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Book Interviews

Exclusive Interviews with authors, publishers and others in the book world

Interview: Eliot Baker, Author of ‘The Last Ancient’

"I found myself working like crazy to get my research in order."

"My notions of success are emotionally driven; certainly not defined in sales figures." Read More »

Interview: Eric Powell Talks ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Comic Books

big trouble in little china comic book

After nearly twenty years, Jack Burton is back. Read More »

Interview: Andrew Hess, Author of ‘The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice’

Andrew Hess

"I edited and re-wrote The Phoenix Blade about eight times before I finally decided it was good enough to be published." Read More »

Interview: Amber Neben, Author of ‘When Shmack Happens’

When Shmack Happens cover

"We need to remember that we are refined in the fires of life and rarely does growth come without struggle or stress." Read More »

Interview: D.W. Raleigh, Author of ‘Shiloh’s True Nature’

"...success is being able to do what you love for a living."

Never stop editing your own work because you’ll always find ways to make it better." Read More »

Interview: Paul DeBlassie III, Author of ‘The Unholy’

"I hope that readers of The Unholy will feel the top of their heads pop off."

"I hope that readers of 'The Unholy' will feel the top of their heads pop off." Read More »

Interview with Victoria Dougherty, Author of ‘The Bone Church’

"One reviewer called my writing style a cross between La Carre and Sue Monk Kidd."

Sometimes I had to decide whether to be faithful to history or to my fiction. I almost always chose the latter – unless it was about a huge historical event. You can’t pretend that Hitler didn’t exist, for instance, or that Stalin was married to Marilyn Monroe – unless you’re writing a farce. Read More »

Interview: Karen-Anne Stewart, Author of ‘Ash to Steele’

"I define success by what makes me feel good inside, knowing I did my best and wrote a book that I stand behind."

"I swear, being an author is the best form of therapy." Read More »

Interview: Sharon van Ivan, Author of ‘Juggle and Hide’

"I experience anxiety before I do almost anything – even if it’s something wonderful like writing."

Sharon van Ivan began her memoir, Juggle and Hide, in Los Angeles in 2004, just after the death of her mother. She and her husband, the renowned realist artist Charles Pfahl, had moved to Los Angeles to be close to Sharon’s mother. Sharon sought out a writing group as she was having trouble diving into the painful story that was ... Read More »

Interview: Anita Banks, Author of ‘Tanner Builds a Block Tower’


"Being an empty nester at this point in my life has allowed me to pursue that dream." Read More »