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Health and Fitness

3D Printing Has Unexpected Medical Applications

Princeton Ear

3D printing is moving into the future at an unprecedented rate. Now, these techniques offer new hope in the field of medicine, and transplants. Read More »

How We Treat Others Tied to Health, Longevity


Studies increasingly conclude that sustained mental negativity is the enemy of well-being. Read More »

Twelve Natural Ways to Fight Bad Breath

bad breath tips

Good oral hygiene is the short answer to bad breath, and there are many easy natural options for achieving it. Read More »

International Society for Stem Cell Research Assesses New Treatments

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons

Patients and their medical providers can consult with the ISSCR and the National Institutes of Health Stem Cell Unit on specific stem cell treatments. Read More »

Health Through Helping Others

3D men helping to climb

Ancient wisdom has indicated for millennia that altruism leads to better health. Read More »

When a Doctor Goes from a He to a She: Interview with Danielle (formerly David) Kaufman MD

Danielle Kaufman MD

Dr. Kaufman talks to us about some of the professional (and personal) ramifications of her gender identity transition. Read More »

Battle of the Bulge – Back on Track: Day One


I was terrified to look at the scale; all those beautiful new size 12-14 clothes were beginning to get snug (but still fit). I wasn't looking so great in my workout clothes either. Sound familiar? Read More »

Prevention Through the Eyes of a Spinach Skeptic


Some caregivers are finding that spirituality can be a key ingredient of good health – especially for prevention. Read More »

Interview: Tristan Chaput on Charity Miles for College

Charity Miles is a way to exercise and support numerous charitiies

College students are using the Charity Miles app to raise money for causes like Feeding America and the Wounded Warrior Project. Read More »

Running Shoe Review: Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N1

Pearl Izumi Men's Road N1

Has Pearl Izumi produced a pearl in the Road N1 training shoe? Read More »