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“Designing Bits and Pieces”

Very interesting symposium at MIT’s Media Lab on May 10: On May 10, the MIT Media Laboratory and the Consumer Electronics Association will co-host a symposium at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium, followed by a research open house at the Media Lab. Walt Mossberg, Personal Technology columnist at the Wall Street Journal, will serve as emcee. Topics include new materials and design/fabrication ... Read More »

Musicians like downloading

This is actually banner news! It’s a large PDF file, but worth reading the whole thing When asked what impact free downloading on the Internet has had on their careers as musicians, 37% say free downloading has not really made a difference, 35% say it has helped and 8% say it has both helped and hurt their career. Only 5% ... Read More »

Economics Finally Pushing Scout’s to the Internet

We’ve been hearing about how the Internet would revolutionize the way music is found, distributed and promoted for ten years. Until recently that wasn’t the case – at least with the majors – who have just now been dragged kicking and screaming into digital music sales over the Internet, and been forced by economics to curtail radio “payola” and huge ... Read More »

Future of Music Policy Summit Blog

The Future of Music Policy Summit 2004 is going on right now in DC. Since most of us aren’t there, a great way to keep up with the proceedings is via the blog that CD Baby’s Derek Sivers is keeping. Topics up so far include This Panel Kills Fascists, The Business School of Rock, Numbers, Numbers, Numbers, and Jenny Toomey ... Read More »

SideTrack Update Adds Features; Better Interface

SideTrack is a replacement mouse driver for your iBook or PowerBook. The hardware used on Mac portables is the same as in PC portables, and this software takes advantage of this fact. I started using SideTrack in October 2003, and it has gone through three betas since then. This beta, beta 0.8 is a major update to this killer little ... Read More »

Want to Hear the New Super Smart Album? Pick Up the Phone

German band Super Smart have released their new album only on ringtones: Super Smart have turned their backs on vinyl and CDs and instead have decided to just release their album as ringtones. The album, Panda Babies, is published by a German company that focuses on digital music for mobile phones. “Music has to be re-thought,” said Antonio Vince Staybl, ... Read More »

Concert on Your Keychain

Wow – this takes the instant live recording concept another step farther: Now, minutes after your favorite band sounds its last note on stage, you can load a live recording of the concert onto a cigarette-lighter-sized hard drive hanging off your keychain. Take it home, toss the digital files onto your computer and then e-mail it to all your friends ... Read More »