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Casey Anthony: Profile Of A Sociopath

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Casey Anthony has finally been indicted for the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey is a sociopathic, superficial sensationalist. To a mental health professional, she fits the description of someone with an antisocial personality disorder – just a fancy name for "sociopath."

The disorder is recognizable by a lack of concern for others, as evidenced by her behavior after Caylee disappeared. She did not call 911 to report her daughter missing; that task was left to her mother, weeks after Caylee disappeared. While her daughter was missing, Casey was out ”clubbing”, buying lingerie and other sundry items for herself from Target, and cooking dinner for her boyfriend and his roommates.

Casey has consistently displayed contempt towards authority figures, masked by a thin veneer of civility. Listening to the police tapes, it is easy to see that Casey appears to be quite respectful to the police interviewers. She portrays herself during these interviews as one who has been wronged by a (fictitious) babysitter named Zanny, who, according to her story, kidnapped her beloved Caylee. Casey has been, according to her and to her family, maligned, misunderstood, and martyred.

In reality, Casey believes she is above the law. She presents herself as a mother who is only interested in finding her child. Yet she has done nothing but lie to the police and fabricate stories.

Everything she does is designed to protect herself by outwitting and outsmarting the legal authorities. She continues to display a great disdain for law enforcement, as evidenced by her unwillingness to tell the truth or be in any way helpful in locating her daughter.

Psychopaths are superficially charming in their ongoing attempts to get their own way. Casey has the capacity to read others quickly and recognize their vulnerabilities. Once recognized, she knows how to exploit others' weaknesses. She seems to have no qualms about violating the rights of others. Casey stole her friend's checkbook and wiped out her bank account, and not a cent of the money was spent on Caylee.

It is typical for sociopaths to engage in illegal or deceitful behaviors. Compulsive lying is the norm. Guilt and remorse are not in their vocabulary. All sociopaths are incapable of feeling sorrow or sadness for their wrongdoings and destructive behaviors. Any tears you might see are for themselves. “I am crying because I got caught, not because I am sorry for anything I have said or done.” On some level, a sociopath takes perverse pleasure in getting away with illegal, irresponsible behaviors. Yes, a sociopath takes great joy in taking from others. "Joy" is the correct word.

To a sociopath, others are always expendable: family, friends, acquaintances. Once others have been bled dry, the sociopath moves on. Loyalty is not a part of who they are. They have no desire to change and no insight into their own behaviors and motivations. Caylee is missing, but Mom is partying and lying to both her friends and family about her daughter’s whereabouts.

Sociopaths are narcissistic and exhibitionistic, with no sense of shame. Nothing exists in their world but what they want – the ultimate “Me, Me, Me” syndrome. They are characterized by an excessive superficiality, in both thoughts and behaviors. They are easily bored and made restless by day-to-day responsibilities, an attitude which makes consistent parenting a drag and an impossibility. Sociopaths create their own reality, and in this instance, Casey’s world did not include her daughter.

Casey was a parasite, living off of others. She had no high-school education, no job, no goals, no direction. But, to hear her story, she worked at Universal Studios and was attending college. A sociopath always views his or her problems as stemming from flaws in others, rather than taking responsibility for his or her own issues and the havoc they have created.

As a sociopath, Casey wants to control her own destiny and create her own reality, abhorring any form of criticism or denigration. At some point, she might experience feelings of depression. These feelings would not be because her daughter is missing or dead, but because she lacks the freedom she craves. Having been arrested and accused, she is no longer in charge of her own fate, and for a sociopath, who values freedom more than anything else, that is devastating.

Interestingly, sociopaths like Casey will expect others to attempt to belittle or use them. At times, the sociopath will willingly act in such a manner as to induce others to legitimately respond in a hostile or angry manner. Casey has repeatedly demonstrated this with her continued lying, lack of sadness about her daughter’s disappearance, and few displays of emotions related to the fact that her daughter Caylee is missing or dead. Listening to the taped interviews, one can easily discern that Casey expresses almost no emotion when discussing her daughter’s disappearance.

Sociopaths are incapable of remaining in love, or of even selflessly loving anyone. Their sex lives are most often impersonal and chaotic, and frequently they are bisexual. There is in them an emptiness, a coldness, a disconnection from others and themselves. Casey is incapable of truly understanding how much others can be made to suffer as a result of her behavior. It does not compute.

A sociopath's motto is: Competition is king, survival the agenda, and no one is ever, ever, ever to be trusted. A sociopath's mantra: “Do unto others before they do unto you.”

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About Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

  • Tish

    I saw a clip of her either going to the police station or her lawyer’s office. Boy, was she really strutting her stuff like she was Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. She seemed to be trying to look serious, but at times unable to keep from breaking a smile. She was really enjoying the attention. If my child was gone, I’d be so sick with worry, I’m not sure I could even walk.

  • Tresa

    Everything you describe here, is my daughter. What can I can do? She is 17 and I have no control of her. She is being enabled by her father, with whom she lives with. How do I protect society? I have tried for yrs to get her help and for yrs, all my efforts were thwarted. Do i just look the othe way now and let society deal with her?

  • Mindy

    Tresa, not all sociopaths are criminals, and certainly not all of them are murderers. Is your daughter violent? Has she committed a crime or crimes? Most likely, the havoc she will wreak in others’ lives will be emotional and pscychological. If she has committed a crime you need to turn her into the police. If she has not, you have responsibiilty for her until she is eighteen and then push her out the door. Don’t let her poison your life.

  • Tootie

    WoW! So we got a professionals point of view from a professional, diagnosing Casey, just from watching her on TV. Very well done. (I Guess)

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Everyone

    Tootie–The great thing about living in the US is that we are all allowed to have our own opinion. Please feel free to disagree with what I have written. I did write this Opinion piece from more than just watching television. There are hundreds of documents related to this case that are available to the public. But most of all thanks for reading and commenting.

    Tresa–It must be so challenging to be in your shoes. I would suggest you talk to a professional in your community. A forensic psychiatrist might be the most helpful as they deal with sociopaths all the time. Once you shared with them what was going on with your daughter they could give you the best advice. I know this must be very distressing for you.

    Mindy–Thanks for commenting. I completely agree that not all sociopaths are murderers however many commit some type of crime such as shoplifting, petty thefts, etc. Sociopaths are also found in business, the military, and politics and these are people who appear to function at a high level with many responsibilities for other people’s lives.

    Tish–I think that most mothers can relate to that sick feeling if their child were missing. This case seems to hit a lot of nerves with many people. The sad thing is that Caylee has still not been found.

    One gentle reminder to all who read this piece I did not say Casey was a murderer, that is for the courts to decide, I said she was a sociopathin my opinion.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. All of your thoughts are what makes the piece much more interesting.


  • W

    Ok seriously, I’m not proclaiming Casey’s innocence here at all, and I don’t think anyone other than the prosecutors or police have a factual based idea well enough to honestly say that she is guilty, but can we just think about some of the things the media has used to drive her guilt into our minds?

    Casey called her daughter a ‘little snot head’. Okay, so who in this world that has had a child or a sibling at that age has not referred to them at one point something similar to snot head? That is possibly one of the nicer things that has been said about a 3 year old by many of us, and most of us meant nothing by it and it only came out of our mouths out of frustration probably. Think about how frustrated a young mother at the age of 22 feels sometimes, calling your daughter a snot head a month before she went missing is not a death threat.

    Another thing that the media has blown out of proportion is DNA samples of Caylee in the infamous car. Once again, I’m not saying that Casey is innocent, however are forensic scientists trying to tell me that there is not going to be DNA samples of a 3 year old girl all over the car that she has riden in before? Seriously. I have gotten DNA all over my friends car, and I don’t even ride in that vehicle other than maybe twice a month, just by looking for my sunglasses that had fallen under my seat while we were driving to the grocery. And Nancy Grace is trying to tell me that because a little girl, who let’s say dropped one of her little toys and crawled all over the car to find it, has DNA inside the car must have been killed by her mother. Now how substantial is that?

    We all hope that Caylee is found unharmed or as safe as possible and if she happens to have been killed then we all hope for justice for the 3 year old whether it be her mother, a mysterious babysitter, or a random psycopath who may have killed her. Whoever is responsible for the whereabouts of this missing toddler should be punished according to the full extent of the law. However, it’s about time that we don’t let nonsense blasted by the media affect our opinions. As the general public, we should all keep in mind that we have opinions of our own, and we shouldn’t look to attention seeking news reporters to inflict their own personal opinions on us. The last thing we need in this country is for everyone to have the same frame of mind.

  • Laurie

    Perfect evaluation of Casey. Doctor, can we take it one step further and discuss what you think will happen. I think Casey tried to keep Caylee sleeping as much as possible so she could live her life – and she accidentally died from however she was keeping her out of the way. But I don’t think she will ever tell anyone, because she is enjoying being the victim, and also it would be admitting to her parents that she has been lying and manipulating them all along – and I don’t think she wants to loose that control – as long as Caylee has been kidnapped and her parents agree, she is the poor wrongly accused greiving mother. And you are right, she has only shed tears when her freedom was a stake.

    What do you think would finally get her to admit to anything? Those parents need to have closure so they are not looking the rest of their lives for Caylee – and maybe, finally have a life not being controlled by Casey.

  • gb

    Is everyone prepared for the “Multiple personality” defense,,it’s coming!.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    W.–Please note I have never said Casey was a murderer. I said she was a sociopath.

    Nor did I address Casey calling Caylee “snot nosed.” That comment is in no way indicative of sociopathism.

    I also made no comment on the DNA found in the trunk. But I might ask who puts their child in the trunk of their car? Yes I do have a child that was once three and no I never put her in the trunk of any car.

    Again W. thanks for your post. Variety of opinions is truly the spice of life. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Laurie,

    Please call me Juliann.

    I truly dont know what is going to happen in this case only that there is going to be a trial. It is up to the court and/or the jury to decide her fate.

    It is not my place to say what Casey is guilty of. Let the evidence collected determine her guilt or innocence.

    I do agree that knowing where Caylee is would provide closure. Not knowing must be gut-wrenching and like living in a nightmare every day. So far all we do know is that Caylee has not been found –alive or dead.

    Thanks for posting Laurie! I appreciate your stopping by.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi GB,

    The Mulitple Pesonality Disorder is currently called Dissociative Identity Disorder in case you are interested. This would be a real challenge to prove. But a very interesting observation on your part–guess we will see in the upcoming months.

    Thanks for your post!


  • Casey, she is an alleged piece of sh*t. Someone should put her in a trunk until trial. And by the way, I do not have anger issues, nor am I a low grade sociopath.

  • K

    Hi Julianne,
    I’m sure that Casey Anthony is what most people would call “damaged goods” in terms of doing and being (note, I’m not calling her a murderer, that is for the state to decide after a trial. Hopefully some weird thing did happen and everything will be as her defense team suggests, become clear and understood by all when it is told and the child will reappear in an unharmed state. But it doesn’t seem likely from what has been put out by what is in the media.). And I think that you are point on about her having “joy”, and that she speaks and acts with a “thin veneer of civility”.
    I disagree that she believes herself to be “above the law”, as that presupposes that anyone should have the law (or anything else other than themselves) interfere in their chosen way of being. I think in this case, it would probably be fairer to say that she thinks nothing of the law, doesn’t put anyone above, below, or on a par with the law, or that it should or should not be applicable to her or others, but that the law is simply something to be outsmarted, and only because the law tends to prohibit or punish actions. She thinks her actions should not be prohibited or punished, ever. (My supposition). Like any other thing or being in her path, if it is not usable to her or favorable to her, it is to be ignored, eliminated, or neutralized (or whatever else takes care of it). Things and beings are only useful for her in the moment or for cultivating future gain, and she is the only being on this earth that she considers worthy. She also exploits any feelings of love or loyalty from others, but cannot put out the same true feelings. She doesn’t have them and cannot understand them. She may get “joy” from that too, as it frees her to do things without a guilty frame of mind.
    I would like to say that the way you framed that most sociopaths are bisexual intimates in the wrong way that being bisexual is a product of their being rather than the choice it is to humans. I also believe that it is damaging to link that behavior to a “named” psychosis because human sexuality is linked only to being “human”, not a disorder or otherwise. A person such as a sociopath is an equal-opportunity person, not a person who “favors” bisexuality over either homosexuality or heterosexuality. I think if you can understand this, then perhaps you will have better success understanding people who are (most likely) unlike yourself.

  • lm

    TRESA, I was also concerned about my daughter. She was diagnosed with Obstinate Disobedient Disorder. Try looking that one up before jumping to this horrifing conclusion. (I made the same one!) Good luck! My daughter IS doing much better with the correct diagnosis and treatment! There is a lot of support out there.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Thanks for taking the time and energy to write your well thought out post.

    Please understand that I am making no judgements on Casey’s sex life. This is the quote,

    “Their sex lives are most often impersonal and chaotic, and frequently they are bisexual.”

    Because someone is bisexual DOES NOT in anyway mean they are sociopathic. But someone who is a sociopath could be bisexual.

    Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to clarify what I meant.


  • pamela

    Can being a sociopath be hereditary, because Cindy Anthony seems to be just as bad if not worse than Casey, the apple does not fall far from that tree. Everyone talks about Cindy being in denial but after reading some of the hundred of pages of documents, she is not in denial, denial is when you don’t believe what is going on, she knows what is going on she is just changing her story and trying to cover up for her daughter she has been doing this for years, she went from a dead body to stinky pizza, cmon give me a break, the things that disgusts me the most about Cindy and also Casey’s attorney is the fact that they continue to insult our intelligence. Maybe they start to believe their own lies like Casey. All I know is, I have a son Caseys age and if he had a child that I even suspected he had murdered I would go to jail myself because I would hold him down and be in his face until he told me the truth, instead of enabling him to continue with the lies, but obviously I raised my kids different than Cindy Anthony because my son didn’t have a child out of wedlock, he doesn’t have to lie to me about where he is working, he is a pharmacy tech and is a senior in college studying to be a psychologist, I don’t know of anyone who has a kid that tells everyone they are going to school and working and then two years later you find out that is a lie, wow, I blame a lot of this on the parents, mainly Cindy but George should have stood up to that woman a long time ago, God be with them.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    If you really have an interest in how sociopathism is identified. Check out the link below from Hare’s website. He is well known and respected in the mental health field for his work related to sociopaths.

    Also Antisocial Personality Disorder aka sociopath is not a Psychoses but a Personality Disorder and there is a big difference. Schizophrenia is considered a psychoses, personality disorders are not in the same grouping as psychoses, in our diagnostic manual the DSM-IV TR


  • Kathleen

    Pamela you took the words right out of my mouth. Please Dr Mitchell comment on Cindy Anthony.

  • Charlie

    Casey and her Mom are both NUTS.One is going to prison, the other needs a check-up from the neck-up!

  • emg

    Great opinion piece, Doctor J! You nailed it! What some folks don’t seem to realize is that Casey was indicted based on presence of body decomp fluids and chemicals found within the trunk-not simply on a random piece of hair from Caylee that may have blown into the trunk at some point or media speculation! This is a forensic investigation! Good work – this is very interesting and educational!

  • Denise

    Pamela, Interesting comment about Cindy, I feel the same way…when she’s questioned she not only doesn’t answer the question directly, she takes off on excuses for her daughter and goes off topic to have her opinions heard. I can understand this approach with the media and trying to do damage control, but she’s done this repeatedly with police, bails bondsman, search teams. More concerned about herself and her daughter than providing good info in order to find her granddaughter. She has an eerie, robot-like demeanor and her facial expressions, I think, don’t show the appropriate emotion, except for anger.

  • Deb

    Hi Dr J! What a chilling portrait! 1) Have you ever know of a sociopath that was “treated”, or re-programmed? (I guess that would assume of finding one who wanted to be). 2) Does Cindy strike you that way as well? (George mentioned they have similar personalities). She seems to thrive on contention.

  • Kate In NC

    Thanks so much for the excellent article and insight, Dr. Mitchell.

    I agree with you – not all sociopaths are murderers. But they are, at the very least, highly distructive and chaotic to those around them.

    And most people get away with crimes (up to and including murder) long before they are actually caught, convicted and officially given the name “criminal.” So that arguement, by some people, just doesn’t fly. These people don’t have *relationships* – they leave human debris in their wake.

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you on this subject.

  • Denise

    Hi Juliann ! What is known about childhood development of a sociopath? I think I read about lack of emotional support or that one or both parents could have been emotionally distant and excessive controlling?

  • Denise

    Hi Juliann ! What is known about childhood development of a sociopath? I think I read about lack of emotional support or that one or both parents could have been emotionally distant and excessive controlling?

  • emg

    Hey All- I need your feedback on this- How about the $2 Million deal that Lifetime TV has allgedly offered the Anthony Clan? Could that be what is continues to drive Cindy’s mania – her continual and annoying spew of nonsensical and mindless garbage as Pamela put it? It is obvious by the appearance of their “Florida Home” home which lacks basic care and landscape value,that they are in need of the cash that Casey has clearly bled them dry of (as sociopaths do) over the last 3 years! A New York area bondsman friend of mine SAYS THIS CASE SCREAMS HELP WE NEED $$$ and he’d not touch this one with a 10 foot pole. Could the Anthonys be aware of what evil has happened to Caylee and are just looking to cash in? UGH!

  • Spacely


    Given that Casey does exhibit all the outward signs of a sociopath, do you believe that the media labelling her as such (right or wrong) has a negative impact on her ability to have a fair trial?

    I personally believe she is guilty of at least manslaughter, but since I have only the facts as released by the media, I remain aware that the underlying premise of our legal system, that every accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, must be maintained at all costs for the sake of each of our personal freedoms.

    I think in a case like this, it is far too public and creates too much empathy from all people who care about children for the media and public not to discuss it through the medium of newspapers and television. But, does that undermine Casey’s individual right to a fair and impartial jury, as well as having an adverse effect on all of our rights, as a chip into the foundation weakens the entire structure?


  • Tammy

    Dr. Mitchell,

    How would her behavior differ if she had DID as opposed to Anti-Social Personality Disorder?

  • Dee

    I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I never have referred to my daughter with any derogatory names. Even through her teen years when we went through Hell.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Everyone,

    I will answer each question please be patient with me as I need time and thought to respond to the posts.

    Dee– please not that calling a child a “snot nose” is not a sign of sociopathism. However it is not appropriate, nurturing, or supportive parenting.

    I am glad that you were able to naviagate the challenges of raising a teenager with maturity and love. Good for you! As parenting can be both a gift and a challenge.

    Spacely–I agree that it will probably be difficult for Casey to get a fair trial in the sense that almost everyone in the country has seen, heard, and read about the case. However the defense attorneys are well aware of these challenges and they are involved in jury selection. Is it possible that there are some individuals who can be objective and only convict if there is enough evidence to support the charges? One is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    Emg–I didnt hear about the deal from Lifetime TV so I honestly cannot comment other than to say it must be tempting (if it’s true) especially if one has little to no money to pay a defense team of lawyers for one’s daughter. From what I have seen and read I do not think the Anthony’s have a lot of money.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Great question, thanks for asking.

    The person with Antisocial Personality Disorder does not have more than one distinct personality although they can act in different manners with different people in different situations. They do not have more than one distinct personality that lives within themselves.

    A person with Dissociative Identity Disorder has more than two distinct personalities who live within them. These personalities have their own likes, dislikes, characteristics, etc. These other personalities will at times “take over and control” the person’s behavior. The other personalities may or may not be aware of one another. There is an inability to remember important events that are not due to a medical condition. DID is not due to a substance such as blackouts during Alcohol Intoxication or a medical condition such as a seizure.
    For a more complete description of DID click on
    this link. If you have any other questions please feel free to aak and I will try to answer them as best I can.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Here is the link for the DID article.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Pamela, Deb, and Denise,

    Thanks to the three of you for your posts bringing to our attention what role Cindy Anthony has played in all of this with Casey and Caylee.
    A couple of thoughts come to mind. I truly do not have enough information about Cindy or George Anthony to make too many comments.
    Yes I have read some of the transcripts of Cindy’s interviews with law enforcement and I have seen her interviewed on tv. There does seem to be tremendous denial on her part about what has happened to Caylee and the role her daughter seems to have played in all it especially Casey’s lying repeatedly to authorities.
    The most interesting phenomenon that I noticed is that Cindy Anthony is the person who called 911 to report that Caylee, her granddaughter was missing. Cindy also said it smelled like a dead body in her car pointing the finger at her daughter, Casey. So essentially she blew the whistle on her daughter. Now Cindy is defending her daughter to the nth degree. Lots of mixed messages. Was that the norm when Casey was growing up, i.e. “You are bad. . .You are good. . .You are wrong . . .You are right” We dont have enough information and I won’t take a guess because it’s unfair to do so.
    It also seems to me that there is very little information on George Anthony. What role has he played throughtout this entire process and throughout Casey’s childhood? He seems to be the unknown person. Why is that? Cindy is taking a lot of heat but what about George? I do know he testified at the Grand Jury.

    You asked about sociopaths receiving treatment. I have personally known and had dealings with three sociopaths in my life. None had ever received treatment of any sort nor had any interest in understanding or changing their behaviors. I knew these three socially and they liked themselves just fine.
    Usually the only time a sociopath receives any kind of mental health services is when they are processed into the criminal justice system. Sociopaths do not seek therapy of any sort. Remember they do not think they need to change anything and they are the victims.

    Thanks so much to all of you for taking time to share what you are thinking!


  • Jill from Western Australia

    CAYLEE is missing – presumed dead – CASEY DOESN’T CARE – what part of this don’t you understand????

  • Eve

    I haven’t read all the comments here but I am wondering if Cindy or George or anyone else in her family have ever been asked how Casey paid for her “nanny” if she hadn’t been working for the past 2 years? Have the police asked her about that does anyone know? If she indeed had a nanny wouldn’t she have receipts from paying the woman? Since Casey’s parents seem to believe her story I am wondering how they have answered that question.

  • ilene

    I have become somewhat obsessed with this case possibly because I cant fathom Caseys attitude about her child and Cindy’s attitude about her grandchild. I have a 7 month old grandson (my first) and I can guarantee that if he disappeared I would not stop at anything to find him, ever. Casey would not get away from me until she told me or took me to my grandchild, I would be the first one helping the police to get the truth. I also agree with the idea that Casey used chloroform to keep Caylee “quiet” while she partied , taking that astep further I think it may have been an accident that Caylee was killed by Casey during one of her nights out and then she did what any sociopath would do, got rid of the body and began the lies. I wonder how long this would have gone on if the Anthonys had not found out about the car being impounded? How long would Cindy have gone without seeing or speaking to her only grandchild? I just cant wrap my mind around any of it.

  • Sherie

    My opinion is that a great number of us have felt from day one that Caylee Anthony was “gotten rid of” by her mother. My concern here is that people like NANCY GRACE, etc., who should know better, gave Casey Anthony so much of what she wanted . . . ATTENTION. What about the other 11,000 – 12,000 children who are still missing in this country today, some for years . . . Don’t they deserve some attention?

  • Sarah A.

    I completely agree with all of this and I’m surprised that people are fighting it a little.

    I’m not a mother and I know nothing about raising a child or losing a child. Everyone reacts differently to all situations, but the lack of concern is what worries me and leads me to believe that she is responsible or knows who is responsible for her daughters disappearance. Tears aren’t the answer (although I know personally I’d be nothing but tears), but not reporting her missing and then when it finally is reported….lying? Why? No matter how bad the truth is, if your child is missing just tell the truth.

    I personally believe she is responsible for this in some way, based on the very few things I know. I don’t know the whole story. I am however hoping to hear it some time soon. Casey Anthony’s lawyer said that with this case we (or the jury…..not sure who he is referring too) will hear what has happened and say to ourselves, “now I get it” or something to that effect.

    Unless this is some elaborate set up and in reality Caylee was abducted by the mob (first crime organization that came to my head) and the police are using Casey so the mob doesn’t think the police really know what’s going on. I think that would be the only way I could look back and think….ok well now it all makes sense, but that seems like a lot of time money and effort to trick kidnappers into believing they are off the hook.

    I saw a picture online of Casey with her friends wearing an American flag. She looked to be having a sensational time. I assumed this was a 4th of July party. There was no caption explaining when the event took place. It could have been years ago or Memorial Day (before Caylee went missing). I’m not really sure. But I’m guessing it was the 4th of July this year, weeks after her daughter went missing (why else would anyone want to see them….I figure its to show the lack of concern for her missing daughter). And I am supposed to think there is a logical reason that she didn’t tell anyone her child was missing?

    To me in a strange way this case seems eerily similar to the Scott Peterson case (obviously not the same situation, just meaning a lot of unanswered questions and weird behavior). There may never be a real answer.

    I just pray that she is found, whether it is to be reunited with her family or laid to rest.

    But that’s just my opinion & how I see it. I haven’t done a lot of research or heard all the evidence. This is just my point of view from what I know.

  • mike

    very interesting reading.
    having raised a relative’s child with this behaviour, and having my best friend’s daughter have this coupled with what’s labled as OCD, I have great compassion for the adults in the situation trying to deal with this.
    Add the sensationalism of Nancy Grace et al, it just feeds the sickness.
    In our house, after counseling, arguments, lying, etc. etc., the child opted to move out as soon as was legal(here, even before High School graduation). Yes, the child finished school, (barely, but finished) and has been spiralling slowly down. We’ve had communication, but the young adult knows exactly what’s required for assistance – and yes, it’s been painful as we love this one dearly. Yet we will not enable nor rescue.
    My buddy’s daughter has made our experience a cakewalk. Counsel, doctors, hospitals, – back and forth between chemical imbalance, inherent behavioral wiring, and just plain amped up, willful, arrogant self-centeredness (we all have this to a degree).
    He and his wife have also reached the wall – his young adult’s actions have reasonably modified now that the consequences are hugely painful – (not as in physical/emotional, but situational). His young adult actully seems to be coming around, but it’s been one hell of a ride. Same method-no enabling, no rescue.

    Sadly, in this case, a baby girl is presumed dead.

  • Lisa

    I’m wondering what part, if any, the parents of a sociopath played throught his/her life. Unbelievably, Casey and Scott Peterson’s parents protected them to the end. Conversely, Mark Hacking’s family, although he was probably not considered a sociopath, forced him out and told the truth when the chips were down. Do George and Cindy Anthony play a role in Casey’s actions?????????

  • Marcia Neil

    A sense of hopelessness and unbalanace is not necessarily sociopathic — first the young woman loses her husband, now some kind of influence networking has claimed her daughter, as well. It is probable that the same influence network that hoped to promote her into their version of political-correctness is covering up their misdeeds with the ‘sociopath’ allegation –yet another case resulting from the same kind of networking that caused deadly incident/encounters in Topanga Canyon and elsewhere in CA then brought us the Manson conviction.

  • Kate In NC

    I’d like to know more about the success rate of treating and/or curing Sociopath Personality Disorder and what type of treatment is available – if any? Is the Mental Health Community reporting an increase in cases?

    And is Passive-Aggressive behavior usually included in a typical Sociopath’s well-stocked “bag of tricks”?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Denise,

    Great question. Thanks for asking. You wondered about the causes of Antisocial Personality Disorder. Please know that the bulk of research that has been done on this disorder has been on prisoners, men and women who have been or are incarcerated. So that skews the data to begin with.
    There does not appear to be one definitive reason or phenomenon that creates a sociopath. Some research indicates that certain sociopaths have brain damage and therefore cannot connect or empathize with others. Some studies suggest that in families where there is abuse, hostility, coldness, disconnectedness, and inconsistent parenting are more likely to produce an individual who is sociopathic. Other studies have shown that sociopaths have a tendency to produce sociopaths but in these homes are those behaviors innate or learned? Is it nature or nuture or a combination of both?
    Every individual that could be given a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder has not come from a severely abusive sociopathic criminal environment. Please do not jump to conclusions about the famiies without having a great deal more information.
    Remember sociopaths are in business (think Enron), politics,the military, etc. Sociopaths can be found in all occupations, most of them simply do not get caught, prosecuted and incarcerated.
    Martha Stout wrote an excellent book entitled, “The Sociopath Next Door.” It’s on my bookshelf and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in knowing more.
    None of can really know what’s it like to live with a sociopath unless we have experienced it ourselves. Those who have could provide us with a wealth of information.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The success in treating Antisocial Personality Disorder is low. Part of treatment is the person deciding to make changes in behaviors that are negatively impacting their life. They might not know how to do so, which is where the therapist comes in, but the desire to deal with themselves is evident. Keep in mind that a sociopath has no inclination to change anything about themself because remember they are not the problem, everyone else has the issues not them.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    Thanks so much for sharing a bit of what you and your family have dealt with. Sounds as if you have been through a great deal and there is no doubt dealing with this kind of situation can be exhausting. Hope you are being good to yourself.


  • Dr. Mitchell,

    I might find your cyber-diagnosis a bit more credible if you didn’t misspell the name of the university you allegedly received your PhD from on your online CV. Also, it would help if you didn’t erroneously conflate the terms “sociopath” and “psychopath.” And there’s a typo in your writer bio as well. HTH.

  • Juliann,
    This question/comment is related and not related in ways to the original article/post. I was wondering if a side effect of Methamphetamine addiction is this same Sociopathic, Narcissistic behavior? I went from having a loving, caring daughter to having a daughter that abandoned her children and that lies so bad you cannot believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She only cares about herself and could care less about anyone else. She is everything you described in a Sociopath. She is a master manipulator as well as a liar and it saddens me. She has been addicted for 5 years now and has lost all of her children and does not even seem to care as long as she can derive sympathy or get something out of it. I can in a way see why Cindy Anthony is in denial, it is hard for a loving Mother to understand why her own child cannot parent her children. But I fault Cindy Anthony for not seeing thru the lies, or not wanting to see thru the lies and deceptions to protect her grandchild.
    Does anyone know if Casey Anthony has had any hair folicle drug testing done? It goes back for up to a year I believe.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Dear Mr.Elliott,

    You are indeed correct I did not add an “h” to Pittsburgh in my online CV at http://www.etherapistsonline.com.
    However I did graduate from the University of Pittsburgh in 1991 with a PhD in Psychology. Please feel free to contact the University and they can confirm.
    I can call myself a psychologist because I am liscensed to do so. My liscense number is PS006986L in case you care. That is listed on my CV as well and yes I did get those numbers correct.
    On some level I am highly amused that what you chose to focus on was not the quality or content of the article but on a typo or two in my online CV.
    In terms of “conflating” the terms psychopath and sociopath I dont feel that this is even accurate. Throughout this opinion piece I consistently used the word sociopath not psychopath.
    If you wish to quibble about the difference between sociopath and psychopath I encourage you to do so. Share your knowledge!
    I stand by what I wrote about Antisocial Personality Disorder aka sociopathism. This article was not written for a research journal or a community of psychiatrists or psychologists. It was an opinion piece written for non-mental health people, the rest of the world.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    I am so sorry for all that you and your family have been through. It sounds as if it has been heartbreaking for you and your family. All of this has to hurt.
    It seems as if your daughter’s behaviors are representative of someone who is addicted on all levels to a substance, in this case, methamphetamine. The only way to determine if she has an antisocial personality disorder is for her to get clean from the meth and then have her evaluated by a professional.
    Addictions alter thoughts, feelings and behaviors of everyone who becomes addicted. Lying, stealing, etc. anything or anyone is fair game to get the monies to get the substance to get the high. Nothing else matters, not family, not friends, no-one.


  • Dr. Mitchell,

    You wrote:

    Casey is a sociopathic, superficial sensationalist. To a mental health professional, she fits the description of someone with an antisocial personality disorder – just a fancy name for “sociopath.”

    Then you wrote:

    Psychopaths are superficially charming in their ongoing attempts to get their own way. Casey has the capacity to read others quickly and recognize their vulnerabilities. Once recognized, she knows how to exploit others’ weaknesses. She seems to have no qualms about violating the rights of others. Casey stole her friend’s checkbook and wiped out her bank account, and not a cent of the money was spent on Caylee.

    And then you wrote:

    It is typical for sociopaths to engage in illegal or deceitful behaviors. Compulsive lying is the norm. Guilt and remorse are not in their vocabulary. All sociopaths are incapable of feeling sorrow or sadness for their wrongdoings and destructive behaviors. Any tears you might see are for themselves. “I am crying because I got caught, not because I am sorry for anything I have said or done.” On some level, a sociopath takes perverse pleasure in getting away with illegal, irresponsible behaviors. Yes, a sociopath takes great joy in taking from others. “Joy” is the correct word.

    So it appears you are using the terms interchangeably. But while sociopathy and psychopathy are both considered antisocial personality disorders, they are not synonymous.

    For example, sociopathy tends to be caused by environmental factors, while psychopathy is more likely to be caused by hereditary/genetic factors. Dr. David T. Lykken of the University of Minnesota has published landmark research that supports this thesis.

    Put another way, psychopaths are impulsive, risk-taking and -seeking, averse to following accepted social norms, and nearly fearless pretty much from birth. Sociopaths may display similar personality characteristics; however, they tend to exhibit these antisocial traits after they have suffered some form of neglect or abuse, or have been immersed in poverty, a gang culture, or otherwise rely almost solely on delinquent peers and/or role models/authority figures.

    In short, psychopaths are born, and sociopaths are made. That may seem like a pedantic point to make, but remember that the nature/nurture dichotomy lies at the heart of nearly all social science research, study, and debate.

  • Kate In NC

    Dr. Mitchell,

    I find your comments as well as those by most of the contributers absolutely fascinating.

    I realize how busy you must be but please consider writing a book about this subject highlighting recent cases. (Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, Neil Entwistle, Mark Hacking, etc.) There is a tremendous desire by the public to understand this personality type. Unfortunately, all too many of us have experienced these monsters firsthand. (I believe it’s more common than most people realize. It just goes unreported because of enabling and cover-ups due to shame & embarrassment by the family.) The rest are simply fascinated.

    Please consider writing a book. I can promise you I’ll be the first in line for it! And thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

    All The Best,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Mr. Elliott,

    The correct diagnostic term for sociopath/psychopath at the moment is Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). This is according to the Diagnostic Bible of mental health professionals – the DSM IV TR. There is no differentiation based on whether the person was born with it or it is learned behavior. This may or may not change in the future but the only current diagnosis for psychopath/sociopath is ASPD.

    One of my favorite researcher/writer is Dr. Theodore Millon who has spent decades writing and researching personality disorders. Below is his quote on Antisocial Personality Disorder,

    “The psychopath and sociopath are probably best viewed as existing on a continuum. Development is always an interaction between the individual and social environment. Thus some psychopaths receive defective parenting and maltreatment from infancy, like the sociopath, whereas others come from loving homes. Likewise, some sociopaths could possess a biological predisposition to the disorder perhaps through an irritable temperament, for example, but nevertheless experience incredible levels of neglect and abuse. The pure psychopath and pure sociopath , then are really just abstractions, not mutually exclusive syndromes. For any given individual the focus is not, ‘Which one?’ Instead, understanding the particular person requires understanding the interaction of biological and social influences, starting at conception and running across the life span” (Personality Disorders In Modern Life, 2000,153-154.

    Millon has gone so far as to suggest there are five categories of ASPD: covetous, reputation defending, risk-taking, nomadic and malevolent.

    However I think I missed the boat the first time by not asking you what have your personal/professional experiences been in dealing with someone who has ASPD. Shame on me I should have caught this with your initial post. People do not respond/reply to articles unless the topic strikes a nerve with them.

    With best wishes,


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Kate,

    Thank youb for your kind words. I appreciate your vote of confidence. I honestly dont think I have anything new to contribute on this disorder. But if you are interested here are some titles that would provide a good read on this subject.

    Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us by Robert D. Hare.

    The Psychopath: Emotion and the Brain by James Blair, Derek Mitchell, and Karina Blair.

    Unmasking the Psychopath: Antisocial Personality and Related Syndromes (A Norton professional book).

    The Psychopath’s Bible: For the Extreme Individual by Christopher S. Hyatt, Jack, Dr. Willis, Christopher S. Hyatt.

    The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout
    Women Who Love Psychopaths by Sandra L.Brown, M.A., Liane J. Leedom, and M.D.

    Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare.

    Thinking About Psychopaths and Psychopathy: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions With Case Examples by Ellsworth Lapham Fersch

    World’s Most Evil Psychopaths: Horrifying True-Life Cases by John Marlowe

    Have a great day,

  • Mindy

    Dr. Mitchell,

    You wrote: “Yes I have read some of the transcripts of Cindy’s interviews with law enforcement and I have seen her interviewed on tv. There does seem to be tremendous denial on her part about what has happened to Caylee and the role her daughter seems to have played in all it especially Casey’s lying repeatedly to authorities.”

    That is the only thing you’ve written I disagree with. It is patently obvious that Cindy is not in denial at all; what she is, is a liar and manipulator. She knows her granddaughter is dead; and she knows exactly what her daughter is and what she is capable of. She even called her a “sociopath” and was in the process of kicking Casey out of her home and starting adoption proceedings. Her “Casey is a wonderful mom” and “Caylee is still alive” mantra is just a steaming pile. She doesn’t believe it. What she wants now is money. She is doing everything she can to keep the money rolling in (the latest interview with Meredith Viera netted her five grand). I suppose she figures that her life is destroyed; her precious granddaughter is dead and her daughter is probably going to end up in jail or strapped to a table with a needle in her arm. The family has been deeply in debt; this is a ticket out. Sure the money is soaked in blood, but money can soothe a lot of pain.

    The Anthonys–every single one of them–are beyond vile. They are like scuttling cockroaches that scatter quickly after the light is suddenly turned on.

    Thank you for an excellent article about sociopathy. As an educated man, I am sure you know sociopaths have been known to fool even the most aware and trained professionals. They’re very good at aping emotion and mirroring what those around them want to see. We still have trouble accepting the reality of those walking around without a conscience, and perhaps without a soul. We can’t wrap our brains around it, it’s alien to us. That’s why you’ll see the bickering, and the lofty pronouncements of “innocent until proven guilty”, or the fanciful postulations about accidental deaths in swimming pools, even though I’ve seen IRS Agents with more emotion than Casey.

    Keep up the interesting writing, Doctor.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Mindy,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I think it’s healthy to disagree and thanks for feeling comfortable enough to share your thoughts.
    What you have written makes a great deal of sense. However I truly dont believe I have seen or read enough information on Cindy Anthony to form an objective opinion about what is going on with her other than the denial I originally commented on.
    Casey meets the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder so that was an easy read but Cindy isn’t quite so clear cut, at least in my professional opinion. If one has the opportunity to spend time with someone and interview them or do some psychological testing it is easier to come to a conclusion.
    We will discover more about Casey and her family as time passes. It should be interesting and the information revealed during the trial (assuming there is one)should provide greater insights into all involved.


  • Mindy

    Yikes….Dr. Juliann…you are a woman, aren’t you? My bad! *chagrined*

    Thanks for the response.

    For the record, I don’t think Cindy Anthony is a sociopath. Just a creep and sorry excuse for a human being. I do, however, believe she is capable of love and empathy–two things she unfortunately did not pass on to her daughter.

  • Kathryn

    Dr. Mitchell,

    Thank you for sharing your expertise, opinions, and personal replies! Your article has stimulated some very enlightening commentary. It’s refreshing to read something about this case which offers some professional insight.

    As well as some of the others who have posted here, I would be very interested to hear your opinions about Cindy Anthony’s behavior. You’ve mentioned that you don’t have enough information on her – but should you find that information – I would look forward to the fascinating reading!

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hey Mindy,

    Dont give the gender comment a second thought. It was easy to do. John Lennon has a son by the name of Julian.

    So glad you stopped by to read and share your thoughts. I think the more comments the richer it makes the discussion for everyone.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Kathryn,

    Glad you stopped by and had some comments to share.

    I do believe we will all learn more about Cindy as time passes especially if a trial ensues. It must be very difficult for her and George to now live in a fishbowl, demonstrators outside their home, the media following their every move, financial challenges, etc. Their stress level must be very high.

    What are your thoughts about her?


  • C J Moore

    I hope the courts do find Casey Anthony “GUILTY”f the death of her daughter Caylee. If she did do what we all are pretty sure that she did or harmed that child in any way, she truely needs to be given the death penalty.

  • Hi everyone,
    I’ve been following this case from beginning up to date. Yes, I admit that I am obsessed with this case. Dr. my question, is it possible to feel compassion for Casey even if I know in my heart that it is very possible that she is guilty? I have two sons of my own and if one of them committed a crime like this it would break my heart, but I would turn them over to the police. I find it so shocking to hear Lee laughing and Cindy lying over the loss of little Caylee. I sympathize with George, because he was the only one who did the right thing.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. You asked if it was possible to feel compassion for Casey even though she might be guilty.
    Yes it is possible to feel for her even though she may have committed a crime. Unfortuntely she seems to have no compassion for family and friends and that is indeed a travesty for everyone concerned, including her. Being emotionally dead inside is hard to understand for all of us.


  • Pat

    Is this something that she was born with, or learned behavior?

  • Marcia Neil

    With a name like ‘Casey’ and living in FL, social pressure to ship seafood to more northernmost climes can be intense if it lacks social controls.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    Please see comment #43 and #52 which answers your question. Thanksfor stopping by and asking a very good question.


  • Marcia Neil

    That would be ‘sea food mo’ gul” — certainly wordplay to worry about.

  • Kathryn

    What are Marcia’s posts about? I don’t understand.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for writing this, Dr Mitchell, your words are so true. It’s a tragic but gripping case. The mother Cindy Anthony is also an interesting psychological study.

  • Jake Hess

    By calling someone a sociopath, because they fit certain symptoms of behavior, are we not,merely , scrapping the surface of a problem that may resonate a more sinister reality, such as, EVIL.

    Man, since the beginning of time has had the choice to, choose between right and wrong.

    Perhaps those who choose to do the ultimate, such as murder, etc. have a seared form of conscience (open to that which is evil) and therefore, we as a society try to explain the unexplainable, with regards to such heinous choices, to no avail.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    You make a very interesting point.


  • David McNulty

    Hi Dr. Mitchell,

    I am writing to you to express my appreciation for your article (referenced above).

    It is, by far, the most intelligent and insightful commentary that I have heard on the tragic case of Caylee Anthony.

    Thank you.

    You’re very smart!

    I learned a lot from your article.

    Best regards,


  • emg

    Just a quick follow-up! Thanks for your fabulous writing here and response to my previous comment!!! I know that you are not a psychic, but, with your knowledge of these types of cases, do you think that maybe Texas Equusearch might find the remains this weekend or even at all? We all know that Casey has dug her heels in and refuses to let “LE break her” as she put it… We in CT are hoping for closure soon as possible and thank you Dr J for even responding!!! All the best to you.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi David M.,

    Glad you enjoyed the opinion piece on Casey Anthony. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi emg,

    Good of you to comment. Thanks for stopping by, again. It’s everyone’s thoughts and comments that keep the discussion alive and interesting.
    To answer your question about finding Caylee I honestly don’t know. It has been months since her disappearance and the longer the time passes without finding her the less likelihood there is that she will ever be found. However never say never.
    It is very hard to have closure without a body that is either alive or deceased. As long as there is no body there is a bit of hope that Caylee will be found alive.
    The search team has done so much work and really poured their hearts into finding Caylee. It must be disappointing and frustrating to have not found her.

    Thanks again,

  • Very interesting text, very true. I have a very dear friend (x-wife) whose life has been invaded for years by a socio/psychopath. To a very criminal degree as far as the methodology of ‘forging’ friendships. Control is the operative term. ‘best friend’ is the guise.

    Unfortuntely, under a period of time with a life controlled by a sociopath, the victim developes habits of the sociopath in day to day process. Suddenly turning on you and coming up with abstract points of blame, which of course, is trigged by the real problem. I have learned to understand the types like Squeaky Frohm, etc. Who can walk up to Charles Manson and say “I’m out of this cult”?

    Anyway, the psycho/sociopath exists in our society in many ways, much more than the common person can understand. As I have found out, law, justice, medical industries have something to learn and be aware of. Recognizing these lies and delusions created by a sociopath. The life of the ‘victim’ being shoved into the world of control is terrible. A tough web to escape.

    I’ve got a messy case on my hands. I have been attacked by a sociopath due to the fact I became an element of him losing control. The time and cost of defending myself against a web of delusion is nuts! And the damage to our ‘victim’.

    I could go on about this one.


  • Brian

    Hi Dr. Mitchell. Fascinating & informative thread.

    A few questions about some of the lesser known traits of sociopaths:

    Why is bi-sexuality so prevalent in sociopaths?

    Why is the ability to cry on cue so prevalanet in sociopaths? In otherwords, to manipulate others, sociopaths seem to use a technique of manipulating themselves into actually believing their own story, or a version of reality and thus seeming more convincing, how are sociopaths able to achieve this so well, meaning what aspect of sociopath lends itself to this specific ability.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    Sounds like you are dealing with a lot. Sociopaths are noted for destroying others lives and often walk away unscathed.
    Thanks for sharing a bit about your own experiences. I wish you only the best.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for stopping by and commeting. To answer your first question about bisexuality. I dont really know why. Do you have any tboughts?
    In terms of the crying, sociopaths “do” feelings they do not experiece them other than rage. Often they will take their cues from others because they are emotionless inside, dead actually. They do not have the capacity to feel empathy for anyone or anything but if they are skilled they can pretend to feel.

  • Dr. Mitchell,

    Yes, they do destroy lives. The x I am talking about in comment #75 has had her life destroyed by this sociopath. And he continues to destroy it to this very minute. Every tactic (brain washing, mental illness accusations, etc.) of control this criminal uses.

    The full story will blow your mind. I have gained a solid 8 years of 24/7 lab study of the subject. Research by Sandra Brown MA has finally labelled the situation. On http://www.myspace.com/x15 I posted her studies. Click on ‘women, feminists, radical women’ (under the song listings) to read.

    X has let me know how obsessed he is in destroying my life also. She didn’t have to tell me.

    As my music/business partner told me that “you just keep nudging these guys and they make a mistake”. I am quite the activist. Since high school I have always been politically involved in issues involving the oppression of women, as have my music cohorts.

    The guy is directly responsible for destroying a marriage and a humans life (x). The nature of a sociopath makes it difficult for the law to see the reality. However, I have done my part, with a bit more follow through to bring the actions of this criminal to light. I’ve nudged enough, compiled evidence. Just a matter of time before the law can finally see the truth.

    Yeah, I’ve got a very ugly story on my hands. Let me just say a woman’s life is in danger. Has been for quite a while.

    Are you smarter than a sociopath? Oh yeah. That is easy because they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. But they are. They get caught if there are people like you or me around. I hate oppression and a person being held against one’s will by the obsession of a controller.

    I do have a poster child situaion on my hands. Hit me up on the MySpace site mentioned above. I can tell you the story. It is evil. The fact that x is still alive is amazing. Yes, a life is in danger.

    This mentioned sociopath will not escape unscathed.

    stand up, fight!

  • Is sociopathy learned or biological?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for stopping by. To answer your question about what creates sociopaths please see comment #43 and #52.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hey Douglas,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, I did check out your My Space page and saw your Dangerour Relationship Institue info. Women, and men too, definitely need to know about the dangers of relationships with sociopaths. It is always life changing in a negative way for those who become ensnared in the sociopath’s life and web of lies.
    Thanks for all your efforts in educating others about sociopaths aka Antisocial Personality Disorder.


  • Brian

    Hi again Dr. Mitchell,

    To answer your question, my guess is that many, if not all, of sociopaths are bisexual because they lack sexual boundaries. Because sexual boundaries may be based on morality, and since sociopaths lack any sense morality they also lack sexual boundaries, hence all of the reported cases of sociopaths being bi-sexual, and incestual. I know of atleast 3 high profile female sociopaths who regularly had sex with their biological adult sons. Hence I believe sociopaths simply lack any and all sexual boundaries, including their sexual preferences.

    And on your response to my ‘crying on cue’ question, i’m not sure if you really answered it, or atleast I didn’t understand your response. Why are sociopaths so good at crying on cue? Because It’s a very specific kind of skill. What about sociopathy helps them produce fake tears like they do? In otherwords, what’s going on inside their heads to achieve that, could they better at self-fantasization than regular folks?

  • Dawn, regarding your question maybe my comment #75 will give you some perspective.

    The answer to your ‘congenital or learned?’ question is BOTH!

    The case I have experienced and observed heavily is that our sociopath is hardwired. Born that way.

    His victim has aquired many features of the sociopath. Part of it is for her survival and complying with sociopathic demands. Shit rolls downhill…

    the difference is that with a hardwired sociopath it cannot be cured. If it is a learned process it can be unlearned. Also, if one is hardwired sociopath, certain recognizable physical features go along with it. Line 10 people up, with one being a hardwired sociopath. I can pick the sociopath easily.

    I saw something on Celebrity Rehab very interesting. I was observing Gary Busey’s behavior. I was thinking that he must be a sociopath. He was, by means of head injury crushing the proper lobes to create such a personality.

    Born with it, learned it (usually out of fear), or TBI (traumatic brain injury). Just be aware.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell! Comment #78, yeah that ‘crying on que’ business is true. I have seen it many times. The ‘learned’ res[ponse.

