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Book Review: The Unseen Queen by Troy Denning

It's a Star Wars book about stuff that's not in the movie. Only hardcore (or obsessive) fans need apply. Read More »

Book Review: Undead And Unwed

What do Apple Jack Frosted Kelloggs and the book Undead and Unwed have in common? They both taste good, well initially, but then as you progress through the meal and book the desire to gag seems eminent. Today, on a cold afternoon I curled up on the couch with this girlie book about a designer shoe-crazy vampire queen and a ... Read More »

Book Review: A Theory Of Everything : An Integral Vision For Business, Politics, Science And Spirituality By Ken Wilber

Turns out the book is more like “The Ken Wilber Reader” - a condensed primer on his exhaustive theory of integral consciousness. Read More »

Book Review: Clapton’s Guitar Allen St. John

"Well you get a pile of really nice wood and a sharp whittling knife...carve away everything that isn't a guitar" Read More »

Book Review: Little Lulu Vol. 6: Letters to Santa

Little Lulu stands alongside the Carl Barks Donald Duck comics for sheer comic genius told through simple formulas. Read More »

Book Review: The Internet – A Historical Encyclopedia

The Internet: A Historical Encyclopedia, is an ambitious three-volume set published by ABC-CLIO. This encyclopedia is a “major expansion of the RUSA-award winning predecessor”, History of the Internet: a Chronology, 1843 to the Present, by Christos J.P. Moschovitis, Hilary Poole, Tami Schuyler, and Theresa M. Senft. The 312 page title was one of the ALA’s Reference and User Services Association’s ... Read More »

Book Review: Honey Don’t by Tim Sandlin

Sociopaths, scheming White House aides, an aging Mafia Don, and the Commander-in-Briefs. Uh, uh, Baby been steppin' around. Read More »

Book Review: The Xeno Solution by Nelson Erlick

What if a donor organ was immediately available for use in a liver transplant? What if kidney dialysis became a thing of the past due to an abundance of donor kidneys for a transplant? In The Xeno Solution by Dr. Nelson Erlick such a fictional world exists. But it is an imperfect world. Main character Dr. Scott Merritt is a ... Read More »

Book Review: Which Is More Round, The World Or Your Tummy? by Leslie Miklosy

Offbeat reflections on serious living. Read More »

Book Review: Bar Mitzvah Disco

The inspiration for the book comes from the Web site ( in which the authors tell the story of a generation through collections of Bar and Bat Mitzvah pictures and stories from friends, families, and strangers. The people who wrote the Foreword are perfect for the job. They’ve probably played a part in every Bar Mitzvah since the ’70s: The ... Read More »