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Theater Review (Bridgeport, CT): ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

Mia Cenholt-Haulund, Tyler Felson and Claire Regan

Bridgeport Theatre Company's production not only surpasses expectations, but brings new life into this powerful story of racial prejudice and moral integrity so that it resonates not only with those who remember the segregated days of America's past, but all those who have witnessed or who have felt the sting of prejudice in today's time. Read More »

Prison Money: How Prisoners Can Intelligently Invest Their Money for the Future


Prisoner services companies help incarcerated individuals establish credit so they can re-enter society on a decent financial footing. Read More »

Prison Rock: Libertine Headlines Prison Rock Concert

Photo courtesy Kai Rinchen

Super tight and well-rehearsed, some caged rockers are genuine pros, the real deal. Read More »

Prison Frisbee: Not Your Grandpa’s Ultimate Frisbee

Image courtesy discace.com

The grass is spotty, the dirt patches shine through. The field isn't what you'd expect for an Ultimate Frisbee league, as it is centered in the outfield of a prison softball field. And yet... Read More »

Spiritual Mindfulness: A New View on Living Life in the Moment

A New View on Living Life in the Moment

Mindfulness of any kind brings health benefits, but taking mindfulness to the next level by incorporating a spiritual component allows for a richer life experience. Read More »

Book Marketing from Prison: How to Sell Books While Incarcerated

Image courtesy writersonthemove.com

Book marketing in the world outside of prison is fairly straightforward. The author writes a book, ideally has the foresight to build an author platform in the process, and then uses the platform and other tools to market their book once it is published. These other tools often consist of a snazzy website, writing commitments at relevant and visible publications, ... Read More »

The Secret To Success Is: There Is No Secret (8 Knowns to Creative Freedom)


There are no secrets or formulas or one size that fits all when it comes to success. It's all known, although for some not yet discovered. Read More »

Smarter Sentencing Act Passes Senate Judicial Committee


The bill is the product of an uncommon alliance of senators who don't often agree on much. Read More »

Transgender Prisoner’s Right to Sex Reassignment Surgery Upheld

Image courtesy examiner.com

Kosilek's much publicized quest for sex reassignment surgery began in the 1990s and continued in an epic journey through federal court proceedings. Read More »

Seven Books Every American Prisoner and Criminal Attorney Should Own

Georgetown Law Journal

Seven essential books on prisoner rights and prison law that should be available to those inside and outside. Read More »