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Health and Fitness

Gender Ideology and Sexual Abuse

One of the most egregious cases of ideological belief ruining a life has to have been the case of David Reimer. After a botched circumcision (which some of us have long considered an utterly unnecessary surgical procedure that should never be inflicted on boys without their permission–but that’s a different subject), doctors talked his parents into having their infant son ... Read More »

Alternate States

There’s a movement afoot to stop labeling those who think differently as disabled, but instead to think of them as neurally diverse: As the number of Americans with brain disorders grows, so has skepticism toward the grab bag of syndromes they are being tagged with, from A.D.D. to Asperger’s to bipolar I, II or III. But in a new kind ... Read More »

Medical Terminology

This is an outstanding text. I had to purchase this book for a Med. Term. course I was taking a couple semesters back. Usually one does not enjoy their class textbooks. They are opened with a sense of grim foreboding. Most of my course texts have been incredibly boring. This one isn’t. Though it includes a CD, I found the ... Read More »

Set This House In Order – by Matt Ruff

For better or for worse, much of our knowledge of disease and medicine seems to come through popular culture channels rather than from more reliable sources. The effects of L-DOPA on patients with sleeping sickness, well-documented in Oliver Sacks’ Awakenings, were dramatically exaggerated for the film of the same name. Tom Hank’s Oscar-winning performance in Philadelphia positioned AIDS as a ... Read More »

Online Dieting Popular and Successful

Internet dieting has become extremely popular in recent years, according to this article from AP. We have seen some of the results here: this post on the South Beach Diet has been gathering comments steadily for nine months, and CW Fisher has just started a series on what he calls the “Don’t-Buy-It Diet” here. Part of the reason the Internet ... Read More »

Grasshopper Snatches Pebble

David Carradine, who isn’t Chinese and only looks vaguely Asian because he squints a lot, is back in the spotlight with his title role in the Kill Bill films and with today’s DVD release of the first season of Kung Fu. I loved Kung Fu when it ran on TV from ’72-74. Of course, I was the right age (14-16) ... Read More »

Look Sharply at Domestic Violence

I am glad this book was written, since if nothing else it is sparking some controversy which may help bring about better research and treatment for domestic violence families. As an ER social worker and a social worker for the family courts, I have seen a lot of domestic violence cases, but I have by no means seen them all, ... Read More »