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Gadget Review: NuGreen LED Desk Lamp by NewerTech

NuGreen LED Desk Lamp

The NuGreen LED Desk Lamp gives you beautiful cool light at a fraction of the wattage. Read More »

Eco-Friendly Pet Care Tips


It's important to consider the long-term consequences of your purchases, since they can affect ecosystems or even harm your pet. Read More »

Gadget Review: Life Juicer from Viatek

Life Juicer

Looking for a way to replace the current hip flavor of Pop-Tarts in your breakfast? The Life Juicer is your new best friend. Read More »

Product Review: iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

At $80, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer isn't exactly inexpensive, but it does, truly, work wonderfully. It is a solid solution, well designed. Read More »

Gadget Review: Triple Play from Viatek (PlushPals, Pearl and Grab It!)

Viatek products

A triptych of products from Viatek. One for fun, one for efficiency, the last to make you one smooth customer. Read More »

Alice Walker’s Daughter Swings the Feminist Pendulum


It isn't good enough to disavow a belief system. Read More »

Product Review: Andru, HoneyDru, and Color Cables

glowing cable

Need a fun way to charge your electronic devices? Take a look at these options. Read More »

Woody Allen – Should We Judge Art by the Artist’s Personal Life?

woody 2

If William Shakespeare had been a convicted murderer, would that detract from his body of work? Read More »

Residential Solar Panels Becoming an Affordable, Eco-smart Option for Homeowners

Building with solar panels on the roof in Northern Germany. Free use image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Solar panels are still pricey, but costs are coming down, and after a "payback period" of 10 years homeowners are almost guaranteed free electricity for the next 20. Read More »

Product Review: Tuc-Away Table

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.35.00 PM.png

It may be better to leave it tucked away on the store shelf. Read More »