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Casino Royale, Bosom Buddies, The Holiday: Region 1 DVD Releases for March 13th, 2007

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Finally, a new generation gets to learn who Kip and Henry are.

Casino Royale

Due respect to Goldfinger, I think this may be the best Bond film ever made. There.  I said it. Daniel Craig delivers on the promise of Layer Cake (and Munich, really) with his dark portrayal of the "part hitman, part monk" with energetic direction by Martin Campbell (who seems like he started taking adrenalin injections since he directed Goldeneye) and a tight script by veteran Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Paul Wade and some guy named Paul Haggis.  

The first Bond flick in a generation where the dialogue is as good as the action, Royale is worth picking up for the parkour opening chase and the snappy first meet and greet between Bond and Bond girl (the outstanding Eva Green) alone. Extras include an "intimate" look at how Craig got the role, so I'm going to assume everyone in that featurette is naked. 

Bosom Buddies – The First Season

It's been so long since I actually watched this show that I don't remember if it's actually funny, but at the time, I thought it was the shit. Chances are, with Tom Hanks riffing off the underrated Peter Scolari, it'll hold up. If not, hey, you get to see Tom Hanks in drag.

No special features, which is too bad since I would love to hear Hank's take on this today. 

The Holiday 

Nancy Meyer's latest got kind of a "meh" response upon arrival, which is surprising since she took Something's Gotta Give, a film that upon first glance I wouldn't give a second, and spun it into almost post-modern gold. And here she's got Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, and Jack Black to play with. I swear, one of these days, Jude Law is gonna make a comeback. Even though he never really left. You'll see.

Extras include director's commentary and a featurette. 


Writer/director John Cameron Mitchell follows up the delicious Hedwig and the Angry Inch with this sexually explicit (and by that, I meant they're really doing it) foray into the lives of people who like to have sex. Lots of extras, including the promisingly-titled featurette "How to Shoot Sex: A Docu-Primer" 

Harsh Times

When David Ayer, the writer of Training Day and the not-perfect-but-still-compelling Dark Blue announced he was making yet another Evil-Los-Angeles opus, this one starring Christian Bale and Freddie Rodriguez, which he would also direct, I was pretty psyched. When it finally came out, no one else was. Still, with that combo of talent, I'll be hard pressed not to take a peek. Extras include commentary by Ayer.

In this week's long list: The Dukes of Hazzard saga continues, and there's nothing you can do about it.

1 Mile Workouts

20 Years a Warrior Soul (2pc) (Bonc)

3 Brothers and the Prince

60 Minutes – Dog Nut (March 4, 2007)

60 Minutes – segment 2 03-04-07 (March 4, 2007)

60 Minutes – segment 3 03-04-07 (March 4, 2007)

9-11 Contemporary Tragedy


After This Our Exile

Air Battles of World War II (Amar)

Albino Alligator

All Aboard 1: American Train Journeys (Amar)


Am Driver 1

Ambicion Sin Limites

American Cousins


Amy Lynn Baxter: Key West & Wild

Appetite for Destruction: A Punk Rockumentary

Ata Model Splash

Baby Einstein – My First Signs

Baby Fratelli

Baby Looney Tunes 3

Barbie Fairytopia – Magic of the Rainbow

Barbie-Magic of the Rainbow 12pk

Baseball's Greatest Legends – Diamond Memories

Bathhouse (Unrated) (Ws Sub)

Bear With Me (Col)

Bellini – Norma

Berlin Concert

The Best of Match Game – Dumb Dora Edition

Best Student Council 2

Birth of the Savior – Story of Jesus

Black Lizard

Black Love


Blessed: Voices of Contemporary Gospel

Blood Trails

Bloody Reunion

Bombers of World War II (Amar)

Bookbinding: A Traditional Technique

Born Again Dvd: Delvis Video Diaries

Bosom Buddies – The First Season

Boxing Helena

Boy Meets Girl Collection (What Women Want / How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days / Ghost – Special Collector's Edition)

Boys Are Back in Town: Classic Tracks From

Breakfast on Pluto

Brickwork – Hot to Diy

Bridge to Terabithia (1985)

Yes, there was another Bridge to Terabithia and, what's more, it's been out on DVD before.

Brothers Five

Burmese Harp – Criterion Collection

Clint Eastwood wasn't the first to tell WWII from the Japanese perspective.

