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Book Review: Censored 2005

Censored 2005 is an interesting report on the most censored media stories of 2004 by the Project Censored group, out of the School of Social Sciences at Sonoma State University. Amidst all the concerns about invasion of privacy due to new omnivorous laws, and lack of transparency in the workings of governments and corporations, this book records stuff that might have been swept into the dustbin of history Read More »

BOOK REVIEW: River’s Edge – The Weezer Story

The year was 1994, and I had gone to Columbus, Ohio to catch one of my alltime faves, The Smithereens. Unfortunately, the scheduled opening act, The Grays, were no longer on the tour as advertised. In their place, were two opening acts. So let me get this straight – now I have to sit through TWO opening acts instead of ... Read More »

Book Review: Girl in Hyacinth Blue – by Susan Vreeland

To say that Susan Vreeland is just inspired by art wouldn’t be right. It’s true, but she also inspires the reader through language, vividly creating the art and bringing new meaning to the old cliché that a picture paints a thousand words. Girl in Hyacinth Blue is the story of a painting. Not so much the painting itself, but the ... Read More »

Book Review: Trace, by Patricia Cornwell

Dammit, Patricia Cornwell, I used to like reading your novels. I am honestly not sure what changed; my taste in writing style-wise or her writing. I think it’s both. Trace is another Kay Scarpetta novel. When the first Scarpetta novel, Postmortem, was written in 1990, Dr. Scarpetta was Chief Medical Examiner for the city of Richmond, Virginia. Her partner in ... Read More »