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Food and Drink

Veggie Tales

I think vegetanarianism would be a lot more appealing if it were’nt for the people involved. Like PETA. “Animal rights campaign compares murdered women to meat” Just read the story, I’ll still be here when you get back. Why, when people say they are making an ethical decision about their behavior, do they not claim “because it allows me to ... Read More »

A Best Ten Potpourri

A collection of favorites from parenting advise books to bellicose women biographies. Read More »

A birthday for the Texas Jewboy

Kinky Friedman, musician and novelist, was born October 31, 1944. The Texan and the Hebrew parts of his background make a fine combination. Note that this makes him double bred for kickin' ass. Read More »

Blog Bleat

Lileks has a really good Bleat today, writing about traffic jams, compulsive disorders created by old computer programmes, and blogs. … Whereas blogs have a different format: Clever teaser headline that has little to do with the actual story, but sets the tone for this blog post. Breezy ad hominem slur containing the link to the entire story. Excerpt of ... Read More »