    Plus, the rage thing I have seen. If the sociopath doesn’t get their way, they go off! That is why our victims life is in danger, by her own means or his. She has attempted suicide (almost successful) in attempts to escape the trappings of the sociopath. Of course, he tries to blame it on me. Doctored evidence he created and other devices sure made life a hassle for me. Oh gosh, then the story gets really nuts. I am amazed how poor medical/psychiatric industries have been in NOT recognizing this person and criminal action.

    Ironically, sociopathy/psychopaty is an illness I have no sympathy for. If the crime is committed, pay for it.

    Thank you for awareness,

  • Brian

    Hey Douglas, I agree with you that many sociopaths tend to have similar facial features & expressions. Especially with regard to their eyes & their stares. I’ve watched & read literally hundreds of cases of real life sociopaths, and from seeing their photos you can start to see striking similarities in their natural facial expressions.

    Casey Anthony is a classic ‘doe eyed’ type of sociopath, her eyes are very wide, blank & serene looking.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Brian,

    My apologies if my response wasn’t clear. I will try to do better this time.
    Sociopaths cry on cue because they have learned to do so. They do not cry because they feel sad or remorseful for their actions. They take their response cues from others. If they think they are supposed to cry then they can “turn on the faucet.” Or if they think it will help them to appear to be more human and sad then they will cry.
    Sometimes people mistakenly assume because a human is crying it means they feel deeply about something. In the case of a sociopath, the tears are always “crocodile tears.” So crying does not come from a feeling inside it is a learned behavior of how “they are supposed to respond.” Think of it as a learned, self preservation response on their part.
    In terms of the bisexuality you might be right on target.I truly do not know. Please remember that much of the research conducted on sociopaths is done on the prison population. Because prisoners are incarcerated with only same sex persons this might also explain the bisexuality. I dont think we have enough of a true cross-section of sociopaths at this point in time.
    Another point I need to clarify is that because someone is bisexual does not in anyway mean that they are sociopathic. Many sociopaths may be bisexual but that does not mean many bisexual persons are sociopaths.



  • Brian

    Hi Dr. Mitchell, thanks for responding, but I’m afraid you’re still not understanding my question, I’ll try to clarify it:

    I’m already aware of why sociopaths cry on cue in the sense you mean, to manipulate people, to appear to have emotions in particular circumstances. Even a non-expert on sociopathy can figure that part out.

    My question is *how* do they cry on cue and what is it about sociopathy that makes them especially good at crying on cue. Because even as good manipulators the act of crying on cue is a very specific kind of skill. You must actually produce tears from your eyes. That takes more than just being a slick talker.

    I know it’s a learned response, as you said, but my question is, how do they actually do it, because the answer to that will be very telling in the thought abilities of a typical sociopath.

    And on your comment about incarcerated sociopaths being bisexual due to prison, the problem with that theory is that a number of reported sociopaths were bisexual before they ever set foot in a prison.

    But ty, It was a logical fact to point out, but I’ll still lean to the theory that sociopaths are bisexual due to having no sexual boundaries, they can relate anyone and anything to sex, due to lacking the inherent sexual morality found in us ‘normal folks’. Because as I mentioned, incest is also prevalent in sociopaths.

  • Brian, hhhmmm…let me try to answer your question to the specifics you desire.

    OK, how do they do it? It is acting. For instance, your good actors out there sometimes must cry on que for a movie part or something. Each actor seems to have a different method in the ability to do it. Some actors might say for a crying seen they ‘think of a personal sad incident’ or some can just turn on the water jets. Some cannot tear up, but still go thru the emotional actions of crying (while the make up people drop water on their eyes…).

    I mostly see it in sociopaths as acted crying with struggled tears (none or light).

    Method acting?


  • Douglas, the url you have in the box above where you enter your comments lacks the http:// needed to make the link work. Please add it when making your next comment.

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • Brian

    Douglas, yes, though I’m afraid that answer is just stating the mere obvious, ofcourse crying on cue is acting, in fact that’s the definition of crying on cue.

    But my question goes specifically to sociopaths and why & how do sociopaths do it so much better & easily then us ‘regular folks’.

    Because it’s a fact that their minds work differently than us. They are reported to have ‘less’ emotions than us, some experts say they completely lack emotions aside from rage. Yet they cry on cue better than us.

    So exploration of this issue really goes to the critical subject of how their minds work.

    Are they better at fantasization than regula people, do they actually in some ways feel more extreme emotions than regular folks, thus to use to make tears and overall seem more convincing.

    Even some of the best actors in Hollywood can’t cry on cue, even though they are brilliant actors in every other respect.

    So ofcourse sociopaths use a mental trick or tricks to illicit tears, and with that, they also use a similar kind of strategy into seeming more genuine and convincing when they try to manipulate others in general.

    So this question is a bit deeper than mere acting skills, it’s about the inner dialogue of sociopaths, what are they thinking & how are thinking when they cry on cue and manipulate others in various ways.

    Yes, it might be method acting perfected by years of learned response, but then again sociopaths don’t see the world the same way regular people do, they are supposed to lack emotion and also lack empathy toward every other human being. So perhaps their version of method acting is much different than us regular folk.

  • gina

    why don’t the cops give her a lie detector? or truth serum? i think that casey used the chloroform on several occasions to knock her out, and i don’t believe this time was an accident. i don’t even think she used chloroform to kill her. i believe she used her bare hands or held her under water! i think that she planned murder with lil caylee still in her womb. why else would she lie about being pregnant? and that she never had sex? cmon!! she didn’t want the child, she was young and wanted to live. she hid the pregnancy for a reason, what did she plan on doing with caylee once she gave birth? i am 31, but when i think about being in jail, and how frightening that must be… i would crack! i can not have kids, it makes me sick of the woman that can, and then abuse the god given right! give lil caylee to me, i would love her! i also believe that CINDY talked her into having the child. CINDY probably pro mised CASEY that she would take care of her. once the child arrived, CINDY realized it was a big responsabilty it was to take on, and strated to put preasure on CASEY to do her part! that was never the agreement! so CASEY killed that beautiful baby girl! they are all at fault. they are all BABY KILLERS!

  • gina, you bring up a good question. I wonder how lie detectors work on the miswired brain of the sociopath.

    Anyone know? Can a sociopath skate on a lie detector? Didn’t it work on Ted Bundy?


  • I believe a great many sociopaths have actually been created by those around them. I do think there is a biological component to it as well (a predisposition). More about this here.

    Surrendering to the sociopath we created – our kids

  • Elizabeth

    I think Casey’s tears were genuine, but they are solely for herself, for the loss of her freedom and narcissistic supplies from her men and the possibility of spending a very long time in jail instead of entering ‘hot body’ competitions in nightclubs.

  • Kathryn


    Are all sociopaths are narcissistic?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    Great question. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” The interesting phenomenon with personality disorders such as ASPD or narcissism or borderline (to name a few) is that there are many overlaps. In other words, a person can have a primary personality disorder but also have 3, 4, 5, secondary ones as well.

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I know this story of Caylee Anthony has hit a nerve with you. It must be so hard for you to read about this case especially if you want to have children and cannot.I think this situation really can pull at one’s heart strings.
    In terms of a lie detector test I dont believe law enforcement can force someone to take one and I dont think the results are admissable in court even if person agrees to take a polygraph.

    All my best,

  • Kathryn


    Thank you for the info. I have another question if you don’t mind: Do narcicisstic people ever become depressed?

    Kindest Regards,
    Kathryn in Kansas

  • Marcia Neil

    Perhaps she has been misinformed, as many young people are, to believe that she will be ‘given’ new songs and theatre roles to perform if readiness to act is demonstrated, together with the fact that some entertainment roles are ‘assigned’ as a sort of community service required to atone for misdirected contact. Instead, her daughter is lost and lost bearing the same ‘first’ name as an older FL girl.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Kathryn,
    To answer your question, Yes narcicissts do become depressed especially when their supply of admirers and those who feed their sense of entitlement and being special are depleted. As this so often happens as those around the narcicisst are worn out and exhausted. Thanks for all the good questions!

    Best wishes,

  • shalena

    I was just reading through some of the posts. I found it comical that someone who does neither hold a CV or any sort of medical license would comment on a misspelling. I had to laugh at the person who called the Doc on this… For one thing, I know many doctors and they misspell things all of the time. Just because you are a doc does not mean that you should have to micro manage everything that you type, to be credible. Most of the doctors that I know, talk into a tape recorder and someone else writes it down, for the idiots that do not know this, it is called dictation. When you are mean spirited to a doctor or anyone else who is smarter than yourself, you just look foolish and ignorant. So, go on with your bad self lol

  • shalena,

    to add to your observation, one trait I have noticed about true socio/psychopaths is that they latch onto any insignificant detail and ride it as the biggest thing in the world.

    Our ‘victim’ (as I spoke about in above comments) is a case of being a trained sociopath. Our victim will sometimes dwell on the most insignificant things as an ‘end all’ rage. This works for the real sociopath in this case because it diverts the real crimes away from him. See how sociopathy works? The delusions they create are incredible…

    Anyway, yeah, a misspelling…something that a sociopath would latch onto in attempts to discredit.


  • Terrance

    Whoever wrote this article is a moron. I’ve studied sociopaths in and out. Casey has symptoms similar to histrionic personality disorder.

  • Terrance. Back off a bit on the use of moron. Dr. Juliann Mitchell is’nt a moron.

    Why? OK, the use of the word ‘symptoms’ A very subjective term. Many disorders may carry similar symptoms. Or a patient may display symptoms of 3 different disorders because they have 3 different disorders.

    Yeah, I have a lot of hands on experience with psychopathy study and various other brain mis-wirings.

    When studying and working with the brain and mind, you cannot be anal about it. Your view must be out of the box in order to be in the box.


  • Valerie

    I have read all of the comments and keep reading the question of whether or not sociopathic behavior is learned or biological and it seems to me that it could be both, since a sociopath as a child would be a very difficult person to bond with and nurture with very little positive reinforcement given, which would in turn compound the negative aspects of such a syndrome. I have no doubt that mental illness will play a role in Casey’s defense. They will have a hard time, however, of convincing a jury that she did not know right from wrong, as she seems to be intelligent enough to manipulate just about everyone who crossed her path. I feel that her mother is the key to the truth of what happened, but as long as she is willing to play Casey’s game, Casey will keep up the farce. I will be glad when the trial is over, because the prosecution isn’t playing games and what will follow will be a sobering dose of reality for both Casey and Cindy. Thank you for an intelligent forum!

  • Grace

    I have read all the comments and mostly agree with what Dr. Mitchell has written – I also appreciate the polite way she has handled the various blogs (some of which haven’t been too nice)! I just wanted to make a comment that has been overlooked and that is Casey is a very self-centered person. However, I can also be a self-centered person at times, so does that make me a sociopath? I think everyone has a selfish side to them, although some may have it stronger than others, I guess.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Grace,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your gracious words. You bring up an interesting point about self-centeredness. I agree that everyone can be self-centered at times and to different degrees. The self-centeredness in a sociopath is to the extreme degree. They do not have the capacity nor the interest in putting anyone else’s needs above their own. In fact they do not even recognize anyone else’s needs or wants. Their self-absorption is total and complete.

  • Mandy

    First off, I find this article very interesting and I too think it is comical for people to be bashing it… especially because the couple of people who have bashed it seem to be responding from a very defensive place 🙂 hmmmmm….

    Anyway, this question is probably neither here nor there, but it is something I have thought about from time to time. What are your thoughts on the name that Casey gave Caylee? If you notice in the transcripts and interviews of those involved, often times people accidentally use one name when they really mean to use the other. These 2 names are very, very similar, not to mention Casey also gave Caylee her middle name of “Marie”. “Casey Marie Anthony” and “Caylee Marie Anthony”…

    I almost wonder if Casey was so self-involved that she really didn’t care what to name her child and used the first thing that came to mind, (I think Caylee is a beautiful name – I just mean that maybe she didn’t give it a lot of thought since it sounds just like hers) OR if she wanted to name Caylee (sort of) after her as a kind of tribute to herself or something??? I wonder if this is also a common thing in sociopaths? Do they often name their children after themselves? (Please note- I am in no way implying that someone who names their child after them is a sociopath!!!) Like I said, this may be complete nonsense but it is just an observation on my part. I am currently pregnant and my husband and I want to make sure we name our baby the perfect name and we will keep brainstorming until we feel we have chosen the perfect one for our baby – probably not until we get to meet her or him 🙂 Anyway, any thoughts on this?

  • Marcia Neil

    Giving birth in a hospital is assumed to be a “death’s door” experience — i.e., the mother must be very sick — and hospital personnel might ‘help pick’ whatever name looms positive in the mother’s mind at the time of the birth.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Thanks so much for stopping by and being such a faithful reader of the article and all the comments.

    Best Wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Mandy,
    So glad to have you read and comment. Yes it is true that the names Caylee and Casey are very similar. I wondered at the time if there a connection between using a name that began with the letter “C.” Because there is Cindy, Casey, and Caylee. I would be curious to know what Cindy’s mother’s name is. I was not aware that Casey had given Caylee her middle name. All very intersting and quite observant on your part Mandy.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I agree names can be very important.

    Best wishes,

  • Rick

    Explain some of the contrasts between those diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder as opposed to borderline personality disorder. I agree that personality disorders seem to overlap in many ways. Has anyone taken a look at the criteria for these personality disorders? Or specific mental illnesses on Axis I in the DSM. We’d all have a difficult time not finding, at least one of the criteria, that describes us. Just sayin’.

  • To answer the question about features of socio/psychopathy that may occur in all of us.

    Yeah, we all display ‘self-centeredness’ at times in our lives, for example. How the hell do you think the term and concept even came into existence?

    The difference is this: OK, most everyone in their life gets an acne pimple. Fine. Does that mean you you have massive chronic acne scars and other extreme features of acne? No.

    There is a point where any feature crosses the line to chronic. A socio/psychopath is chronic and is unabled to change or be cured. It is a condition that is very dangerous to those around such people.


  • NorthLight

    Something that confuses me is why did she make chloroform? There are so many already-made sedatives on the market, from Nyquil to Gravol, that she could have used to put Caylee to sleep. Why go through the bother of whipping up batches of chemicals when someone has done all that for you? Also, what do you think the search for shovel could possibly be for?

  • Holly in Orlando

    Cindy’s middle name is Marie. Her mother’s name is Shirley – so they started the CM’s with Cindy on down. Casey can cry on cue because she is like a rat in the corner. She is angry – she is trapped. She feels like there is a small light on in the tunnel because the trial hasn’t commenced yet, so there’s still a chance, albeit miniscule, that she could get “off” light. Watch the DVD jailhouse recordings – she turns her “emotions” on a dime. When the questioning is soft or geared toward “poor baby Casey, we love you, we miss you so much sweetheart” talk – here comes the tears & the sweet little Casey girl. When the question is a “fast ball” – like when Daddy questions her answer about why she steals from her friend Amy “because I was in a very bad place, I was in a desperate time” – she suddenly can’t offer any further information about that due to “who might be listening”. If she wants to deflect Lee, she says to talk to Mom. If she wants to deflect Mommy’s questions, she tells her to talk to Lee. So many references to Caylee in the past tense. And Cindy – she is evil to the core. I’m not letting her off on the easy exit of “denial” and grief – no way Jose!!!! Sorry – I don’t buy it. She’s 100% covering up for that piece of garbage daughter SHE created (in every sense of the word) so she doesn’t “lose both of my girls”. PATHETIC. I know first hand if she goes back to work at Gentiva, her staff will walk OUT.

  • Jenny

    I think this story is right on. I too believe that this gal is a sociopath. After watching the latest video’s of the jailhouse visits, she reminds me of a person who might have another personality that did the crime…this is how she proclaims innocence in a conscious manner. Read the book, Heart Full of Lies. There you will see and understand what a sociopath is like. Casey fits the description to a tee. Something will happen to break this story….I hope. Otherwise, it’s another OJ folks.

  • Nancy Grace is sure riding this story….

    anyway, beware of socio/psychopathy. It exists in the USA more than one would suspect. It plays it’s way in many ways. You don’t have to be a ‘killer’ to be a sociopath. But my studies are showing that death is not out of the question for these types. Look out!


  • no comments swaby

    @Holly in Orlando

    I agree with you about Cindy, she seems to run the family, Lee knows better but goes along with the charade. She comes across as an evil, enabling liar.

    I think “nurse” Cindy is the source of the daughter’s pathology. Apparently the men in the family are to weak and cowardly to stand up to queen Cindy’s lies. She turns my stomach.

  • Susan B

    Very interesting article. I dated a sociopath and the description rings true for him, although it was difficult to understand at the time. He was an egomaniac and extremely manipulative to everyone around him. He had no truly close friends. He became increasingly verbally abusive and accusatory over time. This was all a very slow process in order to allow me time to adapt to his behavior and internalize his actions (blame myself). This is what sociopaths do to their victims. Yes, sociopaths will go into a rage by focusing on minute details! It is all part of the “crazymaking” for those around them.

    In the end, I sought counseling and left him, got a restraining order, and hid myself. He was furious and tried to stalk me for months – filling my voice mail and email boxes until I cut those off. The few messages I listened to would go back and forth between apologizing and blaming me for making him behave the way he did – often several times in the same message! I worry sometimes that other women are now falling prey to this man. There can’t be enough awareness around this behavior. It was a long healing process for me. Thanks for posting this article.

  • Egypt

    Dr. Julian:

    How do you think jail/confinement is impactign Casey? Is it possible for sociopaths to “crack” and admit something like killing their daughter and driving around with her body in the trunk? Or will she stick to her innocence til the day she dies?

  • Marcia Neil

    Although I am not a certificated doctor, with all due respect sociopaths/psychopaths are already cracked, beginning with intense and demanding personal loyalty queries that can be classified as “hazing”.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Susan B.,

    Best wishes for health and happiness. So glad you were able to extricate yourself from the sociopath. It takes a great deal of perserverence, courage, and strength.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Egypt,
    Thanks for stopping by. In terms of whether or not Casey will share more info about Caylee, I dont know. Anything that she does will only be to benefit herself and no-one else. To save herself in some way she might provide more info or to stay in the spotlight.
    Jail and confinement will be challenging for Casey. Remember she likes to party and have fun. Being incarcerated is difficult and she may become deprssed but the depression is related to herself not the loss of her daughter.
    Casey’s world revolves around Casey and no-one else.


  • Florida Mom

    We have to deal with this nut bag and her fame desperate parents every flipping night on the news. I said the other day when Mamma Anthony went to court to leave the area to “check out leads in California” it was about a TV show and oh look they are on Larry King ” We aren’t going to stop looking for Caylee” Well of course not since it is an excuse to get in front of the media every day still trying to pawn that book and movie deal. To bad the entertainment lawyer ditched them when they refused to stop calling a press conference every day.
    The whole family needs to be locked up!

    Have you seen the “jailhouse tapes” of her family? It is more like an attempt at a audition for a real bad spy movie or soap opera.

  • Haha

    I’m pretty sure they just found the body today.. Is it just me or is it ironic they found a body 2000 ft away from casey anthonys parants home in the woods… Shes screwed

  • Phil

    Studies show that one out of every 25 people is a sociopath. Most people know one, but because sociopaths are very manipulative, most people don’t realize that they know one.

    Casey Anthony is remarkable only because she was so easily caught. She is a ‘below average’ sociopath in terms of her manipulative ability. Most are not so easily caught.

  • Breccia

    @Phil: yes, Casey was “easily” caught and in my (very humble)opinion it was not totally due to her sociopathic personality, but rather a co-morbidity: Pathological Lying.

    Casey’s florid lies know no bounds and have gone on for years.

    On the other hand Cindy Anthony seem to be a more run-of-the-mill liar.
    Cindy immediately admitted she’d lied to the police (during her initial 911 calls to the police she told them she wanted to report a stolen vehicle, when she knew she and George had given Casey the car.) Cindy justified this lie by saying she wanted Law Enforcement to get out there right away.
    This behavior perked up my ears.
    Cindy’s lies continued to trickle out.
    As others have said, “the apple may be rottener but it doesn’t fall far from the tree.”
    I hope Cindy is prosecuted for actively hindering a police investigation (for her hairbrush ploy.)

    I’ve got one thing to say to this pack:
    Liar, Liar face the Fire.

  • Ben

    A lot of very harsh comments in the original analysis of the subject, and the feedback provided by viewers. Dr. Juliann I respect your professional opinion but of course playing devil’s advocate, (correct me if I am wrong) you have had no personal contact with Ms. Anthony?

    It’s easy to jump to conclusions in what the media shows. I conduct interviews on subjects in which psychological behavior is a major factor in pursuing certain legal ramifications. After watching very few of the videos/interviews provided by the press on Ms. Anthony; I, also assumed she was, as you stated a “pathological liar”. (My opinion from limited testimonials, statements, video)

    I feel very remorseful for the parents of Casey. We should all step back and think of a lifestyle where you cannot walk to the end of your driveway to collect the morning news without 10-15 people surrounding you/questioning/doubting.

    Just my 411

  • jimmy p

    Dr. Mitchell, I have read your analysis and want to tell you it appears thorough and sound. I have 5 brothers and sisters, one is a PhD in Psychological Organizational Management and two others have Master’s in Social Work.

    For those that aren’t as familiar with psychological science, it’s not the same as CSI Miami. I’ve read several comments above on this topic from people that are uninformed. Reading transcripts and studying videotaped conversations do authorize a PhD to both form and express a professional opinion. If the behavior of Casey Anthony is consistent with a sociopath, a doctor is well within professional rights to say so. It is not a forensic science, and as such doesn’t require a DNA sample or face to face interview. Hope that helps clear up the debate on whether the doctor can express a professional opinion on Casey Anthony’s psychological state.

  • Mare

    This article unfortunately matches the description of my 20 year old stepdaughter except for the name and the crime. It matches her WORD FOR WORD. I have long suspected that she had some type of mental disorder. She is very narcissistic and everything is always ME, ME, ME. She disposes of people as soon as she gets everything she wants from them, including myself and my husband. We have not seen or heard from her in over a year. In some ways, thank God!

    Her kids were recently taken away from her because she abandoned her kids and husband. She thinks it is more important to go out partying than taking care of her kids.

    We have nothing to do with her. It is not worth the trauma/drama we have gone through every 3 months with her. She poisons everyone around her.

    I am glad that I found this article. Now it makes sense to me the way she acts, thinks, etc. Thank you Dr. Mitchell.

  • Jimmy P (#130). Good statement re: “it’s not the same as CSI Miami”.

    Yes, the pathways of the mind do not follow a common logic to figure out. Many people (professionals included) get theselves duped by the deceptions a socio/psychopath paint.

    Mare (#131), ‘she poisons everyone around her’. You got that right. Thank goodness parts of society are becoming more aware of this phenom. It is such a process to get judges, police, doctors, etc. to see reality. In the case I am dealing with it is staring to be figured out by the duped parties that our sociopath has been duping for years. Under the guise of credibility. At least the credibility has been destroyed in the eyes of the duped.

    Will keep you all up to date with court or out of court settlements. Quite a battle, but when a life is at risk (our victim) you must be relentless.


  • Egypt

    Dr Julian:

    Rumor is that Casey’s reaction was to drop to her knees and said “I can’t believe this is happening!”. She then asked for sedatives because she was having panic attacks. What are your thoughts on that rumor?

  • Susan

    Does anyone remember Casey making the comment that she felt Caylee was very close? Close to her parents home?

  • sadsad

    the entire anthony family needs to be prosecuted…mom, dad, brother, and of course casey the MURDERER. how sad and how sick this entire crew is! rest well, caylee. no more pain and no more neglect.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Egyypt,
    Yes I did hear the media report about Casey’e response to the utility worker finding a body. I don’t know if it is true so I can’t really comment. I do know this is such a sad, sad, situation.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for commenting. You are more than entitled to your thoughts and opinions. Besides every piece needs a devil’s advocate. 🙂
    You are correct I have not interviewed Casey Anthony. However I do state that and if you notice this is written as an Opinion piece. Her pathologies are pretty blatant and not that difficult to asess especially when you read the transcripts that have been released.
    Best wishes,

  • m

    Very interesting reading,Dr.

  • Beth Hill

    I have a question. Why do so many murderers hide their bodies in their homes or close to home? I’m sure there must be some reason that the doctor can explain to me.

    Do they feel less guilty if they know where the body is? Do they feel some sense of attachment to the body?

    It seems that this happens so often! Just curious. Please explain.


  • warcover

    Good question, Beth.
    I’d guess, uninformed, subjective opinion, obviously(!), that the kind of murderers you’re talking about do want remains kept close by.
    Why, who knows.
    Dr. J?

  • Hannah

    why is it that when a woman kills her child she lies about it, covers it up, plays the sympathy card, etc. but when a man kills his child he typically kills himself right after? It seems to me that if you are going to do something as morbid as killing a child it is more altruistic to bump yourself also rather than go out and party and pretend like nothing’s ever happened.

  • Don

    The gig is up for Casey! Maybe if she would have told the truth from the beginning, she would’nt be facing the rest of her life in prison, and from what I understand now the proscecution has the option to go for the death penalty. Even though before they said they would’nt seek it. For the sake of everyone involed, Casey needs to come clean about what happened to this sweet child. Do your parents a favor Casey, TELL THE TRUTH, for once in your life. Once the DNA evidence comes back that the remains are Caylee’s, there is no turning back.

  • Michelle Davis Yarbrough

    How sad…. I study handwriting analysis and I’ll bet a qurater that this woman has the classic sociopathic stokes in her script… And as far as her parents go.. It’s time for them to face it.. That their beloved daughter is deeply disturbed and goingto prison for the rest of her life… Poor Little Caylee… She’s in the arms of the angels now…

  • Marcia Neil

    A new clothing store with a “sassy” accent opened in South Florida only about a week ago; then suddenly a child’s remains surfaced in Orlando. Endless speculation about a rivalry between the ‘Anthony’s’ clothing stores and the new tea-linked business (not to mention links with NC) will cloud the atmosphere indefinitely. A Mom with ‘sassy’ tattooed on her ankle is missing from Hawaii — perhaps some indication about how far the ‘Reel Sassy’ store might be extended.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Beth and Warcover,
    To answer your question about why murderers often hide the body close to where they live. I think there are a couple of reasons. First, it may be a matter of convenience. They may know areas close to their homes the best, it is familiar terrain for them. They know where to place a body so that it is not likely to be discovered very easily. Another reason may be that they want to keep the body close by. Bizarre as it may sound it msy comfort them. Because then they know exactly where the body is. Not becaused they are sad about committing a heinous act but because they still have the control over the deceased and the situation. It may also be a matter of convenience, getting rid of a body is not an easy endeavor. There is sometimes a time constraint and the body needs to be disposed of quickly and a place that is close to where the person/child is murdered fits the bill.
    Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  • Let me be on Casey’s Jury!

    I thought about this the other day and today I took action…. I can’t count the amount of times that I can rethink the comment “with every lie Casey tells there is some sort of truth behind it.” Well it led me to think about this Zanaida Gonzales name. So I researched the meaning of the name.,,, Zanaida is divered from the Greek God Zeus, Gonzales means safe from harm…. Does anyone else think that maybe this whole time Casey was telling us that Caylee is with God away from Casey’s harm???? We all know that Casey like to look up forgein meanings of things…. think about her tattoo that means beautiful life…. Just a fleeting thought I had….

  • Mari711

    I cannot figure out what Casey was doing all of these months when she said she was going to work and dropping off Caylee with the nanny. How did she get any money other than ripping off her mom and friends. I wonder if there was another lifestyle going on such as prostitution or some other illegal way to make money.

  • addison


    Yeah, you’re so great that your son didn’t have a child out of wedlock! A lot of people today are having children out of wedlock. It’s not the 1800s…. That was a rude and stuck up thing to say. Don’t you just feel like you are soo much better than all of us?

  • addison

    what can you do if you reproduced with a sociopath? (of course he’s never even seen his child)….. Does my child have the ability to become a sociopath through her father’s genetics?

  • addison, oh my, two ways to think about the child…

    OK, your child might have congenital sociopathic traits. Or they can be learned via envionmental upbringing.

    The best thing is to study up on the subject and be aware of behaviour patterns and such. Don’t spoil the kid! What a combo, a sociopath playing bratty spoil me games… only enhances the problem…

    Lots to say, but boning up on the subject and awareness will help you recognize the problem.

    good luck,

  • Miss Passionfruit 1984

    I have to agree with the diagnosis. When I first decided to listen to Casey Anthony’s interviews or interactions with family I heard something familiar. I have attempted to keep an open mind and I know first impressions are valuable. Casey turning the subject to “ME” made hairs come up on the back of my neck. Her mom attempting to soothe her with inappropriate dialogue as if talking to a child or someone prone to explosive emotional demonstrations made me uncomfortable. It was reminiscent of the Brown/Simpson 911 call soothing OJ. Casey’s speech patterns connected immediately with the experience I had dealing with a mother who had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. In that case, the mom was so good at lying, manipulating and running that numerous professionals were fooled or so confused we couldn’t put all the pieces together until it was too late.

    Cindy Anthony has clearly normalized and made excuses for Casey’s behavior for years. The father seems, withdrawn and submissive in his own role. All of it is manipulative. They are all behaving to meet their own needs. I suppose they are acting human.

    I watched Cindy being asked about the hairbrush. FIRST impression, without the sound on; she began with a jerk of emotion then settled into robotic explanation. I thought it sounded plausible, however, when I only watched the interview I saw an initial reaction that spoke louder than her words. I watch people first. Then, I listen.

    I attempt not to judge people based on a first impression, keep an open mind even if my intuition tells me something else. I look at real physical evidence. I believe Casey has harmed her own child and disposed of her. I would like to give Cindy Anthony the benefit of the doubt and I believe she has her own pathology. Maybe it’s only that she has enabled Casey. Her daughter has most likely carried out a heinous act. Cindy is doing everything she can to avoid the real loss of her precious granddaughter. And dad, what about dad?

    I think most of the players have an amount of culpability. One seems to have been the sickest and acted out in order to keep all her plates spinning. I hope she is separated from society, forever.

  • Whitney

    From another site someone mentioned that they thought that “Zanny” the Nanny might have been Xanax. It makes sense to me. I don’t know how she could have afforded a nanny and she doesn’t seem to actually exist.

  • kris

    I have an older sister just like Casey, she gets it from our father. Both are sociopaths. You can’t fix them. She made my life hell. I believe in all my heart that she did this so she could have fun and that her own brother lee is the father of Caylee. They will have sex with ANYONE.

  • Lori

    This woman is a Narcissitic Personality Disorder/ Sociopath. She exhibits all the signs. They care about no one but themselves and are very manipulative. My husbands ex-wife is one and so is his mother. Together they are a destrutive force. We have to deal with the ex-wife to a certain extent because they unfortunately share a child…who she uses as a pawn on every possible occasion. Casey’s mother (the grandmother Cindy) is one too. Don’t think she is normal.

    They usually come in pairs and feed off of each other’s diabolical agendas. Anyone in their path will be destroyed often psychologically but sometimes (as in this case) physically.

    I hope she frys for doing this to this poor cute little girl. But often, because they are so evil and such liars they are able to avoid the law or due justice.

  • Lori

    Also, Dr. Juliann is correct. Via my experience with my husband’s ex-wife a cerebral NPD sociopath and his mother a gorgeous somatic NPD sociopath they will attempt to destroy your life but somehow they are so calculating they can establish themselves as the “victim”. It’s remarkable.

    There is nothing a normal person can do to protect or defeat people with this type of diabolical disorder. The best thing you can do is to just stay away, far away from them.

    No sooner than my husband and I distanced ourselves from his controlling mother and ex-wife whom he has a daughter with they began slandering me around the city saying that I was “controlling” and had taken him away from his family and child. They are the “victims” now despite a list of evil agendas and plots they have put us through.

    I pray my husband’s child does not have this sociopathy like her mother. She seems o.k. for now. The ex-wives mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and some other disorder that no one wants to reveal. They are all crazy.

    Because I have been the victim of these NPDs, I always feel like they will win….i.e. Casey will get away with this murder or get only manslaughter and get a few yrs. although she deserves the death penalty or life in prison.

    Sociopaths always seem to skirt the Law. It’s really scary but true. They should all be rounded up and placed in prison.

  • Lori, very interesting but true…

    I have a close person in my life (wife, now x) who occasionally displays Narcissistic Personality Disorder due to years of here life being controlled by a psychopath. It is simply a reaction in order to survive. Environmental, not congenital.

    Yet the psychopath is using the ‘mentaly ill’ game as control. Her psych Dr. is dumping a bunch of pills with horrible side effects down her throat. A Dr. being duped by a sociopath which is effectively murder. A long slow death. When I can remove her from the psychopath environment, she display ZERO features of what the doctor think she has. Doctor! Those damn pills are for congenital reasons, not environmental.

    Anyway, the point is that this is just an example of how the theory of “shit rolls downhill” might apply to the Casey case.

    see thru the deception,

  • “They should all be rounded up and placed in prison”. I agree. Just like other elements in society that create a social detriment. Drunk driving, hidden weapons, etc.

    On this end such an approach is close to happening. It is taking a lot of proactive work to do but it is a hell of a web to untangle. Sociopaths exist and must be dealt with. Knowledge is power.

    stand up!

  • Also Lori, comment #154 “so evil and such liars they are able to avoid the law or due justice”. Very true. Unless you keep rubbing them. They will make many mistakes. I had a long conversation with the Seattle Police Department crimanl detectives. they are trained to recognize such conditions. They were picking up on what I was saying. The kept me on the phone for over a half hour. Pulling up this psychopath’s drivers license, other information and asking me questions. All the times he has used the law as a weapon, not a shield will sure work against him. I am a person who is immune to sociopathic technique.

    Comment #155, “saying I was ‘controlling’ and have taken him away from his family and child”. Oh yeah, another sophmoric sociopathic technique. Blame others for what THEY are actually guilty of. Man, I have had to endure a sick psychopath’s attempts to control me with lies spread around to law and just domestic function. I understand. This piece of shit has gone to great length to stalk me, taken photos of me to my local merchants and told serious lies under the guise of him being the credible one.

    Well, anyway, just stand up. The sociopathic techniques lose their credibility. And the criminal element becomes obvious. Just be smart and the sociopath goes down.

    Ted Bundy is now dead, for example. Hopefully, Casey will get a serious dose of justice. If she is a true sociopath, she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. There is no way Ted Bundy can be convinced he did anything wrong. Just gotta fire up ‘Ol Sparky’ for people like that.

    Although socio/psychopathy is 4% of the population, the effects of their damage to society is far beyond that 4%. We are on to you, psychopaths! Pay up or get out.

    btw, in my case, dicussions with high level criminal attornies have pretty much put a $3 million bounty on what x and I are dealing with, for this psychopath to buy his way out of the crimes he has committed.

    Anyway, become aware and protect yourself.


  • Pam Harris

    I have always been fascinated by sociopaths like Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson, who have gone through life, up to the point of their major crime, just lying and getting away with it. They lie to their families, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc. and basically get away with it. Then, boom! they are confronted with the cops and they think that they can lie to them too, and get away with it. What they don’t understand is that the cops get lied to every day and they basically don’t believe anybody at first glance. They don’t believe the tearful, pleading looks, the lies told with so much sincerity, the outraged claims of innocence and all the other tricks that have always served the sociopath so well before. I imagine that when Casey led them on that wild goose chase to Universal in Orlando, she kept waiting for someone to back down and say “OK, OK, we don’t have to go all the way down there…we believe you, we believe that you work there. OK.” I imagine this happened a lot with her Mother. Her Mother confronts her with some lie and she yells, “OK, let’s just go down there, and I’ll show you!” Then, as they are backing the car out of the driveway Cindy starts saying, “OK, never mind, I believe you, just forget it…” It is obvious when listening to their jailhouse talks that they have done this dance for a long time.

  • Janet

    Look at her eyes, then pull up a good picture of Lizzie Borden. Same person reincarnated, isn’t it!

  • Lani

    Casey Anthony should get the death penalty. Scott Peterson got the death penalty with less evidence against him. There is something wrong with a mother who’s child is missing for a month, doesn’t report it, gets a tat. goes out partying, and shows no sign of grief. To me that sounds like Scott Peterson, except Scott tried to show emotion, but to me Casey and Scott are very much alike. Her Grandparents should face criminal charges for aiding a felon, the Grandpa is a retired law enforcement, and the Grandma is a nurse, they KNOW what a dead body smells like. The whole pizza story doesn’t add up, they had it right the first time around. Some of my friends are in law enforcement, and said food no matter if it’s rotten in the sun will never smell like a dead body!!! Casey Anthony had it not been her mother looking for her would of never reported her daughter missing, she just would of kept partying!


  • Regarding the death penalty that sociopaths deserve…

    Sounds good, but then I think that death is too kind.

    Some serious torture is always a good start. Since a sociopath has no feeling for anyone but themselves… There is no way they will ever think they did anything wrong, so might as well make them feel pain in the only way they can. Then let them slowly bleed to death. Slowly….

    Funny how thes sickoids will say “I love you” to their victims. What is that all about? It is all about them… A socio/psychopath is incapable of real love.


  • lady Stetson

    A father in law enforcement,(who else better knows how to hide a body even from cadaver dogs)
    A Mother in nursing(easily accesible to chloroform)
    A Brother who takes down a memorial for the little one just days before remains are identified.

    My only opinion on this case,is that each member in that household had taken part,or at least known from the time it occurred and each should be held accountable for allowing this to go on for months.

    Where is the biological father of caylee,and his parents?
    Why would Cindy and george need a lawyer if they didn’t partake?and probono at that?
    After watching Casey shop at target,supposedly using her friends checks,why did the cashier not ask for I’D for if she had her freedom may have been expunged alot sooner?
    Why did the police not act sooner on the meter reader man’s complaints?
    Further more why did Casey not give up caylee for adoption like she wanted?For if she had this may not have happened.
    In conclusion I think Cindy and george,nor lee could baby sit for that “Ruthless” being,she sedated her daughter with the chloroform,duct taped Caylee so when she woke up no one could hear Caylee’s cries,placed her in the trunk of the car so no passerbys would see little caylee,went clubbing,possibly went home with someone she met,while not thinking about her daughter.Went back to get her car discovered what she had done to caylee,called her Dad,to help dispose of Caylee’s remains,in the mean time the family had taken a month to come with a scenario most likely led by the father who would know what questions would be asked.

    I truely hope Casey gets what she deserves,enduring with pain.

    Rest In Peace Little Caylee.

  • Erico

    Unfortunately I tend to agree with Lady Stetson. I have come to believe that Caylee’s grandparents are in the know about her death, and may even have had a hand in it. As the case progresses we will see more gruesome revelations. Curioser and curioser.

  • Elizabeth

    What a weird comment posted on the Anthony’s website http://www.findcaylee.com: “We now know this precious child is safe.” Not my definition of safe.

  • Dr. Juliann,

    Very interesting article and, in my opinion, on the mark. As seen from some of the comments here and typical for sociopaths, Casey can manipulate strangers to defend her despite evidence of her multiple deceptions.

    And as you know, most personality disorders do not appears in the “pure” sense and most will also have aspects other disorders as well. Casey is a quilt of many symptoms, but I agree with your primary assessment.

  • Sam Elia

    I can’t agree that Casey’s parents, either one of them, had anything to do with Caylee’s death. The second 911 call Cindy placed to have her daughter arrested for stealing a car and money was filled with the purest of emotions. Cindy was nearly out of her mind with grief for missing Caylee, and she showed no concern whatsoever for her daughter Casey’s safety when she blurted out that the trunk smells like there had been a dead body in it. Cindy was obviously in great distress over the news of Caylee’s disappearance. If you hear the phone call you won’t be able to deny that. Now, here’s the big but: Cindy’s biggest distress at that moment was probably her own hindsight, second-guessing herself, knowing that she sensed that something was wrong for weeks but managed to shrug off the evil chills that came upon her when suggesting to herself that her daughter may have hurt Caylee. The state of emotional upset Cindy is in on the phone shows both her truest love and concern for Caylee, and deep, self-loathing regret that she didn’t stop Casey before something liked this happened. As for her behavior afterwards, I guess it’s natural instinct to want to protect your daughter, though this type of protection is twisted. I can truly see where Casey obtained some of the traits that she has.

  • Pam Edwards

    I wonder if you are familiar with the cases of Jeffrey MacDonald and Diane Downs? They both, amd most particularly the latter, seem to me to be perfect examples of sociopaths of the most extreme kind…


  • Tom

    Some sites on psychopath/sociopaths

    Psychopath Research
    Juvenile Psychopathy Sociopathic.

  • Tom

    Tresa it’s not your fault. It’s not her fathers fault. The government enabled sociopaths by rewarding sociopathic behavior.

    The government disempowers parents and empowers sociopathic children.

    The government does not reward the behavior of people such as you, but corrupt sociopaths are routinely rewarded and there is a reason for this.

    Because sociopaths have no conscience or integrity they are easier to control and will do anything you bribe them to do, just like a robot, anything from sex for money to murder for hire, all the disgusting dirty jobs. As a result sociopaths are prized by the market.

  • Lisa B from Mesa

    Hi Dr. Just so you know I do put my daughter in the trunk all of the time to change her diaper. It’s roomy, it’s not in a public bathroom, and it’s carpeted so there is some niceness for my daughter. The backseat has a carseat that is in the middle making it difficult to change my super tall 2 year old even in the front seat. Now that we know that her daughter has been found blah blah blah I just wanted to point out that yes my daughter has been in the trunk so her DNA might show up there. That’s where I change her!! Here I was thinking I was mommy mcguyver 🙂

  • Tom

    Kelly lead poisoning and other neurotoxic environmental factors can lead to brain damage in the development of a childs brain which leads to sociopath/psychopathic adults. This is a fact, look up the studies on lead and criminality.

    Also flouride is a problem and it’s in water. It’s known to lower IQ and cause brain damage which may create a sociopathic adult. A sociopath is an individual who is retarded in a sorta way, where they aren’t capable of abstract reasoning.

    In order to understand how your actions affect others and predict consequences you need the capability to do abstract reasoning. If I do X the consequence is Y because…

    Concepts like Karma and Altruism are difficult for sociopaths to understand because these concepts rely on abstract reasoning, you must understand the concept behind the behavior to truly get it. Sociopaths can be taught to adopt behavior but they don’t understand it, it’s just the polite or politically correct thing to do.

  • Tom

    Being free from guilt also means an inability to do abstract reasoning. That means inability to determine right from wrong without a script.

    Imagine how difficult it would be to do algebra if you couldn’t count. Imagine how difficult it would be to do calculus and send a rocketship into space if you couldn’t predict or determine the outcomes, or understand the formulas.

    Sociopaths cannot understand the formulas of morality. That doesn’t mean they cannot know something is wrong, but it’s wrong because everyone says its wrong, not because it feels wrong and not because reasoning says it’s wrong.

    Most of us wont murder because either it feels wrong, or because we reasoned it out and we know the consequences are so bad that we’d eventually have to pay for it. Psychopaths don’t fear the consequences, they’ll kill someone and not care about their own safety, while a normal person wont kill someone because of fear of being killed or going to jail.

  • Truth

    We’ve all heard stories about what inmates do to child molesters or killers in male prisons. Wonder if something similar will happen to Casey. What a friken piece of excrement!

  • Jo Marie

    Lisa B, what is your reason for posting that you change your child’s diaper in the trunk? Just curious.

  • Jo Marie

    Sam Elia ~ Casey’s parents have been experiencing their own personal hell for at least the last
    the last five months. Despite the odor in the car trunk, they cling to a belief that little Caylee is alive, out there somewhere.

    Add to that worry the fact that their own child is in prison for murder, plus other charges.

    This is not one’s worst nightmare. It is a
    daytime fact. Can any one of us know how we would react under the same circumstances?

  • Lisa B from Mesa

    There was evidence of her daughter in the trunk, although I know there was other evidence to show that there was obvious decay, and chloroform. I was just saying how easy it would be for DNA, hair, skin cells, anything of my daughters (as an example) to be found in the trunk of a car. I am in now way condoning what this woman did to her daughter in anyway. Have to look at it from both sides of the story. The defense could easily use an excuse that there was Caylee’s DNA in the trunk ie hair fibers etc and say she was changing her diaper, or maybe she had her in there while she was loading up the car to keep her out of the street after a visit to the store before snapping her into a carseat. They will have to prove when the so called squirrel died in the car, or the bad pizza v.s. how old the DNA was if they can prove the age of the DNA. That’s all I was trying to bring to a point. Why would she put her kid in the trunk, and here I was thinking as a mom wow I put my daughter in the trunk all of the time to change her when we visit a store, or the mall etc.

  • Sandy

    Casey did finish high school, just not with her class, because of this simple error, and others, I disregarded most of what the author had to say.
    I found it highly biased, and no different than most of the people who have injected themselves in a professional manner in this case.

  • for the record

    First of all, Orlando, and most of the people who live in that fake, touristy shithole of a city all suck. I lived their breifly and hated it. Second, a 19 y/o hot chick who gets knocked up is probably not ready to be a responsible mom. And once she turned 21 she probably started clubbing and then soon realized what she was missing out on. She probably resented her daughter for that and became increasingly annoyed with the day to day responsibility of motherhood. She was obviously not a moral person since she was arrested for check fraud, and especially since it was one of her own friend’s checks. Once you cross that line, then friends, family, or whoever is just something in your way. I’m sure she viewed her daughter as dragging her down and dispensed of her accordingly. Sad but true.

    I’m just wondering the same thing I wondered about the Lacy Peterson murder. We don’t know what transpired just prior to, or during the murder. So it may not have been homicide in the first degree, eventhough the subsequent cover up would make it seem that way. And since the murderer was guilty of at least manslaughter, then they will never come clean and give us the truth behind what happened.

  • tammi

    i am bipolar depressed this young ladys mother as a nurce should have knowen something in her younger years that casey was trobled i am glad that i am not in the care of the grandmother

  • STM

    One of the great things about the inherited criminal justice system that exists collectively in all the English-speaking countries is that it affords a person the right to a swift and fair trial by a jury of their peers.

    Now that Ms Anthony will face trial, don’t you think the best way for real justice to be served is to let that trial take place without everyone throwing in their two cents’ worth about her guilt, and her family’s supposed culpability?

    The onus of proof is now on the prosecution to establish guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The danger of what is going on here is that she might not get a fair trial. I have my views too about whether she’s guilty or not, but that’s irrelevent now … the standard must be applied.

    The reason that standard exists in all the countries across the English-speaking world, and it’s a very, very tough standard, is for a very good reason: it serves as a genuine protection, both for rule of law and personal freedom without government interference and protection of the innocent.

    It stops the kind of sham trials and unilateral jailings, executions and trumped-up charges that existed in places like Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union.

    It can be hard to swallow sometimes, granted, but without the establishment of guilt beyond reasonable doubt at TRIAL, real justice is doomed. Let the trial take its course, and remember: Ms Anthony’s parents are not the ones on trial.

    You would hate to see a defence team argue that there’s been so much publicity and pre-judgment in the public arena of a matter meant to be sub-judice regarding Casey Anthony that it’s impossible for her to get a fair trial, right?



  • Marcia Neil

    She has no peers — her daughter is ‘lost’ during start-up of ‘Reel Sassy’ clothing store in Stuart, FL. [in Stuart, FL]

  • Dan

    casey loves the attention… she is a pathetic person who deserves the death penalty for what she has done…

  • skippyrunion

    I heard Florida doesn’t do the Death penalty,is that true?
    If not,is it all possible for them to ‘change their mind’ and she be up for D penalty?

  • Naye

    I have been a victim of an antisocial person that had all the characteristics you describe in Casey. What do we do about people like Casey. In a way, they are victims too. Unless, they have the ability to know right from wrong. What do we do to fix these people in society. How do we figure out people like this? Do you think there will be sympathy for this girl based on the characterics of a antisocial personality. This personality is really sick!



  • amy mac


  • mitcheda

    It’s been reported that Casey takes on the “preferred” traits of her current companions. Does anyone think that perhaps she’s got this Jose Baez wrapped around her little finger like so many others before him? Why, as a lawyer, trying such a high-profile case, would he do so many stupid things ???

  • Lizzie-Lou That’s Who

    Dr. Mitchell,

    My question is why did Casey abandon the car for it to be impounded?
    Also, even if Cindy did have a fight with Casey and in a huff, Casey took Caylee and left the house – wouldn’t any reasonable person call everyday to check on her? Cindy knew that Casey didn’t have her own place to stay – she lived with Cindy & George for cryin out loud! How in the sam hill could she let her leave with that baby and not wonder where they were going to stay? This makes no sense to me. I would’ve demanded Casey leave Caylee with me if she wanted to party – or whatever. Casey has always been a loose cannon – no accountability whatsoever.
    I think Caylee was the product of incest:
    Casey + Lee (brother) = Caylee. This explains the “dead father” story. If he’s dead then *BINGO* no more questions are asked. I have always thought that Caylee looks so much like Cindy. It is not unusual for a daughter to take after her father’s mother in looks. I don’t think anyone but Casey & Lee knew that Caylee was their offspring – but I think George & Cindy suspected it & stayed in denial of it. I also think Casey hated Caylee because of her origin. Caylee was doomed from the start. Where there is strife, there is every evil work…

  • STM

    Geez, wouldn’t you hate to be having your case heard by a jury consisting of some of the people punting up their opinions as fact on this thread?

