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Health and Fitness

Burned Face

I spent a weekend this summer at a favorite old camp in the Boundary Waters. When we checked into our cabin, I found the following list of suggestions on the cabin bulletin board. Evidently the group using the camp the week before us was composed of burn victims. I sat on tne neares bunk and read the suggestions. I am ... Read More »

A Best Ten Potpourri

A collection of favorites from parenting advise books to bellicose women biographies. Read More »

Another New Workout

The Princess, on her never-ending search for a newer, better and even more improved workout, has come upon Balance Balls. They’re being touted as the workout of the future. Here’s what the latest media blurb says Balance Balls will do for you: Build core muscle strength and flexibility. Challenge your cardiovascular system. Improve your coordination and balance. Develop better posture ... Read More »

Bruce Lee Meets His Match

Way back when we were dating, The Princess and I started this "thing". It was a kind of goofy joke between the two of us, actually. We would do "pretend" karate on each other. In slow motion. Read More »

Pigs and the Pox

The government will not give the public access to smallpox shots until there's an outbreak. Here's some insight into why. Read More »