Burn With Kearns: Kevin Kearns Workout

Carpentry – How to Diy

Casino Royale (Full Screen Two-Disc Special Edition)

Casino Royale (Full Screen) / Layer Cake (Special Edition Full Screen)

Casino Royale (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

Casino Royale (Widescreen) / Layer Cake (Special Edition, Widescreen)

Casino Royale [Blu-ray]

Casino Royale [UMD for PSP]


Cello & I – Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Bengtsson

Central Heating – How to Diy

Chain.Exe – Chain

Chair Exercises for Seniors

Charge of Modelt's/Switch

Charge of the Model T's

Charm City (2007)

Churchill the Hollywood Years

Circles (Unrated) (Ws Sub)


Code Name:Wild Geese

Collected – Moody Blues

Collection 5e Anniversaire – Cornemuse

Complete Guide – Hot to Diy

Cooking French: Cuisine of Paris & Northern France

Cool McCool – The Complete Series

Crash Masters: Beautiful Swordswoman

Crash Masters: Knights of Old Cathay

Crash Masters: The Sword

Crazy Bikini Show (Uncn)

Critical Assignment

Crystal Gayle: Live in Tennessee

Da Vinci Code

Das Konigreich Der Katzen


Dears: Complete Box, Vol. 1-4

Death & Resurrection

Death & Resurrection – Story of Jesus

Death Make

Diana-Spiritual Legacy



Disciples of Shaolin

Disgaea, Vol. 2: The Netherworld Story

DNA & Torah

Do You Believe in Miracles (Full Dol)

Document – Queen

Down in the Valley

Dr. Med. Fabian-Lachen Ist Die Beste Med

Dragons Lair

The Dukes of Hazzard – The Beginning (R-Rated Full Screen Edition/Unrated Full Screen Edition/Unrated Widescreen Edition)

Just what it sounds like. A straght-to-DVD prequel to the Dukes of Hazzard movie with no one from that film's cast. Except Willie Nelson. 

The Dukes of Hazzard/The Dukes of Hazzard – The Beginning (Unrated Widescreen Editions)

Dynamite Legs – Body & Soul Fitness

E Mc2 – Big Audio Dynamite

Eagle Has Landed: History of Apollo 1 (Amar)

Easter Story

Easy Trouble – Charms

The Ed Wood Collection – A Salute to Incompetence

Eddie Cantor: Special Delivery

Eight Immortals

El Inolvidable Pedro Infante

El Rey De La Ranchera

Eloise: Eloise in Hollywood

Elvis -Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 2

En Que Trabaja El Muchacho


Enforcer/Gangland – Ice-T

Eric Clapton:Layla

Exercise Program for Active Seniors

Exposed – Janet Jackson

Famous Street Heat 2

Fat Burner – Body & Soul Fitness

Favela Rising (Ws Sub)

Fighters of World War II (Amar)

Fires on the Plain – Criterion Collection

Five Superfighters

For Dancers:Alexander Technique

Fox (Full Sub Dol)

Friday the Thirteenth – Stranglers

Full Moon 4: Her First Kiss (Dub & Sub)

Full Moon Scimitar

G-String Show (Uncn)

Gangland – Ice-T

The Gene Autry 100th Anniversary Collection

Genesis – Genesis

Ghost (Special Collector's Edition)

You know a special edition is reaching for content when one of the featurettes is called "Cinema's Great Romances."

Ghoul School: Super Bloody Splatter University Edition

It's rare that the name of the edition makes a DVD Title of the Week, but it happens. 

Girls Gone Wild: Sexiest Moments Ever (Uncn)

Go Diego Go-Het Grote

Gold-the Videos – Lighthouse Family

Gold-the Videos – INXS

Gold-the Videos – Kool & the Gang

Good Boy! – Special Edition

Great American Train Ride

Great Indian Leaders & Nations

Great Railroad Adventures 1: Swiss Rail Journeys

Great White Tower

Greatest Hits – Mary Wells

Greatest Video Hits – Police

Grudge 2

Hamburger Hill

Hanuman's Tail on Fire

Hard Times

Hare + Guu v. 7

Harsh Times

Hell to Pay

Hellbenders (Ws)

Hello Again Everybody: Harry Caray Story

Heroes of Wrestling


Hidden Face of God

History of Chinese Emeperor

History of World War II 1 (Amar)

