baddest-ass elder of them all? Read More »

THF Headlines: Manny vs. Motherhood

Manny steals Jeremy Mayfield's thunder ... questionable NBA ejections ... silly confrontations ... and "What Were They Thinking?" Read More »

When a Six-Run Inning Isn’t the Pitcher’s Fault

Boston's Jon Lester got ground balls when he needed them -- they just happened to be hits instead of outs. Is that his fault? Read More »