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Chrysler Bankruptcy: Political Payoff?

Is Obama paying off his political supporters? Read More »

Heartless U.S. Rep. Calls Matthew Shepard Murder A “Hoax”

An ignorant southern politician puts her foot in her mouth, using faulty information to brand hate crimes bill a hoax. Read More »

Obama and Doublethink

Obama is promising what he can't and won't deliver. Read More »

Like the Failed Bush Agenda, Specter Belongs with the Democrats

If we have a smaller party for now, it will be a better party and one with a stronger future. Read More »

Excessive Pride Goes Before a Fall

To proclaim moral superiority when the consequence is suicide is not very clever. Read More »

Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. Harper

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper turns 50 today. Many Happy Returns – to Harper the person, not Harper the Prime Minister. Read More »

The Curious Blur of Political Candidate and Beauty Contestant

Is it a beauty contest or is it the presidency? You be the judge. Read More »

The Deadliest Four Months in Human History — Redux?

The bad news, the really bad news, the good news, and what to watch for. Read More »

And This Little Piggy Flu All the Way Home: An Analysis of the Swine Flu

No matter how pure the science should be, politics always manages to butt into the picture. Read More »

The Al Qaeda Threat and the Need to Find New Partners

The option of networking with non-state players such as Taleban and LTTE was never studied by the Bush administration. Here are some possibilities. Read More »