    You might as well just go straight to jail.

  • Anne Hodgsdon

    very interesting discussion of sociopathy/narcisism. But I am puzzled by the nature of Casey’s lies. Granted she is no genius, but her lies are exceptionally stupid and guaranteed to be found out. For example, she lied about being pregnant (“women’s problems”); she told Jesse he was the father when they both knew he couldn’t be; she told the police a string of ridiculous lies that were immediately uncovered; etc. She led the police right to her “office” door before finally admitting she didnt work there any more. I find this inexplicable! Is she just unable to think beyond the immediate present? Does she unconsciously WANT to be found out? What do you think?
    Also – I have read the transcripts of her text messages to Amy and am struck by her cruelty. Here this poor girl is having serious money problems, and Casey wipes out her bank acct; she is desperately seeking a place to live, and Casey strings her along with a ridiculous tale about how her parents are getting divorced and she is getting the house, etc. What is the psychic payoff for Casey in all of this? Does she enjoy inflicting pain?

  • PhoebeM

    BTW … If so-called “personal attacks” are “not allowed” on a so-called open forum … then anyone who consistently posts time-wasting non-sensical things should be as equally “monitored” and removed and/or edited from the website, as anyone else who would post negative personal “attacks”. I believe that you know exactly what (and whom) I am referring to here, Marcia …. uh, I mean … Juliann. Other than that — This particular blog site is, by far, one of the most insightful and informative ones I have come across. The only comment I would take issue with was the one about studies showing that only one out of approximately every 25 people are shown to be sociopathic. Either that ratio is erroneously configured on the LOW end … or else I personally happen to run across them (sociopaths) a lot more often than is considered the norm.

    Again … Thanks for providing this site, and may everyone reading this enjoy a happy and healthy New Year in 2009!

  • Realistic

    I read Dr. Jullian assesment (Opinion) of Casey Anthony and couldnt be in agreement more!!!
    At the end of her profile Dr. Jullian said, “A Sociopath’s motto is: “Competition is king, survival is the agenda and no one is ever, ever to be trusted.” and A Sociopath’s Mantra is: “Do unto others before they do unto you”

    Besides the fact that Casey Anthony fits the profile of a sociopath to a tee…she also wrote this poem on her MY Space….(Written by Casey Anthony after Caylee’s disappearance and then erased by someone but found by the FBI or Police)

    She wrote “Trust no one, only yourself. With Great power comes great consequence. What is given can be taken away. Everyone lies, everyone dies. Life will never be easy.”

    I don’t know about you…but this gave me the chills. She needs to be confined to a cell for the rest of her life. With that “mantra” she is not capable of living in normal society.

    As for the Mom and Dad, Cindy cannot deal with the thought of what her daughter did and as the police told George in one of the interviews “Cindy is looking at this case with rose colored glasses.”

    I found it pathetic and sad that she was trying to make sense of Casey’s lies and find a reason for them. Who in life, if you have children is prepared for something like this? I think the mother and the father were tired of dealing with her bulls..t and lies and just found it easier to go along with all this stuff for 2 years rather than have another confrontation. God knows what they had to go thru with this girl growing up!!!
    Although in the other article I read they said that 3 percent of the male population were sociopaths and 1 percent were women. And that usually the symtoms showed up at around 20. And all of her friends and relatives claim that up until that time she was great with caylee and no one would ever envision her killing her child.

    Another note…read her text message with boyfriend Tony Lazzaro….On May 6, they are having text messaging and he is complaining that
    he never sees her anymore and is putting pressure on her to get a babysitter and continually questioning her about her nanny and her mom. This reminds me of Susan Smith, who killed her children because her boyfriend said he didnt want children. Of course, Im sure he didnt intend for her to kill her child to satisfy him. I wonder if he thinks about this though….

  • PJ

    Seriously, Marcia Neil… I’m beginning to think that you need psychological help yourself!!! Just STFU!!!

    Casey is guilty as S I N !!! I hope she gets knifed by a fellow convict!!

  • kimberly

    I swear to God,I cannot stomach this crazy bitch anymore!Casey Anthony is THE MOST disturbed,pathological freaking narcissistic liar to come down the criminal pipeline in a long,long time! She makes Scott Petersen,Ted Bundy,BTK,Gacy,The Green River Killer,Leopold and Loeb,The Boston Strangler,The Hillside Stranglers,Jeffrey Dahmer,Andre Chikotilo,Son of Sam,Zodiac AND Jack the Ripper look like amateurs!This crazy,twisted bitch lives in her own world and her parents are just as twisted because they coddle her crazy ass.It’s almost like they’re afraid of her.They don’t dare come out and say or ask what they know because she’ll shut them out completely.They would rather hear her psychotic lies than nothing at all.If I was in charge this bitch would’ve been fried a long time ago.None of this bullshit.ZZZZZZZ,end of story.Bye,bye.See ya later!The fact that this nutjob has an attorney makes me wanna puke my guts out!She should get the chair and Baez should be sitting on her lap along with the other LIARS that are gonna attempt to defend her sorry ass.That Kenny Baden and that LIAR Dr. Henry Lee are a joke!Both of them would throw their own mothers under the bus if it would mean fame and fortune! Professional,Paid Liars.Our justice system is a joke.It’s not about the truth or common sense.It’s all about making up stupid bullshit scenarios and the all famous,”benefit of the doubt.” SCREW benefit of the doubt.There’s benefit of the doubt for everything including wether the sky is blue and the grass is green! Who says so? How about common f’ing sense instead !Put me on that bitch’s jury.Her ass would’ve been fried already.

  • kimberly

    Also,I said from the start,the mother,Cindy Anthony,has psychological problems of her own.She’s a nutjob just like her daughter and she’s more,”powerful,” than her daughter but she holds back that power or held back that power because of the granddaughter Caylee.The nut Casey used the kid as a pawn and the reason the crazy bitch killed her daughter had a lot to do with getting back at the mother Cindy.That’s also why she left the body down the street from the parent’s house.She’s a sicko!The mother Cindy wants nothing more than to choke the shit out of her daughter Casey.In the interview with the detective she stated she didn’t care where Casey was and she still doesn’t care where Casey is.The only thing she cares about is getting Caylee back.Casey the nutjob knows her mother loves Caylee more than her and thats part of the reason she killed her.Do not tell me Casey’s parents don’t know about her lying capabilities.Believe me,they’re privy to her pathological lying skills! She’s a born liar and they know it.The parents need to come out and say,”Look you crazy bitch,we know what you did.Just come clean and tell the truth.” Casey Anthony would lose it.The only thing that’s keeping her lies going is she thinks/knows she has her parents wrapped around her finger.The moment she loses that,she’ll cave.

  • kimberly

    Freud would have a field day with this crazy nutjob!She’s almost inhuman in the way she lies and is always cool as a cucumber.Nothing makes her cave!Nothing makes her nervous!She’s like a freaking lying machine but she’s actually not a good liar because the detectives were on to her bullshit from the start and so was I.What makes her,”good,” is the fact that she never caves and she sticks to her story.She never wavers!That’s what makes her pathological.Wouldn’t you think her cowardly parents would ask her why she was shaking her ass on a stage at a hot body contest the day after Caylee went missing? There she was,no underwear,grinding up against another woman! Oh My God,how sick is that?? The parents NEVER ask her about that OR the stench in her car.The parents are actually afraid to confront her because if they do,she’ll get pissed off and shut them out completely.
    I’m not a shrink but here’s another observation of mine,the father George Anthony is caught in between his psycho daughter and his psycho wife.He knows exactly what happened to Caylee but he’s afraid to stand up to either of them.He just lingers in the background while his psycho wife and psycho daughter engage in their sick battle of wits!The mother,Cindy Anthony,could EASILY rip Casey Anthony to shreds but she won’t.Know why? Because she wants to know the truth about what happened and she knows that if she pisses sweetheart Casey off,she’ll never find out because crazy Casey will shut down FOREVER leaving the mother without answers!They’re the weirdo family from hell!Dysfunctional to the max!Sicko mother,weak father,dense brother.Casey Anthony doesn’t give a rat’s ass that she’s in jail.To her it’s like the freaking Holiday Inn.On the outside she had to steal from her friends,steal gas and food from her parents.For her,lounging around ordering snacks in jail is great.Weirdos on the outside send her money.Dream come true.For psychos like this,prison is great.They adapt easily because they’re very content with themselves in their own minds.They adapt easily to any given situation.If we watched Casey Anthony for the next 1,000 years we would NEVER see her get nervous,sweat or cry.She’s an insane freak who needs to be put out of her misery.Shrinks wanna study her.Shrinks long to know why certain people are the way they are and some of the worst freaks in history have been allowed to live beyond their years just so the shrinks can study them.Who cares why they’re nuts? I don’t give a shit.Fact is they’re nuts.Period.Get rid of em’.How many times have we seen some liberal shrink mess up a trial by testifying that some nutjob sicko is mentally ill or has freaking bipolar disease or some other whacked out made-up,non scientifically proven dysfunction!Speaking of bipolar…remember Mary Kay Latourneau,the teacher who had sex with her 12 year old student?? Yeah,she was bipolar!! Awww,poor thing! Gimme a break ! Now she’s married to her victim ! How sick is that? Hey guess what? I’m bipolar too ! Who the hell isn’t?

  • Realistic

    Why not tell us what you really think….lol!
    Everything you said is pretty much the truth….but what reason do the parents have to shield her now. They already know that Caylee is dead and they know who did it. Unless they are really delusional. She lost her pawn. I think they are pissed to the max and they have not been to visit her since Caylee was found if Im correct. I think in the end they want to know the truth and they are going to throw her to the wolves. It’s not the lying, fame craving lawyers, who by the way will make a fortune on this in free adverizing, it’s the stupid, ignorant jurors who fall for their BS. Look at OJ. If they had a video of him killing his wife….they still would have found him innocent because they would have been told it was an actor who looked like him. But I think Americans and others dont look the same at Child killers. I cant think of any case in recent history where a mother got away with killing her child. Except for the one woman, I cant think of her name who killed like all of her kids in the tub. She had been on meds for chemical imbalances. The problem was that she shouldnt have been left alone with her kids. And I think she is still in an insane asylum.
    So I dont think there are many jurors who will let her go. But dont worry…she’ll enjoy prison. Im positive they wont put up with her lies!!

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Please know that there is a place for everyone here. Everyone’s comments are welcome whether they agree or disagree with the article I have written. I appreciate everyone who has shared their thoughts and opinions. Thanks to all of you.


  • Dee Dee

    Dr. Mitchell…I thoroughly read your article, and then, I read parts and portions again.
    I’ve never commented on a forum before this case of sweet little Caylee’s death.
    As a gramma and a mom of adult kids over 35, I feel so very Blessed, despite some problems that I feel are common among family members.
    I’ve always strived to let our children know that telling the Truth actually sets you FREE! I made sure that I watched their body language, looked right into their eyes (when they’d look at me while telling something) and if and when I’d catch them lying, I didn’t fly off on a tangent nor did I lose my temper. I figured then as now, I have to BE an example, and the Best I can be!
    Oh I made lots of mistakes, what parent doesn’t, but it was AS potent and important I believed and still believe to ADMIT such to the kids!
    My comment is about Cindy Anthony.
    I’ve read some articles about lies she formerly spoke and even seen her speak lies on TV to either callers or interviewers.
    I understand about denial, because of shock and grief, but it bothered me she lied so much, and I was thinking, ”Perhaps the apple (Casey) didn’t fall far from the tree (Cindy Anthony(?!?”
    Perhaps that’s a harsh judgement on my part, because I do NOT know the Anthony’s personally…well, so be it…because I also feel
    How sad and sick this case has turned out to be.
    I keep them ALL in my prayers, yes ALL, even Casey, only because I believe Redemption is available for all, if or WHEN one chooses to at least begin to turn one’s life MORE toward inner honesty first, honesty with others, responding instead of reacting, affection and unconditional love, but also no codependancies, and checking first and foremost myself in regards to those!
    Thank you for your MOST-informative article, I now see our ex-daughter-in-law in a new light because of your article.
    May Caylee’s VOICE be heard on Earth, May Truth and Justice prevail FOR Darling Caylee Marie!

  • Maggie

    Kimberly…have you considered counseling? Because you sound so totally filled with anger it doesn’t seem healthy. You ask, Why do people study sociopaths? The answer is, So they can try to figure out how to prevent these things, and so we can all recognize these traits when such people come into our lives. Notice how many times on this site, people said that reading the article made them understand someone in their own life. That means that now they can either try to get help for their loved one, or stop associating with someone who is dangerous to be around. Someday, perhaps we will understand enough about these conditions to prevent them or treat them successfully. Until then, as someone else said, knowledge is power. And BTW, no…we are not all bipolar. I most certainly am not. If you truly believe you are, I urge you to consult a health practitioner. Help is available.

  • Michelle

    Kim I agree with you!!!

  • Kim, you say it well. You mention bi-polarity. The vulnerable desperation of the bi-polar sure makes them an easy target for a sociopath to zone in on and take advantage of.

    hhhmmm…what a mess. A case of ‘shit rolling downhill’.

    Example: the bi-polar are susseptable (sp?) to things like sex slavery. Fooled by the acceptance of the socio/psychopath blindly (against one’s will) doing what the socio/psychopath wants in order to be accepted.

    Like continually raping the retarded girl in the neighborhood. Then the victim becomes so afraid of asserting herself.

    Point being, mom and Casey are out of control. And the sickness festers between the two.


  • Hmmm… How do you spell “quack?”

  • dave

    that whole anthony crew is guilty I cant call them a family.where did this so called lawyer come from? we all know him now talk about physco’s.I wish it was the 1800 era she would have been hung already .put her in general population at that jail .the truth would be known in a couple of days.

  • Marcia Neil

    The newscast media here in south FL reported at one time that two girls found bones in some grass alongside a sidewalk that might have been human bones, whereas armadillo bones beside new roadways might be the norm in some areas. There is no sign of a clarification in the works — is everyone sure that human bones were found that match Caylee’s DNA?

  • Aurora

    I had a friend who used to be a sweet, generous, funny and intelligent person. But she completely changed after a string of relationships with sociopathic men that made Casey Anthony seem like an angel. She quickly acquired sociopathic tendencies. Her parents enabled her and believed every ludicrous lie she told. Later on, after she no longer had any use for me, this bitch backstabbed me and attempted to ruin my life. Fortunately, she failed since everything she said at this point was ludicrous at best.

    The only way I could get her to leave me in peace was to turn her life upside-down. I normally don’t do this to people, but this bitch crossed the line with me. I revealed the truth to her parents and her entire social circle. I had solid evidence to back up everything I said and so their eyes were finally opened. The sociopathic bitch lost control over her victims; she lost her power. In order to regain her power, she’ll just have to find new victims, though hopefully, her parents will at least let their daughter’s future friends know the truth. The scary thing is she’s applying to medical school to become a psychiatrist…

    As someone said earlier, the only way to break Casey is to take away her primary enablers– her parents, particularly Cindy Anthony.

  • Marcia Neil

    There’s no reason to break Casey — FL is a well-known state that must accept populations who ‘winter’ in the region and cause unusual stress not experienced in other states. Other southern states that must accept ‘winterers’ force wildlife out into FL where the creatures link up with tropical wildlife, causing ‘special circumstances’ that most easily affect children and increase the possibility of friction among parents that contributes to childhood malaise and/or endangerment.

  • Aurora

    Marcia, what are you talking about? I’m really confused.

  • Gina

    Kimberly is not filled with misplaced hatred. Her comments expressed exactly how I feel. What’s unhealthy & nuts are all the sickos sending her $20.00 to buy pork rinds & beauty supplies.

    The outrage you are seeing is healthy & just. I believe if she would ever go free she would meet her Maker vigilanti style. I’ve nevr seen & read so many people, especially Mothers who would like to stomp her face into the ground & stick HER BODY in a garbage bag & dump it in a swamop like yesterdays garbage. If by some unholy miracle Mr. Potatoe head (Baez) gets her off, I’d give it a week before she’s seriously hurt or killed. Just look at what went on in fron her home, how often does that happen? Everytime I see that subhuman piece of filth I get so mad my heads about to explode. We want justice for a child killer, a Mother who killer her own baby out of jealousy & a desire to be free to party & of the responsibility of motherhood.

    If that doesn’t piss you Casey sympathizers off, than nothing will. You are similar to Casey’s enablers, her parents & brother who walk on eggshells & act afraid to ask obvious questions when they speak to her. How sick is that, to defend & hide evidence to protect the killer of your grandchild.

    Daughter or not, it’s time for some tough love & plain direct honesty, they should now demand answers of her, it’s way past time to face what she is & deal with it, no more coddling and calling her sweetheart & gorgeous during jailhouse visits. That just made me sick, because they knew then as they know now that Caylee was dead & that Casey killed her by the stench of death in the car, pizza my ass!

  • Elizabeth

    To Realistic,
    I don’t agree that Cindy “knows who did it”. Remember she once made a comment that there was “Nothing in this world that could make me believe that Casey would do that to Caylee” ? Presumably, not even a guilty verdict would make her believe that Casey was responsible. Cindy may never cut through the denial.

  • Gina

    One more thing, what makes her criminal actions even more despicable & another reason the hatred of her is so intense & widespread was her behavior shortly after her daughter went ‘missing’. At ‘Fusion’ nightclub there was Casey all smiles & in high spirits bumping & grinding on another girl during a ‘hot body’ contest. Oh, but Casey says she was doing ‘her own investigation’ at Fusion to track Caylee’s last steps. How does that even begin to make sense or be believable, photos don’t lie & she was ecstatic to be free of Caylee, was whooping it up. After that was the ‘no clothes party’ where Casey was dressed in nothing but an American flag. She posed in a photo with her in the flag, the only girl with a room full of guys in boxers & briefs. Was that another one of her “private investigations” into Caylee’s whereabouts?

    Also if she didn’t want Caylee her Mother would have taken her. If not Cindy, how many childless couples would give anything to adopt a precious 2 yr. old little girl? But like she said, “I’m a spiteful bitch’ when asked by her brother Lee why she wouldn’t let her Mother see her granddaughter. She was spiteful alright, Casey killed the Caylee in part to hurt Cindy & because she resented the attention little Caylee took away from her. Even Jesse Lund said a reason they broke up was because Casey was jealous that Jesse loved Caylee ‘more than her’. I think she hated her daughter & viewed Caylee as competition for attention. Instead of the reality that her family & boyfriends could love both her & Caylee her twisted mind resented the love others showed her daughter. Most young Mother’s would be thrilled that their child was so adored, but not this demon seed, she’s just a very bad person, evil into the depths of her soul & has no remorse for killing her child. That’s why she’s so despised, & deserves all the outrage & hatred that comes her way for what she’s done.

  • Gina

    Oh Cindy knew, George knew the moment they smelled the stench of death in the trunk of her car. Read the transcripts of police interviews with Cindy, George & Lee. They all smelled it, was unmistakable that it was human decomposition. It was a very big deal & the lengths Casey went to rying to stop George from going into the trunk one night was an eye opener in just how profound it was, proof that caysey did something to their grandchild.

    Even on Nancy grace they didn’t stress the undeniable stench of death in the trunk. But George without a doubt knew what it was as a former detective. What did Cindy stress when she made the 911 call, she was in hysterics crying that the damn car smelled like something died in it, or similar to that.

    Lee said he couldn’t stand the smell for 2 minutes & that was in the garage, he didn’t even get inside the car! If I knew it was Caylee without ever smelling it, believe me when they smelled the stench from that point on THEY KNEW. Just because they back peddled in some twisted effort to protect their child killer daughter, doesn’t mean they believed the lies they told the police & the public, how naive are some of you to believe they believed their claims of a Zanni the Nanny kidnap or that Casey withheld info to protect them & Caysee. Not for a second, an RN & policeman, no friggin way, they lied & obstructed justice with the hairbrush, washing clothes, the smell from the ‘pizza box in the trunk’ theory all of it, they lied, lied then lied again to protect Caysey.

  • tma


    the DNA you speak of was that of a DEAD person. not live. remember the death band on the hair? that only occurs when a human body decomposes. i’m pretty confident that kind of DNA will not be found in your friends car from looking under the seat for your sunglasses, and from a live child looking for a toy. the DNA was not blown out of proportion , due to the fact that the DNA came from a dead person. maybe you agree with cindy anthony and think some outsider just happened to put a dead body in casey’s car after the fact? and it just happened to match casey’s DNA profile? give me a break, please!

  • tma

    hi gina,

    to correct you on one count……….. i agree with you 100% on everything, but i beleive the “no clothes ” party with the american flag getup was back in may, before caylee disappeared.

  • Gina

    Hi tma, I assumed the photo was after Caylee was missing. Even though it was in May I still think that photo is very incriminating. Where was Caylee while she was out partying during that time? Probably with Cindy, but in some of Caylee’s photos her eyes looked so sad, it makes me wonder if she was being mistreated months before her death, locked in a trunk or left alone.

    How did Casey treat Caylee when Cindy wasn’t around to keep an eye on her behavior. We may never know what that poor child went through at the hands of her devious & manipulative mother.

  • Anonymous

    I hope we are not making the excuse that because Casey is a sociopath that in some way makes it ‘not her fault’ for killing Caylee. Or that because Cindy & George enabled her & sent mixed messages of ‘you’re a good daughter & mother, no you’re an unfit mother & bad daughter that could ever be reason to defend her in court or public opinion.

    Like Kim said about being bi-polar– well aren’t we all? Many of us had our fair share of dysfunctional parents & less than ideal upbringings. My Mother was miserable & wanted others to suffer too. She was hot tempered, depressed, had mood swings, was verbally & physically abusive to my two brother & myself. I caught the brunt of it because I was the oldest, so the worst mistakes were made on me.

    No one beat me severely, but there were enough out the blue assaults on me & her screaming was always shrill & deafening. I was a good kid too, quiet & respectful. My father was passive, but actually defended her 99% of the time. He eventually became mentally ill, obsessive compulsive thanks in no small part to her nagging & beating him down.

    Point is, when I had a son I made a choice to raise him differently. Realizing it does more harm than good I never hit him, ever– I didn’t scream at him in anger or to reprimand him. He’s college educated, married, got a good job, turned out very decent & mentally sound. I on the other hand had many failed relationships, a divorce & other problems. I remarried & medication has helped, but I still carry around lots of baggage from my past & am mentally scarred for life. But I never projected my buried anger & inner sadness onto my son.

    Because I was abused would never give me an excuse to abuse my own child. I made the choice to hand out real punishments that worked, only when he deserved it. Like grounding him until grades improved & sticking to it.

    In other word because Casey is a nut case, & even if Cindy & George made mistakes is no reason or excuse to kill your child.

    She didn’t have to & nothing ‘made her do it’ she’s not crazy– she’s slick & smart enough to lie pathologically to cover her tracks & avoid punishment. If her lawyers gets some therapist to say she’s a sociopath, psychotic, or her brain didn’t scan right during an MRI, it’s all a smoke screen. Her dream team of sleaze ball professional bull shitters will probably pull that angle, because what else do they have.

    I just hope a jury is educated & smart enough not to fall for another ‘if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit’ or some temporary insanity hustle. Casey damn well knows it was murder, it’s morally repugnant & she should be held accountable with life in prison or the death penalty.

  • evilangel

    Casey’s tears in court are for herself, not Caylee.
    Now that her partying days are over and she knows the game is up, there is a realization dawning upon her. Will I fry ? Will the lethal injection be carried out competently ? Will an inmate get to me first and do something nasty ? All these things will be running round in that selfish little brain.
    She will be living in fear now.
    I hope she dies an agonizing death for what she did to that little girl, her daughter.
    They ought to choloroform her and gag her with duct tape as a way of holding her prior to execution, so that she can’t have any more treats
    in jail.

  • march_hare

    I think Casey has missed her true calling. She should’ve been a con artist or double agent. Cooler than a cucumber. Even though – has anyone here seen raw news footage? The reporters running after a person don’t always ask nicely. They can be insulting and purposefully say things to incite the person being followed or at least get a newsworthy reaction from them. But nothing from Miss Anthony. You know they’re yelling horrible things at her, yet she’s cool and emotionless, even though her daughter’s (1) been kidnapped and then (2) been found dead, tossed alongside of the road like trash. Someone said she broke down inside of the jail when her child’s body was found, but I think her breakdown was all for herself. She knows that with the discovery of the body there’s a better chance she’ll be prosecuted and she’s up for the death penalty. Has anyone considered that she’s merely a spoiled child? Maybe she’s both – spoiled child and psychopath. I think she’s done this before – lied to get away with petty crimes and her parents have helped her / enabled her. Now she’s killed their grandchild, and it very much looks like she did it, considering all the blatant lies. What I can’t figure out is why she didn’t give Caylee to them period. Her mother said she would’ve gladly taken the little girl. Zenaida Gonzalez is suing her and I applaud that. Casey shouldn’t get away with that lie, either. Miss Anthony has been lying for a long, long time and getting away with whatever she’s wanted to get away with. Now it’s time for her to be prosecuted to the fullest extent and I’m looking forward to seeing it. If she walks free, what will be her next crime?

  • evilangel #220. You are so correct. Her tears are for herself. Not the death of Caylee.

    Since you have come up with a good punishment, I’ve got one for you. OK. Death is too kind. Try cutting off legs and arms (no stumps left, just cut all the way to the hip and shoulder), then blind her (nails in the eyes?) and blow her ears out, deaf. THEN, cut out her tongue.

    Just let her sit there till she dies. Play ‘stump hockey’ every once in a while.

    Harsh? Not when compared to the crimes that psycho/sociopaths commit. It gets twisted when the sociopath, who has butted their way into someone’s life as a ‘self appointed guardian’. On this end I see a psychaitrist loading a woman down with meds because the doc is thinking that her environmental reacton to the psycho is congenitial. The doc (hey, it really comes down to money, anything to keep $200/hr coming in) is actually aiding and abetting crimes being committed by the psycho/sociopath.

    Oh good, the AMA will love that when the prosecutor shows up with that information.

    Anyway people! It may be difficult to understand the sick reality of the psychopath. Peoples minds get stuck in the “how can that be? I don’t get it!” phase. Psychopaths are all about themselves. They do not feel sorrow, remorse, anything like that. People seem to understand that a mentally retarded person cannot add 2+2, so make the comparison. Or blind person cannot see.

    What makes understanding hard is that one will ask ‘how can that be?’. Because it is assumed that everyone can feel sorrow, etc. But no. We see murderers get escorted out of courtrooms without remorse. Making sense yet?

    it is real,

  • Candis

    The picture of her in the American Flag taken in may does not make sense. It was a 4th of July party… hence the American flag. Even DM’s version of punishment is not enough. Do all that while asking her questions. Make her think she will live if she admits guilt and then when she does kill her anyway!!!

  • West coast C

    So… is there no convincing a sociopath that they need help? I am personally responsible for helping to put one behind bars for 20 years. Frankly, I’m scared that he will try to find a way to get me back even from prison. I also have a two year old daughter and get this my mom’s name is Cindy and my daughters middle name is marie… way too close for comfort. This case has hit a nerve with me and what I wouldn’t give for a cheap shot at that POS excuse for a mother.
    Thank you so much Dr. Juliann for shedding some insight into the sickness that has touched us all.
    Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away… How do we stop the spread???

  • West coast C

    So… is there no convincing a sociopath that they need help? I am personally responsible for helping to put one behind bars for 20 years. Frankly, I’m scared that he will try to find a way to get me back even from prison. I also have a two year old daughter and get this my mom’s name is Cindy and my daughters middle name is marie… way too close for comfort. This case has hit a nerve with me and what I wouldn’t give for a cheap shot at that POS excuse for a mother.
    Thank you so much Dr. Juliann for shedding some insight into the sickness that has touched us all.
    Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away… How do we stop the spread???

  • Kimi David

    My opinion is that Sociopath Casey Anthony will give the performance of her lifetime when she takes the stand.

    Casey will say Caylee drowned in the pool in the back yard while she was text messaging on the phone.
    She panicked: feared her “parents would never forgive her” & put the body in her trunk.

    The reason why she ducktaped & double bagged the body: to prevent fluids from leaking in the trunk which caused the smell & the reason why she had to remove the body from the trunk.

    You will see a live sociopath in action, bursting into tears, her body will shake & tremble but it is all in the role played by a sociopath.

    If Caylees body were not found, Casey would be the center of attention. Once again, holding everyone as an emotional hostage.
    She has an answers for everything, some half truth like having a Nanny.
    In her psyco mind, she did have a Nanny,
    but the Nannys real name was Ms Clora Form.

    Casey can’t explain searching for cloroform or neck breaking but then she could say someone else did that search.

    Nonetheless, Casey Anthony needs to spend the rest of her sociopathic life behind bars.
    She has lied, cheated & stole from everyone she could.
    She has destroyed the lives of everyone she touched & especially the ones who loved her.
    God Bless America

  • Marcia Neil

    There are many reasons why a child is lost or dies, none of them acceptable.

  • tma


    Where did you get 4th of july? the photos of the american flag costume are from late may. a party she supposedly brought caylee to.heres the news story. go the the site and check for yourself.

    TAKEN FROM- Wesh.comnews ORLANDO :

    Photos of Casey Anthony at a May 25 “Anything But Clothes Party,” where she is shown drinking and wearing an American flag. The photos are similar to others than have circulated showing Anthony partying, some of which were taken during the period after Caylee was last seen and when she was reported missing. The party took place in May, before Caylee was missing. In early documents, witnesses said Casey brought Caylee along to the adult get-together. See the photos in our slideshow

  • Kitt

    #168 Pam
    You’ve mentioned Diane Downs. Since I first started hearing and reading about Casey Anthony, thoughts of Diane have flooded my mind. She committed her crimes about 30 miles from where I live, and at the time, it was the most unbelievable and horrific thing I’d ever heard of. I just could not wrap my head around the possibility of a mother committing such monstrous acts against her children. Like Casey, everything about her was ME, ME, ME. No sorrow or remorse or even faked pain and anguish over the loss of one of her children, and the serious wounding/permanent damage done to the two surviving children. Like Casey, she was a bed-hopper, too. But she seemed to prefer men who were married. Never exhibited care or concern over what she was doing and who it was hurting. Diane even laughed and joked around in a taped re-inactment for law enforcement of how the “bushy-haired-stranger” committed the crime. Her story changed so many times. Even just last month; she sat before the parole board (actually via satellite) and told YET ANOTHER VERSION of what “really” happened. Also like Casey, Diane was defiant toward LE and insisted that she would go out and capture the killer herself. Diane planned far ahead how she would carry out what was supposed to be the murders of all three of her children. She even went so far as to shoot herself. Of course, she carefully calculated a non-life threatening wound to her arm. But, so much alike are Casey and Diane. I hope Casey gets the ultimate. Diane got life plus 30. The death penalty in my state was re-instated a year or two after Diane’s trial and conviction. Damn; just missed.

    I just stumbled across this site today, and it is by far the very best I’ve seen. Thank you, Dr. Juliann and to everybody who posts. I believe there is something to be learned from each contributor on this site.

  • Kitt

    Kimberly sure comes on strong and leaves no stone unturned. But ya know what?…I’m on the same page for the most part. BTW; I’m NOT bi-polar. At least I don’t think I am 🙂

  • Aurora

    I agree with everything Kimberly said. Her posts are harsh, but no one said the truth is supposed to be pretty.

  • Sam

    Thank you for the insight into Casey’s behaviour. I have just now watched the video released today of the August 14th jailhouse visit of George and Cindy with Casey.

    This reveals so much more and is exactly what you describe, but in addition, Casey shows high emotions including anger and frustration (so she says) with her lack of control, not just the physical lack of freedom in her situation, but she expresses how upset she was, and how long it is taking her to get over ‘breaking down’ at one point (re: Saturday as Caylee’s birthday).

    She comes right out and says that she is a victim too and that her parents do not understand how she feels or her point of view.

    About George, Casey has made a decision which of the three family members she wishes, at that point, to meet with in person. She apparently struggled with the decision and decided to choose George rather than her mother or brother. She gave some indication of why not mom or the brother and why George– maybe she felt he was most vulnerable to her manipulation?

    It is a long video and maybe it was released today because of the PI Dominic Casey controversy as in this video, the parents suggest that Dominic is a good person for her to talk to.

    Thanks, I hope this is over soon as the path of destruction has been so widespread and harm done to the most innocent from baby Caylee to the potential harm by the defense of Casey to those trying to help missing children and their families such as Equusearch. (lawyer’s demands on them, and attacks by those whose interest it was to preserve the notion of a live Caylee at all costs to the benefit of Casey’s defense)


  • Vger

    It’s not difficult to figure out that Casey Anthony is a sociopath with narscisistic personality traits. This is psych 101. What bothers me is that this pathetic female (Casey) probably killed her own beautiful and obviously intelligent child out of jealousy. Plain and simple, Casey was jealous of the attention that her child was getting from the grandparents, et al, instead of HER getting all the attention that Casey’s parents once bestowed upon her. That is pathetic. She deserves punishment to the fullest extent of the law. Sociopathy is not a defense in my book. Sorry Charlie.

  • anna

    I have to wonder if using sociopathy as a defense wouldn’t be a slippery slope. To some extent, the only thing that allows anyone to commit any crimes is a lack of concern for others, or respect of consequence. Seems to me that sociopathy is just an extreme.

    Still, though, criminals need to be dealt with appropriately. I struggle with what should be done to Casey, though. Emotionally, as a mother, I’d like to see her suffer as others have described. On an intellectual level, though, I have to wonder if she shouldn’t just be institutionalized. I don’t know.

    Then again, she understood that what she was doing was wrong. The fact that she didn’t feel guilt really doesn’t excuse the fact that she cognitively understood that what she did was wrong.

  • Pete Smith

    She cares more about herself than her dead daughter who deserves a funeral.She walks all over her parents who obviously never disciplined her for anything.Talk about a dysfunctional family.

  • Kitt

    In my opinion, Casey’s parents are scared to death of her. You can see in the jailhouse tapes how Cindy tries to smooth things over when it appears Casey is getting “upset.” I think the parents are afraid that if they piss her off, she will shut them out completely and they won’t get anything at all from her (which I don’t think they will anyway, but they probably hope to). I can’t help but wonder…what if George and Cindy, maybe even Lee, just shut down completely toward Casey? How would she react then? How dare they not bow down to Casey and not be there at her beck and call? What would Casey do?? I know that they haven’t visited her in months, and apparantly no phone calls from her, but I think there is still commmunication going on between them via Baez.

  • Marcia Neil

    Use of Bible quotes such as “…a little child will lead you to the promised land” no doubt has contributed to the unwholesome scenario.

  • Janine

    Casey needs to be found guilty, then life in prison, if we are lucky the death penalty. If by some unholy miracle her sleazy boyfriend, I mean lawyer Jose Baez & his merry band of blood sucking opportunists (the dream team) get her off, that might not be so bad either. I don’t think she would last too long in a civilized society.

    People who are usually sensible & law abiding would love to rip her head off. Casey will never be free, even if some gullable moronic juror buys the bile spewed by her lawyers & ‘experts’ she’ll live with death threats the rest of her life. It will be like a permanent bounty on the child killer’s head, it’s karma. Most draw the line at a Mother murdering her own daughter so she can party, to spite her mother, and get rid of what she perceived as competition, this sick twist was jealous of her baby taking the spotlight off of herself.

    When I saw the latest video of George & Cindy visiting Casey in jail, it confirmed she’s evil. She loves watching them suffer, it’s such sadistic fun to get angry & threaten to walk away when they asked for her help in finding Caylee. She didn’t want to hear anything about her missing daughter at the time (most suspected what we now know) only me me me.

    She needs to be put out her misery for everyone’s sake. Even Cindy & George though they are too messed up right now to see it. They know she’s guilty but don’t want her to be fried in the electric chair, IMO. That’s why they are putting up a front of solidarity, big mistake because without them she has no one, and when that happens she might finally break.

  • Sally

    What does a parent do when their child shows sociopathic tendancies? Is this something a parent creats by being indulgent and not giving consequences when a child lies. In other words, what causes a sociopath?

  • Sally

    In my opinion Cindy is a control freak and has been in charge of George for years. I don’t think he was allowed to voice his opinions when the kids were being raised. I think he has just kept quiet and done his own thing to keep peace with Cindy. I also think that Casey does not respect her father for that reason. Cindy was most likely physically abusive to her kids. What about the time she took Casey by the throat for stealing money from the elderly grandma? This took place the day before the last day Caylee was seen. I think Caylee was killed to punish Cindy.

  • Sam

    If Casey’s parents/mother had adopted the baby and if Casey had the means to live outside the home, it seems (based only on common sense) that this alone would not make the jealousy issue go away. There would always be the tie to the child and her needs that might be inconvenient to attend to, and even raise the jealousy issue again where the child could be the center of focus, such as at a birthday party or other milestone for the child. The jailhouse video might show her sorrow on the child’s birthday but was any of this about the child or was it about missing ‘the party’?

    Casey may have planned to remove her daughter from her life but what about the parents? Casey had convinced her girlfriend Amy, that she could move into the parents home because the parents were no longer going to live there.

    Amy not only arranged a ‘change of address’ and started to forward her mail to the Anthony’s home (questioned by Cindy) and told police in her sworn statement that she gave up her own apartment and ‘homeless’ because the plan to move in with Casey had fallen apart.

    Why did Casey manipulate Amy to actually give up her apartment and make a formal address change just before the baby disappeared?

  • Marcia Neil

    Perhaps a change of attorney is appropos.

  • p

    who is the father of the child and sorry if I am late to the game, has it been determined that neither the grandfather or the brother is the bio father? seems obvious

  • btw, the above described form of punishment for psycho/sociopaths is ssssooooooo Monty Python…

    But, the socio/psycho complex is one to become aware of and recognize. Serious business there…

  • West Coast #224, 225.

    HATS OFF TO YA!!!!!!!!! With such a sick, dangerous psychology lurking around us in society–it takes the concept of vigilante one step further.

    You used your brain to outwit the seemingly convincing psychotica. On this end it is to the point of very single word and action out of the sociopath is so obviously sociopathic. any profiler could pick up on it. But when the house of cards start tumbling down, there desperation displays their characteristics.

  • Confused

    Dr. Juliann’s article is about the profile of a ‘sociopath’ but in paragraph 6 of page 1 of the article, the term ‘psychopath’ is used.

    This article is being paraphrased on other sites so maybe a clarification? Are the terms interchangable?

    Thank you

  • HoneyBee

    when it’s all said and done, we have the case of a “mother” placing her child in harms way at the least; taking her life senselessly at the worst. Too bad her parents are enabling her; I hope the truth about young Caylee comes out. Shame on Casey! What a waste!

  • Lizzy

    This is a great article. I’d like to say that as a child younger than 10 years old I noticed most of these behavior characteristics in my mother and 2 of my sisters. One sister was only 2 years older than me and the other was a teenager. I did not understand their behavior but I knew it was different than most other people. As I got older I learned to “just deal with it”. I knew that they would never change. This article is spot-on. I would love to see Dr. Mitchell speak on television about sociopaths and how others can learn to deal with them. I grew up with three in my household and I can tell you that their affect on others is longterm. It’s true that sociopaths have no desire to change. Their behavior is poisonous and they will make anyone who deals with them extensively suffer whatever they can get away with. Sometimes, they are enablers to each other.

  • Confused #246!!!

    Yes, the terms are interchangeable for the most part. There are just a few detailed definitional things that would clarify the grey area details of the terms.

    But for the mot part, same thng….


  • Marcia Neil

    Fundamentally, sociopathy results from what others around think about a person, while psychopathy results from what a person thinks of him/herself — the combination can be deadly, which is one reason why ‘socialism’ is commonly protested.

  • no longer confused

    DM, thanks for #249!!!

  • kathy

    I also agree with #191 that Caylee’s father is indeed Casey’s brother Lee,hench the name Cay-LEE.

  • Jordan Richardson

    In that case, I believe Caylee’s father is a guy named “Cay,” perhaps an illegal immigrant with terrorist impulses hoping to use this whole thing as a sort of smokescreen for his terrorist activities.

    Thank about it, people. Think about it.

  • Sam

    Hi, I have a question.

    What could be the value to investigators of multiple ‘Freudian slips’ within a couple of sentences by Casey followed by Casey’s correction of last statement into present tense? (video July 25 ‘afternoon’ visit with parents, first minute to minute and a half of the tape)

    What do these ‘slips’ really mean or are they simply accidental use of the wrong words? The reference is as George speaks to Casey at the beginning of the afternoon (they had also visited that morning) and the discussion turns to how lucky Caylee was to have had George and Cindy as grandparents.

    At the very moment in the video where the first past tense occurs, Cindy’s raw reaction was so blatant as she puts her hand to her mouth as if shocked and then she begins to cry and cover her face, it’s hard to believe this is really just a coincidence. Cindy had to somehow know what Casey said, either by a speaker set up so both parents could hear all that Casey was saying or some other way.

    Then, Cindy completely ‘changes’ attitude to a very strong statement of defense of Casey as she takes the receiver to speak with her daughter. Cindy begins by telling Casey about being ‘threatened’ by Uri Melich, that she now understands ‘a teeny bit’ about what Casey is going through with protecting her loved ones from the threat (kidnap related) and how now Cindy herself, found herself in that same protective position, now as she defends Casey. Cindy seems to be putting things on the record as much as giving Casey strong support. (this is all before the murder charge)

    Does any of this give insight into Cindy’s moment of recognition that the baby is no longer living and her determination and fight to be the protective mom for Casey?

    This 5 minutes of tape seems to say a lot.


  • Mal

    I was wondering why we haven’t heard anything about Casey’s childhood and school days. I would be very interested to hear the impressions of kids who grew up with her and the type of child she was. Did she show emotional instability during her earlier years? What was she like in school? Did she manipulate friends/boyfriends? How did her parents deal with her? Where are the relatives? I am also surprised nothing conclusive has come out regarding Caylee’s bio father. Was he really killed in a car accident??

  • West coast C

    The justice system is so messed up!! Did you guys hear about Joseph Duncan? The guy who butchered an entire family except the 8 yr old little girl he raped and held as a sexual slave captive for seven freikin weeks and then decided to take her to eat at Denny’s?!?! WTF!!! This happened in 2005 and the guy is still alive on death row in Indiana… It’s beyond sad and I’m infuriated that the POS can still put a forkful of food to his disgusting mouth! Sadly, Casey will probably get life in prison which really means like 30 years and then get her life back. Even if she got the death penalty it’s not enough. She will get to sit on death row and eat our tax dollars… They are all the same… kill em all

  • lauren

    This site is wonderful, great article…I’m most amused by Marcia’s stream of consciousness, off the wall comments that often relate to nothing pertinent to this case. Please read the one about “tropical wildlife” #210. your head will hurt trying to figure out what she is talking about…Marcia, are you high when you post?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Confused hope this helps to clear up the difference between sociopath and psychopath

    The correct diagnostic term for sociopath/psychopath at the moment is Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). This is according to the Diagnostic Bible of mental health professionals – the DSM IV TR. There is no differentiation based on whether the person was born with it or it is learned behavior. This may or may not change in the future but the only current diagnosis for psychopath/sociopath is ASPD.

    One of my favorite researcher/writer is Dr. Theodore Millon who has spent decades writing and researching personality disorders. Below is his quote on Antisocial Personality Disorder,

    “The psychopath and sociopath are probably best viewed as existing on a continuum. Development is always an interaction between the individual and social environment. Thus some psychopaths receive defective parenting and maltreatment from infancy, like the sociopath, whereas others come from loving homes. Likewise, some sociopaths could possess a biological predisposition to the disorder perhaps through an irritable temperament, for example, but nevertheless experience incredible levels of neglect and abuse. The pure psychopath and pure sociopath , then are really just abstractions, not mutually exclusive syndromes. For any given individual the focus is not, ‘Which one?’ Instead, understanding the particular person requires understanding the interaction of biological and social influences, starting at conception and running across the life span” (Personality Disorders In Modern Life, 2000,153-154.

    Millon has gone so far as to suggest there are five categories of ASPD: covetous, reputation defending, risk-taking, nomadic and malevolent.

    Best wishes and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting,
    Juliann Mitchell

  • Lee Ann

    When I saw shes still receiving cash donations from strangers, average $20.00 it confirms my worst thoughts of the human race. These people are sick & twisted, I’m sure some men are infactuated, & women are un evolved shut ins who don’t know what’s going on outside their comfort zone. They believe the horrible stench of death in her trunk could be ‘a box of old pizza’ with maggots.

    Just my opinion but wouldn’t someone’s hard earned cash be better used to help feed the homeless? What about donating to an animal shelter where thousand of defenseless animals live in terrible conditions.
    These people are the types that Jose Baez would love as jurors, they’ll fall for any 2 bit hustle put in front them.

    Really though, what type of person wants to help a sadistic sociopath, pathological whoring theif child killer? Almost any charity or volunteer work would be a better one than making life easier for a sneaky manipulative mother who murdered her own child, who has never helped, only hurt authorities to search for Caylee with lies & wild goose chases that wasted precious time.

    So yeah, help Casey buy all those expensive treats & make-up. She’s got it made because she used to steal money from family & friends to buy OUTFITS TO WEAR TO FUSION & ENTER HOT BODY CONTESTS WHILE HER DAUGHTER WAS MISSING, lingerie for herself, dinner & beer for the boyfriend, BUT NOTHING FOR LITTLE CAYLEE. Now the cash is sent to her my moronic fools with misplaced intentions.

    You are enabling her, making life a breeze just as her parents have done her whole life.
    She still manipulates them from behind prison walls, & it looks like she’s done the same to a segment of the clueless puplic with misplaced intentions.

  • Lee Ann

    How would a professional classify Cindy Anthony’s personality traits? Sometimes I don’t know whether to pity or despise her. I don’t believe she’s in denial, she’s been lying from the get go to protect Casey, thereby also hindering the investigation.

    Is she also some sort of sociopath who thinks of everything that’s happened as a reflection of her as Casey’s mother? So in defending Casey, she’s really defending herself & trying to relive the guilt. Or just your run of the mill pathological liar who found herslef in the middle of hell.

  • Lee Ann

    Marcia, huh?? I would love to know what you are talking about. Are you just messing with people, getting a laugh out of there reaction to your nonsensical babbling? I think everyone here has a point of view worth reading, but yours.

  • One Confused Mom

    This is a great site. I can see that I am not the only one obsessed by this horrid case. I am the mother of a young girl and I can’t relate to the degree that I continue to be more confused as the information spills daily.

    I would like to know this, what is it about me, average mother, or average citizen that I am so obessed with this case. (The more damaging evidence, the more I am perplexed of how this mother committed these horrible acts against her own daughter.)

    As for Cindy Anthony, I have read and read and listened to the interviews with police and her visits to Casey in jail and I think people are too quick judge her as “mother of frankenstein” and a contributor of any kind to the death of her granddaughter whom she adored and loved with all her being. My opinion? My opinion is that this woman has suffered an incredible loss that she herself can not believe yet, and in desparation to keep the search for any possibility that her granddaughter be found alive (she herself comments that she must do this or the media moves on normally in 3 days from missing children reports). And, lastly, as she realizes little Caylee is gone forever, protects all she has left because her heart is pummeled. How can anyone put themselves in this poor woman’s shoes? You can’t. I have listened to the interviews and frankly, seems like the police play the “friendly then rough” bate and switch tactics with her while she is sleepless, desparate and numb. I don’t see that she is a villan whatsoever. I can’t understand why people want her lynched. She is simply in a state of shock, grief, crisis and mourning all at the same time and I feel badly for her having to defend accusations that are unfair towards her personally.

    And for all the lowbrows that accuse her of keeping money that isn’t appropriate, she has already addressed this announcing long ago she would roll it over to other missing children’s foundations, for the greater cause. Once you donate money you have no right to it, it doesn’t get returned @ $20 X 8,000 addresses. So I ask everyone who thinks this way, didn’t you give it freely? Jesus Christ she has to bury her granddaughters bones and watch her daughter go to prison forever when it all happened under her nose. How can you pursecute her character when you don’t really know her. From reading the transcripts it sounds like she was OK to know, a giving mother, a giving grandmother and good employee. Give her a break, she is in HELL

  • And, in defense of Cindy, her horrible, ungrateful, thieving, daughter was not only caught stealing from her grandparents (Cindy’s own parents) but the nursing home. Cindy and George spent the entire day making restitution, repaying the stolen money and begging them not to call the police.

    In retrospect I am sure Cindy and George are wishing they just let the police handle theft and had their daughter arrested. But there are millions of normal, good, parents out there who would do the exact same thing had they the means. Doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make her a villan.

    And, haven’t you ever been enraged? I would say she reached a point of physically wanting to “ring her neck” so what, some families are more expressive with their rage.

