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Book Review: Purity Of Blood by Arturo Perez-Reverte

Wrap your cloak around you, place your hat upon your head, ensure sword and dagger are within reach, and go to a bookseller of repute. Read More »

Book Review: The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin

Why did the 9/11 Commission omit and distort many facts that pointed to (at the very least) complicity among government officials and massive obfuscation? Read More »

Book Review: To Protect The Innocent by Mark Locke Mills

Pedophilia has become America's dirty little secret. Read More »

Book Review: The Bridge Of Rama by Ashok K. Banker

The Indian author confirms himself to be one the best storytellers of our time in this adaptation of the Ramayana. Read More »

Book Review: With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George

American writer brings a serial killer to the exotic locales of 21st-century London. The Empire has changed. Read More »

Book Review: Money, a Memoir by Liz Perle

Inspired by her personal financial experiences, Perle discusses a subject often taboo even in the most intimate friendships. Read More »

Book Review: Cry from the Deep by Ramsey Flynn

An absorbing look at the Kursk calamity from both personal and institutional perspectives. Read More »

Book Review: Metaphorically Selling by Anne Miller

Use metaphors in making the sale. Read More »

Book Review: Pursuit by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza

Psychological drama from south of the border. Read More »

Book Review: How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization – Cathy Crimmins

From language and community to food and music, Crimmins explains just how much "breeders" owe to gay men. Read More »