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Common Core Wars – The NY State Senate Strikes Back

testing daily news

We need to get back to teachers teaching instead of teaching to the test. This report is a sign that we are getting there. Read More »

Martin Bashir and the Censorship of Crass

MSNBC Correspondents

Free speech is a right, but being paid to be on television is not. Read More »

Fili-Busted? Fake Outrage, Real Facts


The Democrats know that the removal of the filibuster will be used against them later on, but they had no choice if they wanted to get anything done in Obama's second term. Read More »

A President, a History of Violence, and a City Called Dallas


Much is remembered about Nov. 22, 1963, but much is forgotten as well. Read More »

Fifty Years Later: A Reflection on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy


As the nation remembers JFK fifty years later, I wonder what he would make of us now? Read More »

50th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination – The Agony and the Legacy

JFK - 4 ny daily news

We mourn the passing of a legend. JFK – the rock star president and political comet that soared ever too briefly across the nation's sky. Read More »

The Anniversary of the Crash of Flight 587 – A Silence Too Loud for Words

587 3

Family members and friends of the victims all have no choice but to never forget, even though it will sometimes seem that other people wish you did. Read More »

Americans are Protesting the New Surveillance; What Does the Future Hold?


While the Internet has brought new opportunities for free speech, the government grows daily more determined to monitor that very speech. Read More »

Giant Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2032 – Time for the World to Work Together Now

aster 1 getty

There are approximately 9,600 near earth objects that NASA is currently tracking, many of them 60% larger than 300 kilometers. Read More »

Sustaining the Environment, One Step at a Time.

Michael Reynolds

A Conference at Omega Institute highlighted what others are doing to move toward prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities that are beneficial for the environment. Read More »