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Medical Terminology

This is an outstanding text. I had to purchase this book for a Med. Term. course I was taking a couple semesters back. Usually one does not enjoy their class textbooks. They are opened with a sense of grim foreboding. Most of my course texts have been incredibly boring. This one isn’t. Though it includes a CD, I found the ... Read More »

Future of Music Policy Summit 2004

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit, but it has. The cost is quite reasonable, the topics crucial, and the star power impressive: Now in its fourth year, the FMC Policy Summit is a forum for musicians, lawyers, academics, policymakers and music industry executives to come together to discuss and ... Read More »

Digital Storytelling Festival

It’s not free but the Digital Storytelling Festival in Sedona, Ariz this June sounds very worthwhile for the right people: We are once again in the planning stages for the Digital Storytelling Festival being held in June 2004. This will be the second year the Festival will be held in the beautiful and inspirational location of Sedona Arizona with the ... Read More »

Steve Jobs to Rob Glaser: “F*ck Off”

That’s the gist of Steve’s response to Glaser’s death rattle email to Jobs, in which Glaser asked Steve to open up iTunes to RealPlayer. Then poor Rob threatened Steve – as if he’s in any position to do so – and said that if Jobs didn’t do what he wanted, well, then Glaser would use Microsoft’s technology. I’m reminded of ... Read More »

Name that tune….

AT&T Wireless is piloting a program that will allow users to hold their cell phone close to a speaker for 15 seconds, and then a song’s title and recording artist is sent via short text message to their phone. While this seems like a good idea, I’ll believe it when I see it. And, in a drug dealer -like display ... Read More »

Lessig Chats

Lawrence Lessig has a new book out that is generating a lot of attention and interest, Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity. We have discussed it here, here, here and here. Yesterday the Wahsington Post conducted a fascinating online chat with Lessig: David McGuire: Dr. Lessig, thanks for joining ... Read More »

Another Reason Bowie is Still Coolest

Bowie invites mashups: If you’ve seen the new Audi commercial, then you’ve already heard a mash-up of the David Bowie classic “Rebel, Rebel” and Bowie’s brand new rocker “Never Grow Old” from his new REALITY album. On April 12th, another mash-up by Mark Vidler will be released as a single. But what about NOW? Now it’s your turn to create ... Read More »