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Five Collectibles That Will Always Hold Their Value

limoges box

People collect for many reasons – a personal interest or passion, a family tradition, an investment opportunity. Some types of items will probably lose their market worth in the coming years, while other collectibles will continue to earn value. Below are just five that are likely to hold or gain value. Limoges Boxes The famous porcelain trinket boxes were first ... Read More »

How Much Does Opportunity Cost?

Opportunity Cost

Whether you realize it or not, you generally take opportunity cost into consideration whenever you decide how to manage your time, money, or debt. Because most of us have limited resources of time and money, we generally want to use our time wisely and get the “biggest bang for the buck”. Read More »

5 Things You Should Never Buy New

Understanding what can be purchased used and what’s best purchased new can help you make savvy shopping decisions and develop cost-saving habits. Read More »

Say More by Spending Less

Save more by spending less

In today's world of limited resources where less can be more, you can assert yourself as smart, fit, and environmentally aware without overspending on expensive brands. You can actually say more about yourself and achieve a better quality of life, free from clutter and credit card debt, by spending less and saving more. Read More »