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Health and Fitness

Diabetic Recipe: Tasty, Healthy, Low-Fat

November is national Diabetes Awareness Month. As part of AF&Os Blogging for a Cure effort, we will present recipes to help Type II sufferers watch their weight, maintain their health, and enjoy terrific food. This time: Steak and Mushroom Soup. Read More »

Belly Busting

In Egypt, if you want to be a professional belly dancer, you had better be Egyptian. So says the nation's government, which has put a new rule into effect that bans foreign performers. Read More »

All Natural

It is a beautiful sunny, warm, summer-like day here in Canada’s preeminent city of Toronto. So I did what any sane or irrational person would do in these circumstances, I got like Nature intended me. Going down the street with the wind blowing through my hair (all of it), what a feeling. Swinging free and easy. Buck naked, marked down ... Read More »

A good idea that doesn’t go far enough

One of the reasons that pseudoscience gets a foothold in society is the lack of a crossable bridge between scientists and lay-people... They need to find a way to make a real bridge, one that invites understanding, not impedes it. Read More »

The New Brain

A neuropsychiatrist looks at technology and its influence on the modern mind. Read More »

Juicing up your life

Jason Vale's two books on the benefits of changing your diet to incorporate juices and live foods is a must-read for those interested in boosting your health and fitness. Read More »

Everything Is Gonna Be All Right…

Today, my dad lost his battle with a host of illnesses, including high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as a series of debilitating strokes. Today, my brother and I lost our dear father; our mother, her one true love. But Jah be praised: Dad is free. Read More »

Arnold on gun control

In a 1981 interview with Penthouse, Schwarzenegger -- who has come out in favor of gun control -- detailed how he was strongly against gun control Read More »

Accentuate the Positive: Authentic Happiness by Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.

Martin Seligman is the pioneering psychologist in the field of positive psychology, the study of mental health, happiness, and well-being. This much-needed field of study complements the established psychological study of mental illness and emotional problems. Instead of figuring out how to make people feel less rotten, positive psychology researchers are learning what it takes to feel more happy and ... Read More »

Indecisive? Here’s Help: Decide! by Karen Okulicz

Decide! How to Make Any Decision is a short, quick read that is full of simple ideas about how to make hard decisions. Like other self-published books I’ve read, its tone is chatty and warm. It also wanders into related but off-topic self-improvement areas like becoming better organized; using visualization to help achieve goals; asking for what you want; asking ... Read More »