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Book Review: ‘Siege of Praetar’ by David Kristoph

Siege of Praetar

"Siege Of Praetar" will leave you wanting more as David Kristoph does a fantastic job of character development and in creating the novel's apocalyptic atmosphere. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Novel Life of Coral Ambrose’ by Bonnie Ballou


"The Novel Life of Coral Ambrose" is not only a fun mystery but a story of psychological suspense. Read More »

Book Review – ‘Saving Grace’ By Kimberly McKay

Saving Grace by Kimberly McKay

"Saving Grace", a great story with enduring characters. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher’ by Hilary Mantel


“The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher” may not be Wolf Hall, but what is? Read More »

Book Review: ‘William The Conqueror vs. King Harold’ by Jesse Lee Vint


"William The Conqueror Vs King Harlod" is a fun read for anyone who enjoys Medieval history or fantasy. Read More »

Interview with Rick Gillis, Author of ‘Promote!’


"We are taught at a very young age not to brag, but we're never untaught that message — and unless we inform our superiors and bosses of our accomplishments, we may be in danger of losing our jobs, or being passed over for that next promotion." Read More »

Book Review: ‘Endless Encores’ by Ken Goldstein


New book tells story of how to repeat success through people, products, and profits. Read More »

Book review: ‘Promote! It’s Who Knows What You Know that Makes a Career,’ by Rick Gillis


Rick Gillis’ "Promote!" is a must for furthering your career. It makes the case for adopting an accomplishment-oriented mindset that doesn't shy away from stating your value to employers and colleagues. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Book: A Humble Quest Into The Hebrew Scriptures’ by Joseph Heskel Koukou

the book hebrew scriptures koukou

"The Book: A Humble Quest into The Hebrew Scriptures" is part memoir, part contemplation on the nature of faith and the power of critical thinking in helping us deal with fear of the unknown. Read More »

Interview with James DeVita, author of ‘A Winsome Murder’


James DeVita, the author of A Winsome Murder, talks art, craft and how the sight of a wheat field inspired this spine-tingling adult thriller. DeVita's background in Shakespearean acting also gave him particular insight into why a hard-boiled detective might approach crime-solving by quoting the Bard. Read More »