    That poor woman is wishing she did everything differently from 3 years ago, including that day.

    I have also the opinion that Casey’s parents were only trying to “relate” because they were trying to get informtion from her thinking they were being calm, that she would eventually tell them what they already believed.

    George and Cindy Anthony are in hell, leave them alone.

  • kathleen

    If Cindy Anthony was such a good Grandmother why did it take her a whole month to track down her daughter and granddaughters whereabouts? You mean to tell me that after all the b.s. thieving and whoring around Casey did didn’t Cindy have any concerns about Caylee’s safety and welfare? One whole month later she decides to check on the whereabouts of her granddaughter just because she got a call about Casey’s abandoned car and the car smelled like death. If the car was rolled into a river and never found I wonder if any of us would be reading about this tragic case now. You don’t let all that time go by without checking on your grandchild when you know her mother is nothing but a nut job.

  • Kathleen,

    Clearly you are not informed. I recommend you listen to Cindy Anthony’s original interviews which actually innocently explain to the police the detailed contact (full of full days and nights of reasons why she wasn’t making it home = all now known to be fabricated lies with work related stop overs at the Hard Rock Hotel including hospital trips and car accidents with “Zanny” and her sister in explicit detail) she maintained with her (of consenting adult age, not minor) daughter. Mind you, “Zanny” was described as a real person explaining many times she was out-of-the-house or on overnights mentioned for at least 1 1/2 years by Casey to her mother. Cindy had no reason until then to doubt anything and THANKFULLY and intelligently, with most pain, called the police and SCREAMED to the world for help when she realized something was desparately wrong.

    It is this “hang them first and ask questions later” attitude that concerns me in our society. My god, where is your human compassion? Cindy Anthony has suffered 2 losses. Cindy Anthony appears only to be guilty of manipulating what she knew was true to gain the help of the media on the 1 in a million chance that her granddaughter was alive and the far fetched story was true. Wouldn’t you? Would you throw your daughter in the pit if you had even the smallest glimpse of hope? If your answer is yes, then you are lacking some of the human compassion Casey Anthony is described as being devoid of.

    Hostility aside, (thinking very carefully over the history of stoning people to death and salem witch hunts and burning innocent people at the stake), perhaps many are jumping to the very produced and sensationalized dim FOX news conclusions rather than making their own decisions is all I am saying.

    The Anthony’s have an attorney not because they have committed a crime, but because the technicalities are such in our country that they must in order there is a solid, unbreakable case.

    Cindy Anthony tried and was duped on several occasions and throughout the month her granddaughter was missing and has done nothing.
    “One whole month later she decides to check on the whereabouts of her granddaughter just because she got a call about Casey’s abandoned car and the car smelled like death” analogized by “If the car was rolled into a river and never found I wonder if any of us would be reading about this tragic case now” is ridiculous to say the least and not appropriate to my comments whatsoever.

    Have you read nothing of the cunning and manipulative nature, possibly from a completely normal family, of the sociopath that Casey Anthony is described to be on this website? I don’t know other than her being a young mother who is flakey they were aware of the degree of manipulations. Forever Casey was dressed for work with work badges on dropping her daughter off at her mother’s place of work to cover her seemingly very normal, not duplicitous.

    Listen to the initial interviews of Cindy Anthony.

    Imagine all of this happening to you and people (like you) protesting, yelling, throwing pennies and rocks at your house. I pain for them. What hell they must be living in.

    Let’s be more civilized and less midevil next time we exchange huh?!

  • Athena

    Cindy amnthony is a liar, she said the car smelled like a dead body when she made the second 911 call. Then she back peddled, said it was from old pizza. She gave the FBI the wrong hairbrush, not the one they asked for that was used exclusively by Caylee. She purposely gave them one used by more than one family member. It’s obstruction of justice & if she truly loved Caylee she would have been honest from the beginning to now with the police & FBI. Cindy, George & Lee all smelled decomposition of a dead body in the trunk of Casey’s car. All three admit that the smell was hoprrific & unlike anything else. Yet Cindy denies what we heard during the 911 call & gets George who was a police deputy & knows all too well what a dead body smells like to deny what the smell was also.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. a family of pathological liars, I have no pity on any of them. If cindy truly loved Caylee, believed she could be alive & taken by ‘Zanny the Nanny’ another pile of BS, she would have not lied thereby hurting the search for Caylee instead of hurting it.

    To hell with Cindy, George, Lee and Casey, they are all reaping what they sowed. Trying to cover up their granddaughters murder to protect the subhuman evil thing they brought into this world. they should have confronted her long ago instead of acting afraid of her & calling her honey sweethearyt & gorgeous while she continues to ruin their lives, manipulating them with sadistic glee during their last jailhouse visit.

  • Athena

    In a hurry so sorry for the spelling, but the midevil ones in this scenario dear one confused mom are the Anthony’s. cimdy also washed the clothes which may have been worn by Casey during the murder of her daughter. And this is sup[posed to be a grandmother who loves her grandaughter & wants justice? No she wants to cover up for her lying scheming murderous whoring daughter, at all costs. Because her daughter is a reflection of her, that’s why she won’t admit the truth. Notice I’m not saying she’s in denial, she’s not, she’s just lying to the police, FBI, media, family & friends. Everyone knows she’s lying to protect her daughter, but her daughter is a Cindy clone subtract the murder.

    If she loved Caylee she’d own up to what Casey has done, confront her holding nothing back & quit acting like a complete idiot making excuses for Casey when she knows better & so does the rest of America. Cindy & George, Lee to a lesser extent make me want to vomit.

  • Marianne

    Cindy Anthony is a poor excuse for a mother and a an even sadder excuse for a grandmother. Cindy Anthony is a foul mouthed liar, a greedy bully & and a cover up agent for her lying whore of a child killer daughter.

    Cindy, George & Lee should hang their heads in shame the rest of their miserable lives.
    Cindy & George may as well have taken Caylee by the hand & walked her into the dark woods less than 1/2 mile from their home & left her alone to die ….

    Cindy & George knowingly & purposely gave conflicting statements to the FBI. You go back on your original statements about the stench of death smell in the car being a dead body, then equate your darling granddaughter’s decomposing corpse to rotting pizza. Cindy knowingly tampered with evidence by washing a crucial piece of clothing, Casey’s grey pants that were in the car & were possibly worn by her during the murder.

    Cindy claimed Casey told just a few lies to the police & that she’s a great Mother, while documents prove you called her an unfit Mother on many occasions.

    George, Cindy & Lee all have refused to take a lie detector test or give DNA. You abused many people who tried to help like badmouthing Equisearch. The Anthony’s were also willing to throw innocent people under the bus to get Casey off. Cindy tried hard to incriminate the non existence “Zanni the nanny”, but an innocent person of the same name’s life has been ruined. The boyfriend Jesse Grund etc, and showed no gratitude to the police who were trying to find your grandaughter.

    I am astounded at the lack of love & respect the Anthony’s have shown Caylee, even in death she is a box by herself while the gruesome two some aid Casey & seek immunity.

    To this day there have been no plans for a burial, when in fact they could have done so by now, or at least a memorial where no body is needed to pay respects & tell the darling baby goodbye.

  • Well then, obviously I am in a minority of compassion for the Anthony family, less Casey.

    I think Cindy is in denial and did not commit deliberate acts against law enforcement (like washing the clothes) stupid yes, in denial yes, but deliberate – why would she when she didn’t know Caylee was missing – at that point she believed very complicated stories that Casey was feeding her every day about both their whereabouts. I don’t think in their wildest nightmares they thought their granddaughter was in peril until AFTER she confronted Casey and brought her back to the house only to find out Caylee had been missing for a month.

    George? George had to testify against his daughter in a grand jury.

    Lee? According to all police accounts, Lee was actually helpful and professional with them and never obstructed justice. He was operating within his rights to conduct a search on his own -remember they really loved their family.

    I don’t think the Anthony’s have made statements since the body has been found, they are not covering up for anything, they are stricken with grief. Technically, to avoid holes in the case and to protect themselves legally, they are also going to give all information against their daughter in exchange for legal immunity.

    How are you all so anxious to burn these poor, desparate, heart broken people at the stake?

    You don’t know them personally so how can you pass judgement on their character?

    Cindy was manipulating the media to gain national coverage on the glimpse of a hope that her granddaughter was alive, I would do anything myself also.

    Cindy and George are sickened by their daughters actions. I suppose it takes a little longer to burn one at the stake when they are your own child that you thought to be a different person.

    How is Casey a reflection of Cindy? How is Cindy’s personality held accountable completely for her daughter’s clearly mental ability. I have known mental illness in my own family and it is an unfortunate gift of bad wiring that has no smell, no look, no obvious ugly traits and belongs to anyone not to their own fault. If all is true of Casey, she may be this way but I think she is predisposed by her own brain. It’s not like your or I’s choice to hate or not, that is a choice. Casey on the other hand, feels nothing. So if all this doctor says is true, and she is a master manipulator, how is everyone summizing that she is just like her mother?!! I think her mother was duped more than anyone!

    Hate breeds more hate. This is exactly how W convinced the masses to go to war with a soveriegn nation under false pretenses to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people. “Iffen yur not with us, yur with them”, idiots, all flocking to the lowest common denominator of hatred thinking this is empowering to align yourselves with those telling you they are superior, FOX NEWS. Oh, but now that the country is foreclosed and out of work we have changed our channel to monger the latest hatred of Cindy Anthony. Shame on you for being so narrow. For all those citing religion, let those without sin cast the first stone. Come on people, these parents are hurting!

    I would much rather live next door to George and Cindy Anthony than Nancy Grace.

    Have a nice day and I wish you all wellness and compassion in the spirit of forgiveness.


  • Justine

    Cindy Anthony thinks she loved Caylee when in fact she was missing in action both in the baby’s life & death.

    There should be no immunity for the Anthony’s. The prosecutors don’t need them with the mounting evidence. Latest the heart sticker placed on the tape that was wrapped around her mouth, how sick is that! I can’t begin to analyze the reason behind placing a heart sticker with the murdered body of your 2 year old precious daughter. Is that some sort of apology to Caylee from the murderer. I guess it would take a professional like Dr. Julianne to figure it out, but I doubt it shows remorse since sociopaths, especially Casey have none.

    Along with the Winnie the Pooh blanket that matched Caylee’s Winnie the Pooh room decor, they’ve got her now. Cindy & the rest of the sick bunch must be accountable for their actions.

    To one confused mom- if you are so sympathetic to Cindy & George Anthony’s cause, why don’t you join them in covering up for Casey, the sadistic Demon spawned by psycho Cindy. I’m sure they could use your help in selling more of those ‘Help us find Caylee” Tee shirts still online at $10.00 a pop from what I’ve heard, even though Caylee’s remains were found several weeks ago. Go for it & see how alone you will be with your indignation of us who see right through these evil subhumans for what they are.

  • Justine

    One confused mon is really confused. Cindy Anthony & her lunatic fringe family aren’t a patch on Nancy Grace’s ass.

    Nancy Grace is about brutal honesty & I find it oddly refreshing in these days of spin & getting the likes of OJ & Phil spector off on some sleazy technicality by their money grubbing lawyers.

    Take her or leave her, Nancy’s no kiss ass or half wit liar like most in her former profession. They wouldn’t know no BS straight forward honesty if it bashed there heads in with a iron skillet. And most of the people she’s rude to have it coming, no one else has the nerve to tell them like it is.

  • Justine

    No confused mom, Lee refused to give his DNA or to take a polygraph. He gave interviews in the beginning, I read the transcripts, but lately has been rude & uncooperative,following Cindy’s orders to join her & Georgein covering up for Demon sister Casey’s murder of his niece Caylee. Lee was filmed angrily tearing down a shrine for Caylee in front of his parent’s home left by well wishers.

  • Nancy Grace sensationalizes tragedies and prosecutes in the media, this being America, we have a policy called due process of law (i.e. the right to a fair and speedy trial and a jury of your peers). Produced, slanted, self serving for ratings FOX is anything but fair and balanced including Nancy Grace.

    The fact that you have missed the entire point, have any other consideration other than lynching the Anthony’s listening to nothing factual is exactly why Nancy Grace and the like should not be shoveling people like yourself who do not view all sides, it’s irresponsible. Nancy Grace is not doing a public service, she makes millions from exploiting tragedy and harping on the accused as if she knew them personally, which of course she does not. Nancy, and her band of pontificators are not qualified for more than exploiting FOXmermation for the masses, now who is without concious. I can hardly wait until Nancy’s husband divorces her and writes a tell all book to show what a hypocrite she is along with the likes of Dr. Laura! Nancy Grace is hardly honest, she hosts a fax tv show for personal monetary gain.

    Oh, yeah, and one of her falsely publicly prosecuted before trial topics committed suicide because of that snarl faced harping nag and Nancy could not manage the GRACE to even apologize or take any credit for contributing to ruining a life on tv.

    Eeesh, I hope this is the contingency far in the deep South and not an example of the average American.

    Anything reasonable I have said has fallen upon deaf ears as your torches are lit and your pitchforks ready, I am sad for you.

    Justine, learn about compassion, you may need some in return one day.

  • Sam

    George Anthony has apparently gone missing today.

    I think it’s time to step back from all this trashing of individuals and to Marianne, Post #268, read the documents, you will see that George gave his DNA, like all the other family members– no need to propagate misinformation. Review the videos of George with the FBI and you can see how forthright an honest he is with what he ‘knows’ is true.

    This story, at its core is a tragedy and I sincerely hope that the next hours find George safe and that the focus can be put back to the family and their baby granddaughter.

    A lot of cruelty has been shown on the forum lists, how much can one caring grandfather take.

    I hope that this has not taken yet another tragic turn.

  • Sam

    George Anthony has now been found ‘safe’.

    The article has just updated with the news.

  • Marcia Neil

    These people are no doubt victims of networking to acquire new music to perform — in reality, some individuals and groups inspire new music. There is no formula for acquisition success and it is completely probable that many young people are now being made victims of a nondocumented, non-disclosed ‘study’ network that secretly operates to find “a method for the madness”, sacrificing the rights and privacy of others because they want ‘new music’ for themselves.

  • Thanks Sam, it’s nice to know there is sanity out there. That poor man, I can’t say a blame him – is doesn’t get much lower than this for a man. I am glad they made it in time.

    I think I would tear things down in front of my house too feeling encroached upon. People feel compelled to do something but having piled up stuffed animals in your front yard would feel like an invasion to me, and an extra chore of clean up as if you had any time to attend to the normal things anyway. those protestors should be mowing their yard and clipping the hedges for them to show they care. Where I live there is a big Ukranian contingency and their teenagers speed on streets racing and kill themselves and they leave these huge shrines, portraits on easles, fake flowers, candles and stuffed animals to memorialize them on city streets only causing for soggy garbage blown everywhere and an eyesore for most of us. No one has any personal rights at the Anthony home but the Anthony’s. What a pressure cooker to be judged too because you didn’t want a pile of crap from Walgreens left in your front yard by all the obese religious people and their rotund children who throw stuff at you and your house. So godly an act.

    I just would like it explained from Juliann Mitchell why all the hatred towards the family. There is alot of BROAD accusations that are simply not true. It’s a little Salem witch hunting-ess to me and there is absolutely no compassion for this family.

    I would also like to understand why we are all so obsessed with this from a doctors point of view. I want to know what it is about me that I follow this so closely. I feel like I knew little Caylee after watching only a few videos and hoping for her safe return. Is it real hearbreak or are we all projecting ourselves onto someone elses trajedy? What does this mean?

    Be well, peace.

    What is the term for this?

  • Justine

    That’s wonderful George is safe. Too bad Caylee wasn’t found the same way. Nancy Grace is controversial, true. But one thing I know, Casey will not get away with murdering her 2 year old daughter thanks to Nancy reminding us everday of the despicable actions of Casey after the child went missing with photos of Casey bumping & grinding against another woman at “Fusion Nightclub” only 4 days after Cylee went missing. She claimed she was there doing ‘research’ on her daughters whereabouts, and guess what? Her parents pretended to buy that horseshit. And of the adorable pictures of Caylee, one that breaks my heart is of her in her great grandfather’s lap hugging him with the saddest look in her eyes.

    Nancy will update us until justice is done, and if it wasn’t for her this case would not be ion the forefront of our minds. Justice would eventually prevail but we all have a short attention span. Nancy will make sure Casey get’s what’s coming to her & she’ll keep Caylee’s memory alive until it’s done. No one else has yet to do that, so for that I thank her although I’m sure all of the anthony’s wish Nancy Grace didn’t exist.

  • Britt

    To OCM-Cindy turned on everyone who tried to help find Caylee. From Tim Miller who operates Equisearch, Leanord Padilla who posted bond for Casey but was thrown out the Anthony home for trying to question Casey about Caylee. They threw him out & said don’t you dare talk to Casey like a cop. They didn’t really want the help of people trying to find Caylee alive, because they knew she was dead. They were circling the wagons protecting their demented child killer daughter, who murdered their grandchild.

    They put Caylee’s death on the back burner & obstructed justice to protect Casey. The hairbrush, cindy was stupid enought to admit she purposely gave the wrong one to the FBI in an e-mail which I read. The clothes she washed. come on it smelled like a dead body & she “accidently washed it” not thinking of it as evidence. Cindy’s a nurse, George was a cop, don’t tell me they would confuse a dead body stench to bad pizze, she knew the horrible smell was evidence & the pants of Casey’s in the car smelled like a dead body making it evividence too. you might be stupid & ignorant about the smell, cindy & George are not.

    Even Cindy’s brother told her Casey is guilty & it’s time to face the truth & to quit enabling & coddling a murderer, even if it’s your daughter. They didn’t have to publicly humiliate Casey, but there comes a time to face the truth & do what’s right for the victim, little Caylee. They never did that because from the moment George, Cindy & Lee SMELLED THE STENCH OF DEATH IN THE TRUNK THEY KNEW, ALL THREE OF THEM KNEW DAMN WELL Casey killed her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Even in jail she manipulated them with mind games, sadistically laughing when Cindy broke down & cried.

    And this is who they choose to defend against overwhelming evidence, against the police who they criticized for trying to help them, against Padilla who posted bond, against equisearch for getting hundreds of volunteers to search for Caylee.

    It’s hard yes because it’s their daughter, but it’s called tough love & instead of walking on eggshells & being afraid to ask questions about Caylee while visiting Casey in jail they should have asked what obviously is on their minds & the minds of the whole country. What did you do to Caylee? where is Caylee? I know you know because I smelled her dead body rotting in the trunk of your car, no more head games, no more sadistic fun at our expense. You’ve already ruined our lives, tell us where is our granddaughter Caylee. Instead they are like ok sweetheart, don’t get upset gorgeous, we won’t ask you anything else because you are in charge darling. No don’t walk away & hang up, we won’t bother you with thoase pesky questions again, we know it’s you who’s the victim, not Caylee. Please don’t walk away, we believe Zani the Nanny took her although police proved no such nanny exists & the apartment you said you brought Caylee to to meet Zanni is really an old folks home, but we still believe you. and Jesse Grund might have done it, hurt Caylee although he passed a lie detector test & is the only decent guy you dated & loved Cayle, yes we believe you he might have killed Caylee. Let’s throw Zanni & Jesse under the bus, we’re with you Casey whatever you say!

    Bull**** one confused mom, get a clue, the
    Anthony’s lost any respect people gave them at the start of the investigation. They have turned on everyone who wanted just a little honesty from their Satan spawned daughter Casey because they knew the moment they smelled the dead body odor in the trunk CASEY WAS GUILTY. If they truly loved Caylee they would want the same.

  • Britt

    Marcia I really wish I could understand your point. Do you have one, because you confuse me & from what I can tell, I’m not alone.

  • Sherie

    Cindy cost the police dept all that wasted time, effort and money with her lies then dares to complain that the police took 30 minutes to arrive one night when the protesters got out of hand in front their home.

    When it was her safety at risk Cindy knew how to dial 911 real fast. Wonder why she waited a whole 31 days until after her grandaughter Caylee went missing to dial those 3 easy numbers?

    Not hard to figure that one out.

  • MaryA

    Cindy Anthony you are a conniving, greedy, lying, hypocrite.

    You and George and Lee are the last people on earth who deserve the role advocates for missing children. That job has been filled by better people than the three of you will ever be.

    I won’t give you my sympathy because you would abuse it to your own ends.

    I won’t donate to your grandaughter’s funeral. Paying for it is your job. Sell your cars, sell your watch do whatever it takes but for God’s sake do the last thing you can ever do for granddaughter on your own dime.

    You are shameless.

  • Rex

    Cindy-My heart aches for Caylee but it’s difficult to find any sympathy for you and your family. Clearly you’ve obstructed justice and you’ve known the sad truth for quite some time. If you want to end the speculation of your criminal involvement (along w/ George & Lee), simply consent to polygraphs.

    At mimimum, you should have to do a lifetime sentence of community service as restitution for the financial burden you put on the state of Florida in their search efforts. Perhaps you could use your parental skills to counsel troubled youth…….

  • Sam

    The Anthony family is spoken about as a single unit and they have taken the stand as a unit, but from the start, George has been straight with the police and FBI, it is all public record. The ‘couple’ has a lawyer to speak for both of them but who is going to now advocate for George when his feelings or views and instructions to his lawyer are overpowered by Cindy. What outlet for expression has George had but to speak openly to the authorities and to tow the line for the ‘couple’s solitary point of view and aggressive stance about Casey’s innocence. His frustration has come out at times and fed the media and ‘us’ but who can really be an advocate or who will listen to George as an individual in all of this. Now he has someone to help him and this took an extreme action for that to happen.

    Sometimes people lose in their legal problems because the lawyers do not consider how their client can stand up to the stress over the long-haul. And the client can not survive the process.

    If Casey does take ‘joy’ in what she has caused, she has just won another round for herself.

  • gayletn

    Cindy it is difficult for me to understand why you would stand by Casey when you knew she was a thief, liar, and selfish person seemingly just looking out for herself. How could you wash her smelly pants, clean out the smelly car trunk, give the wrong hair brush to the detectives, coddle Casey in prison, enable her to continue her lies to authorities, and public. etc.?

    I was curious what you all did whenever Casey got out of jail and came home. Did you all have nice, peaceful meals? Did you sit around the living room eating chips and dips and speculating on what happened to Caylee? What????? Did you design new tee shirts?

    I have a pretty big heart, but it blows my mind how you could sit on the couch with George and your darling terriers, and make excuse after excuse for Casey. Where was your head?

    I don’t want your heart broken any more. Casey has done this to you. You must realize that and put the anger where it belongs. Not on the public, police and media, but on Casey, the murderer.

    I pray that you and George heal from this horrid nightmare that you are living. I am so sorry that darling, animated Caylee won’t be coming to your house next Father’s Day. I’m sorry she won’t get another chance to read that big book she enjoyed so much. I love watching her joyful facial expressions! She was a joy to be sure. Rest assured she is safe in the arms of Jesus. You will be in our prayers.

  • carolyn

    What a tangled web ALL this family has weaved by deceiving….and, a child is dead because of it.

    Sympahy is not something I feel for the cruel adults, including the grandparents, that have “mocked” the death of their grandchild by willfully providing false evidence [hairbrush,etc].

    My message….may no other child suffer, because of the months and months of media coverage afforded to this miserable family….and God knows there are thousands that need the attention that this family has been given for not.

  • Marcia Neil

    In most places, the ‘shrine’ of flowers, toys and stuffed-fabric animals shows where a person died so there is no viscious speculation and controversy.

  • gina

    I don’t feel sympathy for George today as I’m hearing about his cry for help. George was missing for less than a full 24 hours before a 911 call was made for police to search for him.

    How long did it take for George & Cindy to report their precious granddaughter Caylee missing?
    Over 31 days, and this after they both had information that caylee might not be in the best condition or place. Over 31 days to report Caylee missing after they both smelled the stench of a dead body in Casey’s trunk. I rest my case.

  • photoms

    The defense has an impossible case. They should strike a deal or plead insanity claiming multiple personality disorder. Zanny the Nanny being the classic evil persona.

  • Gina

    According to documents released yesterday, Casey Anthony’s father George admitted “I had bad vibes the very first day when I got that car.” He’s referring to picking up his daughter’s Pontiac after granddaughter Caylee’s disappearance.

    And, of course, there was that smell. Anthony’s wife Cindy was immediately struck by the stench. “After,” he says, “we pulled inside the garage. Her exact words were, ‘Jesus Christ what died?'” George told police.

    Anthony, a former investigator himself, admitted he was concerned about an odor emanating from the trunk of Casey’s car and told detectives he was familiar with the smell of death.

    “I’ve been around that stuff, I mean the law enforcement stuff. We caught people out in the woods, out in a house in a car. So I know what it smells like. It’s a smell that you never … get rid of. When I first went there to pick up that vehicle, I got within three feet of it I could smell something.” Back in August Cindy made a reference to a rotting pizza that had allegedly caused the foul odor in the trunk. At one point — the transcripts say — both the Anthonys tried to convince themselves the smell had come from a pizza in the trunk.

    “I’ve never smelled pizza that smelled like a decaying body,” Los Angeles Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Paul Gliniecki told momlogic. “The smell of decomposing flesh is so distinctive that there is nothing in nature that even comes close to mirroring the scent, not even the smell of a sewer.” Anthony’s assessment of the smell is probably accurate, says Dr. Gliniecki.


    That’s George’s problem, he didn’t stay honest and went along with Cindy’s “it’s bad pizza” nonsense. The truth will set you free George, try it, though painful it will be liberating!

  • These Anthony’s were desparately trying to follow any lead – there was no body and until there was a body they would conduct a search for a missing child.

    Their daughter told them a pack of lies. Are you all telling me you would know how to react if Casey were your daughter? You would throw her automatically to the police and NOT conduct a search for your missing graddaughter? You would know the difference of diabolical lies from a criminal sociopathic mind that you called your daughter? Ask Jeffrey Dalmers parents, he ate people and then joined them for family dinners. Do you think they knew? Absolutely not.

    Poor Cindy and George, they are suffering so and the whole world has turned on them.

    All the reasons I read for hating Cindy are simplistic and unrealistic like, “oh your husband tried to commit suicide and you called the police in 24 hrs but you let little caylee rot for 31 days” is really, really, moranic to say the least. Please don’t vote if this is your mentality. “oh she sure knew how to dial 3 easy numbers for her husband”. Please, don’t have children.

    I’m done, I’m disgusted.

  • Tina

    One confused mom- you should be disgusted- with yourself. Casey’s ‘dream team’ of defense lawyers & experts would kill to have someone like you as a juror. A thick headed un evolved shut in type you can’t think beyond her own little narrow minded world, a comfort zone & anything that might be difficult to deal with like the truth, you pretend it just doesn’t exist.

    But deep inside you know better, it’s not denial, but you’re just like the Anthony’s, you’d rather lie to the outside world in hopes they actually swallow your crap so you can save face. What small little lives you lead, lying & pretending is how you face obstacles in life.

    Guess what?? The anthony’s are not nor have they ever been in denial. George, Cindy & Lee all smelled the dead rotting corpse of Caylees body in the trunk of Casey’s car going back to at about the middle of July. From that moment on they were 100% sure that Casey killed Caylee their grandchild & Lee’s niece. The smell of death is undeniable & each one of them admitted so in the beginning but back peddled to save their filthy scum lying child killer of a daughter named Casey Anthony who by the way hates their guts & is reveling in their torment as we speak.

  • Tina

    [QUOTE]gayletn said
    Cindy it is difficult for me to understand why you would stand by Casey when you knew she was a thief, liar, and selfish person seemingly just looking out for herself. How could you wash her smelly pants, clean out the smelly car trunk, give the wrong hair brush to the detectives, coddle Casey in prison, enable her to continue her lies to authorities, and public. etc.?

    I was curious what you all did whenever Casey got out of jail and came home. Did you all have nice, peaceful meals? Did you sit around the living room eating chips and dips and speculating on what happened to Caylee? What????? Did you design new tee shirts?

    I have a pretty big heart, but it blows my mind how you could sit on the couch with George and your darling terriers, and make excuse after excuse for Casey. Where was your head?

    I don’t want your heart broken any more. Casey has done this to you. You must realize that and put the anger where it belongs. Not on the public, police and media, but on Casey, the murderer.

    I pray that you and George heal from this horrid nightmare that you are living. I am so sorry that darling, animated Caylee won’t be coming to your house next Father’s Day. I’m sorry she won’t get another chance to read that big book she enjoyed so much. I love watching her joyful facial expressions! She was a joy to be sure. Rest assured she is safe in the arms of Jesus. You will be in our prayers.[/QUOTE]

    Good points, I too wondered how could they live with Casey after she got out of jail several times & tip toe around her, afraid to ask what any grandparent would want to, what happened to Caylee? where were you the last time you were with her? Why does the trunk of your car smell like a dead body? Why did you lie to police about everything, working at Universal, the nonexistent Zani the Nanny? Why were you onstage rubbing against another woman at Fusion less than a week after Caley was missing?

    Leanord Padilla was in the Anthony home & the unspoken rule was, you do not upset Casey. You let Casey live on the computer undisturbed, you ask no questions about Caylee, it could upset Casey & after all she’s the victim, right? He did ask questions and was promptly kicked out of the house for having the nerve to call Casey down on some of her lies about Zani the Nanny. They told him you will not talk to Casey like a cop, get out.

    Now this is from grandparents who were worried sick & wanted to bring Caylee home at all costs right? Wrong, not if it meant ruffling that little skanks feathers & asking her some tough questions.

  • Sam

    Come to think of it, what legal right do grandparents actually have when it comes to claiming a mother is withholding a grandchild from them? Can they ask authorities to start a missing child search when the adult mother is in constant communication with the grandparents and has custody of her own child? A mother might decide to take her child and move to another state or country, and a grandparent would have little to say about it unless there was some custody dispute with them, wouldn’t they?

    The grandparents would have to make some claim about the welfare of the ‘missing’ child and that would go to Casey’s ability as a mother. No one was questioning that at the time, apparently.

  • gina

    I have a child one confused mom– and you know what I’m proud of him. He turned out to be a decent caring person, college educated, good job happily married beautiful children that he adores. He’s also involved in helping the needy, saves abandoned animals & calls his Mother, me at least once a week & we visit each other as often as possible though we are about 1,000 miles apart because of his job.

    So don’t even tell me I shouldn’t have children. I look at my son who’s not perfect, but in comparison to that piece of filth Casey is every Mother’s dream come true. I know I did something right, & one thing I never did was lay a hand on him or scream. I always treated him with respect & now he respects himself & others as an adult.

  • gina

    Sam, Since Caylee lived with the Anthony’s & they were the primary care givers up until the time she went missing I would think the grandparents have ever right to report her missing. Especially if the suspect foul play, and remember what Cindy said in that second 911 call? In hysterics she cried that it smelled like a dead body in her daughters car. If they would have found Caylee before she was killed I have no doubt they would have been awarded custody if they had persued it.

    So I think that would give police a right to follow through on the grandparents complaint which they did. too bad that the grandparents later tried to play down what they said of the smell & started blaming everyone who tried to help them find Caylee, including the police.

  • janet

    What fascinates me about Casey is the twisted way she turns lies into her own truth…and since she believes her “truths”, she is very convincing and able to manipulate those around her. Have any of you ever known a person who could actually lie about going to a job that they didn’t have for TWO YEARS??? It seems so impossible and so stressful to have to put on an act EVERY DAY,yet Casey perservered. OK, so the family thinks she is working…so where was the money? I trust my children, but after awhile I would begin to wonder why my daughter was not kicking in some rent or groceries or paying for most of my grandchild’s support. I would be moved to follow my daughter to work and check out her status. I think George may have had his suspicions way back when, but never investigated…after all, Casey might get mad (the terror of the family, no doubt). I can’t help but think that a lot of George’s current crisis involves slowly lifting the veil and remembering little tidbits of things that he formerly blew off about Casey. Caylee was learning to talk…and was not recounting daily activities with “The Nanny” or “Zack” (the child of a friend of Casey’s also watched by the nanny…another whopper!). I read or heard that George noticed Caylee’s lack of response regarding “Zanny”. I think for George, the tapestry of lies that Casey so carefully embroidered (!) is just shredding away on a daily basis. The more physical evidence damning Casey, the more he takes it on his own shoulders. We parents tend to blame ourselves for everything the kids do, no matter their ages. Yet, he can’t just come out and root for the other side due to loyalty to Cindy. I wish him well. I’ve had a taste of the sociopath in my own family and it is nothing but misery.

  • janet

    Since I’m on a roll, a few more thoughts about the dynamics in this family. Casey didn’t want a baby…but “Mom made me have it…” That’s Casey’s “Strike One” against Cindy. Next, “not only am I having this baby, but I’m expected to get a job to support the baby I never wanted…and Mom bitches about watching the kid because I still want to party…” Strike Two involves forcing me to get bogged down (now I resent the baby, too and will eventually plot to get rid of her). I quit my job, carry on the Big Act but I need money…now I’ll rob my grandparents because “Mom has given me no other choice”. Ooops, but Cindy foiled that plan on June 15th (Strike 3). A fight ensued between Casey and Cindy resulting in Casey getting rid of the “little snothead” the very next day (June 16).
    I don’t think Casey will ever give up and tell the truth because she doesn’t remember what the truth is anymore…besides, no one deserves to know the truth, in her mind. So, when is the psychological exam of this girl going to take place??

  • Jenna

    Thank you very much for your information. I have one child, a 15 yr old daughter with my ex-husband, a diagnosed sociopath. This has been determined by doctors & police authorities. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the doctors’ diagnoses until it was to late. Now I have to live in constant fear for my daughter’s safety. We live as victims of a crime that he got away with for now but thank God he is at least on felony probation for an unrelated charge for the next 3 yrs. Bottom line, he tried to kill my family (including his daughter) in a very complex manner which is too long to discuss here. I just wish I knew what I was dealing with 16 years ago (or 20 when I first met him right after the loss of my only sibling) but do not regret having my daughter. I would just have liked to been able to have runaway far from him as I could once I was pregnant had I known then what I know now. I’m more concerned when my daughter reaches 18 though which he said “is when he’ll leave his mark & have his way with her.” Now, he’s totally out of her life & really wasn’t there to begin with her for her first 8 yrs before the crime took place. I now realize the time he spent with her was for his benefit when he used her to gain sympathy around other people in order to take advantage of them. We lost everything, he ran my credit up to the tune of six figures the day I turned him in for the first & only time. He cleaned out his daughter’s college fund too. I divorced him “in absence” & could not afford to hire an attorney. I was told it was pointless to try to seek compensation for the fraud because he would never amount to anything. Well now he’s in a different venue with new victims except he’s gotten much older & doesn’t have “the Ted Bundy looks” (as the police called it) in spite of his charm (they said he should run for political office pre-Obama) so he’s somewhat settled down but still utters disassociated phrases about his relationship with other people. I believe he will never have a conscious no matter how much life could humble him. I’ve seen it first hand & I’m scared everyday I live.

  • Sam

    I followed one of the references found on this site and a review comment from an unnamed reader of a book about psychopaths in the workplace by Dr. Hare:

    “It looks like it’s finally time for our society to recognize these people for what they are, acknowledge that they’re not going away and deal with them with something other than wishful thinking and denial.”

    Maybe this ‘fascination’ with this one missing child tragedy among all the others, is the face of this young mother who isn’t simply neglectful of her daughter, but who has behavior that is so unbelievable to most of us, that we try to understand. This is not the face of a stereotypcal ‘villain’ that most of us would think we could recognize.

  • Rach

    I pray George, Cindy & Lee survive and find some peace and a bit of happiness.

  • Kitt

    In response to One Confused Mom’s post #291 and her comment; “Please, don’t have children.”
    Such an ignorant commment. You are attacking people who clearly know how children should be raised.

    Everybody on this site (including you) has a right to their opinions, thoughts, ideas, theories, et al, and may freely post such.

    While agreeing with some but not with others, I read each post and consider what each has to say. Nobody knows every aspect of this tragic event. Nobody knows all the lies and truths (in my opinion there seems to be very little of the latter)that are intertwined in this.

    OCM, do you not understand that very many people are revolted, astounded, angry, confused, any number of other feelings, about this? Get off your high-horse and stop looking down your nose at people. People are going to voice their feelings, whether you agree or not. You don’t have to read it.

    I’ve read all of your posts and I see where you’re coming from (altho your opinions wildly differ from mine), but when you made the statement “Please don’t have children” is when I decided that you’re out of touch.

    You ended your post with “I’m done, I’m disgusted.” I take that to mean that we won’t be hearing from you again. Just as well. Take care.

  • Kitt

    Dr. Mitchell,
    Please answer a question I have.

    Tina, in post #292, states “…who by the way hates their guts & is reveling in their torment as we speak.” I see Casey in the exact way.

    My question is this; If a sociopath is disconnected, does not feel for others one way or the other, and very obviously doesn’t even know how to love or even care to know, then can that person harbor feelings of hatred? It would seem to me that a person could not possess one of those feelings without possessing the other.

  • Sam I appreciate your thoughtful remarks with insight as a response to the real problems presented facing our society due to this case.

    The hateful and personal accusations towards me, because I have sympathy for the Anthony family, for their horrid loss, exihibit my point perfectly that society is lacking any compassion, only personal and directed hatred towards the parents (and anyone who sympathizes for their loss) who did not commit the crime, were also duped by their daughter, i.e. “One confused mom- you should be disgusted- with yourself. Casey’s ‘dream team’ of defense lawyers & experts would kill to have someone like you as a juror. A thick headed un evolved shut in type you can’t think beyond her own little narrow minded world, a comfort zone & anything that might be difficult to deal with like the truth, you pretend it just doesn’t exist. But deep inside you know better, it’s not denial, but you’re just like the Anthony’s, you’d rather lie to the outside world in hopes they actually swallow your crap so you can save face. What small little lives you lead, lying & pretending is how you face obstacles in life. ”

    How is this personal attack on me at all in response to my points of compassion? It’s not, in any respect!

    I never sympathized with Casey Anthony.

    I think Casey Anthony is clearly mentally ill and doesn’t hold herself accountable for anything, even murder.

    This family lost their darling Caylee, not anyone else. Because they have not conducted themselves withing the relm of understanding of the Nancy Grace crowd (I don’t think any one of us are experienced enough that if a tragedy of this proportion occured in our own lives we would walk a perfect step, especially where there was national coverage) they are now villans?

    I simply think they were exhausting all efforts and in the million chance their granddaughter was alive, they were going to do everything possible to find her. Maybe they were in denial but they are the ones in crisis. Who is to say how people should act in crisis?

    I have been burglarized recently and had the police treat me very rudely, as if I were a criminal myself. I can only imagine from listening to their bate and switch tactics Cindy MAY have felt lack of trust on their part from the two demeanors that they used with her in the same conversations.

    But to summize it as simply as if they caused this horrible murder is narrow minded I say.

    I don’t know any of you and won’t insult you personally and can only hope that your attitude towards me will change, I am hoping to affect change and that everyone consider compassion for these people.

    And as far as Leanard Padilla is concerned, he is a pontificating blowhard who has injected himself into this situation for publicity. He has continued to pursue his name as something of importance for an eventual book deal. I have seem him on the pontification shows and even NG herself can barely stand his over blown constantly bigger stories where, if you watch them, he errors in fact quit often. I think Casey thru him out of the house yes, but ole Leonard has padded the story for an eventual bookdeal and he and only he feels he is relevent to anything. The police regard him as a thorn in their investigation.

    I say compassion, the worst is done already, let justice try her in court and let that family grieve.

    I have known mental illness in my own family and when it’s your own family member, sifting through all the displaced emotions of confusion is a very very difficult place to be in for rational thoughts to irrational situations, it’s painful.

    I hope you don’t throw rocks at my house.

    Sorry Cindy, I can’t imagine how horrible your life has been since that fateful argument with your daughter. I wish better living for your family and hope the world forgives you for the nothing you have done.

  • anonymous

    This is interesting, an email from Cindy A’s brother Rick Plesea to Cindy Anthony back in Aug.

    Email from Rick to Cindy
    August 21 2008 at 12:59 AM
    Subject: Re: won’t do Greta

    Cindy, George did wrestle his dad and put him thru the window. That is why George had to start his own business. Don’t lie to me about it. Mom filled me in on Casey so don’t lie to me about her. She STOLE dads check and bought a stupid phone at AT&T so don’t lie to me about the $354!!!! Mom has the god damn statement! I know I re verified with mom today!!! The sitter IS the whole case! Are you that dumb??? The house could be JOE BLOWS for Christ’s sake. are you that naive??? You really are that stupid. I can’t believe it. My sister is a moron. You need help. You are delirious! I WAS trying to help you. Your grand daughter is dead!! there I said it. Casey has killed her someway either by accident or on purpose. Casey is a narcissist Read up on it. You and George have been walking through life with blinders on. Casey made you both look like fools at my wedding. Did you forget I told you she was pregnant!!! You are a nurse for Christ’s sake. You are a fool. Casey has buffaloed you and George for a long time. I also know about George and the internet and he paid most of it back from his workers comp check. Casey ran up the tab. Mom knows and told me you idiot. You think what you d is secret? You are living a fantasy!! Wake the hell up sister!! George’s debt was paid over time in Ohio. I remember the settlement and that was from 1989. You think I am as dumb as you? You are not only in denial but are missing your brain. The article of clothing of the sitters was verified by who? Casey? No one ever saw the sitter so how could they have proven to be hers. What drugs are you on. You are so stupid I can’t take it. You should make the Guinness book of world records for being gullible. The only thing that God knows is Casey is a liar and you are stupid. Casey knows where Caylee is and when all the evidence is in she will get the death penalty for murder. You have to be a moron for destroying evidence with washing pants that smell like a dead body. If they were in the car and the smell was in the trunk how could the pants stink? Think use that think on your shoulders. If the cops didn’t think you were stupid they would bring charges against you and George for destroying evidence. I disowned Nate for lying for Pam and I can disown you for your ignorance. I see how Casey is so screwed up between you and George as role models. Saying Casey will be mother of the year I nearly tossed my groceries. She will be mutha of the year. Those people in prison will have a field day with her. You better tell her to confess and ask for solitary. It is her only hope. Do you think I care anymore after you attacked me. You are in another universe. You and George ARE on your own. Good luck with that.

  • anonymous

    Even more telling, Cindy’s response to her brother Rick Plesea back in Aug.

    Email from Cindy to Rick
    August 22 2008 8:37 pm
    Subject: Re: Won’t do Greta.

    call his father he did not wrestle his dad thru a glass window. She did not steal dad’s check I gave mom back the check from her 21st birthday uncashed that is how she got the routing number. You are the f/n stupid one, there is a sitter. We have people tracking her, the OCSO is not doing there job, but we have other sources who are. Someday you will eat all your words and I hope you choke on them. There is no case against Casey, DNA does not take 31 days to get back they have nothing. I did not ask you to get involved. You think you know everything. Mom got confused when you went thru your divorce and took Pam’s side until I convinced her there are always 2 sides. People should not judge what they do not know. The next time you say Caylee is dead I will personally come there and kick your sorry @ss all the way to hell, because that is where you are headed. Stay out of my life. You did not ruin your son’s life, he is a wonderful young man. Thank god you disowned him he did better of without you. You have no family loyalty, or faith, what a waste of a human existence. I did not want to stoop to our low life level but I’m calling it as I see it. Again I feel sorry for Robin, she is a nice woman. I have only 2 brothers.

  • anonymous

    Cindy’s brother Rick Plesea’s response to Cindy A’s reply to him back in Aug. She is not in denial IMO but a chronic & habitual liar always trying to save face & cover for Casey’s dastardly deeds. Rick is spot on in telling her like it is.

    Email from Rick To Cindy:
    August 23 2008 1:01 pm
    Subject: No subject

    Mom has the statement that Casey STOLE from dad’s account. You @ss! Mom told you about Casey STEALING IT! QUIT LYING FOR CASEY!! Casey’s excuses for stealing was that Universal transferred her and they didn’t have the budget for the phones that the employees needed and told them to buy them themselves Casey told mom that the Universal would reimburse them,. Casey didn’t have the money to buy it so she “borrowed” it from dad’s account. The check was signed “Casey Anthony”! So don’t f/n lie to me. I have hears enough lies coming for you daughter for a lifetime and now your are lying to me. Your princess daughter didn’t even graduate from high school and you cover that up. When you FINALLY find “the truth” about what has happened to Caylee, I will say I TOLD YOU SO! You are so damn blind you need a seeing eye dog. If you REALLY wanted to find Caylee you would seek the real truth from Casey.
    The FBI and the forensic labs are taking their time and doing this right. That evidence is NOT in yet. You are in for a huge surprise.
    Speaking of the FBI, they and the Orange County Sheriff’s office called me and mom. They now know what mom and I know about this. They talked to Dan too. This is far to serious to PRETENT that Casey just gave Caylee to a “made up” sitter. No one believes you or your lying daughter. I disowned Nate because he was a lying no-good little prick. I gave him many chances. (but not the million chances you have given Casey) No one was ever “missing” from my house. I welcome the chance of you coming hereto “kick my @ss”. You need to kick Casey’s @ss you idiot. I know you want to believe Caylee is still alive because you will have lost Caylee and Casey. I was trying to let you SEE BOTH SIDES! You are the only looking at Casey’s side.
    I don’t need you in my family. You are too stupid to be in my family. You are the stupidest people that I know. You can pick your seat and pick your nose, you can’t pick your relatives! All you had to do was discipline Casey. You didn’t do anything to squelch her. You created her now deal with her.
    If you think Nate is a fine man I would have a problem with that. Your judge of characters is not working. You can’t see Casey did something to Caylee and KNOWS what it is. Nate may have grown up and if he got away from Pam’s influence he may have a chance. He knows now that I wasn’t going to put up with is nonsense any longer. Something that you have to learn about Casey!
    Anyway the police and FBI now know the truth. I hope it will lead them to Caylee.
    What you were doing wasn’t working.

  • gina

    OCM- Well whoopie! You have compassion for the Anthony’s & most of us here don’t. So, how does that make you so righteous, going so far as to tell me I shouldn’t have children or vote? Cindy’s own brother knows she’s a pathological lying piece of trash, read the emails & get a clue to who who have compassion for.

    Cindy is not in denial, cindy knows the truth, has been aware Casey killed Caylee since July.

    And read my response to you saying I shouldn’t have children above. Are you maybe a relative of the anthony’s one of the brain dead ones willing to go along with their charade? I think you just might be, although Rick her brother has called her down for her pathological lying & says shif she loved Caylee he’d be honest with police & not destroy evidence. Her brother knows her better than you & lost all respect or sympathy he might have had for Cindy at the start of this. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Sam

    It’s time to go back and read the ‘comment policy’.

    Name calling is personal attack and never wins an argument.

  • gina

    Leonard Padilla might be a blowhard but you know what? He’s been right with most of his predictions & was thrown out the anthony home for asking questions that were ‘off limits’ or that might deter Casey from getting off the damn computer for 5 minutes & help Padilla find Caylee. They threw him out when he realized & told the anthony’s there is no such person as Zanni the friggin Nanny.

    Casey & Cindy both told Padilla he was speaking to poor little Casey ‘like a cop’ & they would wanted him out.

    His assesment of Casey from staying with the anthony’s a spoiled narcissistic self centered spoiled brat. Also said the Anthony’s are willing to cover up for her, not in denial, but lie for her.

    Leonard Padilla has volunteered to take a polygraph each time he gave information to police. The Anthony’s have all refused to take a polygraph. So who are the lying big mouth blow hards??

  • Why doesn’t anyone understand they were in denial?! Denial is suddenly evil? I am evil for this among other names called?

    The brother is an expert, but clearly he hates Casey and is proud that he can cut off his own children. After all that name calling and hatred I would be done with him myself!

    Polygraphs are not admissable in court as proof of anything, they are ‘suggested evidence’ and are not accurate. I would never take a “lie detector” test and incriminate myself (that is a civil right people, not evil, prudent for the informed, but not evil). So offering to take a test that prooves nothing is, well, worthless (except to the NG show).


    response #1 – All the reasons I read for hating Cindy are simplistic and unrealistic like, “oh your husband tried to commit suicide and you called the police in 24 hrs but you let little caylee rot for 31 days” [Edited]. Please don’t vote if this is your mentality

    = someone isn’t viewing all faucets, this is just a stupid comment, is, is, stupid, simple and hateful. Simple minds have simple thoughts and yes, I think with this mind that voting and politics that affect our country and world affairs would probably be too difficult to contemplate and your decision would be based on something from STAR magazine rather than from a base of information or personal belief system. That is not what CA did at all and you challenge her terror of when she called to save her husband? You think she should let her husband commit suicide too? Yuck, who is evil, me?

    and response #2 “oh she sure knew how to dial 3 easy numbers for her husband”. Please, don’t have children = If you think this (again summized and ridiculous) mentality is one that you can apply to real life, please don’t carry it on in another generation. She didn’t know the child was dead people!

    [Edited] Peace Out, compassion is where it’s all – the Anthony’s are in peril over their loss, not one of you lost Caylee, they did.

