Five Collectibles That Will Always Hold Their Value

limoges box

People collect for many reasons – a personal interest or passion, a family tradition, an investment opportunity. Some types of items will probably lose their market worth in the coming years, while other collectibles will continue to earn value. Below are just five that are likely to hold or gain value. Limoges Boxes The famous porcelain trinket boxes were first ... Read More »

What Does It Take To Be a Supermodel?


Supermodels don’t grow on trees. Rather they exhibit an array of physiological, psychological, emotional and personal characteristics that coalesce into an aesthetically vivacious channel of expression. Read More »

Six Hot Ethnic Wear Trends This Year

Unless you have a good eye for style, it’s easy to take a misstep when it comes to ethnic wear. However, if you remember these rules for great folkloric clothing, you’ll be on the right track to extreme cultural fashion. Read More »

Interview: William Strange, Hairstylist at Carmichael Salon and Color Bar

Hair reflects the times. The '80s were the decade of excess. Hence the gallons of mousse and hairspray! This last recession gave us the ombré trend. I think we'll see a resurgence of a more coiffed look after this hipster "I don't care" thing plays out. Read More »

Must-Have Items in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2015

These fashion trends are all about helping men to feel more comfortable in the heat of summer by dressing to impress regardless of the situation in which they find themselves. Read More »