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Kid’s Cyberland Coming

“” domain coming in September: Children will soon have an Internet neighborhood of their own, designed to be free of pornography, hate speech, gambling, discount tobacco sales and other content deemed inappropriate for young audiences. ….Starting in September, Web site operators who want to run sites for children will be able to buy special “” addresses carved out within the ... Read More »

Hacks Up, Hackers Down

mi2g, the digital security researchers report hacks are up, but the number ofhackers is down: the number of hacker groups active worldwide post September 11th has dropped sharply and is currently at a three year low. Draconian measures enforced in the US, UK and other countries fighting the war on terrorism have led to the apprehension of several members of ... Read More »

Sprint First Telecom to Switch Switching

Sprint first to replace switching technology that is 100 years old: Sprint Corp. has begun converting its circuit-switched telephone network to packet-switched technology like that used on the Internet. By beginning the conversion, which Sprint disclosed this week, it becomes the first big telecom carrier to revamp the systems used by most phone companies for more than 100 years to ... Read More »

Cleveland Blog Panel Discussion

If you are in the Cleveland area tonight, check this out – I’ll be speaking (as I so often do): Techies, Scribes, & Citizens Join AIP and the Society of Professional Journalists as they bring you a community panel discussion on how the new do-it-yourself Web publishing tools are spurring citizen publishing and enhancing community conversation and collaboration. What’s that ... Read More »


Very sorry about the outage for most of yesterday – the whole hosting company was down with some kind of fire situation, evacuation, cleanup, etc, many sites were down including Instapundit, so it was probably the slowest day in the blogosphere in about three years. Welcome back and please let your friends know what happened, and that we are blessedly ... Read More »

The Bad Guide to Vienna

Everything about Vienna except what you need to know Read More »

The White Plague

Life in a tuberculosis asylum Read More »

Sense in Colorado

We mentioned yesterday that some states are working on copyright laws even more restrictive the the DMCA. Fortunately, Colorado’s was vetoed by the governor: “Governor Owens, in vetoing the Colorado super-DMCA bill, recognized that these bills are bad for innovation, bad for competition, and bad for consumers,” said Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation. ... Read More »

Labels Decide Maybe They Don’t Know What They’re Doing

At least regarding digital distribution of music. Admitting a problem is the first step toward solving it, or just blowing it off: That’s the lesson industry insiders are drawing from the surprise decision by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group (UMG) to sell their service, Pressplay, to Roxio. “The marketplace has changed,” Sony Music executive VP Robert Bowlin says. ... Read More »

Playboy Getting Real

T&A from Playboy via RealNetwork’s OpenPass paid video service. The girls will also be popping up via video clips and photos on cell phones in Europe and Asia on Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchinson Whampoa’s cellular phone service: Playboy Enterprises last week began offering a $25-a-month “Playboy TV Club” subscription as a new channel on RealNetworks’ paid video service. ….On its ... Read More »