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Book Interviews

Exclusive Interviews with authors, publishers and others in the book world

Interview: Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Author of ‘The Rockstar Remedy’

The Rockstar Remedy

Interview with Dr. Gabrielle Francis author of "The Rockstar Remedy". Read More »

Interview: Carole P. Roman, Author of ‘Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles’


Interview with Carole P. Roman author of Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: "I try to write things that will animate and interest parents so reading time will be exciting for them as well." Read More »

Interview: Michael Phillip Cash, Author of ‘Witches Protection Program’


Write what your heart tells you. Don’t worry about Hollywood, or submitting a manuscript to a big publishing house. Read More »

Interview with Joan Schweighardt, author of ‘The Last Wife of Attila the Hun’


Interview with Joan Schweighardt, author of "The Last Wife of Attila the Hun". Read More »

Interview with John Benedict, Author of ‘Adrenaline’


I love the exhilarating freedom of writing fiction. I can be anybody. I can say anything. I can do anything. Read More »

Interview: Anna Patrick, Author of ‘Meditations in Wonderland’, Her Modern Retelling of the Classic Story


Interview with Anna Patrick author of "Meditations in Wonderland", a modern retelling of Lewis Carrol's classic: "There's always ideas for upcoming novels floating in my head…I'll leave it up to my inner Alice to point me in the right direction." Read More »

Interview: Ya-Ling Liou, D.C., author of ‘Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain’

Liou Color (1)

Know that the body has our best interest at heart — and it doesn't lie, says chiropractic medicine practitioner Ya-Ling Liou, D.C., author of "Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain". Her book is a easy to follow, compassionate guide to working through your everyday pain. The best way to avoid chronic or disabling discomfort is to pay attention to what our body is telling us. Read More »

Interview: Erika M. Szabo, CEO of Golden Box Book Publishing


"I like the freedom that writing fantasy stories gives me." Read More »

Interview with J.J. Sherwood, Author of ‘Kings or Pawns’


My characters are very difficult individuals. From the moment I begin developing them, they take over entirely and, as I have very character-driven stories, they call all the shots. Read More »

Interview with Stephen Caputi, Author of ‘I Should Have Stayed in Morocco’


Interview with Stephen Caputi author of "I Should Have Stayed In Morocco": "Trust …doesn't have to be treated like its a four letter word." Read More »