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Pope Quotes

A Great Man Is Dead... Read More »

Blogcritics On Pope Benedict XVI In, Pope John Paul ll Out

A new pope has been elected, the former Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, replacing the beloved if controversial John Paul ll. We have news and views on them both and the process: The Pope of Cyberspace Pope Benedict XVI may be a doctrinal luddite, but he is down with the communicative abilities of cyberspace. “Let us go forth in the joy of ... Read More »

Requiem and Reformation: The Media and the Pope

Isn't it interesting on some level that so many are grieving the passing of a man whose lecturing on critical areas of the faith they ignore and violate? Read More »

Pope Has Heart Attack

Very grim news.... Read More »

John Danforth Sees The Light

"When government becomes the means of carrying out a religious program, it raises obvious questions under the First Amendment." Read More »

The Pope should retire when…

Pope John Paul II won’t step down until he has died. Or, so he says. Fine. But they should have a policy in place to force Popes to retire when they become far less effective, due to a decline in health. Some will say that this Pope is a huge inspiration since he soldiers on and clearly tries to give ... Read More »

Scorned Pennies: The Root of All Evil

"Eliminate financial burdens the Christian way?" I couldn't resist. The fishers of men caught me on a cross-shaped hook. Read More »

What is Water Telling Us?

We watched What the Bleep do we Know this weekend and the most fascinating part of the movie (I have to admit that while I attempted to understand what they were saying, I only grasped the most obvious stated observations of quantum physics) was the segment when the Protagonist, brilliantly acted by Marlee Matlin stumbled upon a exhibit of by ... Read More »

What do you pray for?

It's 2005. What role does prayer play in your life? How and why do you do it? Read More »

Happy Easter, right?

  Ah, Easter. You know what is great about Easter? It is basically a Greatest Hits of why Christianity is so dumb. This isn’t about faith, or loving the lord. This is not a slam on your beliefs or religion. This is an open minded view of why every thinking and sentient gen x’er is devoid of faith. This is ... Read More »