  • gina

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] If I had lost Caylee as a grandmother I know 100% I’d do evrything in my power to get to the nitty gritty truth– no matter what, that I CAN GUARANTEE. It’s who I am.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    To answer your question about does a sociopath feel hatred. The feeling state most commonly associated with a sociopath is rage. However you could make a case for rageful acts being a result of hatred.


  • Posting under more than one name or making repeated personal attacks are things that will get people banned from this site. Take a moment, count to ten, people…

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • Sam

    Another simple question, can a psychopath beat a lie detector and if it is possible, under what conditions (every time?).

    Is this something the defense attorney could do on the quiet, and then announce to sway public opinion?


  • Sam

    ‘simple’ as ‘short’!! Maybe no simple answer.

  • gina

    OCM said-Polygraphs are not admissable in court as proof of anything, they are ‘suggested evidence’ and are not accurate. I would never take a “lie detector” test and incriminate myself (that is a civil right people, not evil, prudent for the informed, but not evil). So offering to take a test that prooves nothing is, well, worthless (except to the NG show)

    So what’s your point? And who said polygraphs are not accurate, YOU? I think many detectives like Mark Fuhrman from OJ Simpson’s case would disagree with you. Do you think you know more than an experienced law enforcement veteran?? No one said anything about whether they were admissable in court or not. The point is that a person with nothing to hide, who’s telling the truth would readily take a polygraph if asked, or would volunteer to clear their name if they had nothing to hide.

    Polly Klass the 12 year old who was abducted & murdered, taken from her bedroom, her father Mark Klass has been on many TV shows a victims advocate.

    He said as a parent of a murdered victim he was immediately a person of interest to authorities. The first thing he did was take a polygraph to clear his name, and remove himself as a suspect so the police & FBI could turn their attentions to finding the real killer, which they eventually did.

    Polygraphs are still a valuable tool & when people close to a victim refuse to take one, it sends red flags up that they are either hiding something or outright lying. I think about Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents, they refused & I still believe they were hiding the truth, they knew something & Patsy Ramsey took it to her grave.

    They have been more accurate than not which is why dishonest people refuse to take them. Case in point all members of the Anthony family have yet to take one as far as I know. If I’m wrong please someone correct me, but I think I’m right. and I’m sure of the reasons why, they all have been either tampering with evidence, telling half truths, outright lies & every kind of nonsense in between.


  • gina

    Another example, the poor woman Zaneida Fernandez Gonzales who’s name was on some type of register to rent an apartment where Casey had friends & probably got her name from that register when visiting the complex

    One thing in Zaneida’s favor was agreeing to take
    a polygraph. She has never seen or met Casey Anthony or babysat for Caylee. She has 6 children & said that’s enough, why should I want to care for more.

    Although her life has been hell because of Casey’s Zanni the Nanny total fabrication police believed she told the truth. She was asked to take a polygraph & readily agreed. She passed the polygraph & with all the other evidence that Casey was lying her name was cleared. Of course her life has never been the same almost ruined, but thanks in part to her polygraph the police & FBI believed in her innocence.

    Michael Vick’s failed polygraph is what broke him down & he confessed to illegal dogfighting right after he took it because he knew it was going to show deceit & he was busted.

    So don’t say polygraph’s don’t matter, if that was true they would have been obsolete & done away with a long time ago. Very valuable tool along with evidence, investigation methods, police work etc.

  • ping

    Casey brought caylee into this world and has every right to take her out. Nobody else contributed casey existing unless you count the sperm . Casey has the right to get rid of a daughter if the father does not stick around. Casey has a duty to get out there and find a real man.

    I dont blame her for not haveing respect for law enforcement when her father is a very weak, weak man who was in law enforcement. what kind of adult male pretends to commit suicide to get sympathy. that is just weird.

  • gina

    OCM, Do ya think Uncle Rick may have lost the love for Casey because she ripped off her grandparents, which are his parents & ruined the already fragile health of his 85 year old Mother? Not just once but stole from these elderly people on several occasions, murdered their precious great granddaughter (remeber the photo of Caylee sitting in her great grandpa’s lap, so cute) and now becasue of Casey’s notoriety these people haven’t had a moments piece between the police, FBI and the media hounding them. And we’ll never really know the pain they go through, but they’ve been completely cooperative with the FBI, so has brother rick. Can’t say the same for the Anthony’s.

    So if anyone would have a reason to hate Casey, I think Uncle Rick does since she has made his 80+ year old’s parents remainder of their lives a total nightmarish horror story.

    If someone did that to my elderly parent’s- neice or not, I’d feel the same way.

  • gina

    Ping, you sound like a perfect match for OCM, why don’t you two get together & start your own website, blog whatever. You two would agree with everything the other one says, & wouldn’t have to worry about us pesky people who want justice for little Caylee. Have some patience ping OCM won’t stay away from here for long, she’ll be back & you two will hit it off & live happily ever after!

    That’s right, Casey should be able to do what she wants, it’s her kid right? And the Anthony’s should be able to lie their asses off, because they ‘are in denial’ so that excuses their deplorable behavior & deceitful actions.

    Wow, you & OCM are really onto something, good luck!

  • gina

    Cindy Anthony’s Web of Lies

    Wednesday was not a good day for Cindy Anthony. She was in tears Tuesday at a news conference. Then WFTV-Channel 9 raised doubts about her credibility in a Kathi Belich report.

    Does that mean Cindy will keep a low profile on Wednesday? Not at all. She will be on “Today” in the 7 a.m. hour.

    How big a deal was the WFTV report?

    An e-mail obtained by Belich suggests that Cindy Anthony could have deliberately given the wrong evidence — a hairbrush — to investigators in July. They had sought a brush with the hair of missing toddler Caylee. WFTV anchor Bob Opsahl said, “She gave up Casey’s brush, knowing full well it was the wrong one.”

    Anchor Martie Salt said, “It’s a strange move for a grandmother so desperate to get her granddaughter back.”

    WFTV said it had told the FBI about the e-mail. In it, Cindy Anthony said, ” I never lied I just never went to my bathroom to get the hairbrush that I used only for Caylee.”

    It’s such a baffling statement. What to make of it?

    Bill Sheaffer, the station’s legal analyst, told Belich that the e-mail might be obstruction of justice but at the very least it undermined Cindy’s credibility as a witness.

    And the Anthonys’ credibility has become a crucial issue as the public has wondered why Caylee cannot be found.

    Belich noted that the Anthonys won’t take lie-detector tests or answer investigators’ follow-up questions.

  • gina

    Who are we to judge?

    We are mothers and grandmothers.

    We are sisters and daughters.

    We are wives.

    We are husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sons.

    We are people who believe in caring and protecting the people we love…and all innocent children.

    We are the witnesses who have been horrified and fascinated by this unbelievable crime story featuring a missing toddler, a lying, thieving, uncaring mother and yes, her lying, attention-hogging, media mentally unbalanced mother.

    Let’s get a couple of things clear: Casey is the murderer. The blood of Caylee is on her head.

    But Cindy is Caylee’s grandmother and all she has done is fabricate ridiculous stories that contradict the evidence that has emerged.

    It is completely FALSE and MISLEADING to claim that Cindy Anthony is in denial.

    She knows EXACTLY what happened.

    She just decided to do what she evidently does best, what she taught Casey to do: Lie, Lie, Lie.

    While I believe we cannot fault her for trying to save that worthless Casey from being killed by lethal injection, we CAN fault her for utterly FAILING to search for Caylee, for inventing outlandish stories about sightings that have no shred of reality, for stonewalling investigators and for being an egomaniacal jerk.

    Cindy Anthony deserves every insult, every disrespectful word thrown her way. She has earned our contempt.

    Who are we to judge?

    We are good people who are appalled by how this woman has betrayed her granddaughter, refusing to bring closure to her tragically short life, refusing a decent burial, refusing to tell the truth about what Casey, her heinous daughter, has done.


    By an anonymous author on a thread I started at Topix

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Everyone,

    Please treat one another with respect even if you do not agree with their thoughts and opinions. I know this situation has emotions running very high and that is not unexpected given the tremendous publicity and horror surrounding Caylee’s disappearance and murder. But personal attacks are not okay. Please write your posts as if you were expressing your rhoughts to a friend (who may not agree with you) not an adversary.

    Dr.Juliann Mitchell, PhD.

  • grandma also…..

    I understand that Casey has a horrible mental illness that has devasted the anthony family. having daughters and grandchildren this is an emotional and sensitive topic. we all put ourselves in this situation and think oh my God, what happens if that would have been my family? would I have seen the signs? would I have protected my daughter too and for how long? When and how do you ever get past the denial? I’m thinking that there is always this little bit of hope that you feel. I think as a mother you have this unconditional love for your child that God gives you. How hard it must be to love your daughter who doesnt have that same feeling back because she in capable of those feelings. How horrible for Cindy and George to have raised Casey thinking that maybe her behavior was just “crazy teenage years” hoping to get past them. I’m sure their lives are filled with so many “what if’s….” Losing their precious granddaughter whom they adored, and in respect losing their daughter too. God bless this family and maybe we should all try and understand how the grandparents are feeling instead of being so hateful and angry at them. You don’t know how it is until you have walked in their shoes……

  • Dearest Gina, I see that you are not quite through with me, I am through volleying and hope to put out this blazing fire, please read on.

    My initial intent was to inspire compassion and to raise the question to the good doctor of what it is about we all that we feel so personally involved in this case to the point of obsession. I can see that I have failed and I have provoked no new thoughts or points of view or even an answer to that question. The obsession is my only common ground here.

    I will continue to feel compassion for the suffering Anthony’s. They may have acted imperfectly, but I believe thought they were manipulating the media to find little Caylee as was their deepest denial that she was alive as it was too painful to admit to themselves she was not whilst their daughter whom they loved, was a devious deliberate murderer. A double whammy. It is they who have lost a child they loved. In all the videos and pictures I see a happy and well adorned child, spoiled not by her mother but her grandmother. If you read the desparate 7-3-08 (?) my face page ad (or whatever it’s called) she painfully seeks her granddaughter and spells out that Casey was jealous of all the love and attention toward Caylee and she was missing her terribly. My impression was that she thought Casey was deliberately keeping her from Cindy to punish her, never suspecting the worst – who would? Which of course, may be the motive for the eventual murder. We saw Casey joyusly laugh when her mother broke down in that jail house interview just released, a complete disconnect to normal human emotions, that girl enjoyed seeing her mother broken and laughed.

    When people are provoked it sometimes brings out the worst, as with I am you, and possibly with Cindy and law emforcement. Perhaps she felt challenged and engaged them in a battle of what she thought was wit without understanding it was hurtful. I apologize for taking it out of bounds with you to a hurtful degree.

    I am a mother of a young child. It wasn’t that long ago that she was Caylee’s age and I can’t imagine any harm towards her as my day and thoughts are spend to love her and fill her life with joy and happiness. I believe children are the best thing life has to offer and have followed this story with the most morbid fasincation, I simply just could not understand so I had to investigate until my disbelief was answered. I think what drew me to TRY to was the disbelief that this young mother of this absolutely gorgeous kid was guilty – how could this be I asked myself? I have always been a believer in the benefit of the doubt rather than a conclusion jumper and I just could not fathum the reality until I investigated this, heard the interviews and saw the timeline. Clearly, this girl was mentally ill and clearly she had fabricated a convenient babysitter for a long while. I suspect she was drugging the little girl for a long time and when she ran out of Xanax (Zanny) she made something herself from the internet. I think Caylee probably died in a manner she was treated many times before, in the truck with her mouth taped up. I believe that Casey said oh well to herself and proceeded with the rest of her day and concocked more lies and didn’t worry about an eventual truth. Mentally ill people can be very clever and decieving never causing suspicion so in my opinion, Cindy couldn’t have rescued her from something she didn’t know existed.

    Because I have mental illness in my own family, I am sympathetic as to the havic it can cause on your otherwise normal emotional relationships where you are trying to balance all the crazy with torn up emotional feelings of what is appropriate in a family relationship. Mental illness is not emotional illness but they are intertwined in a family; this is what I believe separates Cindy and George from the rest of us.

    I apologize for reducing my points to insults and for pigeonholing you into a low denomination simply because you did not agree with me. That was wrong, regardless.

    I had hoped to learn something about ourselves here and I did not learn what I expected. I learned that I am in a minority and that suggested human compassion only fuels that anger I wish to effect.

    I wish to remind everyone that Cindy did not murder anyone, her daughter did. Cindy’s family is attempting suicide and they live in a fishbowl now with the world hating them at the same time they suffer. I just can’t help feel badly for that and do not wish to contribute.

    Trust me, I think Mark Klaas is amazing. I hate the ‘idea’ that anyone would ever hurt a kid. Because of this fear I am a watchful mom and even watch over the neighbor kids whose parents don’t hoping to influence them on safety and that someone cares if they are walked home, etc. I think those criminals should be rid from the earth and normally I don’t believe in the death penalty, except for them. I do however, realize there are people released from prison everyday due to their being innocent of crimes they are accused of thanks to modern DNA testing. There is a balance of thought in everything I represent.

    I wonder, as in the Polly case, why there isn’t anger towards the police who had pulled the killer over with Polly still alive in the trunk. Why isn’t there anger towards the policeman who blew off the August 911 calls from Klonk who spied those remains months and months ago? These human mistakes seem to be forgivable but the bungling of how to react to your daughter being a maniac is unforgivable here. I think I feel better though and it’s finally out of my system. Trading factoids and hurting one another isn’t going to bring that little girl back but spending the day playing with my kid will be a better investment of my time.

    Have a wonderful day, peace and love and tranquility. Hug your kids more and call someone you love and tell them you love them today.

  • Kitt

    To ping, post #319
    Are you serious? Or are you looking for arguments against your thoughts?

    Because a woman gives birth to a child does not give her the “right” to end that child’s life.

    Casey’s “duty” was not to get out there and find a real man. Her duty was to provide for her child, and if unable or unwilling to do so, her duty was do what would have been best for the child, such as placing the child for adoption.

    I don’t know if George’s reason for wanting to end his life was sincere or not. I think it was, but I don’t KNOW that as a true fact. Who does?

    You ask what kind of adult male pretends to commit suicide to get sympathy. Review the case of Rob Marshall of New Jersey. That kind of man.

  • gina

    Wrong OCM I am quite done with you.

  • gina

    Kitt good point. George’s hand ARE NOT CLEAN in this whole tragedy. As a former detective you do not tell police in an interview that you smell the stench of a decomposing corpse in the trunk of your daughter’s car, then back peddle, go on Larry King & claim it was bad pizza & you just didn’t realize ‘how bad rotting food could smell’. Nobody bought it & he hung is head down when he said it, couldn’t even look Larry King in the eye because the lie was so unbelievable.

    Where is this family’s integrity? When will they ever start putting Caylee first & stop the cover up which has only dug their graves deeper & made them look despicable in the public eyes.

    Look, Caindy’s brother rick claims George through his own father through a plate glass window. Who are these people & when will they admit what they’ve known since July, that Caylee was dead & Casey killed her. Game time is over, and yet in George’s ‘suicide note’ he still proclaimed CASEY’S INNOCENCE FROM WHAT I’VE LEARNED. this is not a man capable of being 100% honest & willing to do right by his grand daughter, God knows she deserves at the least some long due honesty from George & Cindy, but up until now it’s not denial they are in, IT’S ALL BEEN A PACK OF LIES TO PROTECT CAYLEE’S MURDERER CASEY.

    Oh & whoever says Casey has a mental illness, I don’t think so. It’s what she chooses to be, she’s slick smart enough to cover her tracks & almost get away with the body never being found. Mental illness is Andrea Yates who confessed right away to drowning her 5 children & was put away in a mental facility. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • gina

    I want to correct what I said- I believe Casey’s a sociopath, pathological liar, killer etc because she chose to be that way. So personally I don’t think Casey has a ‘mental illness’ where one could use it as an excuse for murder, saying they couldn’t help themsleves, or use the insanity defense.

    Although from what I’ve learned, Baez waited too long to put the ‘she’s crazy’ defense on the table, too late for that thank God.

  • gina

    OK I’ll confront OCM on her statement about the anger toward the police in Polly Klaas’s case. I don’t know & it has nothing to do with this case. The only people angry with the police in this case are the Anthony’s because the police & FBI have been TOO THOROUGH IMO & THEY NEVER REALLY WANTED THE BODY FOUND, THEY KNEW NO LIVE BODY WAS OUT THERE.

    the police in Klaas’s case, I don’t know, & IMO you are just veering off the real subject, the fact that Mark Klaas put a lot of importance on taking a polygraph ASAP to remove onesself as a suspect. He said the fact that he was willing to take one, & passed it helped the police move away from him as a suspect so they could find the real killer. The police may have made other mistakes, if you say they did I won’t argue. But MY POINT WAS MARK KLAAS’S OPINION OF THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING A POLYGRAPH TO PROVE YOU ARE INNOCENT. YOU SAID THEY DON’T MATTER & ARE UNRELIABLE, I SAY YOU ARE DEAD WRONG.

  • Wow, that is what you took from my message?

  • gina

    Now OCM it’s really the last time I volley back & forth with you. I am satisfied that I proved you to be wrong, wrong, wrong. I’ll leave you with this thought, the anthony’s are not & never were IN DENIAL. They are still lying to cover up for their murderous daughter at the expense of bringing justice to their ‘supposedly beloved grand daughter Casey’.

    Even in George’s ‘suicide note’ which he never intended to carry out, it’s just a big pity party IMO– he actually still HAS THE BALLS TO PROCLAIM CASEY’S INNOCENCE. When I learned that today, the smiget of sympathy I had for George went right out the window, he’s conning the public, he thinks it will help him & Casey when the trial starts to be ‘a sympathetic figure’ when I think it will explode right in his face, it’s already backfiring as we speak.

    You think we should feel sorry for 2 people the Anthony’s who’ve done everything possible to squelch the investigation in finding Caylee, WELL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT OCM!! NO I SAID MY PEACE & THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO SAY TO YOU, SO LONG.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Sociopathism aka (ASPD) Antisocial Personality Disorder (DSM IV TR) is a personality disorder. A personality disorder is not a mental illness like Schizophrenia, think Andrea Yates. I don’t think ASPD would be a good defense. This diagnosis does not indicate Caseu did not know what she was doing or that she was insane.

    Juliann Mitchell

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Diagnosis of ASPD

    According to the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), in order to be diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder, a patient must have a persistent history of disregard for and violation of the others’ rights, occurring since age 15, evidenced by three (or more) of the following seven traits:

    failure to conform to social norms (evidenced by repeated unlawful behaviors)

    deceitfulness, repeated lying, use of aliases, or manipulating others for personal profit or pleasure

    impulsivity or failure to plan ahead

    irritability and aggressiveness (repeated physical fights or assaults)

    reckless disregard for safety of self or others

    consistent irresponsibility (such as repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations)

    lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another

  • gina

    Thank you Dr. Juliann, it’s what I was trying to say but you as a professional said it so much clearer & to the point. It’s not at all like Andrea Yates & I wish I understood it all as well as you, but I get the gist of it.

    I take from what you say that Andrea Yates was mentally incompetent & not responsible for her actions, though I still wonder if that was 100%, but it’s closer to the truth than Casey anthony who knew better even with a mental disorder, being a sociopath she still made a choice knowing full well between right & wrong, not delusional like Ms. Yates.

    What do you think of Cindy & George Anthony? I feel strongly there is no DENIAL going on with them, hasn’t been for a long time. They are covering up, though unsucessfully for Casey. I will never buy the ‘they are in denial’ excuse because IMO it’s a poor one, especially at this point with the body being discovered & everything linking back to Casey’s car trunk, the anthony home, which points to Casey’s guilt. the Anthony’s are liars, & right now I can hardly stand to look at them when everything out their mouth is a lie to protect Casey.

  • Sam

    Seems the problems of perception about Cindy is in part because Cindy has made mistakes in handling the media and she has not stopped doing this, she has not listened and taken the advice of the police officers, the FBI and later her own lawyer who was to be the spokesperson. This is not blaming her for making the mistakes or not knowing how to handle the media in the first place– the media will do what the media does best for itself, but Cindy did not stop and take the advice of professionals to not let the media run with the focus on her and on Casey. This is not to be unsympathetic to the grieving family trying to deal with a horrible situation, but Cindy was not listening and learning how to focus only on Caylee.

    Watch this and see both sides of the issue and how different perspectives collide and that Cindy is not listening. Some of the way Cindy has been portrayed is fed by her own mistakes and her inability perhaps, as a grieving mother and grandmother, to stop herself.

    And this is not the first time the focus on Caylee has been disrupted by Cindy to George’s concern. Watch George’s first interview with the OCSO and how he himself (also a grieving father and grandfather) is so concerned about Cindy speaking out and being reactive in the presence of the media.

    There is room for empathy of course, we can’t say we understand unless we’ve been through it, but we can understand that something Cindy is ‘continuing’ to do during this timeframe (her own lawyer resigned as he could not do more for them as he could not be in control for one reason) is not helping her.

    Cindy seems to need to be in control, more than can be explained by a grieving parent/grandparent. She shows some disrespect for these police investigators by talking over them, refusing to listen time and time again. She has stood over one of the investigator’s shoulder, has given the impression of control of the interview in several places. This seems almost adversarial in some ways.

    Maybe there’s room for both viewpoints and seeing this from the people actually involved might be the best way to be objective.

    Cindy is working very hard for Casey, to explain her behaviour and Casey’s lies and to point the finger elsewhere. That might be why the pubic, who is asked for help in finding the baby, also sees problems in some of the behaviour of Cindy?

  • gina

    I agree with Sam for the most part, except calling what Cindy has done as ‘mistakes’.

    (MISTAKE): to misunderstand the meaning or intention of : to HONESTLY misinterpret b: to make a wrong judgment of the character or ability of, to identify wrongly : confuse with another.


    My opinion Cindy has LIED and attempts to SABOTAGE the investigation, Cindy’s actions are NO MISTAKE but this better descibes her behavior:

    (LIE):1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

    2 : to create a false or misleading impression
    transitive verb. To bring about by telling lies

    (SABOTAGE): an act or process tending to botch, hamper or hurt b: deliberate subversion.

  • Taxpayer

    Drama, drama, drama. It is so sad that at the time when many of us are trying to find jobs, keep jobs or just make ends meet we are involuntarily paying countless of thousands of dollars on this case through our tax dollars. If only our money had been used to get this mom help, or move this child to a decent home we wouldn’t be having this discussion today. This is like some “reality” TV show that won’t end or go away. Maybe they can move her in with Susan Smith.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    One Confused Mom.

    I will try to answer your question about why are so many people are obsessed with Caylee’s murder and all that has surrounded it.
    This is just my thoughts about it. I think that the media has done a spectacular job of creating a feeding frenzy about this little girl. In some ways that has been helpful in terms of keeping her in our mind’s eye. She is everywhere on the internet and the tv. Who of us has not seen Caylee sitting in her high chair and singing or the video of her sitting on her greatgrandfather’s lap laying her head on his chest? These images are very real and very human and after awhile we feel we begin to know little Caylee. She almost becomes a part of our family. Caylee is a real person not just an image on the television screen.
    Then we begin to feel protective of her and are stunned and horrified that anyone could murder this sweet, innocent child and we begin to take her murder personally. It becomes as if someone had done this to one of our own children.
    Now we begin to look for someone to blame and then the waters become murky. So we try to sort through what information we have via the media. Some people feel only Casey is to blame, others feel Cindy and George and Lee have colluded with Casey. So then we become even more polarized in our thinking. who is to bear responsibility for this child’s death and punished.
    Again this is just me thinking out loud. My apologies for the delay in responding to your question.
    Anyone else have any ideas they would like to share with us on why so much obsession about Caylee’s murder?

    Juliann Mitchell

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    To answer your question it is possible to pass a polygraph while lying. There is a tremendous amount of information on this very subject on Google. However the more experienced the polygrapher the more challenging it is to lie and pass the test.


  • Kathy

    Wow. Until you have lived with a sociopath, one never understands how they get away with what they do. I grew up with an older brother that meets the DSM IV diagnosis. I went into psychiatry because of him. He never was responsible for any of his deceitful, lying behaviors from the time of 15 until he killed himself at 52. The damage he left in his path included 3 wonderful children that he left when they were very small. He never paid one dime of child support. I never would have believed that the end of our storm was his suicide.

    Parents do the best with the skills they have at the time. Too bad you don’t have to get some kind of license to have kids and or at least parenting classes.

    The Anthony family is not the only ones in crisis. Google missing persons and you will find lots of children, adults, and wives missing who have never been located. Look at the Holloway family and the sociopath that killed their daughter in Aruba.

    I only wish that the dear little girl could get buried so she is truly in the hands of God.

    Sister of a sociopath

  • janet

    Dr. Mitchell:
    I, for one, became interested in this case because I started watching Nancy Grace on a regular basis. But, more than that, I am a loving mother. What caught my attention were the “31 days” before Caylee was reported missing.
    I had an experience many years ago when my daughter disappeared in a dept. store. She was behind a rack of clothes talking to another child…and it was just for a few minutes. But during those few moments, I felt the room begin to swirl and my heart was down in my shoes. I called loudly for her and a clerk noticed me. She had the store’s doors shut. Thankfully, we found her. I had a headache and had to go right home. That is the fear and panic a parent feels when their child goes missing…and for the life of me, I cannot imagine why anyone would let even an hour go by without reporting a missing child to authorities. Now I realize that there is no reasoning with irrationality. Casey is not living in the real world with the rest of us. Bless that poor little child. As the case has plowed on, I have been afraid that Casey would successfully lie her way out of this, but the more we hear, I think she’s backed herself into a corner. The only way Casey can get a jury of her “peers” to set her free, they’d have to have ice water running through their veins.

  • grandma also……

    your right, its not correct to call it a mental illness. (Sociopathism aka (ASPD) Antisocial Personality Disorder (DSM IV TR) The point I was trying to make is that I do have sympathy for the rest of the anthony family.
    What do you think will be the outcome of all this in court (not what you want, what you believe)?

  • Kitt

    I couldn’t even venture to guess whether Cindy and George are “in denial” or not. IMO, it seems unlikely, after all this time. But I can’t get inside their heads.

    I agree, they have definately back-peddled since the beginning. I think their initial actions and statements were the closest things to the truth.

    The series of events in the very beginning (actually, 31 days later); George and Cindy picking up the car and G’s statement that C exclaimed “Jesus Christ, what died?” Cindy’s demands to Casey (once she found her) “Where’s Caylee? Let’s go get her” and “What have you done?” Then Cindy’s call to 911. She was frantic. She told the dispatcher that the car had been found and that “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!” She said her granddaughter is missing, and “somethings’s wrong!”

    Then there was the first interview with George by LE. He talks about the smell, knows what the smell is, says you never forget that smell.

    These things are what I believe to be the closest to the truth that we have heard from them. Their actions and statements were raw, from the gut, and unrehearsed. These all happened before they had time to realize all the implications. They hadn’t even thought that they “needed” to cover up for anybody. When that realization did hit them, that’s when they did an about-face. I think from that moment on, nothing has been the truth.

    These people need to step up and honor their granddaughter. They need to tell the truth. They need to realize (admit, face, whatever word they want to use, because I think they already do realize) that their daughter is a murderer, and as such, needs to be brought to trial and punished for her crime. For God’s sake, that little girl was their GRANDDAUGHTER!!! An innocent! I will never understand how they can protect Casey. I DO understand protecting your children; I have 2 daughters myself. But to protect Casey in a nightmarish situation like this? I will never know. Thank God.

  • Gina

    Although I believe George & Cindy have knowingly lied, obstructed justice, tampered with & destroyed evidence, purposely set out to sabotage the FBI investigation, I really don’t want to see them charged with anything or jailed.

    They will be a prisoner of their lies, & will suffer with that guilt the rest of their lives. Regardless of what they’ve done to hurt bringing justice to Caylee, Casey’s going down, she will spend life in prison or get the death penalty, another punishment for the Anthony’s.

    Besides the one good quallity that I see the Anthony’s possess is they are dog lovers. As an animal lover I’d hate to think of what would happen to their two yorkshires(I think) if they weren’t around to care for them. Those 2 dogs give the Anthony’s unconditional love, as Caylee did & it looks like they love the dogs in return. So I guess they can’t be 100% lousy people, though they are close to it.

  • Linda

    I think George suspicion casey from the start but he was trying to protect Cindy and it was to painful to admit,he spent alot of time with this little girl he would pull her up and down the street in her wagon with her doll along for the ride,he loved this child!I know he suspicion casey when he went to court,while he was standing outside before he went in, he said he was tired of all the lies!He went in to court and said what he had to say,when he came out he looked very depresse. At this time I think George was innocent,he did tell police there was stench of death in that car even turned the car over to them.I think right then is when cindy got to him casey is innocent untill proven guilty and untill police can prove it im going to keep looking for caylee!I remember George telling casey he would die to bring caylee back,his grief and depression was getting worse,someone saw George standing and looking into the woods,I think this was the middle of the road for this man,I remember him also telling police if they found anything to let him know first because it would kill his wife, I think cindy really belived the nanny ran off with caylee,see casey had been telling them about how much she loved caylee and that she did not have any children of her own,cindy fell for this hook line and sinker!I think they were fighting so much with casey it felt good that she was gone,she felt like this lady was watching after caylee and with her working the stress of casey not being there they were getting some relift,I think George was very depressed by now he was willing to belive any thing cindy said,I think she infuence him into hoping and beliveing caylee might still be alive its just in us not want to give up on someone we love no matter what!so they let there mind play tricks on them,I also remember George saying I would die right now if someone would drive up with her,I think cindy and george brain washed there minds into beliving caylee was comming home think about it,we have all heard of people falling thro ice on a pond and others fight to get them out or get caught in a snow drift people fight to get them out some people rick there on lives to save each other as being human we do not want to give up and the ANTHONYS did not want to give up,sometimes in this world of stress and pain we do things wrong and dont even think about it untill later,these people have been put thro so much hell its a wonder they even know where they are.We need to stop beating them to death with our mouthes,every time I see them they look awfull sad there griet I can not imagine,and I can say this for them they have not been back to the jail.And they not we will have to live out the rest of there life with out caylee!I have a grand son and I would not want to live with out him,and hope I never have to.I do feel sympathy for the Anthonys GOD BLESS THEM AND I WILL PRAY FOR THEM, FAITH HOPE AND LOVE AND THE GREATEST IS LOVE!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Got to say one more thing before I go,we have to also remember Cindy and George brought caylee home with them from the hospital,gave her a place to call home food to eat,I know she call cindy nana and george papa sometimes joe joe, these people showed love and care for this child and I would think bought all of her clothes she had a beautiful room with beautiful things in it how many people out there would do this? some not even for there on grandbaby ! And never in a millon yrs thought casey would do something to her they still do not want to belive it, but they will in time.They need help people not hate,remember if cant say something good say nothing at all!!!!!!!!

  • gina

    I’m repeating this for those who says if we have nothing nice to say don’t say anything. The purpose of this forum is to voice our opinions, even if they are unkind to the Anthony’s, because some might say they deserve it.


    Who are we to judge?

    We are mothers and grandmothers.

    We are sisters and daughters.

    We are wives.

    We are husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sons.

    We are people who believe in caring and protecting the people we love…and all innocent children.

    We are the witnesses who have been horrified and fascinated by this unbelievable crime story featuring a missing toddler, a lying, thieving, uncaring mother and yes, her lying, attention-hogging, media mentally unbalanced mother.

    Let’s get a couple of things clear: Casey is the murderer. The blood of Caylee is on her head.

    But Cindy is Caylee’s grandmother and all she has done is fabricate ridiculous stories that contradict the evidence that has emerged.

    It is completely FALSE and MISLEADING to claim that Cindy Anthony is in denial.

    She knows EXACTLY what happened.

    She just decided to do what she evidently does best, what she taught Casey to do: Lie, Lie, Lie.

    While I believe we cannot fault her for trying to save that worthless Casey from being killed by lethal injection, we CAN fault her for utterly FAILING to search for Caylee, for inventing outlandish stories about sightings that have no shred of reality, for stonewalling investigators and for being an egomaniacal jerk.

    Cindy Anthony deserves every insult, every disrespectful word thrown her way. She has earned our contempt.

    Who are we to judge?

    We are good people who are appalled by how this woman has betrayed her granddaughter, refusing to bring closure to her tragically short life, refusing a decent burial, refusing to tell the truth about what Casey, her heinous daughter, has done.

    Unknown author from
    topix forum

  • gina

    Kathleen’s comment–If Cindy Anthony was such a good Grandmother why did it take her a whole month to track down her daughter and granddaughters whereabouts? You mean to tell me that after all the b.s. thieving and whoring around Casey did didn’t Cindy have any concerns about Caylee’s safety and welfare?

    (One whole month later she decides to check on the whereabouts of her granddaughter just because she got a call about Casey’s abandoned car and the car smelled like death.) If the car was rolled into a river and never found I wonder if any of us would be reading about this tragic case now. You don’t let all that time go by without checking on your grandchild when you know her mother is nothing but a nut job.


    That’s something I totally over looked. Cindy was practically FORCED TO DO SOMETHING at that point, 31 days after Caylee’s disappearance because she was called, then notified by a registered letter that the car, which I think was under Cindy’s name was impounded & that it would cost $500.00 to get it out.

    So, Cindy had no choice but to pick the car up, discovered the stench of a rotting corpse & then called 911. What if no call or registered letter would have come?

    What if no one had discovered the car? Would anyone have looked for Caylee in the for seeable future, if at all?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Grandma Also,

    You asked what did I believe was going to happen in this case, not what did I want to happen.

    I do not know what is going to happen. It appears that the evidence against Casey is mounting that she killed Caylee. But Casey seems to have quite a defense team, so I don’t know. I think it will be challenging for the defense to find jurors who have no knowledge of this case. So many variables involved that I would not even begin to speculate on the outcome.
    I do know that anytime a child is murdered it is a tragedy. There are many children who are missing that are not given the media attention that Casey’s case has.
    What do you think is going to happen?

    Best wishes,
    Juliann Mitchell

  • janet

    I know that George and Cindy are probably going through the greatest hell on earth and some (or most) of their actions have been totally irrational. I’m not sure if any one of us would like to take their places or really know what we would do in their situation. They have lived with Casey the Liar their whole lives. when you live with someone like that (and I have), it is literally a full time job (best assigned to a private eye)to keep track of all those lies. You still have to go to your job every day and take care of other matters so it’s easy just to let things slide. Believe me…I tracked our little “liar” as much as I could, but could never really control the damage. We can all say things, as outsiders, about what Cindy and George shoulda, woulda, coulda. The truth is that we can never control the actions of another person, especially one so clever and deceitful as Casey. George and Cindy cannot get their heads wrapped around the fact that their own child killed her own child. Someday they might, but right now, in the middle of such a nightmarish mess, they are still saying and doing things that don’t make sense to the rest of us. They are still Casey’s victims and really need big time therapy to get out of her grasp. I finally went to a shrink about my stepdaughter and her lying ways. It was the best thing I ever did and I was cured. My spouse, however, still has a long way to go. It’s heartbreaking. My person never killed anyone, however, but it was still hell.

  • janet

    I might say one more thing about liars and my own personal situation. My husband and I are totally up front and honest with our children. But that made no difference to my stepdaughter who was “born to lie”. Some have blamed Cindy for teaching her daughter how to lie…and that may be true…maybe the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. The line between “enabling” and “teaching” can be quite vague. Casey’s lies came and went while Mommy and Daddy got used to them. 22 years of that will make a person crazy.

  • janet

    Here I go again…sorry. Casey is the same age as my stepdaughter and Lee is the same age as my son. We also have a 15 year-old daughter. Oldest and youngest are honest while the middle child is not. Guess who received most of the attention? Yes, the lying one. The liar will suck up every bit of the family’s attention…not a week goes by without drama..until all you want is for that person just to grow up and move out. The other children get ignored (probably like Lee). The liar convinces the parent that it’s the parent’s fault and the parent reacts with guilt and more enablement. The vicious cycle just keeps rolling along unchecked until at least one parent puts their foot down! My shrink told me that my husband probably feels like he’s been living with his “problem child” for 40 years instead of 22…that’s what the constant lying does to a parent. That’s how I’ve come to terms with how George and Cindy are acting. I sincerely hope they will seek the help they both so desperately need. It sounds like George has already started.

  • MAD

    The thing about this case that keeps me riveted is Casey – I don’t know if we’ll ever get the whole story, but I keep looking for clues as to what created that monster. If you ever read the book, or saw the movie “The Bad Seed”, you’ll know what I mean: Was she just born with something missing which makes her incapable of emotion or compassion, or did something happen to her to make her this way? I just can’t fathom how someone could be so cold-blooded and devoid of emotion in the wake of such horror. It’s chilling just to look at her.

  • Julie

    casey antony is guilty get it got it good

  • After following this ‘case’ from the beginning,after repeatedly viewing the ‘jailhouse tapes’ w/ George, Cindy & Casey. I have come to the conclusion as to what Casey has ‘over’ her parents is the simple and obvious fact (to me) that Lee Anthony was Caylee’s father……I can only see this as why Cindy & George seem to be ‘afraid’,and even ‘intimidated’ by Casey. I’ve struggled with their responses, etc., to Casey…..couldn’t put my finger on it before, but think about it.!!! I know as for myself if my granddaughter had been murdered – by my daughter, I wouldn’t be talking to her thru glass and saying to her “now, Casey, sweetheart, don’t get upset”….this infuriates me to no end..

    Little Angel, Caylee Marie Anthony, you are now in the arms of God – to never again suffer pain or sadness…

  • Kitt

    Hi Jenna, I’m not disagreeing with you in regards to Lee being Caylee’s dad. I just can’t help but feel that if that were the case, Casey would have cashed in her chips on that one already.

    On the other hand, if Lee IS Caylee’s dad, you’re dead-on; Casey could have been holding that over their heads for 3+years, and now smirks behind a Royal Flush.

    Hey,…in this family, anything is possible.

  • anonymous

    Excerpts of Lee Anthony Interview Made Public:

    CASE NUMBER – 08-74777
    JULY 29, 2008

    Lee Anthony: Uhm, my father cailed me. !t had to be before eight o’clock, uhm,
    and told me that uhm, “A long story, but I’m worried about your mother. Can you
    please, can you please go to, you know, go to the house. I want you to check on

    EE: Okay.

    LA: So after getting that call I mean I was at my mom’s house within five minutes.
    Uhm, when I arrived, I go through the garage door like I typically do. Uhm, there
    was, the only vehicle in there was my uhm, the vehicle drove, driven by my
    sister, the white uh, Pontiac. The trunk was open. The windows were roiled
    down to what! assume ventilate the horrible smell that I had (chuckles) just, just
    uh, smelled for the first time. And uhm, went inside the house to see if anybody
    was there. Nobody was. Uhm, with….

    EE: The smell filled up the garage?

    LA: Yeah (afRrmative), it was, it was, it hit you like a, a wave. I mean it was, it was, whatever it was it was very potent.

    EE: Okay.

    LA: I mean, uhm, now obviously no one was at the residence when I got there. Uhm, I waited a few moments, got very, you know, excited and I called my uhm, and I called my mother to see what was going on. And she told me, “I am thirty seconds away from pulling in. I’ve got your sister in the car.” So I said, “Okay.” I met them outside in the driveway as they were pulling in. My, when my sister and mother uh, get out of the vehicle, it’s very obvious to me that they had been at least yelling back and forth with each other.

    Uhm, my sister conveyed something to the extent of uh, “You know you won’t even listen to me and why do I even bother.” Uhm, my mother uhm, when I’m trying to ask her what’s going on she just says, “Your sister knows where Cayiee is and she won’t take her to me,” or, “She won’t take me to her,” sorry. Uhm, and then she continues to say, “I’m going to call the police and you need to talk to your sister.”


    How can the Anthony’s interviews like this one ever be whitewashed by all their lies that happened afterward. There is no way to play down the stench of a decomposing body, as they all have recently tried to blame it on bad pizza or dead squirrels. Those lies are unexcusable, cheapen Caylee’s death & insult our intelligence.

  • I dunno guys, I just don’t think this brother should be drug through the mud and it be suggested that he is the father of Caylee simply because he is supportive and the name is a supposed obvious combination of Cay-Lee. Think about it a minute, if that were the shame of the family do you think the name would be such an obvious riddle to solve?

    I think Lee acted in his families best interest, fed a line or not, was just being a good brother.

    Casey has already proven that she is easy and sleeps around with multiple boyfriends on hand, I would think that would be more a reasonable suggestion that she doesn’t really know who the father is, or, didn’t know the father that she simply had sex with one night out and likes that everyone is guessing.

    That girl isn’t going to tell a word. She will go to prison torturing her family and enjoying every moment of it, she has nothing else to control but them now.

    Even sadder, that family only has each other to grieve with. Most people would feel the sense of the community but for them, they are treated like they somehow deserve this. I can’t help think that all this far fetched stuff is wrong.

  • grandma also

    one confused mom, I tend to agree with you. I think lots of people just don’t put themselves in the anthony families situation. I can only imagine how it is to have your whole life shattered. When does it end for them? probably never.

  • Well Grandma also, I think we are in a small minority of good company.

    I can’t imagine the horror that family has suffered. I have been thinking about this alot today wondering what it is about this case that is so baffling to me, and it is this that the magnitude of the horror is shadowed by the magnitude of the actions of the family. But, still, you feel like you know these people a little as a fly on the wall and I just don’t see what everyone else sees. I see a very very torn family. Now, it may be proven later that they had sex with squirrels in the backyard, but today, I just see a family in terrible terrible pain. God, what a loss. God, how they lost her.

    I feel this hatred and suspician is fueled by the media whose shows are based on exploiting these situations. There is no community service here, tv is purely and only about profit and like junkfood, they will feed you whatever you will buy. Had Nancy Grace cared so much for victims of crime she would be working pro bono for victims rights or as a victims advocate or even a district attorney to punish the evil she claims to be at war with. Nancy in all her harranging prosecutes people in the media before they are given a fair, legal trial. Nancy Grace has a suicide on her head of one she accused prior to her trial. Nancy is responsible for a death herself so I consider her a hypocrite in the same respect that Dr. Laura is a slut and tells women they are bad mothers if they aren’t living with 1952 standards, dependant on a man with a low standard of living so they should not work. She herself is a working mother! The problem is that people, many here for example, base all of their beliefs, all of their knowledge, all of their opinions, all of their heart and all they could be on these hypocrites, Nancy Grace included. Nancy Graces does a public disservice running and re-running news and pontificating on it with all her so called “experts” (wanna be Nancy’s) who yack for a fee, basically without providing anything but speculation. The FOX news banners constantly running as if it were immediately new and a news crisis is a joke, reminds me of sugar loaded crappy cereal for kids! Good moms read the labels right?! Why isn’t anyone reading the label on these shows?

    I think we should think for ourselves, and apply a more human and intelligent approach to solving these problems in our society. Understanding would be a good start. Using our own concious would be another. I just can’t add to what I see as worsening the situation by throwing more stones.

  • anonymous

    Cindy A’s brother Rick Plesea on who the father of Caylee could be:

    Here is one more thing for you guys if you already haven’t guesed it yet. The guy that Casey says is the father that died in the car crash is all baloney too. He is Hispanic and his mother says that he never ever spoke of even knowing Casey. Calee has no Hispanic traits. Casey told Cindy this story to get Cindy off of her back about who the father might be. Cindy bought it hook, line and sinker.

    I know, she has dragged all kinds of people through the dirt and has no remorse. I think she got knocked up at a party around Christmas, got drunk and maybe banged a bunch of guys that night and don’t know who the dad is. That is my theory.


    Rick’s theory is not so farfetched considering she advertised for sexual parters on the internet. And lets not forget the photo of her dressed in nothing but a flag surrounded by guys in their underwear. Poor darling Caylee never had a chance.

  • anonymous

    Cindy’s brother Rick says:

    My mom and dad have to be on sedatives as they are so upset. My dad is 85 years old and has had a stroke. He was doing okay until this happened. Mom can’t even talk to Cindy any more as Cindy won’t talk to family anymore. They are hurting very much.

    I am not seeking fame or fortune from this. I am embarrassed by all of this as it is. There are some really kind people on this blog. I was only trying to give them some back ground on this situation. The police have tons of information that they won’t release to the public. They suspect that Caylee is dead as there is NO evidence of a babysitter.

    I ask Cindy to show me one person who has ever seen the sitter other than Casey and I will believe you. I begged her to just tell me that someone could verify a babysitter. She couldn’t’t!


    Can someone explain why Cindy would turn her back on her parents when they were also victims of Casey’s lies & thievery? In e-mails her Mother Shirley asked Cindy some tough but valid questions & Cindy couldn’t answer them, so now she’s angry that her Mother dared to want the truth about what happened to Caylee. I just can’t wrap my head around Cindy’s thinking, no matter how grief stricken. Her Mother told her the photo of Cindy’s dad with Caylee (the one where Caylee’s on his lap)was killing him, every time he saw it on tv & to see what she could do to stop that one photo from being shown in the future. Cindy could have cared less, said sorry, but I can’t help you with that. I just can’t stand this woman, she’s also a professional liar & seems to be only concerned with getting that two bit lying murderer Casey out of her just due punishment.

  • Linda

    Im repeating for those who refuse to hear,and because some may say they dont deserve the unkindness!you and everone have a right to voice your opinions,but that does not mean they or correct.I aways thought a person was innocent untill proven other wise in a court of LAW! Who are we to judge? Not GOD for sure,yes in GODS eyea we are sisters we are wives,true we are people who belive in caring + protecting people and children we love.We are witnesses to a crime story of a missing toddler who we all know is in fact dead, and the stories about her unbalanced mother grandmother and grandfather!Lets get a couple of things clear:You think casey is the murderer?what if shes not, did you see her kill caylee? With your own eyes?You said cindy was mentally unbalanced,so does that mean she can not be indenial?How do you know what cindy taught casey, did you live there are or you psychic? YOU ARE RIGHT WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPEN! Cindy and george deserve sincere sympathy they or suffering from depression and grief! Remember they loved there daughter of 22yrs and still love her! Have you ever heard the saying I love her but I dont like her? These people should have been living there own lives and not worring about casey and what she was doing! they had to work,Im sure they never thought she would kill there grand daughter,they said she never did anything around them to hurt her,I remember cindy say she loves that child!No matter how unbalanced you think she was thats what she belived!It was her daughter,her grand,daughter and what ever she did,she will be the one to pay the price.who took care of this child ever since she was born into this life and loved her?Cindy and George thats who!What would you do in this situation?Grand parents have no rights!Cindy called casey she kept making excuses,why she could not talk to caylee,Cindy called again casey would come up with another excuse untill unbalanced grandmother could not take anymore she went and found casey,casey told Lee Caylee had been kidnapped unbalanced grandmother calls police, if she wanted to hide anything at this point why did she call police?She could have been missing for 10 yrs. If you had to smell your decoposing grand,daughters dead body and put up with 22yearpld nightmar daughter with a personality disorder,do you think you might be a little bit unbalanced so you might tell someoutlandish stories about sightings or maybe try to save your daughter from the Electric chair because your mind is running a 100miles a min and you do not want to face reality because you are a mentally unbalanced grandmther,I say they are all caseys victims,they all need therapy and love from friends and all people!It will take GOD to get thro this nightmar,faith, hope and greatest is LOVE

  • Linda

    one more comment,Im praying casey brecks down and tells the truth,I dont think she did this by her self but I do not think it was a family member maybe an old boy friend,She may not her self what happend to caylee,somewhere on drugs wakes up and her baby is dead!She is the only one who knows what happend,PRAY FOR YOUR SELF CASEY! Caylee is safe in the Arms of GOD!

  • Gina

    To place any integrity or honesty in what Cindy has thus far said, I’d have to believe the police & FBI investigations are corrupt, someone elses dead body was planted in Casey’s car. Also, Casey is a truthful person & good mother who lied, but would never harm her child. This is Cindy’s story (lies & conniving BS no ones buying) as of January 26, 2009 & she’s sticking to it.

    Also Tim Miller of Equisearch had evil intentions in not just searching for ‘only a live Caylee’ instead of facing the dreadful truth that she was likely murdered & searching in wooded areas. Evidence is not really evidence because Casey says so, Casey can’t tell where Caylee was because it put the Anthony’s ‘lives in danger’- on & on ad nauseam….

    I know Cindy’s in pain, but she’s not the first & won’t be the last to go through a horrific tragedy & it doesn’t excuse the chronic & habitual lies.

    I know Cindy wanted to find a ‘live Caylee’ but when she still accuses law enforcement of not doing their job, STILL MAKES CRAZY EXCUSES for her psycho daughter who she taught well to lie, I wish someone would slap the truth out her.

  • Gina

    While I’m on the subject-

    I’m nothing to Cindy and she is of little importance to me, other than what she COULD DO BUT SO FAR REFUSES TO SEEK JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE. Cindy doesn’t need to turn against Casey, it’s way beyond that now. She needs to demand the truth from Casey, no holding back, no calling her darling & sweetheart & tip toeing around these extremely important questions about what she did to Caylee.

