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Apple Sues Apple

Beatles take Jobs & Co. to court – again: Applecorps has filed a lawsuit in London against the computer firm over a 22-year-old agreement that Apple Computer (nasdaq: AAPL – news – people ) use the Apple name only for computer products–not music-related enterprises. Apparently Applecorp looks upon the digital music machinations–iPod and iTunes–of the Cupertino,Calif.-based computer firm none too ... Read More »

The Open Music Model

A new music model is suggested by research conducted at MIT, based upon a $5 per month access fee to unlimited peer-to-peer network. Read More »

The Intellectual Property Debate, Pt. 267

Our pal Scott Matthews, the mad coder behind the Andromeda player that supports Radio Free Blogcritics writes in Salon that file sharing is tres suck. He makes many of the same points as our own bhw, although the particular target of Scott’s ire is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, more friends of ours – it’s tough when your friends are squabbling: ... Read More »

Artists Say RIAA Doesn’t Speak For Them

Artists respnd to the RIAA’s lawsuit campaign: “They’re protecting an archaic industry,” said the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir. “They should turn their attention to new models.” “This is not rocket science,” said David Draiman of Disturbed, a hard-rock band with a platinum debut album on the charts. “Instead of spending all this money litigating against kids who are the people ... Read More »

Adaptec FireWire PCMCIA Card is ‘need’ and ‘want’

The kit consists of a PCMCIA card with three FireWire ports and a video connection port, a six-pin FireWire cable, software for the device and bonus digital video software for Windows computers. Read More »

RIAA sued for agreeing not to sue

Well, not quite. As outlined in this Slate article, just because you sign on to the RIAA’s amnesty program, you aren’t necessarily protecting yourself from litigation, and may very well be setting yourself up for it. Basically, the RIAA says they won’t release their amnesty list unless they are required by law to do so. In other words, a label ... Read More »

September 11, 2003

It’s a different year and a different feeling, much more reflective and introspective than last year’s first anniversary of September 11 which seemed to be an outpouring, a psychic shotgun blast getting it all out in the hope that something would connect and/or stick. None of which means we should forget or forgive those who were either instrumental or supportive ... Read More »

Senator Temporarily Crawls Out of Own Ass

Orrin Hatch, the songwriting senator from the great foreign country – I mean state – of Utah who recently suggested that the computers of copyright violators should be remotely sabotaged with some kind of death ray, has suddenly made an about-face and crawled out of his own ass, at least temporarily: The music labels may have to find another way ... Read More »

Thoughts on the RIAA Anti-File Sharing Campaign – Cary Sherman Interview Redux

There are two points of view regarding the PR aspects of the RIAA’s aggressive legal assault on file sharers: one side holds that the RIAA knows its image with the public is on par with refried shit, doesn’t care, and this campaign is to intimidate, alter downloading-uploading behavior, impress upon the public that file sharing is neither anonymous nor without ... Read More »

Glenn Reynolds Reminds Me Of Saddam Hussein

Brian Flemming takes on Instapundit Read More »