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Casting Call: Teens Wanted

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Clapboard Teenagers, want to know if you can hack it?  You might be too young for the cutthroat world of The Apprentice, and no one is letting you on Survivor (not that it's anything like the real world), but that doesn't mean you can't get a chance to see what the adult world is like.


Are you between 16 and 19 years old?

Are you in a relationship? Would you like to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Are you and your partner ready for adult life? Do you want your own money and independence?

Do you wonder what life will be like as a parent?

NBC is looking for teenage couples who would like to experience life as adults. If you would like to live in your own house, take on adult responsibilities, and get the chance to live with your partner and look after babies and children, then please get in touch! THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Download the application:
PDF format
Word format

Fill out the application, save your updates to it, and e-mail it to infoNBC@loveproductions.co.uk

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  • Alina

    I think you guys need to make the ages more realistic, You guy’s gotta realize that there are girl’s out there having kid’s at the age of 14 and 15.
    Instead of 16-18 I think it should be 14-18, Because 16-18 years old’s can work.. Not 14 year old’s.. So it doesn’t really teach us 14 year olds a lesson at all.