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California Bans Plastic Bags, and Zaps Your Freedom

prop 67

With the passage of Proposition 67, California became the first state to ban single-use plastic grocery bags. It also requires most stores to charge shoppers 10 cents for either reusable plastic bags or paper bags. The idea is to manipulate people into using cloth totes to carry home their groceries. Hooray for the environment? Maybe. Read More »

Five Services to Help Your Company Go Green

These simple and cost-effective solutions will help your business go green so you can do your part to create a sustainable environment while saving more money over your old, non-environmentally friendly habits and processes. Read More »

‘Pokemon GO’ – Away

'Pokemon GO' proves how susceptible we humans are to becoming tech-addicted lemmings, only too ready to follow the latest virtual fad right off an actual cliff. Read More »

The Art of Marginalizing an Oil Spill

oil spill peru shell petroperu

Oil spills of any size used to dominate the news, yet in recent years coverage of those accidents has been appearing less and less in mainstream media. Read More »