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Health and Fitness

Needed: New and Alternative Ways to Relieve Pain

Needed: New Ways to Relieve Pain

The placebo effect and results from alternative practices like meditation and prayer show that there are alternatives to addictive opioid painkillers. Read More »

Is Alkaline Water Good for You?

Water Water Everywhere

A number of studies are in progress concerning the benefits of alkaline water, but a great deal of information is already available indicating real health benefits. Read More »

Green Tea Studied for Effect of Extract on Breast Cancer Progression


A preliminary study shows a compound found in green tea extract may have a beneficial effect on "some biomarkers of cancer progression." Read More »

Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic People

Before risking medical tourism in the third world, take a look at the standards set in other countries, and ask yourself if you're willing to risk disfigurement to save a few bucks. Read More »

How Prozac-Haters Hurt People with Major Depression

Vincent van Gogh's 1890 painting
Sorrowing old man ('At Eternity's Gate')

Those who denigrate psychopharmaceuticals in favor of a spiritual approach to depression can end up harming some sufferers. Read More »

Preventing Holiday Halitosis

Breath Can Be Wicked

Much like a man or woman with too much cologne or perfume, a person with bad breath usually isn't aware of it. Fortunately, most cases of halitosis are easily treatable. Read More »

Thinking Outside the Brain About Health Care

@Glowimages: Close-up of a young woman sitting

The idea that consciousness is not in the brain and the positive impact spirituality can have on health are both gaining ground. Read More »

Back Injuries and Weight Training

The Human Body

The science behind proper lifting is particularly complex from a mathematical standpoint, but in practical terms it is common sense. Read More »

Doctor or Physician Assistant?

Careers In Medicine

The demand for physician assistants is increasing rapidly, with many facilities looking to replace doctors with lower-cost care providers. It's also a good path toward becoming a doctor. Read More »

Brain Tumors Don’t Play Favorites, Reports ‘NY Daily News’

brain tumor by mathrock

About 688,000 Americans are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year. Of these, about 140,000 are malignant. Read More »