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Food and Drink

Restaurant Review (Singapore): Kaiserhaus in Capitol Building

Singapore’s first and only Austrian restaurant, Kaiserhaus, has opened in Capitol Building, serving both lunch and dinner daily. The restaurant opens at 10.30am and closes at midnight every day (except for Fridays and Saturdays when it stays open until 1am). Not only is the two-level restaurant situated in one of Singapore’s most beautiful whitewashed colonial buildings, it is handsomely furnished ... Read More »

Product Review: The Republic of Tea – Various Tea Varieties

republic of tea milk oolong

Milk Oolong is a type of Chinese oolong with an aroma and flavor combination that suggests cream, and even, to me, a hint of milk chocolate. After a couple of sips, my palate had adapted to it; after a cup, I was a convert. Read More »

Five Tips for Maximizing Fun at Tailgates


LeeAnn Weintraub, LA-based registered dietician and nutrition consultant, is such a nice, caring, and considerate lady. In her recent nutrition column, “Tips for mindful eating at tailgates.” she gives thoughtful, well considered advice on how to totally ruin the experience. If you follow her advice, you might as well stay home, eat a salad with non-fat dressing and watch Oprah re-runs. Let’s make a few corrections to her "5 ways to eat right at tailgate parties." Read More »

Three Benefits of Juicing


Juicing makes it easier for individuals to consume nutrients while on the go. In other words, liquefying key vitamins makes it more convenient to regularly follow a more disciplined diet. Read More »