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Review of New TV Series, Revelations

Wednesdays have a new show over at NBC. Revelations is their much hyped, new limited series show about the end of days. Simply put, Revelations is an interesting show that presents a theory of what it would be like if the “End of Days” was really upon us and not as apparent as most would think it would be. While ... Read More »

Interview: Reza Aslan, Author “No god but God”

Reza Aslan is the author of “No god But God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.” (Random House 2005) Read More »

Weekly BlogScan: (Ding, Dong) The Pope Is Dead

In the midst of a MSM blitz of papal stories, why should the blogosphere be different? Read More »

The Political Pope

Pope John Paul ll’s greatest legacy may be his political impact on the world, most specifically on his native Poland and the fall of the Soviet Union. His famous Mass on the Warsaw square in 1979, and his nine-day tour of the nation preaching “never lose your trust, do not be defeated, do not be discouraged” to the millions of ... Read More »

There But For the Grace of God

Unpacking Oxblog's Compelling Comments on Super Size Me Read More »

Faith of the Fatherless – by Paul C. Vitz

Why are atheists angrier and more self-righteous than religious believers? Read More »

U2: Of Popes and Vertigo

I’m not sure things get much better than they have been for U2 over the last several months, pulling off the momentous and enviable feat of being simultaneously the band of the moment and a band for the ages. Their most recent album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, is a bonafide critical and commercial smash hit, they were eloquently ... Read More »


Karol Wojtyla 1920 – 2005 Vigil… Candles… Rivers of tears… Shed… For… A man… With wings woven of messianic gold… Reactionary papacy… Sweet Jesus… Judgments… By the Prophet of the New Millennium… Let he without sin… Cast the first stone… Vatican-cam… Corporation-cam… Press-Office 24/7 fucking-cam… Soon to be canonized… JOHN PAUL THE GREAT… If you don’t mind… Crazy fucking world… ... Read More »

Pope Quotes

A Great Man Is Dead... Read More »

Blogcritics On Pope Benedict XVI In, Pope John Paul ll Out

A new pope has been elected, the former Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, replacing the beloved if controversial John Paul ll. We have news and views on them both and the process: The Pope of Cyberspace Pope Benedict XVI may be a doctrinal luddite, but he is down with the communicative abilities of cyberspace. “Let us go forth in the joy of ... Read More »