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If we could just break free

Think about it. LindowsOS is only $500 for an educational site license. You can install it on as many computers as the institution owns. Here at Carolina there thousands of computers owned by the university, 99% of which are running Windows. We have a gigantic licensing deal with Microsoft, which I am positive is way, way more than $500. Think ... Read More »

Digital Music Forum Update

We mentioned the upcoming Digital Music Forum a couple of weeks ago. Here’s an update: DIGITAL MUSIC FORUM The Impact of Technology on Music Business Today technology►transforming►entertainment March 3, 2003 | 9:00AM – 7:00PM | New York City The Association of the Bar of the City of New York 42 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036 KEYNOTES Chris Gorog, ... Read More »

Like Sand Through a Sieve

More cogitation on power law, this time as regards to the music business by Tim Oren. My head may explode from all of this analytical thinking. So, why can’t the big dogs just go away and leave the little guys and us customers alone? Or even try the trick themselves? They aren’t ignorant of the possibilities. A few of the ... Read More »

Digital Rights Summit

Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley on the latter’s home turf: Lawrence Lessig, pointed out Wednesday that millions of consumers are downloading music and other materials onto their computers because slow dial-up connections make it tough to stream content quickly to a variety of devices. That’s bound to change within a few years as connections get faster, he said, making today’s debate ... Read More »

Without a Mate

Everyone from sci-fi writers to Ren and Stimpy have pondered the existential fate of the single sock. They universally come in pairs: where does the missing sock go? What can be done? Is all lost? If we can reunite socks with their long lost mates, perhaps France and America can be friends again. Read More »

Your Phone is Blogging

New software lets you blog via cell phone: While most of the world will continue to post their weblog entries from a desktop PC, a new outfit based in Dublin, Ireland, called NewBay Software has designed a service called FoneBlog that could eventually let wireless customers create a blog using only a mobile phone. To be fair, posting to a ... Read More »

Salon Almost Gone … Again?

I am saddened by the reports that Salon.com will not survive beyond the next couple of weeks: In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, Salon said it has been unable to pay most of its bills since December, including its rent. If it cannot increase revenues or raise money, it would be unlikely to survive beyond ... Read More »


In a move that would appear to be an effort to bolster its legal position, 321 Studios is offering a reward for information about illegal DVD-copying with its products: The major studios sued 321 last December, saying the company promotes copyright infringement by offering products that allow people to copy DVDs. Specifically, the suit claims 321 is violating the Digital ... Read More »

Reasoned Discourse

So you haven’t made your mind up yet about Iraq, or your conviction has faltered? Steamroll through the illogic and excessive emotion of both sides with the Cross-Blog Iraq Debate. Questions and answers pro-war here, and anti-war here. Now is the time for reason. Read More »

Your TV is Ringing

TV streaming for cell phone coming in Korea: Local press in Korea has confirmed that Korea Telecom will beam 9 TV channels to 3G phone users this month. The channels are believed to include a music channel and a news channel. The phone inset is the Samsung V3000 which is similar to the Samsung 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO SCH-V310 which can ... Read More »