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Food and Drink

Book Review: Metabolism Miracle: 3 Easy Steps To Regain Control Of Your Weight… Permanently by Diane Kress RD, CDE

Metabolism Miracle is about achieving an optimal metabolism effortlessly. Read More »

School Meals Vital for Kenya’s Recovery from Drought

As Kenya struggles to recover from the massive East Africa drought of 2011, school feeding is playing an critical role. Read More »

Sahel Food Crisis: An Interview with Célestine Ouédraogo of WFP in Burkina Faso

Célestine Ouédraogo of WFP updates us on the status of school feeding in Burkina Faso as the Sahel food crisis unfolds. Read More »

Sahel Food Crisis: An Interview with Aboubacar Guindo of WFP in Mali

Aboubacar S. Guindo of WFP talks about Mali's school feeding program as we head into critical months of the Sahel food crisis. Read More »

Restaurant Review (Seattle, WA): Red Mill Burgers

A review of the Verde burger and onion rings at Red Mill Burgers in Seattle, WA Read More »

Diane Schuler and the Scientific Link Between Binge Eating and Binge Drinking

Diane Schuler, the woman who caused the tragic accident on the Taconic Parkway, was obese and probably a binge eater. Binge eating and binge drinking have been scientifically linked. Read More »

Save the Children Starts School Meals for Somali Refugees

Thousands of residents of Gebo and Bay are now in the Kobe and Hilaweyn refugee camps in Ethiopia depending on relief from aid agencies. Read More »

Restaurant Review (San Diego, CA): Studio Diner

A review of the clam roll and steak sandwich at the Studio Diner in San Diego, CA. Read More »

Newt Attacks Romney’s “Very Poor” Remark

Gingrich can't tolerate Mitt's simple words. Maybe Newt is too quick on the trigger. Read More »

Taste Bud-Friendly Green Smoothies

A green smoothie that tastes good? Yes! (And that's coming from a girl who prefers chocolate shakes to smoothies.) Read More »