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White Smoke Over the Vatican: New Pope Elected

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, 78, of Germany, a doctrinal conservative, was elected the 265th pontiff Tuesday evening in the second day of the first papal conclave of the 21st century. He chose the name Pope Benedict XVI. Video here. (“THE HOLY FATHER The Roman Pontiff, as the successor of Peter, is the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity of ... Read More »

To hell with the Pope

The Papal circus has mercifully come to an end. The new Pope, Benedict XVI, 78, is an ultra-conservative Vatican insider, so the Church will remain as anti-modernist as ever. They chose not to open the Papacy up to a South American, where four out of ten Catholics live; they picked a German. Meanwhile, they want to make the deceased Pope ... Read More »

Da Vinci Code and History

The History Channel in Canada broadcast “The Real Da Vinci Code” as a two hour show a few week ago (March 23/05). Actor, journalist and politician Tony Robinson was the narrator and he brought a comic and sarcastic presence, honed in his appearances as Baldrick in Rowan Atkinson’s “Blackadder” shows, to his role as debunker of modern myths. The show ... Read More »

How News Media Helps Create Myths: China and Japan

True or false: Domestic violence rises after the Super Bowl game? The answer, according to Snopes.com, is false. A small fact about one incident in one city went on to become a generalization that was not true. Most people will hear or read the initial news account, often rushed to meet a deadline, particularly because it has a timely message ... Read More »

Review of New TV Series, Revelations

Wednesdays have a new show over at NBC. Revelations is their much hyped, new limited series show about the end of days. Simply put, Revelations is an interesting show that presents a theory of what it would be like if the “End of Days” was really upon us and not as apparent as most would think it would be. While ... Read More »

The Political Pope

Pope John Paul ll’s greatest legacy may be his political impact on the world, most specifically on his native Poland and the fall of the Soviet Union. His famous Mass on the Warsaw square in 1979, and his nine-day tour of the nation preaching “never lose your trust, do not be defeated, do not be discouraged” to the millions of ... Read More »