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Bra Burners Take Two

Here’s some news you can use: if you’re a woman and you want to lower your risk of breast cancer, stop wearing your bra. You can read all about it at Brafree.org, run by Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan, age 48, a bonafide Bra-free doctor. The research on this issue is fairly extensive, although Dr. Vaughan notes that no MD will tell ... Read More »

October 2004 New Issue Kmareka.com

Dear Readers, The October 2004 issue of Kmareka.com is now online, featuring: The Personality of a Purse, The Hattitude of a Hat: An Online Exhibit of the Works of Carolyn Daniel Carolyn Daniel is a fabulous clothing designer. Unfortunately, she is also a member of the growing number of breast cancer survivors out there. In honor of National Breast Cancer ... Read More »

To Circumcise or Not To Circumcise?

With a handful of my friends having children, I find myself revisiting the debate about whether to circumcise. After years of waffling, I think I’ve finally settled my position on this issue. I am going to go out on a limb and say that doctors with knives should not, well, go out on a limb. A quick disclaimer: I’m not ... Read More »

I Am What I Ate…and I’m frightened

I started reading this book several weeks ago and I had a hard time getting into it. Cosby chronicles his encounter with a 30% clogged artery and begins a meandering discussion about food and health. The prose is annoyingly repetitive and he doesn’t provide any particularly useful or extraordinary information regarding his health or how to improve yours. Lest you ... Read More »

Rebuilding the Eco-Economy

Eco-Economy Building an Economy for the Earth by Lester R. Brown Earth Policy Institute WW Norton and Company Eco-economics, also referred to as environmental-economics is the theory that our economy needs to work in concert with our natural resources if we are to sustain our natural environment and continue to live on natural resources. More simply defined, eco-economics calls for ... Read More »