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Book Review: ‘Captivity’ by György Spiró

Captivity by Gyorgy Spiro

This intensively researched historical novel follows the travels and peripatetic career of a myopic, bookish Jew who travels to great cities of the ancient world and lives through adventures thrilling and horrible that throw light on what life was like two thousand years ago. Read More »

Interview: Leigh Perry – Author of the Family Skeleton Series

Cover The Skeleton Haunts A House

Leigh Perry, who also writes as Toni L. P. Kelner, has penned an engaging, interesting and entertaining series, known as the Family Skeleton Series. The series began with The Skeleton Haunts a House, continued with The Skeleton Takes a Bow and the newest book is A Skeleton in the Family. This is how Kelner explains the concept and series on her Leigh Perry web site: ” ... Read More »