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State Gun Laws: An Analysis

As Washington addresses the issue of reforming America's gun laws, their sights should not be aimed at federal policy, but at those of the fifty states. Read More »

Obama Names Hagel for Defense

President Obama has named former senator Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense. Read More »

A Tax Increase – This Was Not Supposed To Happen!

A Tax Increase - This Was Not Supposed To Happen! Read More »

Is Legal Pot for Everyone a Fait Accompli?

Thoughts on the new availability of pot. Read More »

What I’d Love to See in the Next State of the Union Address

The Republicans want the power to determine how our economy should go. I say let's give it to them! Read More »

On the Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is a new challenge for state governments. Read More »

Congress and President Obama Avert The Fiscal Cliff — For Now

A compromise is reached on the fiscal cliff. Read More »

Kim Jong-un Calls for More Unified Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un spoke on New Years day, promising improved conditions and better relations with the south. Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: a Footnote

"Humane society, cohabitation or being...above all earthly things must be maintained." Richard Overton Read More »

Of Armed School Guards and Hypocrisy

The president sends his children to a school full of armed guards, but wants to deny citizens their Second Amendment rights. Read More »