    It’s far too serious & with the evidence, Caylee’s remains, unbelievable to STILL PRETEND there was a ‘nanny’ that ‘kidnapped Caylee’ & murdered her.

    CINDY KNOWS DAMN WELL Casey KILLED Caylee, everyone else knows CASEY KILLED CAYLEE. At this point everytime Cindy opens her mouth to deny the truth she is more despised & rightly so by those seeking justice for Caylee.

    Strangers off the street want justice for this beautiful child Caylee more than her own grandmother. That’s what’s so sickening about Cindy, the only victim in her mind is Casey & I find her repulsive because of it.

  • Gina

    (Cindy is a tenacious pit bull when she wants to push her lies on others.)

    The opinion I’ve formed of Cindy Anthony comes from what I have heard directly from her mouth. It’s not based on just rumors or Internet searching. I’ve taken all of Cindy’s words & actions into consideration.

    Insight into Cindy Anthony’s personality (disorder)–


    Cindy has been harassing a woman (Lois) in recent email exchanges, saying this grandmother & her grand daughter were not invited to Caylees funeral. The grand mother replied she didn’t want her grand daughter to attend because she doesn’t approve of a grandmother who condones her daughter murdering her own child.

    Long story, but this started when the grandma tried to get Casey to stop writing her 12 yr old grand daughter & sending her gifts, bracelets, etc. while out on bond. They started communicating online for some reason & it developed into a sort of friendship.

    When Casey went back to jail, Cindy continued writing the granddaughter. The grandmother asked Cindy to leave her grandchild alone, Cindy wouldn’t, continued to write the 12 yr. old girl. So the grandma attempted to get a restraining order against Cindy. Cindy then started emailing the grandmother very nasty comments & wouldn’t STOP CONTACT WITH THE GRANDMA.

    Also told the grand mother Casey loved Caylee deeply & it will be proved Casey did her no harm. CINDY ARGUED with this women over Casey’s guilt & STILL INSISTED Casey is INNOCENT– this was January, this month!

    It’s too much for a sane person to swallow or buy that we should feel one iota of sympathy for this lying callous bit**.

  • Linda

    I also belive the FBI investigators and no they are not corrupt, everyone said said casey changed,the guy she suppose to marry Jessie Gunn when asked did he think casey did would harm caylee he said no and so did his dad,but jessiealso said this casey noe is not the casey I knew!Its not only cindys story,some of her friends said she had changed,Have yo ever had to deal a psycho on drugs?I didnt think so. cindy did call police when she could not get anwsers out of casey,Thats why george is still in the hospital because he dont want to admit casey did kill caylee the 72hr watch has turned into a week now,do you think the doctors think george is really depressed or do you think the doctors on in on the game?Have you ever lost anyone that you loved more than your own life?You dont care about cindy but I thought you said last nite,we are all sisters?Cindy the mentally unbalanced grand,who was right on caseys heels but was a little to late in calling police, why do you think she called them? maybe to deny the truth?Casey had never before given them a reason to think she would do something to caylee!Do you think they were mind readers or psychic to?Strangers off the street have no clue about what theses people have gone thro and some of them would do yhe same thig to caylee or any kid given the chance!Thats not true about Tim Miller I saw that show my self, he said he was upset unbalanced grandmother did not want him looking for a dead caylee,he new cindy could not face the horrific truth!So you dont care about a grandmother who said she did not care about casey, she only wanted caylee back!Cindy calling police,I HAVE A MISSING GRAND DAUGHTER,WE AR TALKING ABOUT A 3 YR OLD LITTLE GIRL, CAYLEES MISSING CAYLLS MISSING and you dont feel sorry for her? [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    She is not despised by everyone not GOD for sure.Did this lady LOIS get the restraining order?You know sometimes when something like this happends people you have know for yrs turn ther backs on you!Something went wrong in caseys life in a very short period of time,george said casey loved caylee deeply, her friends said that jessie said that,what would make a person change,a new boy friend?The investigators are looking at this boy friend now seems he had some stuff on his cumputer about chloroform something like WIN HER OVER CHLOROFORM, I think he was the boyfriend with her in the video store renting movie about a kidnapped and murdered child,lawinforcement said caylee may have been in the at this time.George and Cindy are not to blame for taking this childs life,it is a fact when people get on drugs they change and C+G may have noteven notice untill it was to late,I agree it does not look good for casey!GOD does not blame C+G AND THATS WHATS NEEDS TO MATTER WHAT GOD THINKS AND WANTS them TO BELIVE CAYLEE IS SAFE IN HIS ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    BLAME FALLS ON CASEY FOR LIEING AND TAKING CAYLEE AWAY FROM THE ONLY HOME SHE HAD EVER KNOWED, FOR BEING A BITCH AND THE BOSS NOT LETTING GEORGE AND CINDY SEE HER!I have a grandchid who lives with me,I have had her since is was 8months old she is almost 14yrs now.Ithank GOD every day her sociopath mother has never been back in her life! My Son filed for divorce and child with the court,she never showed for 3 hearings and he was awarded his child,she has never paid court ordered child suport who cares so long as she stays out of her and our life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are an out-of-sight Grandma Linda! Yeah!

    Here’s the thing about e-victimization. Just hear me out……why wasn’t a 12 year old’s usage on the internet monitored by her Grandma in the first place? Why would a Grandma or parent allow a strange kid to this horrific case to get involved. Why would anyone continue to “get harrassed” by Cindy on the internet receiving unwanted e-mails……….


    Simply you choose on your “tools” menu, “block user”, and, it’s over. No news stories, no court restraining orders, etc. etc. etc.

    My guess is that these were some of the same people protesting in their front yard who wanted to inject themselves into the Anthony’s lives – you get what you get. Personally, I think now would be a bad time to make a new friendship with any Anthony, they are having a rough time don’t you think?!

    12 year olds should not be corresponding with any stranger on the internet.

    Have a nice day, peace and love.

  • Gina

    No Lois wasn’t successful in getting a restraining order against Cindy. But I have to wonder why Cindy wouldn’t just do what grand mother Lois asked & leave her 12 yr. old grand daughter alone?

    This is real, the woman has been interviewed & I read some of her email exchanges with Cindy online.

    It seems Cindy didn’t care that she harassed this woman & continued to argue in emails over ‘Casey’s innocence’ & this is as recent as this month! I can see where Casey get’s her sociopathic tendencies.

    Cindy could care less what people think of her once she sets her mind to do something. Even at her own expense, because she makes an ass of herself & further diminishes her reputation in the public’s eyes. If someone like Casey Anthony started sending my 12 year old grand daughter letters & gifts I’d be upset too.

    So what happens when Casey goes back to jail? Cindy picks up where Casey left off & keeps in touch with the impressionable 12 year old.

    This is abnormal & nasty behavior for a 50 year old woman (Cindy), especially after being asked to end all communications with the girl a worried grandmother. Instead of abiding by Lois’s wishes, Cindy turned it into a war of words over Casey.

  • Gina

    All of the why’s of why the 12 yr. old is on the internet is besides the point. I agree she should be monitored which is what grandma did when she found out.

    So you gonna blame a 12 yr. old, not the 50 yr. old woman cindy, who should no better. Especially since she knows every move she makes is being judged,it might be unfair but she’s in the public eye now. At least the 12 year old has an excuse. she’s young what excuse does Cindy have?

    Maybe the Grandma could have been discreet & not exposed the emails. But cindy should have known better because everything she does will be aired.

    My point is Cindy will never learn because of the traits she has to a lesser degree like Casey. She taught her daughter well to lie, decieve & care about no one but herself.

    Casey took it to the extreme & I don’t blame Cindy for that, but look Casey didn’t get the way she is out of thin air, she learned by example.

  • Gina

    Block emails, OMC I really don’t dislike you & you think you know things the rest of us somehow missed. But come on, this is the real world & the grandma may have done the wrong thing in allowing the exchanges to continue.

    Forget all that, who’s the one under tremendous scrutiny? Who’s daughter is being charged with murdering her own little girl? Cindy knows she’s being judges, yet she will keep arguing with a woman INSISTING CASEY IS INNOCENT, NOW WHEN WE KNOW IT’S A LIE, WHEN WE KNOW THE REMAINS WERE FOUND WITH ITEMS FROM THE ANTHONY HOME? Earth to

    OCM can I ask you a sincere question? Why are you blaming everyone else for Cindy’s behavior, even a 12 year old & her grandmother that got caught up in this because CASEY STARTED A FRIENDSHIP WITH A VULNERABLE LITTLE GIRL. Say the Grandma & little girl were wrong to participate in this little war of words & should have stopped it by blocking the emails. Why didn’t Cindy act like an adult & just leave these people the hell alone?

  • Gina

    Sorry OCM I don’t think I’ll change your mind & visa versa. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Gina

    Casey/Cindy/George/Lee Family of Lies

    I find the entire situation bizarre. I think both the mom and daughter are BIZARRE. I have an 8 month old grandchild whom I live 6 hours away from. If I didn’t communicate with my daughter and see her on the webcam DAILY, I’d be on her like white on rice. These people claim that Caylee and Casey lived with them and yet they can’t even remember the last time they saw them????? This girl is a sociapath with absolutely no conscience and I hope they fry her. I hate to say it, but that child is dead and her own mother is the culprit. I say law enforcement knows MUCH more than they are saying and need to cut to the chase. One more thing, that DNA evidence is already known to police. It can now be processed very quickly. They know the answers.

    The grandmother is a raving bitch who is making a total ass of herself in the media. I would be absolutely mortified if I were portrayed in the light she has been. I hope she goes down too. She knows MUCH more than she is giving up right now.

    It’s a travesty and the grandmother and grandfather (who has done a total disservice to the law enforcement community as he is one of them) know what is going on and what has happened. They are as guilty as the mother for this poor childs demise. I hope they all rot in hell…

    written on my topix thread in aug. by karen

  • Gina

    When all is said & done I am not nor will I ever be a Cindy anthony. In a million years I would never, ever lie or display her bizzare, sometimes mean spirited behavior & actions.

    That is why I have a son who grew up to be a contributor to society & volunteers giving time & rescources to charities & animal welfare. He does not steal, lie & destroy, murder & ruin lives as Cindy anthony’s daughter Casey has done.

    I do think I know what I’m talking about, I am a pretty good judge odf character & think I am onto the anthony’s I feel like what I’ve said about them has been correct from the start.

    I do take credit in the fact I raised a good child who is a productive member of society & that he never ever would have turned out like Casey because I would not have allowed it.

    The Anthony’s are still enabling & allowing their killer daughter Casey to continue acting in the same selfish psycho manner, even in jail as she always has, all the while lavishing kind words on her like gorgeous, sweetheart, darling, yes, whatever you say you are the victim.

    Something isn’t right with them and they are now reaping what they sowed. the bad thing is they still have not learned to quit the smoke & mirrors, we all see through it, and start being honest, something that is unfamiliar terrotory to them, you know the truth. But it would be better late than never, and would lift some of that heaviness & pain they are bearing off their shoulders.

    THE TRUTH is something they should immediately learn about be familiar with, then execute no matter what unfolds, it will set them free! Everyone’s had enough lies coming from the Anthony’s mouths for a lifetime.

  • Gina

    Good news the Little Caylee Sunshine Doll will not be for sale. Distribution of the doll has been halted, thanks in part to Nancy Grace confronting the doll company’s creator on her show last night.

    Go Nancy!!- she humiliated & embarrassed him, rightly so. Nothing but a goulish idea from a greedy profiteer. The worst is this doll sang the song ‘You Are My Sunshine’ as Caylee was shown doing on tv. What Mother would want their little girl playing with a doll who’s Mother murdered her, not very good for a child’s mental health.

  • Gina

    This is how it happened:

    January 14, 2009

    In August, Peter’s 12-year-old granddaughter hosted a candlelight vigil for Caylee in St. Cloud while Casey Anthony was home on bond. Casey Anthony sent the girl a bracelet, a letter and some e-mails, which prompted Peter to unsuccessfully seek a restraining order against Cindy Anthony, who continued to correspond with the girl after Casey Anthony returned to jail.

    In recent days, Cindy Anthony and Peter have exchanged biting e-mails, with Cindy Anthony telling Peter that she would not be invited to Caylee’s funeral.

    Peter responded in an e-mail, saying, “I would not want my granddaughter around a person that condones her daughter killing her own child. At least I know where mine is.”

    That’s when Cindy Anthony replied, “As for my daughter, she never hurt Caylee and that will be proven, she loved her deeply.”

  • kathleen

    To Kathleen

    Cindy didn’t track her daughter down. She only found Casey after the tow company had contacted them and they went and go the car and then Cindy found a paper in the car with Caseys’ friend Amy name and phone number on it. That’s when Cindy called Amy and found out the Casey had stolen money and Amy told her where Casey was staying. So then, that when Cindy goes to get Casey. Cindy could’ve found out where Casey was way earlier in time if she would’ve called Caseys’ cell phone or called any of her friends or even called police to say her daughter was missing and to let them know what kind of car she was driving.

  • Has anyone seen the movie Throw Mama from the Train?

  • anonymous

    Someone mentioned the protesters as being unruly vigilantes.

    While I agree that it is tacky & distasteful, those protesting have that constitutional right.

    The Anthony’s recklessly sucked up what is likely hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer’s money by thwarting this investigation, they must face the humiliation.

    Knowing their daughter is a sociopathic liar, thief & child killer should have encouraged them to assist in finding their helpless granddaughter & also find the truth for a change.

    The effortless way the Anthony Family LIES, and with such frequency is a thing to behold. Even though George is in a nut ward, he’s still covering for his skank child killer offspring.

    It’s the Anthony’s fault that their neighbors were suffering due to the noise & racket. I guess the protesters are gone, I could care less about the Anthony’s being inconvenienced.

    If they want to stop their neighbors from living with all the racket, then START TELLING THE TRUTH, it’s their fault. tjhe protesters didn’t kill a 2 year old little girl, a member of the Anthony family did. Everyone else is footing the bill for their lack of appropriate parenting.

    Once Casey’s in the prison’s general population she’s going to lose her little smirk & there will be no more strutting her stuff. Someone is either going to beat the truth out of her, or just beat her until her last breath. That would be doing the taxpayers who are feeding her horse face a huge favor.


  • gina

    Anonymous I agree, the public was outraged when the Anthonys started stretching the truth with their fairytale excuses, misstatements, changing stories, tampering & destroying evidence, being uncooperative with law enforcement, incriminating innocent people to get the real killer, Casey off (Jesse Grund, Zanaeida Gonzales) & a multitude of bald face lies to protect their POS daughter Casey.

    Cindy & George brought the mob in front their home on themselves when they started talking obvious BS to defend Casey to the media instead of keeping their mouth shut. Cindy is not capable of shutting her pie hole & making an ass of herself. She talks and always inserts foot into mouth, she can’t stop lying. It’s obvious they wanted attention & they got what they asked for plus more.

    The thought of this innocent child laying in the ground out there somewhere decomposing & the family who supposedly loved her not cooperating is enough to bring out the mob mentality.

  • gina

    I’m off here for a few days. The thought of the Anthony’s, those unstoppable lying machines are interfering with my well being.

    Nothing like this has ever affected me so strongly before, a public case involving someone I don’t even know. I am hurting for Caylee & until justice is done, it’s hard to get the image of her reading her book, or singing songs out of my head.

    I have a grand daughter who resembles Caylee, Madison’s 5, also sweet, innocent & beautiful. I know without a doubt I would seek justice for her & cooperate with police, nothing but complete honesty if I had a monster like Casey as a daughter.

    Luckily I have a son who’s a nice person & good father & he & his wife adore their children.

  • Linda

    ocm,I loved your comment made alot of since!#326, you are a person who has compassion for your fellow man!I like that very much,some people do not know what compassion means are they get to mad in almost a rage to let off steam!I feel sorry for people like that, they never get it!they dont slow down enough to relize how they really sound,and I would say to these people jesus had compassion,When he was dieing on the cross,He said Father forgive for they no not what they do! compassion is a good thing to have,Ihope george is better and cindy they need help and love from there follow men and woman, send them people with compassion FATHER IN YOUR HOLY NAME ! AMEN

  • ProofReader

    People!!!! Please proofread your posts before hitting the publish button. Especially you, Linda. Check your spelling, clean up typos, and use PUNCTUATION!!!!! It makes reading your posts much easier. Linda, I had to give up on yours. Clean it up!!!

  • Thank you Linda for the compliment. I see that we are kindred in personal philosophy. I can’t help but wonder how this self imposed vigilantism and personal prosecution of Cindy and George who have not been charged with committing a crime seems justified. I realize these kinds of tragedies keep Nancy Grace employed, but what does keeping your blinders on do for her followers personally? I see this rage is erosive to one’s spirit:

    “shutting her pie hole & making an ass of herself”

    “It’s the Anthony’s fault that their neighbors were suffering due to the noise & racket.”

    “That would be doing the taxpayers who are feeding her horse face a huge favor”

    “then execute no matter what unfolds, it will set them free”

    “The grandmother is a raving bitch who is making a total ass of herself”

    “I hope she goes down too”

    “I hope they all rot in hell”

    “It’s too much for a sane person to swallow or buy that we should feel one iota of sympathy for this lying callous bit**”

    “I wish someone would slap the truth out her”

    “Cindy Anthony deserves every insult, every disrespectful word thrown her way. She has earned our contempt”

    The Anthony’s are charged with no crime, they are victims in a family tragedy. Whether or not we agree with their actions, we have no right to protest or litter on their property, harrass them, prevent them from their right to peace as a citizen, use double standards when contacting them by any member of the household, inject ourselves into their lives without taking full responsibility for our own actions, call them names, threaten to harm them and justify our bad temperments and narrow gauge as vigilante justice deserved as it is considered illegal in most states in America. Fueling this only inspires hatred and hatred belies misery.

    Let’s all take a minute and really sympathize for the real loser here, little Caylee who had no idea how loved she would be, I hope she knows now.

  • Linda

    Proof Reader, Sorry you are having a problem.I think sometimes, i get into to much of a hurry, also due to poor eye sight even with glasses due to having diabetes.Have proof read and cleaned it up and when i post some of the letters are missing or changed i dont no why?I Have had no other complaints!Also new at this,i will try harder. thanks

  • ProofReader

    Linda; I understand. Thanks!

  • Anon

    Yeah baby, I say they deserve all of what you just criticized people for saying +1000 more awful insults. Do you have some kind of infinity for baby killers OCM, since you go out of your way to defend Casey & her whole ugly deceitful family??

    I don’t need a “court of law” to wait & tell me Casey is guilty & her family are sneaking manipulate Casey soldiers who will goose step right in line with her for the big cover up they are now in the middle of.

    Anyone who has eyes to see, ears to hear, can think for themselves & knows this family & spun a web of lies from ALMOST the beginning. They circled the wagons, now we will do the same in honor of Caylee & force these freakish beings into telling the truth.

    But it’s ok for you OCM to hurl insults at Nancy Grace, call Dr. Laura a ‘slut’ & worse.So you are the only one who can call people bad names & hate them, am I right????

    I’m not talking about violence or bodily harm against these coconspirators(The f’ing Anthony’s), I’m saying keep the pressure on confront everyone of their lies, make life hell until they start telling the truth. They can go to hell for what I care, but before they do step up & be the family you always should have been for little Casey, you know what happened now be woman & man enough to admit it.

    “shutting her pie hole & making an ass of herself”(agree)

    “It’s the Anthony’s fault that their neighbors were suffering due to the noise & racket.”(agree)

    “That would be doing the taxpayers who are feeding her horse face a huge favor”(agree)

    “then execute no matter what unfolds, it will set them free”(the truth, agree)

    “The grandmother is a raving bitch who is making a total ass of herself”(agree)

    “I hope she goes down too”(agree)

    “I hope they all rot in hell”(they will, agree)

    “It’s too much for a sane person to swallow or buy that we should feel one iota of sympathy for this lying callous bit**”(agree, & we have a right to)

    “I wish someone would slap the truth out her”(agree, I’d be happy to beat it out of Casey)

    “Cindy Anthony deserves every insult, every disrespectful word thrown her way. She has earned our contempt(agree)

  • Dearest Annonomous,

    I am not defending any baby killer. I have never said anything denying Casey Anthony is anything but very guilty. With your eyes open you would see that my thoughts are much broader than that.

    I do not condone Nancy Grace or Dr. Laura as public, television personalities they are in fact hypocrites and a poor source of news. I also recommend you turn the station at fabricated current events as told by Rush Limbaugh. Does anyone listen to public radio, NPR? BBC? Anyone? Read Google news from all over the world? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? The timeframe, interviews, e-mails, text messages, etc. etc. etc. all speak for themselves

    Because they do not reacte in the way you wish them to, towards their own daughter, in a timeframe acceptable to you, does not make them co-conspirators in a crime they were unware of nor does it justify anything illegal you may condone against them as private citizens.

    Circling the wagons? Come on, get your head in the 21st century at least!

    Peace and Love

  • Anon

    I will turn the tables one confused mom-

    (Has this been proven in a court of law, or just your opinion??) I disagree, I say the Ducket woman was pushed over the edge because she’s guilty of killing her son, again a soft spot for suspected child killers?) The comment below is your opinion & my opinion differs. Do you need a court of law to tell you yours was the right one, no, well neither do we. Plus the people who KNOW Casey is guilty have been given hard cold facts to back up Casey’s guilt & the Anthony’s cover up, what’s your excuse for defending them??

    ocm says-Nancy Grace has a suicide on her head of one she accused prior to her trial. Nancy is responsible for a death herself so I consider her a hypocrite in the same respect that Dr. Laura is a slut and tells

  • Anon

    Do you have proof in a court of law Dr. Laura is a slut??? I hate her too, but you sure can be judgemental yet expect others to be quiet if they are saying something you don’t want to hear. Move to communist Russia if you hate free speech OCM, but here we can hate Cindy, George & Lee as much as you dislike Dr. Laura & call her a slut.

    We are not communist [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]. And with all the evidence of the Anthony’s lies, which are taped & filmed, I know we are correct in our opinions.

    You got film or tape of Dr. Laura being a slut??

  • Anon

    ocm- You didn’t just not agree with Nancy G & Dr. Laura. Let’s see Nancy Grace has a suicide on her head, Dr. Laura is a slut, right OCM?

    Nancy Grace was the victim of a violent crime. Where’s your compassion OCM??? You sure find it for those involved in murder don’t you. Guess what, without proof of Nancy causing a suicide ‘in a court of law’ you could be charged with malicious slander. Do you have proof? Because we do when it comes to the Anthony’s, who you decide to trash is based on your small meaningless opinions.

  • Anon

    OCM- I can go back & compile a list of harsh words that you have directed toward people you dislike. So who one chooses to vent against is subject to who you deem worth or unworthy of such critism, right?

    And what’s funny about that is you are always on the suspected criminal or their family’s side. Show them compassion, but not the victims or others who want them brought to justice & have been victims of crimes themsleves.

  • Anon

    Rush Limbaugh is an arrogant, over bloated, self absorbed, right wing, pill popping racist pig who is full of nothing but hot stinky air. That’s my opinion OCM. You hate Nancy I hate Rush, so go figure.

  • Anon

    One more though ocm, what’s with the ranting about us watching the news, now your going to dictate who we should watch & listen to when you have no idea how much more informed I am than you or who I choose to get my news from. again, Russia is beautiful this timne of year OCM, all that snow, you would fit right in with a dictatorship telling everyone what to do & say. But here in America, you don’t get to tell anyone what to read, listen to eat drink screw whatever.

    But criminals will be punished, & so will their family members if they are involved, don’t like it, too damn bad. and we have a right to voice our hatred of the Anthony’s actions since they have not stepped up for precious Caylee but covered up for killer Casey.

  • I seem to be hitting a tender nerve I see.

    “Rush Limbaugh is an arrogant, over bloated, self absorbed, right wing, pill popping racist pig who is full of nothing but hot stinky air. That’s my opinion OCM. You hate Nancy I hate Rush, so go figure.”

    I never supported Casey Anthony???!!

    I said nothing supporting Rush Limbaugh!! Quite the opposite. Even when we agree, there is even argument????????

    There are websites and books devoted to what a hypocrite and slut Dr. Laura is, that’s a no brainer. She is a working mother who is wealthy leading the poor to quit their jobs and depend on a man, only. you only have to listen for 15 minutes to understand her premise.

    To suggest is not to demand, I have demanded nothing from anyone here! I find this laughable. I have suggested to very closed minded people to reconsider their path of passing judgement.

    Nancy Grace is a hurranging horrible person who like Dr. Laura works millions under the guise of a public service. Anyone with a brain stays clear from any FOX program, that’s a no brainer in more ways than one!

    Whats with all the personal insults? I don’t get it, I thought this was to provoke thoughts. I just seem to be provoking rage which seems to prove my point.

    You can’t teach a dog to write.

    Communist Russia? Where have you been?!!! There is no such place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to wet my pants now!

    QVC anyone? Cheetos?

  • Linda

    OCM, I know what you mean, its like can not handle the stress and they go off!And make ther self look worse than the people they are attacking!Some of them hear the word GOD and move on.If cindy and george were as bad as some say,just think they could have pulled out a gun and shot 2or3 poeple or even more and claimed tem-insanity because the people were comming on there property and acting crazy!There are people out there in this world that will kill you for that kind of stuff!I really think they had to be pretty good people not to have hurt someone,I know one thing they would not do that crap to my husband!Im the sane one here.I really dont know how they made it throught that! Yes, they would be locked up like casey if they had been charged with a crime,so far they have not!Have you ever heard of the person who calls there self proof reader? Linda

  • Linda

    See what i mean?It left out they,I had its like they, and then it left out the r in make there self? Any body got a clue why this is happening? I proof read it!One more comment, I would not have the nerve to go on someones property and act that way!The Anthonys got the water hose,someone eles would have got there gun! So us what kind of people are they again!

  • Gina & Linda #’s 385-386.

    Thank you for your comments. It just confirms to me that I was wrong in making accusations & comments in reference to Lee being Caylee’s father. I have not slept for two nights – I suppose a little bit of ‘self-condemnation’ for falling into the trap and insanity over this case.

    Linda – your comment re: Jesus, while dying on the cross – asked “our Father in heaven, forgive them – for they know not what they do.” I had to ask myself, why do I feel I have the right to condemn or accuse ANYONE??

    The last time I checked He also stated “judge not,lest you be judged.”

    I in no way condone, the murder of little Caylee.

    As for me, like Gina, I am taking a long, deep breath and a couple of days away from it all. Regardless of what “I” think, I’m quite sure that GOD has it ALL under control.

    Here’s hoping that each & everyone here has a wonderful day.


  • grandma also….

    I think some of you are missing part of the point OCM is trying to say. I do have to agree with her as far as the Anthony family goes. They are not the ones who murdered Caylee, I’m sure they have thoughts over and over again wishing they could have changed certains days and so many “what if’s?” I do believe they loved their grand daughter very much. I can only imagine how hard it much be to believe that your own child is capable of doing something like this. When I first heard of the news, I prayed that they would find her and her mother didnt do the unthinkable.
    I guess I have some compassion for the grandparents because how hard it is to have lost your granddaughter and pretty much your daughter as well.

  • Anon

    Linda do yourself a favor & learn to read & spell.

  • Anon

    Grandma- They lied & lied again to protect Casey & refused to seek justice for Caylee, wrong hairbrush, washing Casey’s pants (evidence), saying it smells like a dead body in Casey’s trunk, then all three of the Anthony’s BACK PEDDLING & (Lying) saying it didn’t smell like a dead body in Casey’s trunk (bad pizza, dead squirrels), that’s why we are disgusted with the Anthony’s.

    Get it- it’s how some of us feel & nothing will change our minds until the Anthony’s introduce themselves to something strange & unfamiliar to them– a thing called THE TRUTH & THEN TELL IT…

  • Anon

    OCM-Cheetos & QVC, don’t eat them never watched or shopped there. So more than likely it’s you who has these habits- which nothing is wrong with it, but you are projecting what you are onto others.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]. Still can’t help but wonder why you are always defending suspected child killers(Ducket, Casey) or their screwed up families (the Anthonys). Can you enlighten us what has happened to you that makes you a defender of suspected murderers of children??? Really???

    There might be hope for the Anthony’s after all, just saw on the news that the blanket, Whinnie the Poo, may have put doubts in their minds as to whether Casey is innocent, well duh, about time. If they can finally own up to the truth, something they’ve actually known since about June I have hope for them yet.

  • Linda

    Im happy you are going to take a rest,i saw a picture of caylees real dad and she looked just like him! Police have also talked to him,he was one of caseys old boyfriends best friends, there was an e-mial address on bloggersnews.net and it had his picture on there,she was his child for sure! The reason i started posting my comments was so i could have a voice for GOD and Caylee!I never ment to judge or hurt anyone and if i did im sorry!This is the way i feel when i think about caylee, Jesus came and took her home with him, because he loved her more than anyone!He could not stand for his baby Angel to suffer any more, he took her sweet little soul to a far better place. A place where she is wanted and loved!She will be one of his sweetest Angels and her sunshine will never be taken away from her again!What a sweet little singer, with so much feeling she could sing so beautiful, now she will sing for Jesus every day in his land of milk and honey, babies are a gift from GOD!Sweet dreams baby girl, because JESUS has you inside his golden gates where no harm will ever come to you again,Thank you GOD for being there when your little Angel, CAYLEE needed you the most!!!And please know GOD will punish who ever harmed caylee! I in no way condone, the murder of Angel Caylee or any one who did any harm to her, Linda

  • ProofReader

    Anon #405 AMEN to that!

  • Linda

    Is it ANON, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO READ!read # 389, maybe you need to take a BREAK!I read some of your post, you dont mind hurting anyones feeligs do you? SAD! LOVE FAITH AND THE GREATEST IS LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE LINDA

  • Linda

    # 410 AMEN TO THAT!

  • Linda

    Anon, why are you attacking me, is it beacause you have ran everyone eles off?I have seen alot of misspelled words!Do you get paid to proof-read comments,and make remarks about them?Just skip my comments,dont need your ugly remarks!!!!!!!!!!This is a personal attack and you need to STOP!!!!!!!can you read this?

  • Anon

    Yes, I can read it Linda & maybe it’s that I find you, Grandma & OCM very frustrating & irritating & I’m directing some of the anger I feel for the lying Anthony’s onto you.

    So, it probably has more to do with what I think of your words, peppered with God & forgive & all this stuff of who are we to judge than your spelling, I admit I misspell, who doesn’t.

    Yet all three of you have judged & decided to show compassion for the Anthony’s which is every bit your right I know, but unfathomable to me how you could since they are liars. IMO God doesn’t take kindly to a family who joins together to cover up a murder of an innocent child.

    My opinion will soften toward them only if & when they begin to tell the truth. There are signs today from news sources & People magazine that Cindy & George are finally starting to admit what they have known since smelling Caylee’s rotting corpse in Casey’s car trunk since July of 2008.

  • “[Edited] Still can’t help but wonder why you are always defending suspected child killers(Ducket, Casey) or their screwed up families (the Anthonys). Can you enlighten us what has happened to you that makes you a defender of suspected murderers of children??? Really???”

    Linda, is this the message I portray here?!

    Grandma, Do you understand this (these) reactions to my point of view?

    Jenna – You rock! I hope I meet 3 more people who are so wise and intraspective as you today.

    What’s with the personal attacks? Oh oh oh oooooooooooooooooo now you hate me and I AM A FRIEND OF CHILD KILLERS boogedy boogedy boogedy – I just don’t understand where this comes from, especially if you have children you grow a mothers unmeasurable heart for love and compassion and understand the world is not black and white.

    I find it VERY interesting that I keep working these people into such a rage that they must take time and days off to recover!

    Linda, no one is judging your message on mispelled words. I think your message is beautiful and I am not even religious (oh here it comes, I am the demon spawn of something!!) but I appreciate your beliefs.

    This is really crazy, but all the distraction is curing me from my obsessing over this case. I am coming to realize that the obsession is not going to have a rational answer, it will only continue to be a very very sad tale. I think my perplexed, curiousity is satisfied enough and I don’t think I want to know all the details now that I have learned to care about this little girl, it would feel too painful I think.

    I think I will better serve the world just being nice.

    Peave and loaves.

  • Anon

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] It’s the subject of Caylee that eventually takes it’s toll on some people who care, that’s all.

    When justice finally prevails, I think many of us will be able to find some peace & condolence that Casey will not get away with killing her baby. It’s happened too many times before, high priced lawyers & experts get killers off & they are free, entering into a civilized society where they don’t belong. Personally, I won’t believe Casey will be convicted until it happens. That’s why I think a lot of us are on edge, the possibility Casey could get away with killing her little girl.

  • Mia76

    For those who have sympathy for the Anthony’s I don’t understand you. BUT, it’s not about anyone but Caylee, you are not the subject who gets us ‘all worked up’ it’s a murdered child we’ve come to know & care about.

    Just like Casey you really think the emotions here are all about you, reality check you are nobody to me & I think I can speak for most of us here nothing to them either. You have opinions we just don’t get, but to think it will ruin our lives, or even our day, if you believe that you have illusions of grandeur. The term for it is narcissism.

    What happened to Caylee, the precious angel makes my blood boil. You are like a pesky little insect if you annoy me, I can ignore what you say, simple as that.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    There are those who have been kind enough to share their own personal experiences that they have had with sociopaths. I was wondering if there are others who have a story to share as well, related to living or dealing with a sociopath.
    I have also been working on an article about Narcissism and how it is similar and how it is different than sociopathism. Does you think there is any any interest in this topic?

    Juliann Mitchell, PhD

  • kitt

    Just a comment in response to an earlier post;

    Jesus had nothing to do with this murder. Jesus did not come and take Caylee home with him. This baby was murdered, and Jesus played no part in that.

    Linda….bloggersnews.net doens’t even come up when I search for it.

  • grandma also….

    I dont think you are understanding the point here: having compassion for the anthony family doesn’t mean we agree with the some of the lies (mistakes) that they have told. They are a hurting family. I think they were in denial (wouldn’t anyone of us loving parents had felt the same?)
    Casey will get her punishment soon enough, its just a shame it takes so long for it to happen.
    I’m just saying give these grandparents some time and go though the stages. I’m sure Cindy did some wrong things because she didn’t see the “truth” about casey unitl now. probably because she didnt want to believe it. I could hardly believe it when I first heard the story and she’s not my daughter! its hard to believe some one can be so evil.
    BUT, I believe the grandparents loved caylee more than anything, so why should be all go on hating them and trashing them.
    for the few of you that understand……
    thanks for listening

  • “Just like Casey you really think the emotions here are all about you, reality check you are nobody to me & I think I can speak for most of us here nothing to them either. You have opinions we just don’t get, but to think it will ruin our lives, or even our day, if you believe that you have illusions of grandeur. The term for it is narcissism.

    What happened to Caylee, the precious angel makes my blood boil. You are like a pesky little insect if you annoy me, I can ignore what you say, simple as that”

    More names and insults and now I am a narcissist because I have a completely different viewpoint than this lunch mob? Illu


    I have fended off the worst attacks here for trying to express my point of view and ask a few deeper questions that neither the doctor has answered or anyone has considered civilly.

    Illusions of grandeur?!!!

    I am getting no intelligence from this place. This doctor has sat back, including the mediator and allowed a battle of wits to continue to hurtful and personally insulting degrees.

    All of this has cured me, I want to be nothing like what I have experienced here. I was hoping to learn something, not dumb down.

  • Case in point:

    You know me personally about as well as you know the Anthony family and I have been diagnosed, accused of false opinions, called names and driven from your reality. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Mia76

    OCM now you are blaming Dr. Juliann Mitchell because ‘she allowed people to disagree with you’ good Lord? Self absorbed much, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, it’s about Caley. Look up Narcissism do some self reflection, get help & IMO don’t utter another word until you do. You are embarassing yourself.

  • Mia76

    I should correct what I said above, it’s not my place to tell someone not to make a fool of themselves, just my opinion. By the way, the ‘Moderator’ has been on top of things at this website, which is why he or she deleted some of OCM’s comments marking them ‘personal attacks’.

    So don’t worry OCM the Moderators are doing their job [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

  • Linda

    ANON, Sorry you feel frustratied and irritated!As for GOD my feelings are true,and if i judged some one already said sorry!I will and can show compassion, if i feel some one is hurting thats who Iam!It is my right!GOD dose not take kindly to people who find others frustrating and irritating!Because Im Angery!Sounds like CASEY!!iF the Anthonys had anything to do with a cover up, you can bet! They will be charged!so far they have not!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    kitt, Sorry you feel the way you do about my feelings!I said on my post,that was how I FELT!I never said Jesus had anything to do with a murde!Jesus, IN MY MIND came and took Caylee home with him, he was there when she needed him! You belive what ever you want to belive! SEARCH AGAIN! OR YOU CAN CALL Simon Barrett he has blog talk radio [edited]

  • Linda

    One Confused Mom, I-am just getting back, you sound like a person, who has compassion for others.People who do not sound like the caseys of this world! read #417, is this what you got from reading my post? Its your right to belive in religion or not! On that subject: I-am not a religious fanatic! It was my finger nails causeing alot of the problems i was having, hitting 2 keys. I-am doing better i think, can see better with husbands glasses i need new ones. Anyway about your post, I say you go girl!!!

  • anon

    What do you think Casey thinks of her fathers “Attemped Suicide”? Has she made any comment?

  • Sam

    Narcissism– yes, please explain and relate to how there might be lack of compassion or empathy for others, importance of status or the appearance of status, and how are relationships with ‘inferior’ people and family members.

    Can someone who is a sociopath not be involved in criminal activities but the opposite, where they have the resources to control and affect their will on others by using lawyers as a front and to not stop when they have caused harm, physically through stress, financial drain, beyond the point of reason or financial gain for themselves but a step further to not end the stress until someone is broken down and may even be at serious risk to health. What happens if someone is interested in the field of psychology because they are introduced to it through their own needs, and advance to the point where they turn their expertise around and use it against someone, knowing how to be effective in maintaining a situation of high and endless stress for someone who might be fragile from age and health?

  • Linda

    Kitt, bloggernews.net casey anthony

  • Gina

    Something happened today that made me realize that thank goodness, I’m nothing like Casey. We rescued two feral cats a brother & sister, been with me 5 months. They female Oreo is tiny & I was going to wait another month before I got her spayed thinking she’s too young. Well this morning she went into heat & we have a flap door where our dogs & cats can come in & out which saves our carpet, no more accidents.

    So Oreo is in the yard causing a commotion I didn’t realize it yet. When I saw my neutered cat Tyler make a attempt to go after Oreo I realized what was happening. I caught her locked her in a room until the morning & we’ll bring to the vet to get fixed. Her brother Stash all the sudden goes outside in the yard & their are big tomcats coming from out the woodwork wanting to fight him over Oreo. I guess Oreo’s smell traveled miles, we’re in the country. Before I could even take in what was happening a big black tomcat chased Stash into the woods.

    He was missing for most of the today until a few minutes ago about 9 hrs. It’s unlike Stash to venture out past our yard & I was worried sick. I have been running around my house all day, looking outside, climbed under our deck, in the basement thinking he came back & I missed it. Then I ventured out into the woods flashlight in hand spending about 3 hours whistling & calling for him in the dark.

    He just now popped up in the yard, snow on his face, looking scared & confused. Tyler started chasing him & he ran through the flap inside the house. I blocked off the flap door & will leave it that way until we bring Oreo & the smell of her being in heat goes away. Tyler was neutered but still wants to fight other males over Oreo then all these other male cats are wanting to get to her.

    Point is, I was worried sick about my little boy Stash, he’s only 6 months old & so sweet, not a fighter. I had visions of another cat tearing into him & maybe slicing his face, even killing him.

    By the evening today I was inconsolable when my husband got home I just broke down. I even got mad at him because I wanted to blame someone. He says Stash might come back, I got so angry & said what do you mean might, he’s part of this family, he lays on my lap everynight, he’s a big baby. I cried & this dread came over me worried that Stash was hurt & this is an animal!!

  • Gina

    What happened with Stash today made me think back to when my son hit puberty. When my son, an only child hit 13 years ago, he went through a stage, tested me & my patience. A couple times he didn’t come home at his curfew for a party or hanging out with friends. I still remember being frantic, crying & calling all his friends, talking to all their parents driving around the neighborhood, not being able to concentrate on anything eat, sleep nothing until he came home. And the relief when I found him was like your life is worth living again.

    That’s a normal caring parent’s reaction, not the sociopath Casey Anthony who actually made fun of her Mother Cindy crying over missing Caylee, mocking her saying ‘Oh she’s crying already’ during their August jailhouse visit, it doesn’t add up, she’s subhuman, some freak of nature who should be put out her misery.

  • Kitt

    Linda, my mistake for omitting two words from my last post. Those two words? “I feel…”

    I FEEL Jesus had absolutely no part in this murder. I FEEL that if either Jesus or God had the power to “come take Caylee” away, or to be there for her in her time of need, either of them would have shown up on the scene LONG before it ever got to the point of her being murdered.

    You want to pick me apart, go for it. I’m not playing your game.

    You seem like you’re teetering on the edge of hysteria.

    You FEEL and I FEEL. Simple as that.

  • Kitt

    If you had spelled the website correctly the first time, there would have been no problem.
    Please take the kind advice of ProofReader, especially when you’re referencing a particular website.

  • Gina

    Have you all heard Casey does not want to appear in court tommorrow morning & Baez issued some kind of waiver to overrule the judge decision that Casey must show up for all future court hearings?

    But the judge over ruled Baez’s waiver & she must appear at 8:30 am. Casey then says she doesn’t care if she’s charged with contempt of court she won’t be there. Which the judge responded that id she refuses to go, the officers can use physical force & drag her in if that’s what it takes.

    Casey still doesn’t get it, not everyone is Mommy & Daddy who say sure gorgeous, you’re the boss sweetheart, ok you don’t have to do it you are in charge darling now don’t get upset. I’d love to see her dragged by her hair, that would wipe that smirk right off her face.

  • Gina

    Anon asked what do we think Casey’s reaction was to her father’s suicide. From what I know, the jail doesn’t have the authority to disclose what her reaction was. I don’t know if it was Baez or the correctional facility who told her.

    My guess, Casey secretly loved it, look at how she smiled from ear to ear when her Mother cried during those jailhouse visits, never mentioning Caylee.

    Casey probably masturbated to the thought of her father overdosing & having his stomach pumped because of her henious actions. She was equally thrilled that it did further damage to her Mother Cindy. I’m not being sarcastic or raunchy, she thrives off the misery of others, especially her parents. That’s one reason she killed Caylee, to hurt her Mother.

  • jaa1169

    I, for one, cannot wait to see the crazy KC tomorrow…i think i may stay home from work!
    I cannot wait to see the effects of the treats! the beauty products! ad nauseaum
    In reality, i am only looking forward to a trial, hopefully soon, then some obstruction charges, which i am enthusiastically looking forward to.

  • jaa1169

    Sam, nice post,
    I find this whole thing fascinating, yet still so sad. A little girl is dead! The family is choosing to forget this fact, and the mother is an evil monster!
    It is unbelievable to me that people would support the evil beyotch, with money in jail, and that her parents and family are so willing to go along with everything. sorry, ocm, i have a child who got into trouble, and i turned him in….hoping that he would stop doing things before age 18, he had already been in trouble (hacking) at age 15. We turned him in , took him into our local police station, saying identity theft had been happening. He got prison time, at age 18, for a financial theft, I hope Miz KC gets the needle.And i also hope that le charges the rest of the fam damily!

  • Linda

    KITT, Big deal!!!! If your so smart why didnt you figure it out! I, Like you made a mistake by adding an s at end of blogger, SLIP OF THE OLD FINGER! About my comment, Its not me pickin you apart! You are picking my comment apart! Why? Do you want to change it? To, what Kitts feelings are and how she deals with her feelings about caylee? I know casey murdered caylee!!!!!!!!!! I said this is how i deal with it in my own mind!! Are you trying to tell me something, maybe you do not belive in GOD OR JESUS, if thats it find! alot of people dont, untill they lay dieing!!!! faith hope and love and the greatest is LOVE !!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Kitt, Do not for get to add your words!!I think i have been extremely provoked and challenged! You seem to be teeting on emotional break down!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Gina, Great comment #430 What this girl has done to her mother and father is indeed horrible!She had them thinking because there was no body she was innocent, and that caylee had been kidnapped!They wanted to belive in her and have faith in her because they wanted caylee back!!!!Casey has no concious!You can see the effects its had on them! I saw that jail house visit, unfortunately they have brought alot on there self by trying to belive her, but at that point they were willing to do anything to get caylee back! casey is Evil, she deliberately killed caylee because she did not want her and hated her parents, SAD! LINDA

  • Gina

    I feel torn right now, I have vented a lot of anger, harsh words, hostility toward all of the Anthony’s, especially Cindy (besides Casey) of course. And I still do but I went to this web site where they have videos of Cindy being interviewed by detectives. She wasn’t really the conniving, callous, hard case I expected her to be.

    Yes I still think she’s lying, but her voice wasn’t angry it was desperate & pathetic. You could see her thinking– what hell would be thrust upon her family next?? It was before the remains were discovered & the detective was hard on her, not overly but pointing out how she changes her stories, like the smell in the trunk, how she’s hurting her image of as a caring grandmother by talking out against Equisearch, police, FBI, how she withheld evidence like her medical records they asked for.

    She withheld her JCPenney bill detectives asked for, Casey stole her card charged thousands.
    Detectives pointed out how as a nurse she knows damn well what a dead body smells like.

    He methodically pointed out all of Casey’s lies, all the people she ‘worked with’ who don’t exist, how she has not worked since 2006, lies about going to Jacksonville, phone calls from Caley she never received, no Zani the Nanny exists, etc.

    How Cindy started falsely incriminating Jesse Grund for having Caylee. One by one he proved everything Casey has said was a lie, & a lot of Cindy’s lies & tampering with evidence, etc.

    She’s a hard headed woman who interrupted him constantly & he told her so. But a part of me almost sympathized with her, there was such pain in her voice, not anger, but a deep sadness that I didn’t realize she had until I watched these short clips.

    I never thought I’d say I felt a little sorry for the lady, but I do, and I actually think the detective felt for her to as he held her hands trying to get her to see the light, Casey did too many things he just couldn’t ignore, Casey killed Caylee. He didn’t say it outright, but he tried to make her see that’s what it’s all leading up to.

    She kept insisting they need to follow up on ‘live sighting’ & he gently told her he must follow all leads & it all goes back to Casey knowing where the child was. As we found out in December, he was unfortunately right.

    Am I crazy to feel bad for these liars?? Not Casey, I hope she fries, but these people, I don’t know, they need to tell the truth to escape at least some of this agony. I still say no denial, but confusion & covering up for Casey, yet it’s a horrible position to be in.

    If anyone wants to listen go here.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Sam,

    I am going to try to answer your questions.

    Sam said,

    Can someone who is a sociopath not be involved in criminal activities but the opposite, where they have the resources to control and affect their will on others by using lawyers as a front and to not stop when they have caused harm, physically through stress, financial drain, beyond the point of reason or financial gain for themselves but a step further to not end the stress until someone is broken down and may even be at serious risk to health.

    Juliann said:
    Sam, quite simply “Yes.” Some sociopaths are brilliant manipulators and will use others to do their bidding. My experience with soiciopaths is that they just don’t stop until someone is destroyed physically, psychologically, emotionally, and/or financially. They take great pleasure in others self-destruction. All the while accepting no blame for whatever lives they have directly or indirectly destroyed.

    Sam said:

    What happens if someone is interested in the field of psychology because they are introduced to it through their own needs, and advance to the point where they turn their expertise around and use it against someone, knowing how to be effective in maintaining a situation of high and endless stress for someone who might be fragile from age and health?

    Juliann said:

    Yes Sam I do think it is possible to have sociopaths in the mental health field. Because there are sociopaths in every occupation although they seem to be more predominant in law, medicine, financial advisors, showbiz and politics. However it is possible to take the knowledge and skills that one acquires as a psychologist/psychiatrist/social worker/ counselor and hurt others. I honestly have never met a sociopathic mental health professional but I have known and interacted with some narcissistic professionals. Sociopaths seem to have an inate ability to sense vulnerabilities in others and know how to skillfully exploit them for their own needs and gains.

    Thanks for the thoughtful questions. Best wishes.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    I understand about your protectiveness and deep love for your cats. I, too, treat Buttons, our dog and Salem our cat as they are members of our family.

    Hope all is well at your house today. I know it’s been traumatic looking for Stash and thinking he was missing and not knowing if he would return. Thank goodness he did.


  • kitt

    Gina, In your last posting, your thoughts and feelings are very similar to mine.

    I have felt both sympathy and anger toward Cindy. I understand her need to believe in her daughter, even with mounting evidence pointing toward Casey’s guilt.

    I have felt compassion toward George, even more so since his recent hospitalization. I’ve always felt that if any of this bunch were to eventually come clean, it would be him. He has seemed to have been heavily weighted down by all that he knows, suspects, and feels. I believe it became too much for him to bear on his own. I’m glad that he is now under professional care that is focused on his well-being.

