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Book Review: The Spartacus File

This unexpected dystopian novel from Lawrence Watt-Evans and Carl Parlagreco offers an intriguing look at the future, but doesn't live up to its initial promise. Read More »

Book Review: The Simpsons One Step Beyond Forever

If you watch the show, you know you need this. Read More »

Book Review: Dr King’s Refrigerator – Dammit, Chuck

Charles Johnson is one of the finest writers in modern American Literature. This is the worst work he's ever done. Read More »

Book Review: Get Clients Now! A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants

Until recent years, I never thought seriously about starting my own business because I didn’t want to deal with the bookkeeping and the marketing. After all, no marketing equals no clients. I’m no sales person. But I love the work and believe it’s worth doing the “I’d rather not do” activities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with business and self-help ... Read More »

Book Review: Christ the Lord – Out of Egypt

The latest cultural and literary news is that Anne Rice has found Jesus, that she's become a Christian, and that she now wants her writing to reflect her newfound faith and how it's impacted her life. Read More »

Book Review: Discovering Dorothea

If you come across information your subject would not have wanted known to posterity, what should you do with it? Read More »

Book Review: A Puzzled Heart

The book suggests it's different to most in the mystery genre because the first two adult characters encountered are lesbian. Read More »

Book Review: How to Cheat at IT Project Management by Susan Snedaker

"It is intended to get you up and running in IT project management with the least amount of effort and the most amount of improvement possible." Read More »

Book Review: Making a Good brain Great

Brain food for you Read More »

Book Review: Politics of Fear

Why is fear is such an important component in the strategy of modern politics? Read More »