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Rothbard as Prophet Part 1

Read the writings of Rothbard: policies leading up to the Great Depression resemble those which have led to our current crisis. Read More »

Should Marijuana Be Legal in California?

There are pros and cons to legalizing marijuana. Read More »

The Phantom Culprit

Falsely accused, the Phantom Culprit speaks out. Read More »

Divided Loyalties in Military Shape Pakistan Crisis

While the Taliban seem unlikely to take control of Pakistan their ability to create problems is enormous. Read More »

Bank Stress Tests

An average American's questions about stimulus, bailouts, and ownership of corporations by the Treasury. Read More »

Meet Fire With Fire Indeed

Exactly whom is impressed by the lenient human rights attitude we show our enemies? Read More »

Maine Goes Gay! Will California Be Last?

Will New England's trend toward gay-friendliness suck tax dollars and business out of cash-strapped California? Read More »

Should Appointment to the Supreme Court Hinge on Empathy?

Experience as a competent appellate court judge should trump all else in the selection of a Supreme Court justice. Read More »

Hate Crimes Bill: Justice for Sale

The new hate crimes bill makes a mockery of the rule of law. Read More »

Squeezing Blood From a Turnip: Small Town Royal Oak Hires Big Guns to Ensure a Steady Flow of Tax Cash

Michigan turns Vampira and hires crack legal team to suck out our blood, er, tax dollars. Read More »