    I hope that Cindy has come to realize that the truth is the only way out. It’s time to stop defending Casey; both to bring justice for Caylee, and to hopefully restore some sense of sanity to the rest of this family, if that is at all possible.

    I did see Casey in court this morning. Maybe this is the first time in her life that she has ever had to comply to the rules and regulations set forth by somebody other than herself. If she hasn’t figured it out already, she’ll soon learn that she no longer makes the rules.

  • kitt

    Sam and Dr. Mitchell, post #441.

    Excellant questions, Sam.
    Dr. Mitchell, thank you for the answers. That is a frightening thought; to have sociopaths practicing in those fields!!!

    I think I may know a sociopath, but not sure. She is manipulative, but in a different way. She almost always starts out a conversation with phrases such as “Did I do something to make you mad?” “Are you mad at me?” “I’m sorry if I….” etc. I see this as her way of ensuring that any ensuing conversation will focus directly on her. She will also join in on a conversation that was already in progress before she arrived, yet at the first opportunity will somehow turn the conversation around to be about her. She has a beautiful 5 year-old son, and she uses him to gain sympathy, support, hand-outs (in the way of material and monetary), etc. She has used her son as a pawn in disputes with the father of the child. The father passed away recently. We all thought that now she had nobody to manipulate in regards to her son. Wrong. She quickly focused in on the family of the deceased father. It’s as if she can’t function if she has nobody with which to have an on-going battle. She hurts everybody she comes into contact with and seems to leave a trail of destruction.

    Dr. Mitchell, in your opinion, does this lady possess traits of a sociopath?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Kitt,

    Thanks for the question. To be honest I truly do not have enough information to make any kind of diagnosis. Antisocial Personality Disorder is usually associated with people who commit criminal acts. See post #335 which lists the characteristics of ASPD. Manipulativeness is a characteristic of ASPD but it is also of many other disorders. Additonally all of us can be manipulative but it is to what degree.
    So in the situation you described it sounds more like narcissistic tendencies. Please understand I am not saying she has a narcissitic personality disorder but that there seems to be narcissistic tendencies. Yes all of us can be self centered and self focused but it depends on how much and many other factors. A certain amount of self-confidence and self-preservation is healthy. One of the biggest factors with narcissists is the hidden feelings of shame. Sociopaths do not feel shame, narcissists do. Shame colors their world although it is not obvious to others.

    Best wishes,

  • kitt

    Dr. Mitchell,
    Thank you for your quick response. I completely understand what your view. Kitt

  • kitt

    Typo! I completely understand your view.

  • kitt

    Dr. Mitchell,
    In response to your post #416…Yes, I have an interest in the topic of Narcissism. I look forward to the completion of your article.

  • Gina

    Kitt I’ve been reading your comments & it seems like you are on the same page as I am in your opinions about the Anthony’s. I think to say they made ‘mistakes’ when they tampered with evidence gave the FBI the wrong hairbrush & and are ‘in denial’ when they still say Zanni the Nanny is a real person is being naive, their lies insult our intelligence.

    I still think if they told the truth their lives would at least have some sort of integrity it can’t get any worse for them. They would not be so depised by not everyone, but a large percentage of this country.

    Do you think they will ever start admitting the truth, or at least not make fools of themselves & still proclaim Casey’s innocence in public?

    Thanks for the comments about my cat Stash. Oreo was spayed today, she came home at 1:00 poor little girl is sore, we have her in a spare bedroom to keep her from all the males who are still showing up to get to her.

    Stash hasn’t been out since last night, I’m not going to block the doggie flap door until the smell subsides & all this calms down. He’s only 6 month old & not street wise, all these big tom cats are ready to fight each other & could really hurt him. Tyler is neutered so he’s not as bad as those other cats. What a mess, all my cats get spayed & neutered, wish I would have done Oreo sooner!

    I have a menagerie of rescued cats & dogs, never a dull moment. Stash will be neutered right after Oreo heals so he doesn’t run away, lured by females in heat!

  • Gina

    Abve, I meant to say I WILL BLOCK the doggie flap door so the cats can’t get out until the odor subsides & all the tomcats showing up out the woodwork go away!

    In a hurry going to eat supper & watch Nancy peace!

  • Gina

    Dr. Juliann, I’d love to know more about narcissism– do you have any published work or other websites. I think I know a few sociopaths & narcissists, but want to know more about the differences between them. I’d like to know if one is more prone to violent acts, criminal actions then the other, if one has anymore regard for the feelings of others, empathy or sympathy?

  • Gina

    Dr. Juliann, do you know anything about extreme shyness? I used to be painfully shy until my early 20’s, and my son was the same until he reached about 18. Is it hereditary, lack of confidence, caused by parental upbringing or maybe a combination of everything?

    It was very hard to overcome, my face used to burn red with embarrassment when I had to speak in public or talked to new people, going on dates was a nightmare to me, I was unusually quiet.

    I know shyness is fairly common but can really stifle one’s social life & eat away at your self esteem.

  • Kitt

    Gina, so glad to hear that all family members are home and in their rightful places! I’m also “mom” to a cat and dog and know how much they mean to us. It’s highly admirable, to me, that you have space in your home and in your heart for rescue animals. I myself don’t have the space, but I’ve helped make “connections” between homeless pets and people to take them in and give them love. What you do speaks volumes to me of your character. Kudos!

    The Anthonys…hhmmm. I’ve heard some talk on t.v. that Cindy and George are now not certain of their daughter’s innocence. Whether it’s true or not, who’s to say? I haven’t heard them say it themselves. But I hope it’s so. I think any reasonable person can take only so much, and can carry on a charade for only so long before they themselves become victims of a human trainwreck. Actually, they’ve carried it MUCH further than anybody I know would or could have!!

    Cindy didn’t sit in court today, and of course, there are a thousand guesses as to why. I see it as a good sign. I could be wrong. In the past, she’d been very vocal to the media, certainly not in a good light or to her advantage. So, with her not being there today, I suppose I hope it may mean that she’s coming around. Surely, even Cindy must have her own breaking point. I’ve had my own critical thoughts and opinions of her. I feel myself lightening up in that respect, and honestly feel there’s hope for her yet. Being a mother of two daughters, I can’t even begin to imagine how Cindy feels and what she is going thru with this horrific event. I mean, I know the mother’s love for her children, and her grandchild, as I am a grandma as well. But Cindy’s circumstances?….Wow, I can’t even go there.

    In any event, I do hope George will get well and carry it on from there.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Gina,

    How challenging and painful you and your son’s childhood and adolesence must have been. From the information you have shared it sounds as if both of you experienced Social Anxiety . This is more frequent among first degree biological relatives of those with social anxiety compared with the general popluation. It is not your fault that your son also experienced Social Anxiety. It just means that there was a greater likelihood that because you had social anxiety your children might also. I know it is excessively painful and undermines the self-esteem.

    Thanks also for your interest in the Narcissism and Antisocial Personality Disorder article. I am hoping to finish it this weekend or early next week. It will be on Blogcritics when completed.

    Best wishes,
    Juliann Mitchell

  • Kitt

    I recently had an employee who suffered from social anxiety. At first, I wasn’t aware of her condition. She was very quiet, very polite, and was one of my best workers, as she kept at task and didn’t socialize with the others in my department.

    She was a very recent hire and, recognizing what appeared to be an extraordinary work ethic, I saw in her what I believed to be somebody who could handle taking on new and bigger responsibilities. But the more I advanced her (with increased pay to match), the more it seemed like she withdrew. She started missing work, whereas before, her attendance was perfect.

    In my workplace, we do pre-work exercises every day. Each employee leads the morning exercises for one month. When it was this lady’s turn, she called in sick on the first day. The second day, she came to work, but just seconds before starting time, she came to me and said she wasn’t feeling well and excused herself to the restroom. She came out later, when exercises were finished. The third day, she tried to lead the exercises, but broke down and ran to the restroom. I gave her a few minutes before I went to check on her. She had recovered and was washing her face. When I asked if she was alright, she just fell completely apart. She told me that she has social anxiety and can’t put herself in situations such as being in front of people, being a leader, speaking to a group. I saw the terror and pain she was going thru; it seemed as if even explaining it to me was traumatic to her.

    I was a very shy child and young adult, so I understood at least that much of how she felt. I told her to go ahead and take the rest of the day off. She was very upset, embarrassed, and even putting herself down to me.

    The next day, she presented me with a note from her doctor, requesting she be excused from leading exercises. It wasn’t long after that, she turned in her resignation. This lady could have gone far within the company. Yet her condition held her back.

    I gradually outgrew my shyness as I got older and my self-esteem improved and confidence followed.

    My former employee was 43 years old. Dr. Mitchell, is this condition treatable?

  • Linda

    Caylee Memorial: Tuesday Feb-10th, 10.am

  • Linda

    Did anyone watch Nancy show? theres just to much smiling going on!I-am wondering if she thinks it will make people think she is really crazy! Or is she so happy caylees gone, she just cant hide it!!!!!!!!!She must have really Hated that baby! You will not be smiling very much longer!!So SMILE WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    What anguish your employee must have suffered. To answer your question, Yes there is treatment available and it is a condition that is very treatable. Here is a link if you or anyone else would like to read more. social anxiety support

    Best wishes,

  • Linda

    No memorial afterall, church kinda goofed with its big press release.This report from Orlandosentinel.com late last night!

  • Ishtar

    Hi Julianne

    Having survived a relationship with a sociopath who is now in prison for fraud, I can only second your description of a sociopath. You could’ve been writing about my ex. Only those who’ve encountered these creatures and seen their true faces can fully comprehend how frightening they are.

    They do not play by society’s rules. They see qualities like decency, kindness and compassion as weaknesses that they can exploit. The devastation that sociopaths wreak – I can’t even begin to describe it.

    Please keep informing people. The more we know, the better we are able to defend ourselves.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Ishtar,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your words are so true–sociopaths do wreck lives. Dealing with them is like being caught up in a hurricane that goes on forever. I wish you health, happiness, and healing. Be good to you.

    Best wishes,

  • Gina

    Ishtar, I can tell your words are from someone who had to deal with a lot of pain during & in the aftermath of your relationship with a sociopath. It’s good that you can at least come out of it identifying what this person was & move on with your life.

    I feel pity for those stuck with sociopaths, having one as a parent, or a child with a sociopathic Mother or Father. How can someone deal effectively with a sociopathic relative?

    Going by how Cindy & George reacted to their sociopathic daughter Casey some don’t do a very good job. I think enabling & making excuses for the sociopathic family member only adds fuel to the fire in their self absorbed, callous & sometimes violent criminal actions.

  • Devo

    There seems to be unprecedented fascination with this case and I have to admit, I have some curiosity about its players as much as anybody. However, I have somehow resisted judging any of these people, and that’s because I don’t know them. I also don’t know how I would react either, should I be suddenly cast into such a drama.

    I’ve read the tit for tat between OCM and Gina, until I couldn’t read any more without thinking that OCM is endowed with empathy that surpasses ordinary persons like Gina, who seems to be filled with some kind of hatred for Cindy Anthony and is determined to let the world know it. This is just my observation and I might be wrong about that.

    Human beings are complex organisms. None of us are demi-gods and we’re all capable of doing evil. All it takes are circumstances and some loss of connectivity to right or wrong.
    We live in a society with laws and boundaries. Those laws and boundaries are broken and crossed every day, many times undetected. What we see on the TV is blown out of proportion by the idea that we are somehow civilized and protected from these trespasses.

    I’m very saddened by Caylee Anthony’s death and the ensuing story behind it. I’m equally saddened by the attitudes of people who feel they own Caylee and that they have the right to judge her grandparents in the lawn of their home, putting placards in the hands of toddlers that say, “how could you kill an innocent child like me?” Really? By putting that placard in that child’s hands, she is no longer “innocent”. She is now taught “hatred”.

    The astrological alignments this past year and continuing into 2009 indicate a great deal of change, upheaval, destruction, and finally, rebuilding. The economy has darkened peoples senses and cases like this are poised to absorb some of the deafening negative energy.

    We can all have opinions, based on what information we have gathered, and we can even speculate as to what might have happened and whether Casey Anthony is a true sociopath, etc., etc., etc. What we have to be careful of is that we don’t fall into a trap of becoming worse than she is, hateful, vindictive, vengeful, obsessive. Its important to stay objective to learn anything from this case.

    We still have months to go before the trial starts. Give it a rest. Get a new hobby and keep your hat on straight, be the change.


  • Gina

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor. Gina, please just make your own comments and leave the policing of the site to those whose job it is. Your accusation was incorrect as well as rude, so it will be you that gets banned if you keep it up. Christopher Rose, Blogcritics Comments Editor]

    Creative, but I’m still wondering why you aren’t waiting for a court of law to prove Nacy Grace has a suicide on her head (your own words) & that Dr. Laura is a slut (also your own words). You say innocent until proven guilty & we should not speak harshly of those we don’t personally know. Yet, those words to live by don’t include you do they??

    Where’s you restraint when trashing Nancy Grace, why aren’t you waiting for the lawsuit to determine whether Nancy drove child killer Ms. Ducket over the edge into suicide. I still say what caused her suicide where her own actions, killing her child, her young son. And I’ll say whatever I want about Cindy Anthony because I don’t need a court of opinion to tell me she lies with a disturbing amount of ease & frequency, covering up for her daughter with one obstruction of justice action after another.

    The Anthony family are a pathetic clan of liars. But, if you had read one of my last posts I actually admitted I felt some sympathy for Cindy when I watched a video of police interrogating her. Cindy constantly interrupted the detective, lied, blamed Jesse Grund for the ‘kidnapping’ throwing an innocent person under the bus to save Casey came so easy to her, she never flinched.

    All the lies that Casey told & that Cindy herself told were pointed out one by one by detective Yuri, yet brick headed Cindy continued to interrupt & lie some more.

    Yet I felt sorry for her because her lies were digging a grave deeper for Casey, herself & the rest of the family. I felt bad because her pathological behavior is second nature & she’s so pathetic in her attempts to cover up for Casey, which makes it look like she never cared for Caylee.

    Once upon a time Cindy must have loved Caylee, but has not done justice for this child the moment she smelled the stench of Caylee’s rotting corpse in the trunk of Casey’s car. From that point on the whole family circled the wagons & went into cover up mode to get that bit** of a whoring sociopathic killer, their daughter out of paying for her crime.

  • Gina

    Also you still never explained your penchant for defending alleged child murderers. What’s in your past, or present time that draws you into defending them. Is there any particular reason that you identify with Casey & the Ducket woman, don’t know her first name. You have children of your own, are you treating them well?

    On Nancy Grace a famous psychologist said some people sending Casey money may feel sympathy for her because they identify with Casey as a frustrated Mother themselves. These young Mothers may have also acted on their anger toward their children & hurt them. It just makes me wonder if you identify with Casey for the wrong reasons.

  • Gina

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    That’s what’s so great about all the proof the police have released, transcripts, video, tv interviews. We know Casey is guilty & the Anthony’s are a unique group of stubborn pathological liars & bullies.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • wildsagefire

    The Nanny did it! Think about. Cindy ask Casey is there anything we should tell Zanny? Casey said FORGIVE her. On jail visit between mom and Casey it is recorded! Read between the lines. Casey is the nanny! Question to the doctor, Is her behavior that of, “Spilt personality” and is it possible? Didn’t she(casey) say (zanny)jumped on her or zanny sister? Something like that? How the nanny just loved Caylee? Put Casey’s name in place of the nanny, and it makes some sense. On those web sites you can be anybody, right? When she cared for Caylee durning the day she was the nanny. I just think if you put it together it could help understand her mental state. Could mom(Cindy forgive her because she(casey) couldn’t control zanny inside her head. I know it may out there, but to me it does make sense. When Casey tells people the nanny did it she is telling the truth. Maybe why she acts like she does! Just IMO

  • Devo

    Dr. Juliann, I’d be interested in your opinion about the hatred on this thread, particularly directed at Casey Anthony’s family and their alleged “cover-up” attempts. Is this a kind of disassociative mechanism to cope with frustration due to unresolved crime? The amount of energy directed into this hatred is disturbing and I think there is one person on this thread that needs some help. She is thinking or seemingly, that because Casey Anthony’s family have gone to her defense, the legal system cannot do their job maybe?

    The social psychology of this phenomenon is of interest to me because of the “group think” aspect, and the ability the media has to incite riot.

    Any insight on these ideas?

  • Marcia Neil

    There is an influence network that calls out picketers and people who will make signs and so forth — they operate through the telephone to elicit “reply” and “report” which are used to initiate immediate actions (right or wrong). Participation is not always voluntary; it is takes complaints to police to be free from the network, but look at how many police have been shot in this most recent decade.

  • anonymous

    Cindy Anthony do oyu kno who wtruly hated you are in the world? I mena any compnasion anyone ever had for you YOU yourself have destroyed with your nasty mouth and attitude. Anyone who doesnt do what YOU want them to do you turn on them like a snake in the grass. HMMM thi sis the example you set for your daughter dont get your way you condem ? I never liked you from the get go. i don tknow why maybe because I saw nothing in your eyes or Caseys no tonce ounce of compassion or real fear alll I saw was cold blank and empty. You rmouth constantly moves yet the rest of you as you love to boss and demand everyone else around just stands there doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to find thi slittle girl. Your Tote bag and your t shirt is that what you think is going to find Caylee? I bet ya didnt even pay for that someone else with a soul and heart gave them all to you didnt they? Tim Miller wont go on your wild goose chase so you turn on that angel of a man. However because he is such a kind soul he does have people looking in those areas you claim Caylee is in. But he knows the truth he knows because he has done this thousands of times seen this played out hundreds of times and has seen and heard what we all have the evidence.

    YOu dont want him searching for Caylee in thos eareas because I think you fear they will find Caylee and then you and your lying sniveling daughter will be finally exposed fully. Everyone and I mean everyone with the exception of you and your family have wanted from day one to find this little girl. I think what is funny and ironic in the end is because of people such hatred of you and Casey and their absolute love for Caylee it will have thousands turn out to search those swamps and forested areas. Lady this wasnt a witch hunt but let me tell you something I would be first in line to watch you hang with your daughter for this after all your nasty lies and comments made. Now everyone who ever wondered how on earth can Casey sit their so stone faced so cold knows why thats how you raised her and she is just a product of you. So in the end it may have no been by your hand that Caylee died but it might have been.
    AMYVS weblog from 9/4

  • anonymous

    Hutch Report

    Thursday, September 11, 2008
    Casey Anthony Case Proves People Need Someone To Hate

    As millions of people around the world have been following the case of Casey Anthony, something I was told a long time ago may be at play in this case. A wise person once told me that people always need to have someone to hate. Since the early days when mankind crawled out of caves and started modernizing their lives till today, there have always been crazy people that have been used by regular people to prop up their enter desire for hatred. From Hitler, to more recently OJ Simpson and now Casey Anthony – there are certain genes inside of most of us which cause this need to seek out strange and crazy people so we can hate them.

    In this crazy mixed up world, we don’t need to look far to find such people like Casey Anthony who waited a full month before she reported her two year old daughter Caylee missing to police. Then when you add to that strange behavior the daily lies that are released to the news media from Cindy and George Anthony – you have a ready made family that is easy for most people to hate. Poor OJ Simpson, right now he is on trial again in Las Vegas and hardly anyone cares to hate him anymore for his previous bad acts because the newest person in the world for everyone to hate is Casey Anthony.

    Whether it is because life is so hard or some other logical reason, there is no doubt that we are all ingrained with some kind of genetic signature in our DNA that gives us the urge to hate something or someone in our daily lives. At some future date, the case of missing Caylee Anthony will be solved and in one way or another her mother Casey Anthony will face justice. However, it won’t be long before some new person will become the worlds chosen person to hate for awhile and when that time comes – millions of people will focus all of their negative energy and hateful thoughts upon that new person.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    To answer your question I think the situation with Caylee’s murder taps into a lot of deep-seated emotions. It is not uncommon in murder cases for some people to seek those to blame other than the actual murderer. Because it is such a high profile case information related to it is everywhere which constantly fuels the emotional fires. People become polarized–those involved in the case become all bad or all
    good in some outsiders eyes.
    Sometimes in cases like this Caylee may remind us of someone we know personally or are related to and if that is the case then it can become very personal to us.
    There is also the phenomenon of anonymity. Anyone can post their thoughts and feelings while remaining completely anonymous. It is not as if we are all sitting in a room together sharing out thoughts and feelings. If we were then the dynamics might be somewhat different. It is one thing to post on a thread it is another to look someone in the eye and say the same thing.
    Lastly, I believe that Casey Anthony fits the criteria for ASPD-AntiSocial Pesonality Disorder but I would not begin to label George or Cindy or Lee or anyone else involved directly or indirectly. None of us knows how we would react if our daughter had been indicted for the murder our grandchild. We may think we know but in reality we don’t.
    Everyone is entitled to their thoughts. feelings. and opinions but this is not the place for name calling and deliberately hurting others feelings because we don’t all share the same opinions. It is healthy to disagree but what counts the most is how we choose to do that.
    Juliann Mitchell

  • anonymous

    If some here were the parents of Jesse Grund you sympathy for the anthony’s might go right out the door. She accused Casey’s former fiance of ‘having Caylee’ or else ‘knowing where Caylee was. Detective Yuri pointed out to her that he was 100% positive that Jesse Grund did not ‘have Caylee’ nor did Jesse know who had her.

    What if it was your innocent son Cindy anthony tried to incriminate in a high profile murder. Jesse’s life has been changed forever, another life ruined because it touched Casey’s life. And for Cindy to willingly, knowingly finger an innocent person so her whoring, child killer daughter can escape her just punishment is a new level of low.

    How do you think Jesse’s parents, who welcomed Casey & Caylee into their lives, who loved little Caylee as much as Jesse feels right now. Jesse paased a polygraph, the FBI believes him, yet the Anthony’s ARE STILL BANDYING HIS NAME AROUND HOPING SOMETHING, ANYTHING WILL STICK TO GET THIS MISTAKE OF A SUBHUMAN off for murdering their granddaughter.

  • anonymous

    Actually if you know anything about law enforcement you would realize the Anthony’s lies & obstruction of justice have wasted & eaten into a lot of wated time, money & man power. The washing of the pants (evidence), the back peddling with the smell of the decomposing body, saying oh no I made a mistake it was the bad pizza. That hasd to be tested & proven, lost man hours with thousands searching (equisearch), the wild goose chases on what the Anthony’s knew were not Caylee sightings. The refusal to turn over documents, JC penney statement, medical records, etc.

    The refusal to have Casey cooperate with the bondsman Leonard Padilla, they threw him out the home because he ‘talked to Casey like a cop”.

    I know Devo, a few others thinks the Anthony’s didn’t hinder the investigation & their lies & obstruction should be overlooked because it didn’t matter in the big picture, but that’s just wrong. It mattered to everyone who truly wanted to find that little girl & because of their lies months on end were wasted in having to disprove their lies & wild goose chases while Caylee’s remains were rotting in a Florida swamp less than a mile from their home.

    I have a suggestion, go to the Orlando Sentinel & view the short videos of detectives, Yri was the main one & the FBI interogating Cindy & George anthony. they pointed out all the lies, all the wasted time, in detail what the Anthony’s lies have costed in money & man power the investigation.

    Then come back here & tell us the anthony’s many obstructions of justice didn’t effect the overall case & that it didn’t delay finding Caylee or bringing Casey to justice.

  • anonymous

    I almost forgot, Cindy & George are still clinging to the Zanni the Nanny fiasco, another life ruined as Zaneida Fernandes Gonzales lost her job, had to move because of death threats in the beginning of the investigation, when it wasn’t yet clear what a lying sociopathic murderer Casey was. The anthony’s really pushed the Zaneida defense, knowing no such person existed, they had never seen or talked to her, FBI proved the apartments that Casey said she took Caylee to Zaneida were empty for months, another one was an old folks home. So the anthony’s in theor infinite wisdom STILL CHOSE TO BELIEVE IN ZANNI THE NANNY, a life ruined because of their public accusations when they were told no such nanny exists, who cares a real person was dragged through the mud, not Cindy George or Casey anthony.

  • Thank you for acknowledging my thoughts and expressions Devo, I could not have said it better and appreciate a fresh reflection of the points I feel compelled to have brought up here in the past.

    As you can see, this forum is not open minded in that is can consider many points of view and for agreeing with mine you may be maligned, called names, diagnosed and driven away by personal aggression and pointed attacks (I suspect in earlier times I would have been stoned and forced to wear a big red N on my cloke for disagreeing with the pack). Depending on what is popular with the group, there might even be a suggestion of further discussion made of an arbatrary diagnosis which is also peculiar and bends to the popular concensius, but is not intelligent.

    I am absolutely cured of this, thank you Gina for literally smacking some sense into me. Thanks to you I have gained perspective again. I will read on for reflections on occasion but have been back to fully concentrating on the events of a normal day. I highly recommend this for all Casey Anthony Case obsessors! She is a terrible terrible person, and there are too many sad cases of child horrors for my heart to bear, this is only one of too many. The guilt is obvious, I don’t know them, have grieved for their loss and it’s time to move on and allow law enforcement to prosecute the accused with no way out. There is no answer to the unending pain this woman has caused the country worrying about her child who she murdered.

    Looking forward to a court case, speculation is not where it is at.

    Peace and Love

  • #464, #465, #466

    As is a rule here, I don’t think the moderator allows you to have a false identity once you have a i.d. As much as I would like to take credit for the calm brilliance of DEVO, I am not anyone other than myself.

    It’s a beautiful day!

    Love and Harmony!

  • Jennifersc

    Of all the comments, I think Sam’s hits closest to the truth about the Anthony family in a pointed but nonjudgemental way, without any unnecessary ugliness for a non mental health professional. Of course Dr. Juliann Mitchell, it goes without saying has been the most fair & I agree with everything she says, as a professional she’s got Casey’s personality described to perfection. More so than any other talking head I’ve seen on television or online.

    My question, does Dr. Mitchell offer any type of online counseling? I can tell she’s not one to exploit her profession & has never advertised her services or comments unless asked. But I was curious, because she could be a big help to those of us who work a lot & don’t have time to get out to personally seek help.

  • Lanie

    Yes I agree, Devo is uh, calmly brilliant. Anyone is “brilliant” who agrees with a “sympathetic” point of view, sure whatever.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Jennifersc,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. There really are quite a variety of thoughts and opinions about Casey, Caylee and the rest of the Anthony’s.
    To answer your question yes I do online counseling. To visit my website you can click on my name Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD after the title of the article or here is the link for it.

    Best wishes,
    Juliann Mitchell

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Lanie,
    Good of you to stop by. So what are your thoughts and opinions about Casey?

    Best wishes,
    Juliann Mitchell

  • Marcia Neil

    Is it possible that some of the most viscious posters are confusing this case with the case reported in August 2008 Florida journalism as a different ‘Casey’ (a 350-pounder) who is alleged to have killed his own infant son? It seems as if the name ‘Casey’ has become the focus of rage and personal attack x 2.

  • Marcia Neil

    (FYI – continued) There is also some archaeological-domain fear that the name ‘Casey Stengel’ might be used to uncover and stent/destroy a rare and tiny mucousal oracle-bead chronicle found in the PA mountains, following the “celebration” of the start-up of Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies in Tradition, FL.

  • Relexa

    Marcia, I like your haiku poems. What they mean who knows, but they sparkle.

    You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
    We are all part of the same compost heap.

    You are not your job.
    You’re not how much money
    you have in the bank.
    You’re not the car you drive.
    You’re not the contents of your wallet.
    You’re not your f****** khakis.
    You are the all-singing,
    all-dancing crap of the world.

    Our fathers were our models for God.
    If our fathers bailed,
    what does that tell you about God?
    Listen to me. You have to consider
    the possibility that God does not like you.
    He never wanted you.
    In all probability, He hates you.
    This is not the worst thing that can happen.
    We don’t need Him!
    – I agree!
    – f*** damnation, f*** redemption.
    We are God’s unwanted children? So be it!

  • Linda

    I think this memorial was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!Very fitting for a beautiful little girl!!! I-am so proud of, The *ANTHONYS* today!!!!GOD BLESS THEM AND HELP THEM IN THE DAYS AHEAD!I think they had to TRUELY CONNECT WITH THE LORD, TO BE ABLE TO LET GO OF THIS CHILD,THEY LOVED HER SO!!! As for Casey she has not reached this point and she may never!!!!For if she TRUELY connects with GOD then she will have to tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE A LESSON FROM YOUR FAMILY CASEY, Turn your FACE UNTO THE LORD AND ASK FOR HIS FOR GIVENESS!!!!!!!!!!And for all you people out there who does not belive in GOD,some day something will come up in your life, maybe a death of a love one or maybe you will be told you only have a small time to live, You to will turn your face to the LORD!!!!Have you ever loved anyone more than your own life? I think any one of theses family members would have died in Caylees place if they only could have! GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY! FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE AND THE GREATEST IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam


    The memorial, as wonderful as it might have been as a tribute to the little Caylee, it was sadly (IMHO), not all about Caylee and her life. There may be a lot of ‘reading into’ things, like unfitting words in a song chosen for a baby (you can always be honest if you can’t always be kind), and there is the brother’s tribute that begins as if it is about the baby, but he does not wear the symbolic Caylee button, he kisses the Caylee bracelet, not once, but twice and uses his apparent nickname for Casey, not Caylee, of CMA. The shamrock alluded to Casey’s love of things Irish and more appropriate for the public than giving her another Pooh Bear motif. Nothing wrong with them supporting Casey and bringing her into the service in symbolic ways.

    But there is something that might cause real upset with Casey, inflaming the original cause of conflict or jealousy between mother and daughter. Cindy talked about the moment the baby was placed into her arms yet it was this very moment that Casey’s jealousy began, while Casey was not given the baby to hold first, but the her mother was allowed that privilege in the delivery room. This was something that came up time and time again, as a sore point for Casey. Why would Cindy not word things differently if she hoped Casey was listening. Cindy could not be unaware, the family had told authorities of this serious jealousy that began over the baby from her birth and continued between the two women.

    Question: Isn’t this a real conflictive statement, one hand she wants Casey to trust and wants to take Casey’s pain away, but she does not choose other words than that first moment she was given Caylee to hold. She doesn’t think how this will affect Casey but at the same time, supports her. This does not make any sense, it’s all about Cindy and the gift Casey gave to ‘her’, not to the family or the grandparents, but ‘her’.


  • The comments made by Cindy in regards to the ‘best gift she had ever gotten’ which was Caylee Marie (I tend to think this would offend Casey, by negating the ‘value of Casey’) & the statement thanking God for her three (3) children…..this struck me as a little odd, to say the least….My last count is two (2) children, Lee & Casey.! I mean, let’s get REAL! I’m sorry to say this, but I truly believe this memorial was more about Cindy and Casey then poor little angel Caylee. Cindy even managed to have the ‘last word’!!

    Having just lost a brother to suicide, and with my mother’s passing just last month, I truly understand the grief and heartache the Anthony’s are suffering. However, I do think this family (Cindy & Lee) is overly dramatic — in a time & place where ‘drama’ wasn’t necessary.

    Also, Lee Anthony……can anyone explain exactly to whom he was speaking? Was it Caylee or Casey? (CMA)? I’ve seen and heard that I’m not the only one who was/is confused by his comments……any feedback is welcome…

    I am simply frustrated with the enabling of Casey by her parents & Lee. I understand, completely, the ‘unconditional love’ a parent has for their child/children, but this one ‘blows me away’.

    As for George — I believe he’s suffering the most…but when he said ‘Casey deserves to be understood’! GOD is the only one who could possi bly ‘understand’ why Casey did what she did….and as far as ‘Casey deserves prayer’ boy, he is correct…I pray daily for Casey to turn to God, repent for her sins, and for her eternal salvation. I TRULY mean that.!!

    In advance, I am apologizing to anyone these comments may offend….like so many others, I’m having an extremly difficult time wrapping my mind around all of this…..I can’t seem to grasp the fact that a mother has killed her precious child, and seems to feel NO remorse….


  • Caylee Marie Anthony – sweet baby angel – rest in the arms of our loving GOD, never again to suffer any pain, heartache or tears. I will never forget you…..


  • Dian

    The Memorial was a travesty from all the sick twisted individuals that make up the Anthony family. This wasn’t about Caylee at all, but their unfathomable attempts to still defend that piece of garbage child killer Casey.

    I don’t know what elese to say, listen to it & decide for yourself. These people are scum & they will keep insisting on Casey’s innocence WHEN THEY KNOW BETTER. Lee what is up with him– CMA C-M-A, C–M–A–Good God does he not have a thing for Casey, could it not be more obvious, this talking in code thing is getting obnoxious.

    Ask Lee what Casey did to that child because the SOB knows! I don’t think he’s the father, but if I were Mallory I’d be worried if Casey got out of jail, I think he’d run away with Casey & live in incestual happiness for life if he could.

    If she goes free I hope she moves right back in with Cindy & George & picks up where she left off. They lyuing the strealing, maybe this time she’ll wipe them completely out. And Lee, if he does marry his fiance Mallory & they have a baby, let casey watch it, do you think Lee would trust her with his child.

    Man these sickos should all rot in hell.

  • Gina

    The Anthony’s ‘Caylee Memorial’ was just another attempt to reach potentail jurors & convince us of Casey’s innocence when they know better, They are not in denial, but twisted & warped subhumans who will do anything they can to defend a child killer.

    I despise these people with every fiber of my being. I wish we could fast forward to Casey’s sentence, life in prison or execution & I’d never have to listen to these weirdos or the Nancy Grace’s defending them again.

  • Sam

    That’s a lot of hate Gina.

    For me, this blog has run its course.

    Thanks Dr. Jillian for your response to my ‘narcisissm’ question. I don’t know if sociopath is a term I would be able to apply to this P RN or not, wouldn’t do it myself or I could be in a lot of trouble, but doesn’t matter, does not change the cold heart, arrogance and manipulation and ‘me’ factors. There are a couple, both medical professionals, both no compassion or humanitarianism. Go figure.

    Thanks for the insight of your article, interesting introduction through this very public example.

    Take care all.

  • Sam

    Sorry, Dr. Juliann, I didn’t check spelling.

  • Gina

    Well, Sam the sad, pathetic Anthony family just keeps doing things that totally amaze & repulse me, and the Memorial for me was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you think it’s hateful, then what do you think of a family that puts their child killer daughter before their grand daughter the murder victim? I reserve my sympathy for Caylee, only Caylee among this despicable clan of bald face liars & criminals.

    You can see the difference in people with the abduction of Haley Cummings the 5-year-old girl who vanished from her bedroom in north Florida last night. The family is so distaught, the father Ronald Cummings & his girlfriend HAVE ALREADY TAKEN & PASSED A PLOYGRAPH WITH FLYING COLORS.

    Robert Cummings was commended by one of my heros Mark Klaas, who said their actions so far are helping to eliminate all suspects so that the police can concentrate on the real kidnapper. This is how an innocent family acts, tears, emotion.

    Mark Klaas has also had some unkind words for the Anthony’s, calling their behavior at the ‘Memorial’ baffling & illogical.

    Casey never shed one tear, or panicked once for her daughters safety. This makes me sick. I hope they find this pervert who kidnapped Haley Cummings, and I hope people see that Casey is guilty. Cindy take notice! Don’t ask us to understand and give love to a murderer, you can love her all you want, but face it,she killed your precious grandaughter. Lee’s talking in codes was atrocious behavior, he’s guilty of something. Cindy take notice! Don’t ask us to understand and give love to a murderer, you can love her all you want, but face it,she killed your precious grandaughter.

    My thoughts, sympathy & prayers go out to Robert Cummings the father of 5 year old Haley Cummings abducted from her bed in Fl. His honesty, emotional pleas, devestating 911 call, he said he was going to kill the abductor if the police didn’t find them first. This is how a distraught person angry at the perpetrator IS SUPPOSED TO ACT.

    The fact he took & passed a polygraph in a matter of hours after his childs abduction earns his family my compassion. I pray little Haley is found safe & returned to her devoted family.

  • Gina

    But you are right about one thing Sam, this blog has run it’s course, and I must say one of your last comments was my favorite of all of them on here since the start, and it was your sort of diagnosis, for lack of a better word on the relationship of Casey & Cindy. I was by far the best with the exception of Dr. Juliann Mitchell’s, so for that thanks, I really enjoyed your take on their complicated rival, full of jealousy & competition. That’s what I got from it anyway. But I’m done here too, just came back because the pathetic Memorial was such a travesty, & was not focused on Caylee, but rather their determination to excuse, lie for & insist on Casey’s innocence until she burns in hell.

    Good news though, it was leaked today the prints on the duct tape are Caseys. How are the Anthony’s going to lie & obstruct that one away, any ideas Sam? Nevermind, I’m outa hear until that lying murderer is convicted then we can take comfort in the fact the anthony’s won’t be in the public eye lying their ugly asses off to free this child killer demon seed of theirs.

    They can argue with each other the rest of their sad miserable lives how innocent or not she really is, & no one will care while she’s either behind bars for life, or on death row.

  • Gina

    Sorry I repeated a paragraph above twice, never meant to. Bless Caylee & I pray for the safe return of little Haley Cummings & for her innocent family, who so far have cooperated fully with police & FBI, to stay brave & strong for her.

  • Race

    Was a Queen Cindy show yesterday. I know I’ve got selfish, dysfunctional relatives, but they don’t come close to this family.

    A memorial for little Caylee, became the Cindy show and then George took it to the Caylee & Casey show, Flea took it to the ultimate with his blabbering, teary eyed cryptic messages Casey show.

    This family is disgusting. I did have some sympathy for George before, because I thought he was truthful at the start of all this, but he has shown he is a failure as a husband, father and g. father. Just ask Cindy, she knows and controls all.

  • GLG




  • Shaniqua

    If I had been at the Memorial I would have got up and walked out when they started their praise of their MONSTER of a daughter.

    That spoiled any shred of decency the Memorial might have had for Caylee. I can’t stand the Anthonys, what is wrong with them goes deeper than their collective grief. They are untrustworthy, schemeing, always some kind of nasty drama.

  • Antonia

    With EXTREME apologies to Sonny and Cher:

    Caylee was young.. so much she didn’t know
    “cause my daughter killed her before she had a time to grow
    So put your handful of cash in mine
    To get all your cash, I’ll tell you many lies….

    give me your cash, babe
    give me your cash, babe

    I want flowers in the spring
    More Ritz Hotel vacations…
    Hey, it is my thing
    And when I’m sad
    I can buy a new gown
    Or some “Caylee’s ashes’ jewelry, so she’s always around

    So, put your cash laden hand in mine
    There is nothing stopping us from going over the line

    I want your cash, babe
    I want your cash, babe

    I got your cash right in my hand
    I’ll take it from a child, woman or man
    And when I’m sad
    Or feeling like crap
    I got a pile of your money
    Right here in my lap

    I got your cash, and I won’t let go
    I got your cash, to have and to hold
    I got your cash, though it’s blood money
    I got your cash, now isn’t that funny

    I got your cash
    I got your cash
    I got your cash
    I got your cash
    I… got…. your… cash

  • Gina

    If by some unholy miracle Casey’s ‘DREAM TEAM’ GETS HER OFF ON SOME TECHNICALITY she’ll move right back in with George & Cindy. Some advice George, nail everything to the floor that you can furniture, household appliances.
    Cindy, this time I think I’d set up the bank accounts without approval of Casey having access ‘for emergencies.

    An emergency to Casey is new lingerie, beer & dinner for the boyfriend, and some duct tape & double ply garbage bags to throw ‘the trash’ out who just happened to be your 2 year old granddaughter Caylee.

    But hey, keep defending her, and when she’s in the electric chair tell yourself it’s not really happening & pretend she’s alive in your make believe ‘Casey wonder world’ where ‘compassionate Casey’ can do no wrong. Isn’t that what you called the killer of your grand daughter at ‘Casey’s, oh, I mean Caylee’s Memorial.

    Yeah & Zanny the Nanny broke in the house & stole the heart stickers, toy horse & Winnie the Pooh blanket & stuffed it into a hamper along with Caylee. That’s right, the ‘nanny no one has seen or talked to beside Casey did it– asho**s, you know better so stop trying to convince others of your lame attempts to set that child killing piece of scum, your daughter free. If she goes free them I hope she continues bleeding your hideous, lying asses dry.

    Who knows, you might be next on Casey’s hit list. Didn’t Casey tell her friend Amy that ‘she was getting the house’ after your divorce??

    When you go to bed at night Cindy & George, I’d sleep with one eye open when Casey’s around. She might make sure you are out the house permanently, divorce or not.

  • link

    I can almost understand why Cindy is still supporting Casey. It must be hell to find out that your grandchild has been murdered and the number one suspect the police are looking at is your daughter.

    However, the time has come and gone for Cindy to come down on the side of right in this case and to date she still refuses to do so.

  • Laci

    C–M–A–, you killed Caylee but I will still protect you because I am in love with you.

    Man, this dude is missing his favorite piece of ass real bad. Wonder what fiance Mallory thinks of the ‘close relationship’ between Lee & Casey?

    Maybe when she’s free they can all do one big ‘high 5’ before they go one living happily & incestually ever after.

  • Laci

    Hutch Report

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009
    Anthony Family Wants Public To Write Letters Of Support To Casey

    If my guess is right, the Orange County Florida jail will soon need to hire additional officers to handle the tens of thousands of pieces of mail that will soon arrive for Casey Anthony. In yesterday’s Caylee memorial – the family asked the public to write to Casey in jail, which was a huge mistake.

    Most of the public does not like Casey Anthony because they believe she killed her daughter Caylee. However, the rest of the Anthony family seems to be in denial about this almost certain fact and they are going out of their way to try and convince the public that the family is right, while everyone else is wrong.

    This never ending state of denial by the Anthony family is also causing the general public to start to think that all of them might also be involved in this murder. It was so sad yesterday when Cindy Anthony talked endlessly about Casey, while leaving her dead granddaughter as little more than an afterthought.

  • Linda

    I wonder, did anyone find anything wrong with anyone eles at this, MEMORIAL? Something can be made about everyone or anything if you look for it!!!How do you think all theses people could come, some of them old friends of the Anthonys some of them new and stand beside them in LOVE!!Lee said, I-am BROKEN!That to me means, He knows Hes not him self!!!!I would be broken to if I lost 2 people I LOVED!!!!!!!!!No matter how or why!! HE, HIS MOTHER and HIS FATHER will have to live the rest of there lives with this!!While we may never forget BEAUTIFUL CAYLEE!!!! We have an excape!!!They do not!!!FOR WHAT EVER THEY DID IF ANYTHING, THEY NOT US WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT!!I hope if you ever have anything bad happend to you in your life, you to will have people come stand beside you in LOVE!!!!!FAITH HOPE AND LOVE AND THE GREATEST IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Truth is also the greatest thing & will set you free. No one likes habitual & patholigical liars Linda, even your God who you keep insisting is all forgiving. I have faith that God punishes murderers & the people that lie for, enable & defend them when they knew the truth since last July. The Anthony’s have no soul, and only those with souls go to heaven.

  • Linda

    Sorry, I put an x where the s should have been in escape in the above comment.I looked up the word ( ESCAPE ) in the dictionary, and one of the meanings was ( to avoid a threatening evil )I think when George tried to take his own life, He was trying to escape evil!!He wanted to be with the INNOCENT! And that was CAYLEE to him ! CAYLEE was the INNOCENT!!!Does anyone remember, The SMITH woman who ran her 2 little boys off in a lake, and she cryed and said someone kidnapped them and she knew the whole time what she had done, she went on t.v begging for people to find them! Turns out the whole time she had a plan, she had a new boy friend who did not want children,and she thought in her own pathetic mind he would want her if only she did not have children. She became so disturbed by this that she killed her own (INNOCENT )children!! I think Casey had some kind of plan! Its obvious she hated CAYLEE and what ever her reasons were shes knows! Maybe she wanted fame, She said in jail, she did not?Did she do it for money?Did she do it for a boy friend or was it jealousy? Maybe she thought in her sick disturbed disfunctional mind,that every one would be feeling so sorry for her, only thing was she just could not bring her self to tell her family!So she waited and waited untill her mother came looking and there was no way out!!! And so she still HATES CAYLEE!!!! more now than ever because her plan did not work and she blames the INNOCENT!!!She thinks in her mind CAYLEE HAS TAKEN EVERY THING AND EVERY ONE AWAY FROM HER!!!Her lawyer is telling her he is going to get her off, and then there is RAGE, She was caught in the middle,like a wild animal! Not wanting her family to have her out of jealousy and at the same time, she wanted her own life with out CAYLEE!!!!I-am over it! CAYLEE is gone! I heard some one say she could make money on her pictures and every thing she can sale, untill she is CONVICTED!! And the way I see it now if we keep this going we are only helping CASEY!!I found my self singing that beautiful song (GONE TO SOON)and in my HEART I know CAYLEE is with GOD!!!!AND I do not want to be a part of this EVIL mess anymore!! And MY HOPE IS THAT CASEY HAS TO PAY FOR WHAT SHE DID TO CAYLEE WITH HER LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    I can tell you this Gina, for the (BIBLE TELLS ME SO)TEN COMMANDMENTS,THOU SHALL NOT KILL!!!I-am NOT GOD!! And what he does with casey is his DECISION!!and HIS ALONE!!!for he is GOD!!!!the one and only GOD!!!AND HE IS MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    God, the Orlando prosecutors, a judge & 12 jurors will decide Casey’s fate on earth. After that I’m pretty sure God will wash His hands of Casey & she’ll belong to Satan. The Anthony’s, they are still lying for a murderer, defending a child killer, sending coded messages, telling us the public to love a child killer.

    IMO the Anthony’s are cover up agents for killer Casey, that’s what they live for & what they’ve become in a nutshell. At ‘Caylee’s Memorial’ they put Caylee on the backburner to send Casey coded messages & to convince anyone who would listen that Casey is innocent, perfect opportunity no one could confront them on their lies in church, so they took advantage of it.

    The Anthonys are viscous, cold hearted liars with no soul, so God’s plan for them doen not include getting inot heaven. They will live in either eternal purgatory, as they are now, & if they don’t come clean soon they are not much better than the murderer they brought into this world. They have supported a killer & they will also have to answer for it.

    When they stand on a pulpit in a Church of God & ask us to love a killer– they invite very harsh critism because they have not been honest since they smelled poor little Caley’s rotting corpse in the trunk of Casey’s Sunbird.

  • Gina

    Linda I agree with your assesment of Casey & what motivated her. Where we disagree is on the Anthony’s & their unrelenting drive, determination to convince the public of her innocence. The time for them to come clean has come & gone a long time ago. They are lying, the are not in denial. with rumours of Casey’s fingerprints on the duct tape, how will they tamper with, obstruct justice & lie that away for Casey? they can’t so they should either not make fools of themselves in public anymore & keep their mouths shut.

    I would respect them, I could forgive all their terrible lies & attempts to hinder the investigation, the possibility that they actually aided in this murder, if they just stopped the BS & tell the truth to the FBI, police.

    If they can’t be honest with the public, they’d be much better off saying nothing, which I think more than one of their lawyers has advised them to do.

    They just don’t listen to common sense & don’t care that they are starting to come off as possible accessories to the murder, even though it they aren’t, the lies are hurting them badly.

  • Gina

    I want to make clear I don’t think the Anthony’s had any part in the actual murder, but by covering it up afterward I’ve been hearing more & more that the public is getting suspicious of them being involved in the murder. I don’t agree, but I know they have obstructed justice, tamopered with evidence, hindered the investigation by not handing over crucial documents. I know this because I’ve watched their interviews with the FBI & police, read transcripts, they lied over & over.

    But Lee’s little coded message further damaged the Anthony’s reputation. That stunt he pulled + George & Cindy concentrating on Casey’s innocence instead of Caylee at ‘Caylee’s Memorial’ has the public thinking the worst of them, again. they just can’t keep their mouths shut, & now we are looking at them as aiding a killer as being part of the murder, & even if it’s not true, they coninue to hurt themsleves with the public & law enforcement.

    They could change it all with just simple plain truth, honest, but so far refuse to do so & stand ny a child killer the murderer of their grand daughter, THEY NEED TO COME CLEAN ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY KNOW.

  • kathleen

    As far as the ANTHONY’S coming clean that day will never come,as Lee said they are “UNITED “always have been and will always be.This is an ongoing fiasco and we the public have endured listening to this garbage and witnessing the downright display’s of thumbing their noses at everyone including law enforcement.It seems even in death this poor inocent angel is denied justice of what really did happen to her and what the Anthony’s truly know about Casey’s part in her death.They know alright and the way I see it is that they will be the only ones who will.If I were in their shoes like George said “You don’t want to be in our shoes”your damn right I wouldn’t want to be in any of your shoes when I go to judgement day and face my God knowing what you know and not doing a damn thing about it!!!Shame on them all…..

