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Spirituality and Health

What Mask Are You Wearing?

This is the way to deal with masks that has worked for me: seek to identify myself as an individual expression of God’s goodness, which strips away masks or false identities. Read More »

Can Starling Behavior Suggest How to Stop Road Rage?

road rage

Is there anything more senseless than road rage that ends in violence? My heart goes out to anyone connected to such a tragedy, like the family of the father who was recently shot to death after cutting someone off in traffic. What can we do to stop this from happening? First, we need to recognize that this has become a ... Read More »

School and Drug Usage – What Can Be Done?

For college students, returning to school can have a dark side as alcohol consumption and drug abuse continue to adversely affect many students’ school experience. Read More »

Is the Truth Actually Out There Somewhere?

Is the Truth Actually Out There Somewhere?

Perhaps one of the biggest areas in our lives where we are looking for truth is in what we read, hear, and see about how to maintain or restore our health. Read More »