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Health and Fitness

Addicted to Love

How do I love thee? Let a poet count the ways. I love you to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, to the level of everyday’s most quiet need; freely, purely, with the passion of old griefs and childhood’s faith, with a love lost with lost saints, with the breadth, smiles, tears, of all my life. ... Read More »

America’s Most Trusted Doctor Needs a Blog

There was a time, not so very long ago, when medical textbooks held a place of supremacy on my office bookshelf. They weren’t good for cutting edge information – say the newest medications and their side effects or the latest in HIV treatment, but they were handy resources for the occasional rare case that came my way. I would turn ... Read More »

What Kind of Diet are You?

Dr. Lisa Sanders is a rare find – a thin person with empathy and compassion for the overweight and obese. She’s also an internist who specializes in researching and treating obesity, the author of the New York Times Sunday Magazine column ” Diagnosis“, and now an author of her own diet book – The Perfect Fit Diet . Dr. Sanders ... Read More »

WORLD AIDS DAY 2003: Live and Let Live

For World AIDS Day 2003, the subject is the pandemic now worsening throughout the planet. Do all you can to stop stigmatization of people living with AIDS and HIV. Do all you can to stay healthy. Do all you can to help the infected and affected. And never forget those we have lost. Read More »

Hilton Sex Tape

Okay, celebutants! And I know you are reading blogcritics. This is your chance to get on the intenet sex-o-licious porn train with me. I got a futon, I got a digital cam, I got all sorts of mad internet skills. I even know how to seed a bittorrent stream. So, what you say, all you need to do is half-heartly ... Read More »

Vegetarian, Diabetic-Friendly, and Good

November is national Diabetes Awareness Month. As part of AF&O's Blogging for a Cure effort, we offer vegetarian recipes to help Type II sufferers watch their weight, maintain their health, and have a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving feast. Read More »

Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser

Fast Food Nation has that greasy, delicious taste of muckraker ambience, but it is just too well written, too comprehensive, and too well researched to be tarred lightly with that label. Eric Schlosser delves deep into the history, practices and culture of America’s love-affair with fast food, and the lasting impact (both economic and otherwise) that the obsession creates. Schlosser’s ... Read More »

Pain Killer by Barry Meier

Politics play a critical role in how medical patients are treated. Cultural norms and the politics that implement those norms determine even what is considered a treatable medical condition in the first place. Nowhere has the politics of medicine been more evident over the last century than in the treatment of pain, as is made starkly clear in award-winning investigative ... Read More »

Amour Fou

How one psychiatrist got caught up in the dance of crazy love. Read More »

A Cure in the Offing?

Could a cure for insulin-dependent diabetes be on the horizon? Thanks to new research, a breakthrough may be closer than we thought. Read More »