History of World War II 2 (Amar)

History of World War II 3 (Amar)

The Holiday

The Holiday [Blu-ray]

Home Security – How to Diy

Hoosiers (Blu-ray)

Hopalong Cassidy Rarities (2pc)

Horror Business

Horrors of the Red Planet


Hot Model Show (Uncn)

Hotel (El Descanso)

Houston We Have a Problem: History of Apollo 2

Hubert Selby Jr: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow

Human Crossing: Complete Pack (Full)

I Love Lucy – The Complete Seasons 7-9

I Will Fight No More Forever


In Concert: Ohne Filter

In Ireland – Tommy Scott

In Their Own Words – Genesis

In Their Own Words (W/Book) (Sub Dts) – Led Zeppelin


Inside Man

Inside Man/Code Name:Wild Geese

Irving Plaza, New York City – Cult

Iz & The Zizzles

Janet Jackson:Exposed

JDM Option: 2006 D1 GP Final Irwindale


Kid Boots – Eddie Cantor

Know Your Options: CANCER, The Untold Truth

Know Your Options: Heavy Metal Toxicity, THE HIDDEN KILLER

Know Your Options: Sudden Cardiac Death, #1 Symptom of Heart Disease

Know Your Options: The Nine Steps to Optimum Health

Know Your Options: Trans-D Tropin, Revolutionary Life Enhancement

Krishna and Sudhama

Kung Fu Theater Collection: 10 Movie Set 1 (5pc)

Kye: Kill Your Enemy

La Belle Captive

Layer Cake [blu-ray]

Led Zeppelin:Way Down Inside

Leslie Sansone: 5 Mile Walk

Let's Go to the Fire House (Sen) – Barney

A Little Trip to Heaven

Live from Montreux – George Benson

Live from New York City – Marc Anthony

Live From Rock'n'Roll Palace 3

Live in Atlantic City – Grover Jr. Washington

Live in Vienna

Live: E=Mc2 – Big Audio Dynamite

Living Artfully With Sandra Magsamen

Loonatics Unleashed – The Complete First Season

Los Charros De Oro

Los Dos Agulares

Los Guaranies

Los Immortales De La Ranchera

Los Mejores Ruidos (2pc) (W/CD)

Lost Paradise


Just when you thought you could name every Amanda Bynes movie ever made.

Machuca (Spanish) (Col Dol)

Mala Uva (Spanish)

Malena (1996) (Col Dol)

The Man Who Sued God

Marilyn Chambers: All Nude Peep Show

Marilyn Chambers: Bikini World Tour

Marilyn Chambers: Sex & The Girl Next Door

Matando Cabos

Max & Ruby – Easter With Max & Ruby

Mel Brook's Dracula-Tot Aber Glucklich

Men's Health: 15 Minute Workout


Metallica:Phantom Puppets – Metallica


Michael Chapuis Personal Notes 1 (2pc)

Michel 6: The Spring Fairy & The Golden Butterfly

Midnight Crossing

Mile High – The Complete First Season

Miracle in the Woods

Miracle of the Spring

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch

Monteverdi – Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria

Monteverdi – L'Incoronazione di Poppea

Monteverdi – L'Orfeo

Monteverdi – L'Orfeo, L'Incoronazione di Poppea, Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria (Boxset)

Morning Glory – Oasis

Moto X Mania Box Set

Mozart: Trios & Divertimento


NBA – Indiana Pacers Greatest Games Collection, Vol. 1

New England Hockey: Life at the Rink

Nick Jr. Favorites – Vol. 5

Nick Picks, Vol. 5

Night & the City

Night Vision

Nobita & the Tin Labyrinth

November Rain in Paradise City – Guns N Roses

Olga Neuwirth – Lost Highway

On the Border

One Missed Call Final

Open Water 2

Opium & the Kungfu Master

Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant

Painting & Decorating – How to Diy

Palais Des Congres 1987

Palast Der Republik

Paper Dolls

Paris Je Taime

The Perfect Crime (El Crimen Perfecto)

Pilates Essentials

The Platinum Collection

Platinum Series

Playboy / Girls of Myspace

The Pleasure Drivers

Plumbing – Hot to Diy

Poetic Journey

Poetic Journey Pt. 2

Policeman (Full Sub Dol)

Pony Massage For Kids

Pope John Paul II

Pow Wow Trial 8: Women (Amar)

Power Walking – Body & Soul Fitness

Presidential Power in America: 2006 Conference at the Massachusetts School of Law

The Pretender 2001 / The Pretender – Island of the Haunted

Kind of like those Alien Nation TV movies they released after they cancelled the series. Come to think of it, when are those coming out on DVD?

