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Digital Music Services 2004

The Wharton School takes at look at the digital music biz for 2004: Indications are strong that the companies behind the services have reason to think that profits can be made in online music. iTunes sold 20 million tracks in its first seven months of operation. Rhapsody’s 250,000 subscribers paid to listen to 28 million songs in October, up from ... Read More »

Mirror Mirror, Whither 2004?

The Wharton School peers into its collective crystal ball and checks a few chicken guts to get a bead on the status of the economy for 2004. Remember, they only THINK they know more than you do: After a slow and confusing economic recovery, 2004 will be a year of solid improvement building on positive news, including the capture of ... Read More »

They aren’t just games any more

Online gamer Li Hongchen has been victorious in the Beijing’s Chaoyang District People’s Court for the theft of his virtual guns in the game Red Moon. A hacker stole Li’s weapons in February and the company argued that the games had no value except in the game. Li had paid 750 pounds using pay-as-you-go access cards. The courts ruled that ... Read More »

“Help For Parents and/or Loved Ones”

The Downhill Battle org continues its amusing campaign against the RIAA record labels: Do you really want to deal with this? “I got that on the computer like two months ago” Kids today are so good at downloading music from the internet that most of them already have all the music they like on their computer, or if they don’t ... Read More »

The Year in Picturephones

Mac Diva wrote an interesting and thought-provoking post on the issue of picture phones and privacy yesterday. The spread of these phones is being driven by creative and novel applications. Piturephoning.com has a fascinating list: — Women have been taking shots of clothing items in stores, then e-mailing them to friends for instant advice on whether they should buy. And ... Read More »

Email Marketing – Rumors of its Death Greatly Exaggerated

Despite an unprecedented increase in spam during 2003, email marketing is still an effective way to reach existing customers and contacts with a marketing message. According to the 2003 DoubleClick Email Trend Report, legitimate marketers continue to get strong performance from email. DoubleClick reports that on average, 88% of marketing emails are delivered to the intended recipients. About 37.2% of ... Read More »

Innovative Advertising or Path to Insanity?

I haven’t decided if this is really cool, another milepost on the road to civilizational perdition, or just worthy of cold cost/benefit analysis weighing the price of a new IBM computer (about $1400) against the insanity inducement of having your computer screen break for a commercial every 20 minutes. In my particular case the insanity would not be worth the ... Read More »

Blogging for Money

Will blogging produce millionaires? Can blogging financially provide people with a full time earning capacity? Will we see more and more professional bloggers? Can and should blogs earn money? Read More »

Boucher to Battle DMCA Again

Any attempt to modify the reprehensible DMCA is to be applauded no matter how unlikely its passage. The more times someone makes the effort, the more aware the public becomes and the greater the outcry will be. Look at how FCC media ownership deregulation finally roused the public to indignation and action. Stalwart friend of the tech consumer Rep. Rick ... Read More »