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Book Review: Moondust by Andrew Smith

Apollo - a lengthy journey ultimately more symbolic than substantial? Read More »

Book Review: The eBay Survival Guide by Michael Banks

Have a yen for some tchotchkes or objets d'art? Have a gewgaw or gimcrack to sell? eBay it! Read More »

Book Review: The Closers by Michael Connelly

Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is back where he belongs, rejoining the LAPD after three years in exile as a private investigator. Bosch is dropped into the Open-Unsolved Unit, the “closers”, a squad focused on cold cases&#8212unsolved homicides&#8212tracking down a DNA hit from a 17-year old murder of a teenage girl. The Closers is Michael Connelly’s 11th mystery featuring Harry Bosch, ... Read More »

Book Review: Active Liberty by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

Active Liberty, by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, is a first pass at a progressive interpretation of the Constitution. at least I hope it’s a first pass. I like the book, but truth is I wanted to like it more than I do. Justice Breyer starts out by explaining what he wants to do in the book, which is to ... Read More »

Book Review: Black House

Demon-infested cannibalistic serial killer? Check. Oversized enchanted raven that drives people mad? Check. Read More »

Book Review: He, She And It by Marge Piercy

The characters learn and grow... we are shown the path to follow if we wish to emulate their journey. Read More »

Book Review: Car PC Hacks by Damien Stolarz

Want to turn your car into a functioning computer with cupholders? Read More »

Book Review: A Reader’s Manifesto by B.R. Myers

Somebody had to attack the pretentious, unreadable prose that passes for literature these days. Read More »

Book Review: Rough Edges

While in law school, James Rogan interviewed with a law firm. The interviewer chastised him for violating the supposed “cardinal rule” of resumes&#8212he exceeded one page. When the interviewer questioned why the one page rule went unheeded, Mr. Rogan balled up the resume and threw it at him with an explanation. “Because I didn’t live a one page life.” This ... Read More »

Book Review: Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business

I was excited about reading this book. I was looking for some low-cost or at least cost-effective ways of boosting traffic, making money, and just having a “website that kicks”. This book ended up giving me a huge amount of useful information, but at the same time it left a bit of a sour taste. First the bad: The entire ... Read More »