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Health and Fitness

Diet and Health: It’s the Sugar, Stupid!


It's time, at long last, to consider that the much-maligned Robert Atkins might have been right when he said "sugar is metabolic poison." The smartest way to progress out of this pickle is to recognize the sweetening agents in our food supply and more carefully manage them. Read More »

Five Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

Most people feel they have more control over themselves than they actually do. If you’re dealing with a drinking problem, your brain will have a tendency to tell you that you can dig your way out at any point. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true. Read More »

Three Simple Ways You Can Become More Self-Aware

Start within and then turn to others to keep you accountable – that’s the recipe for becoming more self-aware. Have patience and you’re bound to see results. Read More »

The Vicious Cycle of Eating Disorders and Body-Shaming, Part 2

I didn’t know how to stop the sexual abuse. I wondered: Since gaining weight wasn’t going to stop lecherous men and idiotic boys from wanting to play house, perhaps disappearing would. I was going to become invisible. Read More »