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Food and Drink

Michael Jackson says it’s good for you

As a contributer to BeerAdvocate.com, I think I would go a step further. I would not only promote responsible drinking, but I would also promote educated drinking. Below I want to include my ideas for a guidebook for new beer drinkers. Tell me what you think: Read More »

What Kind of Diet are You?

Dr. Lisa Sanders is a rare find – a thin person with empathy and compassion for the overweight and obese. She’s also an internist who specializes in researching and treating obesity, the author of the New York Times Sunday Magazine column ” Diagnosis“, and now an author of her own diet book – The Perfect Fit Diet . Dr. Sanders ... Read More »

Sopranos’ Family Cookbook

For all you Sopranos fans eagerly anticipating the new season and hoping it is better than the last, here is something to whet your appetites in the meantime. The Sopranos’ Family Cookbook is a light, fun, entertaining read. And, oh yeah — it also happens to be an excellent Italian-American cookbook. The backdrop for the book is the Soprano family ... Read More »

Cubist Cuisine

For Picasso, the question of steak and potatoes was essentially architectural. In his earlier meals, the entire flavor range suggested a gastronomic palette of geometric leftovers Read More »

Vegetarian, Diabetic-Friendly, and Good

November is national Diabetes Awareness Month. As part of AF&O's Blogging for a Cure effort, we offer vegetarian recipes to help Type II sufferers watch their weight, maintain their health, and have a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving feast. Read More »

Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser

Fast Food Nation has that greasy, delicious taste of muckraker ambience, but it is just too well written, too comprehensive, and too well researched to be tarred lightly with that label. Eric Schlosser delves deep into the history, practices and culture of America’s love-affair with fast food, and the lasting impact (both economic and otherwise) that the obsession creates. Schlosser’s ... Read More »

Diabetic Recipe: Tasty, Healthy, Low-Fat

November is national Diabetes Awareness Month. As part of AF&Os Blogging for a Cure effort, we will present recipes to help Type II sufferers watch their weight, maintain their health, and enjoy terrific food. This time: Steak and Mushroom Soup. Read More »

Beer, innit supposed to be about beer?

Looking at the polls about beer, isn’t there supposed to be a fucking choice which includes BEER? How about St. Ambroise? How about Creemore? How about Sleeman? Sam? fucking Adams? You do do know that he is as fictional as the fucking beer fairy? Do You!!!!? Why don’t you just put up a poll between Duff, Duff Lite, and Fudd? ... Read More »