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Parody site supporting bootlegging

Just to get this out of the way, bootlegging = bad. Having said that, the ham-handed approach of such groups as the RIAA has probably done more to romaniticize and encourage bootlegging than it has made headway on stopping it. The MPAA is trying their own tack, mostly trying to guilt people into not downloading movies by pointing out all ... Read More »

Nielsen to Track TiVO Usage

Nielsen and TiVO have signed a monitoring deal to see what the heck people are doing with those things, or something: Nielsen Media Research has signed a deal with TiVo that will allow the media-monitoring firm to track consumers’ digital video recorder use, according to the companies. DVRs are computer-based systems that record and store TV programs for future viewing. ... Read More »

P2P getting more legit

Some of the legal wrangling that has been going on with regards to file sharing has been moving more and more towards established legal precendent. When asked why this suit was different from Sony’s case, the counsel representing the RIAA and the MPAA said that Sony had no way to prevent unauthorized copying on VCRs, but that Morpheus and Grokster, ... Read More »

Teenage girls lead online

MacWorld is reporting that teenage girls are leading the charge into the digital music environment. Nearly one-half read about musicians or bands online. Girls are also more likely to use the Web to listen to streamed song samples and watch music videos, and they’re twice as likely as boys to research concert and tour information online. The only online music ... Read More »

VeriSign Reconsiders Site Finder

A company that plays a key role in managing the Internet’s domain system is considering whether to restart a controversial search service that makes money off Web users’ typos, a move that threatens to reignite a debate over who controls key segments of the Internet. Stratton Sclavos, chief executive of VeriSign Inc., told investors in a conference call last month ... Read More »

Monster of God

This book falls into the general category of "Smart People Books," a subset of non-fiction in which a Smart Person sets out to explore all the various aspects of some particular phenomenon; large predators, in this case. Read More »

Top Ten Internet Trends

Today’s Wall Street Journal (requires subscription) has a special section on top trends, including the top 10 Internet trends for 2004: 1. Internet security taken seriously: Security alerts are being issued more quickly, companies are testing their software code for bugs more thoroughly, and companies and government agencies are more likely to have backup systems. 2. Search is critically important: ... Read More »

Addicted to Love

How do I love thee? Let a poet count the ways. I love you to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, to the level of everyday’s most quiet need; freely, purely, with the passion of old griefs and childhood’s faith, with a love lost with lost saints, with the breadth, smiles, tears, of all my life. ... Read More »