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RIAA Snags Two More Students

With the precision of a laser beam, the RIAA last week snagged the four MOST EGREGIOUS FILE SHARERS IN THE WORLD, who all happened to be Bentley College students. Now they have nabbed the fifth and sixth most vicious exchangers of MP3 files, both Loyola of Chicago students: The Big Five labels now have the identities of two students suspected ... Read More »

Hovering Head

Some thought-provoking and indelible photos by Nick Kilroy veering between magic realism and the surreal on his site Zabriskie Point. I like the hovering head and the picket fence best – very iconic. Read More »

Desparate RIAA seeks new legislation

The RIAA, along with two democratic Congressmen, in it’s ongoing effort to alienate its customers, is hoping to pass legislation that will punish “Uploaders” with stiff fines. Wired News writes: A new bill proposed in Congress on Wednesday would land a person in prison for five years and impose a fine of $250,000 for uploading a single file to a ... Read More »

Wi-Fi Hotspots: Oasis of Anonymity

Neither the RIAA, MPAA, nor any other AA can trace users on public Wi-Fi systems: Early last spring, NYCWireless co-founder Anthony Townsend got a note in the mail saying that someone on his network had been violating copyright laws. This type of note is becoming increasingly common as record companies and Hollywood studios subpoena Internet service providers (ISPs) for information ... Read More »

For All to Hear

Amazing and invaluable project making virtually all Supreme Court oral arguments available on MP3 for free: The Oyez (pronounced o-yay) project has taken the original tapes of such historic cases and is now making them available in MP3 format for free. “Reading a transcript of a spoken event is not the same thing as listening to an event,” said Jerry ... Read More »

Avril on iTunes

The only way to get the new Avril Lavigne live EP is through iTunes: The cuts, “Sk8er Boi,” “Nobody’s Fool,” “Unwanted, “Losing Grip” and a cover of Green Day’s “Basket Case” were recorded on March 23 in Dublin. Fans can purchase individual tracks for 99 cents or the full EP for $4.95. Lavigne recently completed her Try to Shut Me ... Read More »

Dubya’s Resume

Below is an anonymous e-mail I received today. Hopefully, America will think before it votes next year. I hope Ann Coulter is out there somewhere reading this. Whomever got this chain mail started deserves a medal of honor. “President” George W. Bush Curriculum Vitae Past Work Experience – Ran for congress and lost. – Bought an oil company, but couldn’t ... Read More »

The Grass Is Never Greener

Cleveland’s iconoclastic writer, cartoonist, grump, and now film character, Harvey Pekar has a blog: Right now, I’m being kept busy, mostly by opportunities generated by the movie “American Splendor”. I get these assignments from the various people and companies that advertise “American Splendor” to produce all kinds of things that go hand in hand with promoting it like a cartoon ... Read More »

Hounds Let Loose?

Has the RIAA’s campaign to sue everyone who ever heard the term “P2P” quietly begun? Four students at Massachusetts’ prestigious Bentley College have apparently been subpoenaed by the RIAA in what’s likely to be one of, if not the first, shot of the promised RIAA onslaught. “… it would be inappropriate for a college to comment on legal matters involving ... Read More »

Wi-Fi for “Windshield Warriors”

Though lately many have been predicting commercial doom for Wi-Fi, others say it is here to stay and that workers on the road will drive boom: Is the Wi-Fi boom about to bust? Even though that has lately become the fashionable view, the answer is probably no. Critics argue that there are too many competitors trying to deliver high-speed wireless ... Read More »