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Kansas School Board Endlessly Debates Evolution

I'm sure this debate will never end. Every time there's a conservative majority on the school-board, we'll go through this crap all over again, and then when it's back to a moderate majority it'll all get repealed, repeat ad infinitum. My God--I mean my Darwin--I mean my God... Read More »

Darwin’s Legacy

God called me last night. There’s no easier way to put it, especially for you atheistic, devil-worshiping, socialist America haters out there. God did call me. And boy, was He pissed. “What’s so tough to understand about ‘intelligent design’,” he fumed. “What, do those Darwinidiots think I’m not intelligent?” “No, sir,” I said quickly. It’s not a good thing to ... Read More »

Catholicism vs. Witchcraft

Some teenagers came onto a pagan web site and asked if it was ok for Catholics like them to practice witchcraft. I was forced to tell them that in my understanding, the Catholic church wasn’t amenable to them practicing witchcraft, no matter how trendy. Anticipating their dilema, I wrote something to help them make up their minds. Some advantages of ... Read More »

What’s your Papal Name?

Did the Papal Name test – quite funny – my answers were very irreligious. Your Papal Name is Pope Adeodatus II You think Pope Benedict IX was a Saint who should have indulged himself a bit more. You’re already halfway though “How to Excommunicate for Fun and Profit” and, if you were made Pope, you would have the treasures of ... Read More »