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Economics and Politics: Against Vulgar Marxism

There’s something to be said for addressing the economic and the political separately; to the extent possible, as conceptually apart. Read More »

Thoughts About the Connecticut Killings

Parents in Newtown, Connecticut aren't the only ones to lose children. Read More »

A Time for Change: Gun Laws Must be Rewritten

The Constitution can and should be changed, guns are intolerable. Read More »

Does America Have the Safety On?

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, gun control advocates seek tighter regulations, but are America's gun laws really that relaxed? Read More »

In Mass Shootings Does Government Provide the Trigger?

We're blaming all the wrong people when we should be blaming government. Read More »

Demands for Stricter Gun Laws Surge in Wake of Shooting

Adam Lanza committed mass murder in a quiet Connecticut town prompting renewed calls for strengthening gun laws. Read More »

Disproved: Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

They say an armed society is a polite society. So do our preteens need to be armed to protect themselves, too? Read More »

Time for a New Fairness Doctrine?

It's time conservatives ask if in fact the left was right on this one. Read More »

Balancing Budget is Hot Congressional Issue

Balancing the federal budget is critical. Read More »

Global Warming, Politics, Control

That global warming exists is now an accepted given, so let's get the political agenda out of it. Read More »