Princess Bride

Promised Land Live 1983-2005 – Skeletal Family

Punk & Disorderly: The Final Solution

R&B Jukebox: 20 Classic Hits

Rarescope Collection 1 (4pc) (Ws Sub)

Real Men

Reggaeton Videos Afuego

Repentance (Sub)

Robeson Green (4pc)

Robin of Sherwood – Set 1

Romance of the Western Chamber

Rossini – L'Italiana in Algeri

Sagarika Bam: 3 Brothers & The Prince

Sagarika Bam: Hanuman's Tail on Fire

Sagarika Bam: Krisha & Sudhama

Sailor Suit & Machine Gun

Secrets of the Occult

Series Dvd: Metal & Hardcore 6

Shogun Assassin 2 – Lightning Swords of Death

Shortbus (Unrated)

Shui Hu the Scoccer Hero 1 & 2

Skin Deep (2007)

Smiths:Still Ill

Spirit of John Lennon

Spring Break (2006) (Unrated) (Ws)

St Paul-Missionary of Christ

St. Monica

Stage & Screen – Dean Martin

Stage & Screen – Frank Sinatra


Stock Cars of 50s & 60s

Strip Joint Magazine 1

Sublime (R-Rated Edition/Unrated Edition)

Not about that band who did "What I Got."  More about surgical exorcism.

Sunday in Hell

Super Stomachs & Buns – Body & Soul Fitness

Sweet & Wild

Swimsuit Seduction


Sword Stained With Royal Blood

Tales of Terror From Tokyo 3 Pt.2 (Sub)

Talking to the Kids

Talmudic Thought

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Original Series (Season 4)

That Little Monster


Thermal Imaging Fundamentals, Infrared, IR Camera Series 1

Three Men to Kill

Tiling – How to Diy

Time Bomb – Man Or Astroman

Tna Wrestling: Best of Tag Teams 1

To Torah & Testimony

Tokyo Trial

Tokyo Underground

Total Body Workout – Body & Soul Fitness

Treasures of Sacred Art: Tuscan Journeys (6pc)

Tribute Concert

Trinity Blood – Chapter V

Trinity Blood – Chapter V (Limited Edition)

Ttw: Topless Tapioca Wrestling

Two Men Against the Law

Ugly Duckling & His Big Race (Full)

Ugly Duckling in the Enchanted Forest (Full)

Ugly Duckling Tales of Mystery (Full)

Ultimate Dance Aerobics – Body & Soul Fitness

Unchain the Night – Dokken

Understanding Wine: Wines of the World (Amar)

Uprising – Damn Yankees

Vatican Archives

Videobiography (2pc) (W/Book) (Sub Dts) – Deep Purple

Vietnam Retrospective

Virtual Relaxation: Escape to Nature's Tapestry

Virtual Relaxation: Escape to Pachelbel's Canon

Virtual Relaxation: Escape to the Coral Reef

Virtual Relaxation: Escape to the Ocean (Amar)

Virtual Relaxation: Escape to the Rainforest

Virtual Relaxation: Escape to the Tropical Jungle

Vol. 1-Always Greener-Season 1

Vol. 1-Bleach

Vol. 1-Las Canciones Del Jardin

Vol. 1-Ultraman Nexus

Vol. 2 – Magic for Young Adults

Vol. 2-Always Greener-Season 1

Vol. 2-Bleach

Vol. 3-Captain Herlock

Vol. 4-Hollywood Highlights

Vol. 5-Hollywood Highlights

Vol. 6 – Metal & Hardcore

War & Peace (1968)


When Jesus Walked

When Women Worship

Whirlwind Knight

Wind at My Back: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (8pc)

Winter Stallion

Without a Trace – The Complete Second Season

Without a Trace – The First & Second Complete Seasons

Wizards & Demons (2pc) (W/Book)

World Wrestling Network Pres: Fip – Unstoppable

WWE – Royal Rumble, The Complete Anthology

Year Round Maintenance

Yours Emotionally (Unrated)

Zipang 4: Attack on G Island (Ws)

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