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The Leveling Effect

Our own well-dressed Ed Driscoll , smiling benevolently upon the reader but with the slightly pinched expression of someone looking for a restroom, has a fascinating column on Tech Central Station about digital vocal tuning and its philosophical ramifications for recording: The recording industry is doing everything in its power to both prevent the legal duplication of commercially purchased music, ... Read More »

“If you like that one, you’ll Love this one … “

Henry Jenkins misses the soicio/cultural aspects of Napster: We didn’t hear our song for a decade. When we discovered Napster, one of the first songs I downloaded was “My Bestest Friend.” I left a note on the computer for my wife to read through our playlist and see what I had found. It’s hard to make surprising romantic gestures after ... Read More »

Another Voice Says Recording Industry Stupid

The Guardian’s rock critic, Alexis Petridis, joins the chorus of those who say the recording industry’s tactics are foolish at best: The industry has always been full of bright ideas – eight-track tapes, plastering records with skull and crossbones logos that warned home taping was “killing music”, signing Mariah Carey for $80m at precisely the point her records stopped selling, ... Read More »

Kazaa Countersuit Tossed

In the midst of a legal war, Sharman Networks, the company that distributes Kazaa, countersued the RIAA and MPAA for antitrust violations last January. Last Thursday a federal judge threw the case out: The labels and studios filed suit last year against Sharman Networks, alleging that it violated their copyrights by distributing and supporting Kazaa, which lets users copy files ... Read More »

The Juice Bows Out

With his typical class, cutting through the nonsense, Jan Herman is leaving MSNBC today: Some media observers have pointed out the absurdity of that claim. What’s not absurd, though, is the occupational hazard. It grows on bloggers like a fungus. Show me a blogger and I’ll show you someone who needs to be fumigated every once in a while. There ... Read More »

“Hmm, what can we do to INCREASE file sharing?”

“I know – we’ll threaten to sue them all, alienate everyone and watch the files fly!” Good thinking RIAA: The Recording Industry Association of America’s announcement on June 25 that it will start tracking down and suing users of file-sharing programs has yet to spook people, say developers of these applications. “Forget about it, dude — even genocidal litigation can’t ... Read More »

Spread the Word – But Who’s Going to Pay For It?

The thunderstorm currently pummeling the environs feels like the wrath of God – perhaps He is angry with file sharers: Does “thou shalt not steal” mean “Thou shalt not download”? Just like other computer-savvy listeners, evangelical Christians swipe songs off the Net – and Christian labels have watched their fortunes dwindle. Sales in the $845 million industry have fallen 11 ... Read More »

Googling For Peace

Jan Herman Googles against WMD. Read More »

Great Tunes

Professor Barnhardt’s Journal poll’s several writers for best songs of the last 25 years, in response to VH1’s take on the same. Here are the top 5 of each listed – see the site for each writer’s top 20 and the VH1 100: VH1 1. Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” 2. Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean” 3. Guns N’ Roses, “Sweet ... Read More »

Introverts unite!

Just realized something else revolutionary about the Dean campaign's decision to create an Assignment Desk for all of its supporters to "become the media": For the first time, it gives introverts a role in a political campaign. Read More »