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Health and Fitness

Bullying (and bullied) girls

Two books about the horrible things done to girls, most often by other girls. One is the application of the label “school slut”. Now I think about it, every school, college and similar collection of adolescents or young adults with which I have been involved had a school slut, or, to be more precise, had a girl or woman identified ... Read More »

“Frank Must Die”

Taking a leaf from Bob Hickey’s book, a 9-year-old boy’s mother launched an eBay auction to help pay for a pricey biopsy on a brain tumor her son David (below) had nicknamed “Frank.” When word got out on the Internet street, Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skull Base Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles (dare I mention that ... Read More »

Vinegar Is Good Food — No, Really!

I came up with a small but useful new trick. Plain old apple cider vinegar has a big reputation going back at least to Hippocrates for having many beneficial effects for the body. It has important anti-bacterial properties, it’s good for your blood pressure and Ph, and it will even help people on diuretics maintain their potassium balance. A teaspoon ... Read More »

IMS – Irritable Male Syndrome

It seems that the more the lines separating the genders are blurred, the further apart we find that men and women really are. It is almost cliché now to point out that much of medical care has traditionally been geared for men and that, until say 40 years or so ago, women were considered to be little more than men ... Read More »

Book Ends

Books have taken over our house. They’re underfoot in the living room, piled up on the dining room table, and cluttering the kitchen. Not that we’re all that erudite, mind you. Too many of those books are along the lines of Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy for me to pretend to any high ... Read More »