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ISP's are lazy about handling abuse, and in turn are creating a hostile environment for users. When will it stop? Read More »

Microsoft Wants to Control Your Personal Entertainment Future

The megalomania continues – Microsoft in Wired: Microsoft has two visions for the future of digital media: unlimited choice for consumers, and unlimited control for producers. One thing’s for sure, it’s unlimited opportunity for Redmond. ….These two homes represent two futures. The first is what consumers want: digital media their way, in whatever form suits. The second is what Hollywood ... Read More »

Make His Game Boy

Dude is down on Nokia (scroll down “News”): Between your insulting advertising, shitty fucking product and infuriating public comments it’s almost like you are TRYING to get gamers to hate you. I honestly cannot understand how a single company could make so many mistakes. I await your next move with absolute fear because at this rate there is no telling ... Read More »

Dear High Preists of Weblogs,

Niek Hockx writes on blogging weblogging conferences: “It is of course a well known fact that geekers and geekorettes get off simply on the fact that a new and exciting technology exists, without asking themselves for one moment if that technology is actually the best one to communicate a message to the world. To me all that live conference blogging ... Read More »

Blog Design

Very interesting thoughts on blog design from web designer Eric Siegmund: This “personal publishing revolution” that many of us are participating in has created new opportunities for expression, but it’s also created new problems that authors and journalists never before had to deal with. How many mainstream journalists, for example, ever question what typeface and size will be used when ... Read More »

FTC Sets Sights on Spam

Tells Congress it needs MORE POWER: The Federal Trade Commission asked Congress yesterday for broader powers to attack the rapidly growing problem of spam, which new studies show accounts for half of all e-mail traffic. In joint testimony, Chairman Timothy J. Muris and the four other commissioners told House and Senate committees that the FTC needs more authority to track ... Read More »

New Fiber Optic Technology to Multiply Broadband Speed

Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp with the latest development: The new optic-fiber technology will increase communication speeds to one gigabyte per second, up from 100 megabytes per second now available for homes and offices, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun said in its evening edition. The technology developed by NTT, Japan’s largest telecoms operator, will make the downloading of movies and ... Read More »

ReplayTV Latest to Kiss Entertainment Industry Sphincter

ReplayTV is eliminating the PVR’s abilities to skip commercials automatically and send shows through the Internet, two of its best features, sealing its own doom – good thinking: Executives at DNNA, the D&M Holdings Inc. subsidiary that bought the Replay line from Sonicblue Inc., said they made the concessions to cooperate with the entertainment companies and be “a positive force ... Read More »

PBS Copyright Debate

Fascinating copyright debate on the NewsHour between Larry Lessig and the RIAA’s Matt Oppenheim: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sued four students on April 3 for allegedly operating music-sharing Web sites, accusing them of enabling large-scale copyright theft. Although the RIAA initially asked for $98 billion in damages, it settled the case on May 1, with the four ... Read More »

Interview with Lawrence Lessig

Dude, what are you trying to do with your fingers? You're going to hurt yourself. Read More »