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House Ways and Means Committee Investigating 501 (c) (4) Tax Issues


We present some framework in connection with the ongoing tax exemption debate in the House of Representatives. Read More »

How Does a Nation Attain and Maintain First-World Status?


It feels good to say we need to get rid of big government, but we're forgetting just how green our side of the fence really is. Read More »

Schumer Opposes Vanguard of Plastic 3D Weaponry, the Liberator

Anyone can now produce a plastic gun that fires. Senator Schumer is among the first in Congress to respond. Read More »

Republicans Compare Benghazi Response to Watergate Cover-Up

Some critics of the president are comparing his handling of the attack at Benghazi to Nixon's Watergate; an impeachable offense. Read More »

A Rotten Apple

Kelly Ayotte is the perfect example of a corrupt politician who votes for the agenda of NRA and against the will her own constituency. Read More »

New Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Zone Deal Could Become A Reality


The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Zone could become a reality in the not too distant future. Read More »

The Anarchist’s Dilemma: an Interlude

Perhaps Franz Fanon rather than Michel Foucault should be the voice we ought to heed for having a better grasp of the human condition. Read More »

New Plastic Gun Threat May Lead to Legislation

New plastic guns pose a challenge to government officials everywhere. Read More »

An Alternate Reality United States, Part IV: Tourism

Tourism in the U.S.(alt) flourished, in large part due to "gun junkets" which became very popular now that gun laws no longer existed. Read More »

Should Representatives Vote the People’s Will or Their Judgment?

A different world if the framers had restricted the representatives to a strict compliance. Read More »