  • Linda

    NO-duh! Gina, I know there will be 12 jurors who will decide her fate!Where I disagree with you Gina! Casey already belongs to SATAN! Will you stop condeming theses people to death!Who are you to say what GODS plan is for theses people!
    He knows what they have done!And HE will judge them!I think at first the Anthonys were mad at casey and told the truth! I think they went thro differant stages of disbelif! I also belive they were in the middle of HELL here on this earth!!!I THINK THEY LOST THERE MINDS for a while after smelling there beloved grand daughter dead body! Who would not!!I also belive they are own the right track now!!!They did what they wanted to do about the memorial and they have not seen casey in 4 months, yes they know the truth! I-am sure the police told them about the finger prints on the tape before letting every one eles no!Yes, they did not want to face the truth, who would?They had to seek out GOD to be able to deal with this ! Gina, stop letting your mind run away, STRESS can HURT you leave it in GODS hands and take a BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcia Neil

    So a ‘Bistro’ has been installed in Cedar Pointe plaza near Anthony’s clothing store in Stuart, FL, not an indigenous tacqueria — is that any reason to enrage family members with provocative criticism and accusations? It is difficult to blame family members for such a death when enragement is already known to be caused as a result from deliberate provocation (already addressed in law books).

  • tma


    i seriously do not believe having a public memorial, with a few thousand strangers, is considered being on the right track. a quiet , dignified family memorial would have sufficed. the anthonys turned this little girl’s memory into a circus. this public service was uncalled for.why should they entertain every strangers’ needs? it was a publicity stunt to get into the public’s ear about casey. once again, tarnishing the memory of poor little caylee. the behavior of these people is so shameful, it’s sickening. i have lost all respect for this family a long time ago.

  • Linda

    WHERE DO THINK CASEY WILL GO WITH HER STORY NOW? NOW SHE KNOWS HER FINGER PRINTS WERE LIFTED FROM THE TAPE!!REMEBER WHAT HER ATT, SAID!WE HAVE NOT HEARD THE WHOLE STORY!I think shes going to say she went to a party and got wasted or something to that affect!Fell asleep and when she woke up she found caylee dead and did not know what to do!!!So she stayed away rode her body around in the trunk, because she did not have the courage to tell Cindy and GEORGE the trueth and made up the story about Zanny!And so she waited untill she got the chance to discord Caylees body!Does anyone eles have a clue as to what other kind of story she could tell, that would be beliveable?She has had alot of time in jail to think about what she is going to say!She knows what ever she says now will have to be a real good story to get theses 12 jurors to belive her, shes only worried about theses 12 you and I dont count!!REMEMBER SHE THINKS SHES SMARTER THEN ANYONE!!I think we are going to see a very differant Casey when this goes to court! So dont be serprised,But the way I see it she should have told the true story from the start!There is just to much againest her now for anyone to belive her! UNFORTUNATELY SHES BACKED HERSELF IN A CORNER!Remeber she has lead cindy and george down the road like to sheep going to, Do you know where? I can only IMAGINE WHAT HER STORY WILL BE!!Or who knows she might up and tell the true story oBOUT why she killed Caylee but I really think that she will have to live out the rest of her life knowing what she did!!!untill that day comes that she gets lead down the great HALL!!!!!!!!!!OR STRAPED TO THE TABLE!!!

  • Linda

    It was there decision!!! To put there faith in GOD! And also there decision to have a public memorial for there self and the many people who loved Caylee! LEES statement was to caylee and maybe some of it was ment for casey!I remember him asking Casey, why wont you let us see Caylee?Her anwser, because im a bitch,LEE also ask people to try and under stand the pain this family has had to deal with! IMA I gress then you agree with Casey, she did not want a public memorial!She also wanted Caylee put in a casket, I think the messaged they all were trying to get across to Casey,was that she needs to turn her life over to GOD! You know its all in how YOU look at things,I thought the service was beautiful, casey did not get her way this time I-am proud of THE ANTHONYS TO STAND UP THERE AND TALK ABOUT HOW THEY LOVE CAYLEE! there messaged to casey, you need to seek GOD also!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Linda dear, I’m not stressed at all & going by all the !!! in your comments maybe you are the one who needs a chill pill. You seem to be a kind person, I’m not knocking you, but come one. If you can’t see the Anthony’s for what they are by now you never will & that to me means you are a hopelessly bad judge of character.

    Maybe it’s because you are too forgiving, naive not sure but IMO their insincere ‘Caylee Memorial’ was one big ‘Casey is innocent infomercial’ & I’m taking that quote from Wendy Murphy a former prosecutor & guest host on Issues with Jane Velez-Mithcell.

    Wendy Murphy needs her own show because she has the Anthony’s behavior spot on, says they should have been ashamed of themselves for that appalling display which disrespected Caylee’s memory & turned (Caylee’s Memorial)into a sham as soon as Cindy, George & Lee opened their mouths.

  • Gina

    My observations of the Anthony’s latest despicable behavior. There was no press to cross examine the Anthony’s lies in church as they would have been confronted on a TV show or newspaper article. So they used the pulpit in God’s church at (Caylee’s Memorial) to defend & lie for their child killer daughter Casey.

    How many Anthony’s does it take to tell the truth? That’s an open ended question since the Anthony’s & the truth are total strangers.

    Before George Anthony goes gallivanting off to help find a REAL MISSING CHILD’ (Haleigh Cummings) he should first be of help to the investigation of HIS OWN MURDERED GRAND DAUGHTER Caylee.

    George Anthony has failed to help Caylee’s murder investigation by being part of the family that keeps piling lies on top of other lies to get Casey off….

  • Tma

    even though this case is high profile… the anthony’s owed nobody a “public” memorial. it just was not necessary. the anthony’s felt the need to make a spectacle of themselves, and caylee’s memory(again). like gina said, it was a giant casey infomercial. i think gina should have her own show. she tells it like it is……

  • Gina

    Thanks TMA, I thought the same thing about your comment. I actually copy & pasted your comment ‘it was a publicity stunt to get into the public’s ear about Casey in my personal journal
    where I keep thoughts about the case because you worded that so well, hope you don’t mind!

    I guess all we can do is wait for the trial, which will take & eternity to shut the lying Anthony’s up once & for all about Casey’s guilt.

    If the latest rumour is true, that Casey’s fingerprints are on the duct tape, how could the Anthony’s possibly lie about, tamper with, obstruct that one away? Knowing them, they will try.

  • Has anyone here considered volunteering at a local crisis center, or joining an on call search team or helping people in crisis like this who are all over the country, in your town, and probably around the corner, in any way.

    Seems a waste of a lot of (good an bad) energy.

    Watching TV and reading the internet news spending the day blogging opinions condemning and accusing people hardly seems productive.

    If you are frustrated, make a difference in the world.

    I can not imagine internalizing this.

  • Tma

    although i find it highly unlikely that she will ever see daylight again, anything is possible in the world of defense lawyers, and gullable liberal juries. remember o.j.? this case will drag out for a long, long time.

  • Gina

    TMA that’s what’s scary, the gullable jurors, you are right about that. That creepy Phil Spector– Linda Baden was the lawyer that got him a hung jury. My husband & I both knew his guilt was cut & dry. All it takes is one for a hung jury & there are morons who send Casey money in prison to buy pork rinds, expensive chocolates & beauty supplies, don’t they have a more worthy cause to give their hard earned money to than enable & make life easier for a child killer in prison?

    That’s how Casey’s parents have always treated her, now she’s got total strangers drinking the Casey kool-aid. I’d love to know what they are thinking, perhaps they identify with Casey as abusive parents themselves, less than upstanding guys with a crush on a sleazy murderer?

  • Gina

    My point was if there are people willing to send money to this horrible subhuman in prison for her weekly goodies, then the defense will try their best to weed these people out as potential jurors, sad thing is they do exist.

    It’s been a while OCM my life is full & no one knows what I do to help people & animals but I am involved in causes so no reason to suggest to me what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Everyone should maybe worry about their own life, this is a forum & we can discuss what we want when we want.

  • Linda

    Gina, I see the Anthonys as being human, and its true I do try to see good in people! Actually, I-AM A VERY GOOD JUDGE OF CHARACTER!Oh wouldnt that just be dandie, having press there to cross exmine them!LOL You my dear or not a people person, you have made comments about my GOD, about my character bad comments about my comments! Frankley my dear I dont care what you think about my comments!As for you having a show, you would be better off outside bashin BUGS!LOL! IF YOU HAD A SHOW, NO ONE WOULD SHOW!!! You attack people! WHEN THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO THERE OWN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS!!!My observation of you, you are a control freak who loves to bansh people!You are the naive one, If you think you are smarter then anyone, your NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    TMA,#514 Your the CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    I have been waiting for one utterance of truth to come out of the mouths of Cindy, George & Lee for 8 months now. I am a very forgiving person, but as Kathleen mentioned above- As far as the ANTHONY’S coming clean that day will never come, as Lee said they are “UNITED “always have been and will always be. Meaning they will continue to collude in a cover-up, tamper with evidence, stall being interviewed, obstruct justice, lie lie & lie.

    I stand by my statements about the Anthony’s & know I am not alone, probably the majority have my feelings. It’s not hate, I’m bewildered at their complete lack of integrity.

    These are cold people Cindy’s eyes are blank nothing there, Lee thinks it’s so cool to talk ‘in codes’ cool to ‘high 5 lil sis’ when she got out on bond, as if to say ha ha ,the last laugh is on cops & the FBI we just got by with killing a child.

    And George isn’t man enough to stick to the truth, what he said in the beginning about knowing what a dead body smells like because he was a former deputy. He followed Cindy’s lead & blamed it on pizza & dead squirrels. He also claimed pictures of Casey partying were taken ‘2 years ago’ when it was proven the photos of Casey in the hot body contest was taken at Fusion only a couple of days after ‘Caylee went missing’. So George also is a very capable & frequent liar when it comes to getting that murderous little tramp of a daughter off for killing his ‘beloved grand daughter’.

    Preach the Anthony’s ‘are in denial’ to those ignorant of everything they have done, all the bad deeds. I know what they are since I’ve seen every interview, read every transcript, looked at all the videos with FBI, detectives. Tell someone else who lives under a rock they are in denial, I know better, I know every one of their lies that have been made public, & I just bet there is lots more to come.

    Is it any wonder these people who refuse to tell the truth have a daughter who’s a pathological liar & sociopathic child killer.

    I’m proud of my child, he’s the opposite of Casey Anthony, a productive & valuable member of society & believe me it’s no accident. I do take credit that I raised him with morals & compassion.

    The Anthony’s have always lived a lie, and right now their whole existence revolves around many, many lies they will continue to tell to claim Casey’s innocence when the whole world knows better. For that they are despised because they never did right by Caylee & are still trying to stop the wheels of justice in punishing Caylee’s killer Casey Marie Anthony.

    And I’d prefer not being told to do something else, don’t waste time on the case. I am an active human & animal rights advocate & am interested in helping those who need it.

    But liars who defend killers, I have no place in my heart for them & they will have to live with those lies long after this case dies down & Casey spends life in prison or is executed. When no one is paying attention to their filthy lies, they will have to look in the mirror & face the many ways they failed to bring justice to Caylee their only grandchild.

    Now I think I’ll take another couple weeks away from here, I’m in the middle of some charity work & my small animal rescue efforst I talked about before has grown, I have 5 dogs that need to go out with me to do their business, good night!

  • Now Linda, some might take things personally if I were to make a general comment but that would be narcassitic and hypocritacal according to the social rules here dictated by those dominating others opinions wouldn’t it?

    Personally G, I would move 6 hours away also if I were your child, no matter how much you told me what a great mother you were; the repedative volunteered defense is odd and suspect and I worry you compensate with animals, I suspect your yard smells wonderful and your neighbors also love you as much as you tell them they do, or is that do-do!!!

    Liberal jurors? What the heck is a liberal juror? Ooooh boogedy booogedy booogedy sounds Limbaughdian and awefully scarey. (A politically persuasive juror whose base is pro-social programs and educational funding – oooooh, scarey people!) Boogedy boogedy. Is that equivelent to fair and balanced?

    Liberal juror!! I am laughing my butt off!!!

    Armchair vigalanties………….

    Again, I want to know if anyone has seen the movie Throw Mama from the Train?

    Peace and Love

  • Well everyone, we can put the rest the criminal justice system and that ole expensive and time consuming due process of law as we can all now count on one damning opinion.

    Thank GOD (L that was for you) that we can all rest easily tonight knowing that some people are doing charity work squeezed into the wee hours of their important coursework of condemning the rest of the world, single handedly and mocking every aspect of a strangers life (even to the degree of accusing child to child incest and reducing the severity of an attemped suicide due to grief and dispair). Thank you, for figuring everything out regardling the Anthony’s and their reasons for not moving forward in a way that is right for them, but for only for you.

    Have you called Jenny yet?

  • Linda

    Lets back up one min,I think George went to court! I know he did because I watched him standing out side before he went in, and he said he was tried of all the lies!!I do not know what he was talking about, but I heard him say this with my own ears!!! And you could never convince me (THAT HE DID NOT LOVE CAYLEE!)I could see the pain in this mans face, the stress!When I looked at him I knew he was in trouble! When you are attacked by people who dont know or care what you are going thro, because they think they know it all,and they dont!!!!There like Casey all they know is attack! attack!They are the very people they did not want at caylees memorial!!!!What circus that would have been!!!I still say the memorial was beautiful, the song were beautiful!!It was the Anthonys decision to have the memorial and if they had not, then it would have been, I can not belive there not having a memorial for little caylee!!!There damed if they do or do not! My son, I can not tell you what my son does because its top secret!I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE HE GOES or where he is untill he comes back!And then I-am still not allowed to know!!!!!!All I CAN DO IS PRAY FOR HIS SAFE RETURN!!!Its all in GODS hands people,good night!

  • Linda

    Hey ocm, Where have you been? Iam laughing my butt off to! lol,lol, it can be so sweet!My son just ask me had I watch that movie,I have a long time ago,I need to watch it again!!Iam gald I dont feel that I have to brag on my self to others who dont even know me!Iam still laughing i think i will go watch a movie! Now that all the smart sharks are gone!!!Have a good night! lol,lol

  • Gina

    Yes this is a waste of time, what kind of fools would come back to this website not once, but twice in one day? Not OCM because she has much more important things to do & is too busy saving….whatever. Some claim it’s pathetic to be here, yet here you are….

    Not that I need to explain but I previously mentioned my menagerie of rescued animals on this forum. I don’t need to lie, I have a small shelter & we take care of abandoned animals, including one previously abused pit bull that was rescued from a dog fighting ring.

    If you think that’s funny or some kind of joke, then maybe you should learn a thing or two about compassion for defenseless non human sentient beings, because it’s a very sad situation. When they come to me they are usually in bad shape, & we pay for their care on our own, ask nothing of anyone.

    Also give to humanitarian needs, but animals are dear to my heart because they are voiceless victims, unable to fight against human cruelties. So make what you will of it, I don’t care because my life is very rewarding.

  • Gina

    I wouldn’t have brought it up, except that someone insinuated that I should be doing something with my life. Number one, they have no unearthly idea what I do, number two, I wouldn’t have gone into detail had I not been challenged by an accusation that I somehow don’t help anyone. Number three, if I choose to be opinionated about the Anthony’s I can spend 24/7 online doing just that, and no one would care if I was saying whatever they want to hear.

    The only reason I’m basically being told to go away is because the truth hurts & liars do not like being confronted & caught in the act– neither do their like minded apologists, followers, enablers & defenders. Birds of a feather…..

  • gina

    Poor confused ones don’t have to be so jealous of other’s lives ocm. I’m sure there must be something positive for you to look forward to in your day to day hum drum existence, isn’t there? I’m not as perfect as you think I am.

    Your kids might outgrow that ‘awkward stage’ all children are beautiful in their own way. And your confusion might level out as your meds start kicking in a month or two, just count to 10 when you feel that rage slipping up on you, tell yourself you are nothing like Casey Anthony.

    If that doesn’t help, look at Monday nights Nancy Grace, it’s Casey raw from behind prison walls, very scary in all her raging glory & just say ‘I don’t want to be like her’ over & over.

    Some others L, just need to read a self help book about assertiveness & how to not be a door mat. A dictionary with English grammer & punctuation use wouldn’t hurt.

  • gina

    There is nothing ‘suspicious’ at all about me saying I have a good kid. Tell you one thing, he’s never stolen from me or his elderly grand parents & if he had I wouldn’t have lied & covered for him. He’s never been in jail much less charged with murdering a child.

    It’s like this– you tell me how awful I am to call out the Anthony’s for their lies & hideous behavior & who am I to judge. They put themselves out there to be judged when they publicly speak & try to convince us to ‘write to Casey in prison’ hello! & that she’s a ‘compassionate mother’ & there was Lee–CMA, CMA puleeze!

    This was just a few days ago & they continued to spew this garbage that Casey is innocent to a full audience in church at “Caylee’s Memorial”, it was sickening.

    I’m telling you I mustn’t be that bad because I have a very loving family that I’m proud of & sure as hell will never find myself where the Anthony’s are today because we are not lying, thieving, conniving, & manipulative people.

    Not perfect, but no where near as screwed up as this despicable family of sociopaths,narcissists, psychopaths, killers!

  • gina

    One more thing oh ignorant one, no neighbors, that’s why I can take animals in, we have several acres, won’t say how much, you’d say I was bragging.

    You have heard of people living in ‘rural areas’ with land trees, a running stream & no neighbors for miles- that’s us & we like it that way.

    My son & his wife beg us to settle down in Texas where he was transferred due to his job. I’m going to fly there in May & we are thinking about moving if we can find a similar place with enough land & privacy to care for our animals. So you see, you are wrong on all counts about me, jealous much?

  • gina

    I’m leaving for a couple weeks so now those of you on ‘team Anthony’ can laugh at & attack me just like your heroes would do.

    Keep being the Anthony family’s #1 apologists. They need all the undeserved sympathy they can get & it may lift their spirits enough to go into double overtime in their efforts to defend their child killer offspring & set her free.

  • maude

    I feel sorry for George. He has been bossed around and manipulated for so long by Cindy and Casey that he has a hard time thinking for himself. When Caylees’s remains were found so close to home, he must have given up his last thread of hope of finding her alive. His reaction was to wish for the deliverance of death. IMO he was so angry that he had to get away in any way he could. The media and his family were driving him beyond what a normal human being could support. All he seemed to want was Caylee and peace. He was a loving gradfather . God speed to him.

  • kathleen

    Kudos to you Gina,keep up the good works and keep on telling it like it is,you’re AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Gina, what is your problem?( WHAT KIND OF FOOLS WOULD COME BACK TO THIS WEBSITE NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE A DAY)OR YOU JOKING!There is a fine line between LOVE and HATE, SORRY but YOU are crossing over that line!I have read in your comments some good points!! And then, you go to bad!You take everones comments apart and then you bash them!You have compassion for animals?I have not seen much compassion for others on this website unless they agree with you! And if they dont you bash them!I bet you have a dictionary right at your finger tips!You have been able to read my comments because you have attacked every comment I have made!I dont think anyone on this website is jealous of your life!!Poor confused one!!!!!!! Oh ignorant one! Everyone has a right to there own opinion with out fear of you bashin there comment!Not everyone despises the Anthonys, I think we all agree on the killer being punished!#505- No one on this website is defending casey!#490 I despise these people with every fiber of my being, says Gina!!!!CROSSING OVER THE LINE! SAM#491, Thats alot of HATE,Gina! JENNA #487, Iam apologizing to anyone these comments may offend!Great comment!Everyone should take note! Oh ignorant one take note!! DO YOU OWN A BIBLE? Then read it!!Take some classes on having compassion for humans and there feelings or G, JUST READ A SELF HELP BOOK ABOUT HAVING COMPASSION FOR HUMAN BEINGS!And maybe you could apologise for attacking and bashin everyone comments just because they do not AGREE WITH YOU,OH CONFUSIED ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    # 535, I NEVER HEARD THE ANTHONYS SAY CASEY WAS INNOCENT! AT CAYLEES memorial! NOT ONE TIME! WHERE DO YOU GET THIS SUFF FROM? They also had the right to stand up and ask people to pray for casey!Thats there right! You would under stand if you were filled with the HOLY SPIRIT!!!#527,Sorry I never saw a blank eyed Cindy,I SAW A WOMAN PRAYING FOR HER FAMILY!How do you know the Anthonys have always lived a lie? WERE YOU A LITTLE FLY ON THE WALL?How can you say the Anthonys never did right by Caylee,can you see that far?#527 I have been waiting for one utterance of truth? Do you think you are GOD!Back to #527 Just because Wendy Murphy said it was a informercial for casey, does not make it so!!! And if I had a daughter who killed someone anyone!I would PRAY for her SOUL!!!MY GOD GIVIN RIGHT! Some people just dont get it! Sorry you picked me, now i picked YOU!!!!

  • Linda

    I did hear Cindy say,it should not take the life of a child to make people find GOD!I hope this is what her and George truly did because it is the only way they will ever see CAYLEE again! I think George said some thing like this when he spoke!What these people (CHOOSE )to do when they go to court and have to take a (SOLEMN OATH UNDER GOD)TO TELL THE TRUTH remains to be seen!Let your heart not be trobled! They have not been given AMNESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chester


    Poor Linda, can’t you read between the lines? That’s what the anthony’s were saying without spelling it out word for word- think.

  • Linda

    Give me a break, all you people want to is bash people! POOR Chster! You just think you can read between the lines, like some one eles we all know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tma

    i think you need to take a timeout…….you are taking this to heart waaayyy to much. chill.

  • Tma

    happy valentine’s day everyone!

  • Linda


  • Tma

    it was a typo linda, take it easy.

  • Happy Valentines Day Linda!

    Yeah, I am happy to say I am not spitting mad about anything today, especially nothing sad or frustrating on the news. The only things I take personally are vitamins. I like the idea of Budda, do not ingest, eat, smell or be around hate or it will become you, be inside of you.

    Yeah, you really have to watch throw mamma from the train and eat macaroni cheese sloppily gulping down a pepsi and a cig while you blog – it will make me smile to know you will celebrate this humor with me!!!!!!!

    All you need is love (and 42 million) all you need is love, love, love is all you need

  • I live in the middle of a swamp………

  • My husband loves me, I screamed and screamed at him until he peed his pants and he said he loved me too, then I got off him so he could get up.

  • Animals are wonderful listeners, they never argue.

  • I can not imagine how sad Cindy Anthony must be today, let’s send some positive energy her way.

  • I also flashed on the NG show only because I am homebound with a severe cold and damn her if she hasn’t just moved on to a new tragedy of another missing child, bob, alice, I think you have all been dumped, left, latered, and sunk for fresh tragedy meat. It’s like 911 shadowing doctor phil all over again and like when doctor phil was going to help britney spears on national tv while she was loosing her mind. In the swamp, I have few real friends so I count on these shows 100% for information, opinions and direction for my life. What will I do tomorrow? I don’t have anyone in the new case to hate and want to project my misery on. I fell, I feel, lost, empty, kind of useless now. Can’t we please, please replay something horrible from August just for old times sake? If anyone questions me I will froth and have a near heart attack. My god (that was for you L) I didn’t think I had a heart…………what do you do with one?

    Now how does that make you feel, really?

  • I have to get back to my reflection pool…….

  • Poor Linda? Why do you need sympathy Linda?

  • Thanks for the CARING, “a”, thanks to you I will get help.

    I just left a lot of messages hoping someone would read between my lines, was that in the wrong context? Were my lines straight?

  • I could really use some affirmations from Marcia Neil about now…………

  • Linda

    I would like to thank you for your complement!Its made my day! No we are not the same person. yes we are rare and also refined thats for sure!WE are mentally alert, bright witty clever and smarter then most!!Glad you can see and have the courage to say so!I know you are sincere, most people with the name gina,are!some people just can not tell the truth because of jealousy and desire to be like us!!!!Thanks Again!(another gina)happy Valentines day!

  • Gina

    Happy Heart Day + hoping for the safe return of Haleigh Cummings though it’s looking doubtful. I hope they locate the child regardless so it doesn’t drag on for months like Caylee’s tragedy. Not knowing must be agony for the father Ronald Cummings who seemed genuinely distraught.

  • Linda

    OCM, #549 We are what makes this country great!!!!says (another gina)What a complement!!!fINALLY WE ARE SEEN FOR OUR REAL SELVES!!!!!!!!! (another gina) said so, so it must be true!My son read your comment,and thinks your GREAT!!!!!!!He said dont let your UGLY and AWKWARD KIDS out side while shes there!!!!!!!!I can go to bed now ! Im going to feel so smart tomarrow,I wont be able to stand my self!!!!!!!!!WAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Linda

    I PRAY for the safe return of HALEIGH CUMMING!!!LORD we need to keep FAITH and HOPE ALIVE FOR THIS CHILD!!Thank you FATHER IN YOUR NAME I PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have put Haleigh name on several churches prayer list!! Lets dont give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • criticbob

    Does anyone know if Caseys friends have deserted her, or are they in contact with her in jail? If I was them I’d run the other way other than answering questions by police that I had to.

  • Linda

    I heard most of them were mad at her, she told no one Caylee was missing!I know she was asking cindy for phone numbers,I think they have pay phones in there, not sure! I would run away to! Her friends has to know what kind of person she is,I mean they had to know she didnt want caylee around,and im sure they heard her call her names!And saw her have fits!You can learn alot about people just talking with them!!!Being around them!!!!!!

  • Kitt

    In my opinion, I don’t think Casey really had friends. From transcripts of interviews I’ve read, it seems like she sort of “injected” herself into the circle of people she was hanging out with shortly before her first arrest.

    I don’t remember where/how she met Amy, but I read that Amy had said that she (Amy) was surprised when she got back from her trip to Puerto Rico to find that Casey was hanging out with all of Amy’s friends.

    All of those “friends” have been interviewed by LE and transcripts can be found on the web, with the exception of one person; Annie Dowling. The transcript of her interview has not been released. IMO, there must be some pretty damaging statements made about Casey by Annie.

  • kathleen

    Whoa boy…..you sure can.

  • Here’s what I am hoping, I am hoping this leads to more attention to protecting our children (even my awkward and ugly children), and making people more aware to prevent these situations in the future. You just can’t trust the world anymore and your little ones need your double duty safer measures, sometimes from their own parents. I think there are some people who are just wired wrong and they should not receive the same punishments as a specified jailtime, but forever be rid from society to a lifelong incarceration or death penalty. They should NEVER be let out in public again, there is no way they can control themselves.

    I supervise all the kids who play with mine. We walk them home at dusk. We have them mind rules of play and I never, ever, never leave my kid to chance, always in my sight. I see many kids whose parents are not outside with them while they play, and they run loose until they go inside for dinner or you tell them to go home and you just can’t do that anymore. Weirdos who are your neighbors are watching your kids, your patterns and looking for opportunities to take your children.

    Let’s make a difference!

    Speak up!

  • Linda

    OCM, What a great comment, its getting to the point thats something is going to have to done!Maybe if you live in an area, that has alot of sex offenders, maybe have a chip implanted in there foot that tells them where they are, like cell phone pings,gps something like that! Because it cost so much money to try and find theses children and most of the time they never find them again! I think the groverment should do this when they are born, I know i would!!!Seems like i heard something about this somewhere, but you have to pay for it!

  • Ya know, I think if the Anthony’s are guilty of anything it’s trying to send a deep and heartfelt message out to all the grievers of little Caylee and getting it muddled with the confused thoughts and emotions so what is intended to be deep and introspective is confused and misinterpreted for (code?) something sinister. I remember being just like this when my mom died. I remember trying to speak at her service and everything was foggy. Who knows what I said. I can’t imagine how they suffer so publicly and under such scrutiny.

    I watched some show this weekend about child abductions. One girl was found alive after being kidnapped by her teacher (who had permission by the parents to drive her to a fair where she was going to recieve an award) for 3 months, some others weren’t so lucky.

    It was so sad but I forced myself to watch it for information. I will do everything I can not to put my child at risk and never never will my child be subjected to some parent or teacher I don’t really know or walk around by themselves or ride a bike to the store. It doesn’t matter where you live, these people come out of the bushes in the middle of no where.

    Let’s make a difference for kids…………

  • Linda

    I remember being at the grocery, had the baby in the seat, and there was this man behine me, he was so close i have never forgotten it! I was looking in the dairy section for something, I turn around and he was right there! I still think to this day he was thinking about taking her,When i turned around the creep took off! That was 12 yrs ago and I remember like it was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had the most awful sick feeling I stoped and went home!!!!!!

  • Yep, there is something powerful about a gut reaction and intuition. I had the same suspicions while in a resort town on vacation with my 1.5 yr old. We were browsing in an upscale toy shop which was stuffed full, had many places to lose a kid instantly, and these 2 men looking straight out of an inbred scarey movie with snarled teeth and all kept trying to make contact with us and talked in front of us like so were so confused about what to buy so and so. They were so out of place and my stomach sinks still thinking of them. I think they were just looking for the right opportunity to steal, maybe my, kid.

    Of course, some bad people are attractive.

    I remember going home with my girfriend in 3rd grade after school. Her older 13 yr old sister was home and then the Dad came home early from work. There home was so nice and perfect and they always looked the part. The dad proceeded to sit in the chair and make out with each girl. I was so uncomfortable, but didn’t know if this was normal or not because they all acted so normal about it. I had forgotten that memory until 30 years later now realizing he was sizing me up too and was molesting my friend and her sister. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t know how to express how aweful it made me feel (my house was an alcoholic household and I always thought everyone else’s house was normal). I always wondered about that poor girl.

  • Linda

    You are right about the Anthonys, only the people who have had something really bad happen in there lives truly understands or people who put there trust in GOD!I learned at a very early age. My father died when i was 10 yrs old my mother lost her mind because of his death! I did not get to go to school much after, look at all the flack i have had to put up with just being on this blog about my english grammer and punctuation, You want to no how i feel about that? I feel good because I have alot of common sence more than most, I belive in GOD! I love my children and I can cook a meal fit for a KING!!!!You never no what someone has been thro in there life,Its very easy for some people to condem others when they dont know anything about them,I have also worked out side my home. And tolded i needed my own cooking Show,Im a very much a people person!!!!!!

  • Linda

    You know what OCM finally we get to talk! My son read your comment that was taken off,OMG, he laughed and laughed said i like her, man shes funny! He came back and read it again!!!I still have not seen that movie, but i will! I wonder where everone went, maybe we gave them something to think about!!!!!!!!!Talk at you later got somethings i need to do, nice talking with you,i will be back later!

  • everyone

    theres nothing to think about…….we have lives.
    maybe you should try?

  • Linda

    Hey, everone#574 I do have a life, a very good life!!!Why are you calling your self everone? I never heard that name are seen it before! Sounds a little suspicious to me!!!Oh OCM, where are you? Had something to share about thoses wonderful people? The Anthonys ( Hope you feel better who ever you really are!)

  • Gina


    POSTED: 2:37 pm EST February 16, 2009
    UPDATED: 6:45 pm EST February 16, 2009

    State Releases New Evidence To Anthony’s Defense Team

    Evidence Includes Results Of Duct Tape Tests

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The state released over 1,100 pages of evidence to Casey Anthony’s defense team on Monday.

    According to a source close to the investigation, test results from the FBI crime lab on the duct tape found on slain toddler Caylee Anthony’s skull are in that new batch of evidence.

    A source with direct knowledge of the investigation said, “This is not going to be good news for the defense.”


    To read the story, click here.


    Wonder how the defense will try to explain this away? Zanny the Nanny broke in the Anthonys home & stole George’s duct tape out his garage that happened to have Casey’s fingerprints on the inside of the edge of the tape. Yep, Zanni is framing Casey. The non existent nanny no one has ever seen or spoken to but Casey? Zanny also went into Caylee’s bedroom & stole the heart stickers, toy horse & Winnie the Pooh blanket & stuffed it into a hamper belonging to the Anthony’s with Caylee’s body then used the Anthony’s gargage bags she stole from George’s garage to dump the body like trash in a swamp less than a mile from Casey’s home. That’s right, the ‘nanny no one has seen or talked to beside Casey did it-

  • gina fan!

    hey gina….what’s that you say? fingerprints?
    na na na na , hey hey hey…….gooooodbye!

    good riddance, casey! human waste! cindy and lee are next…. for obstruction, and overall stupidity.

  • everyone

    hey linda
    you know what is said about people who are suspicious ?
    they are usually the guilty ones with something to hide.(am i right doc?) are you guilty of something, linda? come on, spill it! we know, you can tell us. nobody can be so self rightous! oh , i forgot……..CASEY, CINDY, AND LEE ANTHONY!!
    wow, coincidence? should we worry? nah, its all good….we love ya linda! go on with your bad self!

  • Linda


  • Linda


  • Linda


  • Linda

    you know you are only suppose to speak for your self,why are you doing that(EVERYONE?)(am i right doc?) comeout, comeout where ever you are!!!

  • Linda

    Thanks,Gina! What a birtday present!2-16! what more could I ask? POSTED 2:37 pm FEB-16-09……UPDATED-6;45pm EST FEB-16-09 NEW Evidence POSTED on my birthday! WOW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!And if the ANTHONYS are guilty of breaking the LAW,then i hope they get whats commimg to them too!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!i had a wonderful day, my gradaughter whom I have had sence she was 8 months because she had a mother like casey, didnt want her!Well shes 13 now and baked me a birthday cake and all my children were here and all sang HAPPY BITHDAY TO THERE MOTHER! GREAT DAY feb-16-09 Yes,I have a wonderful life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    I feel like SINGING that song by, JAMES BROWN!!!!!!!I FEEL—- GOOD NOW, LIKE I KNEW THAT I WOULD NOW, SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Soooooooooo GOOD! I GOT YOU NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I thought my comment was taken off but the even funnier thing is that I can’t remember what it was about! I find this interesting in light of all the hate, personal attacks and lack of respect that is spewed here. Some people just inspire me I guess! As an adult, the language of “calling out” is new to me (had to ask a junior high kid what that meant).

    I have no doubt they have mounds of evidence against her. I hope this serves to enlighten people about what others are capable of, even in their own families. Unfortunately you see what an advantage it is to be extremely good looking, Casey Anthony would not have the same opportunities if she were an ugly girl nor would she be able to manipulate so easily.

    Linda, you sound like a nice person and kudos to you for living well in the face of adversity. You also don’t need to apologize to strangers for your spelling, you are true to your core values and that’s what counts. Most people are not courageous enough to speak truthfully or stand on principal, they are easily bent to the opinions of the masses.

    Keep yourself safe and your children even closer.

    Back to my swamp, I have a cold.

  • I had to come back, I was thinking about your tracking comment of offenders and it seems reasonable – they do this with dogs. The ADVENT chip is implanted and you can pay $40 for a lifetime of tracking or id for your dog.

    I don’t think these people should be released in society ever after they are punished. Where I live, the budget is so low for the monitoring services that they avoid it by moving them from temp hotel to temp hotel (at the taxpayers bill) because they can’t put them on the list to monitor (this is instead of hiring more people).

    So yeah, I think a chip or ankle bracelet forever is appropriate. The ankle bracelets seem to be successful and it would only take more computers.

    Good thinking…………………..

    You will notice these creeps always live by schools too, makes walking to school an impossibilty now.

  • I wish the pontification shows that chew up the smallest pieces of information for an hour would instead devote that hour to showing pictures of other missing kids or instead of looking at NG’s twins – I mean come on, who cares about NG’s twins – they are not in danger.

  • Linda

    There sweet and cute, I see what you mean! I hope they find this little girl, Heleigh!You no if they used the chip in theses areas where there are alot of sex offenders living, then (BING) THEY WOULD HAVE HAD ALEAD ON HELEIGH RIGHT THEN AND THERE! I THINK IT SHOULD BE A LAW!They could do this for children 10yrs and younger. PLANT IT UNDER THERE SKIN MAYBE THERE CARE TAKER COULD WEAR ONE ALSO, SOMETHING THE PERSON WHO TOOK THEM CAN NOT SEE,I would do it if I had a small child!They may aready have something like this,Look how much money theses 3 cases has cost the state of Florida and there tax payers and its not going to stop!!!this has hurt people every where about theses children, Come on, Invent something to track theses kids who live in theses AREAS where alot of SEX offenders live!! I will admit , thats almost every where! BUT IF YOU COULD GET PINGS LIKE A CELL PHONE OR A SIGNAL THE ABDUCTEDER COULD NOT SEE OR HEAR!we spend money on insurance for cars homes,this would like insuance for our kids, maybe the goverment could play a part for low icome familes, HOW MANY MORE TIMES IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEND, HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN HAVE TO DIE? BEFORE WE WAKE UP!!!

  • Well, the chip would have to be a tracking device for a criminal I think. No free person (adult or child) should be subjected to governmental monitoring, ever. I know they sell homing devices for children that you can put in their shoes, etc. but this would not prevent all abductions or bad parenting. Also a chip would not prevent a criminal from doing harm but I really like your idea about cell tower pings – a chip that calls into a cell tower so the criminals are constantly tracked, yeah, I like that. Criminals of children have no civil rights as far as I am concerned and should not be released into the general population – they will never be wired right and always crave to pray on children.

    I cringe at all the possibilities, none of them good for the welfare of an abducted child.

    Keep your kids close.

    Good parenting is easy, and fun.

    I get Amber alerts on my cell phone.

  • And, registered sex offenders should not be permitted to have a drivers license. This of course would be another law they would not observe but, it would lessen their mobility don’t you think?

    You also should not be able to purchase a car without a valid drivers license.

  • Well, I am back to my awkward, ugly kids and to take some meds.

  • Gina

    I’m disappointed, last week we heard from Leanord Padilla & other media that sources said Casey’s fingerprints were found on the duct tape by FBI forensic tests. I know Padilla’s a big mouth but I believed it because it’s a serious accusation to make public.

    Now today, there are conflicting reports:
    Casey Anthony: Lawyer Jose Baez HospitalizedTV Executive Beheads Wife »Casey Anthony’s Fingerprints Not on Duct Tape

    (They are…they aren’t…He said…She said…)

    Sources have told local Orlando news stations that no fingerprints were located on the duct tape found wrapped around the skull of Caylee Anthony.

    Very interesting development if this report proves to be true. The key word being IF.

    It’s interesting because yesterday, we were hearing stories about how news on the duct tape was going to be bad news for the defense.



    A new document dump in Caylee’s case, 1,100 pages were released to Jose Baez & the defense. Included in the documents are the results on whether or not Casey’s fingerprints were on the tape, and everything else, garbage bag, hamper, heart sticker, etc.

    So the most recent sources said the documents will be released to the media tomorrow. I hope they find her fingerprints SOMEWHERE, but if not there’s still the decomposing body in the trunk evidence.

    The fingerprints would put the nails in Casey’s coffin, so keep you finger’s crossed!

  • If I were a juror, it would be open and shut. Casey’s conflicting lies that she told her mother (daily fabrications of where she and Caylee were, at hotels, at the hospital with Zanny, etc.) compared to the reality that she was living around town at her boyfriends and her friends, all supported by no effort to panic and call the police immediately upon discovering her daughter was missing, or even call the police herself (her mother did) as well as all the other physical evidence of the body and bag and car and contents and lab reports conclusively point to a guilty piece of slag mother.

    If she is released on some far out technicality, and I think it would be far out because this chick offends just about everyone’s intelligence, I think some band of rock throwers would send her packing anyway. Either way, her life is over as she knew it.

    I’m not on pins and needles, I have every confidence she will be convicted no matter how far out her excuses are that some of her family may or may not believe. This chick killed her own child. I also believe that she was drugging her with Xanax for a long time prior and probably kept her in the truck and when that wore off then she resorted to the home made stuff.

    Look at OJ. What goes around comes around. And, water seeks it’s own level – this chick will endure misery forever for sure.

    I still feel badly for the Anthonys, such a loss and such a crisis at their house, one after another.

  • RT

    I have read and really enjoyed Dr. Hare’s book about sociopathy and other personality disorders. I agree whole heartedly with Dr. Mitchell’s analysis that Casey is a sociopath. I would really enjoy Dr. Mitchell’s thoughts on Cindy and George. My on pop psychology of the grandparents is nothing in depth…just that I feel so sorry for them and I do not think anything the least bit negative about them except that they are truly in denial and possibly still shock.

    I’m interested in a more professional opinion as if I were in Casey’s shoes my mom would not stand by me as Cindy and Geroge have. I know a mother’s love extends far…but I think it has it’s limits and there’s no such thing as unconditional love. I just find it strange how despite the mountains and mountains of evidence they are still believing Casey. But despite this…I do not think they are being malicious…they obviously love their daughter and want to believe in her innocence. It’s sad. Anyway, thank you Dr. Mitchell for the great blog!

  • everyone

    if you have a loving family, linda you ARE truly blessed. all this back and forth stuff on here is all in good fun. (i hope) anyway… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Marcia Neil

    This really takes the cake! Front page, the Stuart News today (2/18/2009, FL) a warehouse and shed raided by deputies because filled with growing ‘marijuana’ plants four feet high — and two firefighter owners arrested — just a few miles from ‘Anthony’s’ womenswear store in Cedar Pointe Plaza! Therefore, the protesters at the Anthony’s home could have been protesting the lack of action to take control of that situation as well as the new ‘Bistro’, as a “look, a little girl is dead” action.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi RT,

    Thanks so very much for stopping by, reading, and commenting. Dr. Hare is truly brilliant and has contributed so much to the field.
    In terms of commenting on George and Cindy Anthony I would not place any diagnostic label on either of them. There is not enough info to do so without personally interviewing them and/or giving them a battery of psychological tests. Again. I am repeating myself from previous comments I have made. Casey was an easy read because the pathology was so blatantly obvious in her words and actions.


  • Linda

    Hey everone, glad to see you come out! You know i read this book one time about mothers who do not bond with there babies, when there born! For what ever reason they dont have an intense —- strong feeling of love for them! For most, it happends as soon as they are born, for some it happends later! Almost like a day by day thing! And for a very few it never happends and apparently for what ever reason they never form a bond with the child! They never feel love, never show affection or devotion for there child, maybe the reason Casey wanted to give Caylee up was because she did not have theses feelings! Maybe cindy thought if she kept her it would help casey grow up, casey said she wanted to give her up and cindy would not let her!Cindy was the one who formed the bond with caylee, her and george. She was there first granchild, maybe the reason they put caylee in cindys arms was because casey did not want to hold her!I think my daughter-law never loved my son. Thats why i read this book, becaused she never formed a bond with my gran-baby.She was with my son for 3 yrs before the baby was borned!I would think cindy knew by the way casey treated caylee,or maybe cindy was in denial her self!Its unfortunate when this happends for everyone, its disturbing for all! My family is not perfect, but we do love each other and we all love the baby who is now 13 almost 14yrs old and she has grew up with people who love her!Unfortunately for her birthmother who has never seen her sence, she was 8 months old she dont know or care what she has missed out on! I thank GOD she just walked away and never looked back!!!!You can not FORCE some one to LOVE someone if they dont!

  • kitt

    I agree completely with your comment; that those people who just walk away from a baby/child, don’t know what they’ve missed out on. Seeing a baby grow up and to be a part of that, and to be a special person in that child’s life…there’s nothing greater in the world.

    I know several people who are grandparents and choose to not be an active participant in the childrens’ lives. I don’t know how they do it. I have 2 grandsons, and they are the world to me. I want to be part of the growing process of their lives, and help be a teacher to them so that they learn to be caring, compassionate, responsible, loving, well-grounded and well-rounded individuals. As it has been said…”Children are our future.”

  • Linda

    Hey OCM, Where are you!

  • Hi! So nice to be missed – I am having technical difficulties this week and not on the computer much. It’s actually been a nice break of reality (the computer can consume so much of your time doing really not a lot).

    I did however have the occasion to watch a NG “RAW” last nice and witness the video of Cindy and George visiting Casey in jail (October?). Anyway, my impression was not that they support her, they were hedging and hinting to her they could talk alone had she something to say. My impression was they appeared stressed and in pain and maybe were thinking Casey would admit to them what really happened to Caylee as they weren’t quiet throwing in the towel because they knew Casey was the key to finding Caylee. Why they entertained the lies I don’t understand, but I am not in their family. I still see a painful situation.

    I also watched about a million wife swaps on tv with my cold and came to the conclusion that every family is different. Many would be weird to me and their very nature foreign – I would NEVER do a show like that and subject myself or my family to something that unsettled! I do like how everyone learns something about themselves and appreciates their loved on though. I thought about each one of them in this situation and wondered if the world would make conclusions as to their person had it been them and I think yes, there are a lot of people who would have rocks thrown at their house.

    Still Linda, I really feel removed from this and look into it from a distance now. I think my emotions and thoughtfulness is better spent taking care of my own family. There are so many preditors of children to beware of.

    Back to the swamp, much to do……….

    What’s new and good on this case? Seems to me to be a slam dunk.

  • I have a question.

    What is it about some people that insist on holding you captive in a conversation when it is clear that you are not available to talk, on your way to work and in a hurry?

    I have this problem every day and I am curious.

  • In my humble opinion, a parent who walks away from a child or that gives a child up for adoption makes a better decision than being a bad parent, lord (that’s for you L) knows we have too many bad parents in the world. The key is how the child is told the information (i.e. you were our first choice and a gift, we are so fortunate or your mother was a louse and never wanted you) paints how they perceive themselves I think.

    I love children. I think children are the most wonderful thing in the world. My child makes me a better person everyday.

    I think babies are the fountain of youth also.

  • Linda

    Your impression of the Anthonys was the very same as mind, you could tell Cindy did not belive her and Casey knew it! Thats why she kept going on and on about being in jail, and being out of the loop and trying to back track when she was out and George by now crazy, what the poor man said did not make any sence at all!what got me was the way Casey would look at them , like are you beliving me now?Unfortunately they felt some need to belive her! She was not beliveable to me, but in there pain and grief I could see how much they wanted to belive her! You can look at her in theses tapes and see,she does not have a concious, no honesty no affection for her mother or father, you could just see the disbelief on Cindys face!It hurts me to my soul to know she deliberately killed Caylee! Think how George and Cindy feel!!!!I dont no where everone went but, maybe they dont have anything eles to say. I think children are wonderful little people GOD in trusted us with and to make our lives happier! Some do not see it that way!!!I LOVE MY GRAN KIDS AS MUCH AS MY OWN CHILDREN, I LOVE BEING WITH THEM!!!I COULD NOT SEE MY LIFE WITH OUT THEM!!!!I will check back later.

  • Yeah, they haven’t digested that their own daughter murdered her own child, and, doesn’t care in the least.

    L, I think you are right, she was just scanning them to see if they would believe her nonesensical around the topic answers and then try to gain their sympathy of how she was, with her being bored, powerless and with a cold. She never once cried in pain for the empty cavity that should be in her chest of a broken heart fearing for the loss or safety for her child.

    She cunningly smurks that she is just sure that Caylee was close, just so sure and that gave her solice.

    What a bunch of crap. I had to give up on a family member years ago and it was painful. My family continues to live in denial and talk like he is sick and getting better and always says “oh he looked great” meaning better than death, to his self destructive behavior. I was caught in the endless loop of helping for years only to eventually realize I was being used and not appreciated for any more than whatever I was conveniencing. I wasn’t appreciated for the heart but the buck, or convenience of the need. It took many painful years to break away (and honestly, this relative was never really deserving of it, simply by association that I felt responsible). So, I kind of understand their disbelief and the decision to walk away from a family member who is scum, when you value family highly is a toughie. It was one of the hardest situations but I stand by the decision not to jump in that black hole anymore, wish him well. It’s aggravating to listen to all the co-dependent relatives who haven’t arrived at this conclusion, mostly in denial there is a bigger problem they are not educated in and therefore any help is really enabling. I don’t even try to convince them anymore to gain understanding, I just stay distinguished and separate myself from it entirely as my choice. One of the hardest decisions in the world to make.

    So, in a way from my own experience of breaking away from an addicted abusive disabled sibling, I understand the Anthony’s place. Once they make this decision there is no going back and they are committing their daughter to execution. Now how can anyone in their right mind be hateful of them with this pending looming decision to make. They know the whole case rests on them, if her own parents don’t believe her, she will be executed. Who has been in this position before? Agony, I see it as absolute agony. They know she is guilty. Their hearts are shattered. When they are stronger, they will make these decisions in their own time. Right now, they probably can’t see through the fog.

    Linda, can you answer my earlier question?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    One Confused Mom,
    Hope you don’t mind if I put in my two cents worth about why do certain people insist on holding one captive in a conversation when one is clearly not able to talk.
    There is a certain segment of the population that has difficulty respecting others boundaries, such as seeing that one needs to go but ignore the behavioral cues one is demonstrating. It doesnt mean they are bad or awful people.
    I have a friend who is like this and I have found that I have to imterrupt and say something like, “I cannot talk right now and I have to go. Catch up with you later.”
    This is someone who is a mental health professional but also has severe ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and he does not read or pay attention to behavioral cues. So I have to tell him every time that I cannot talk and I have to run if I do have to be somewhere else and cannot converse.
    So it is our job to set the limits and the boundaries when others are not able, for whatever reason to do that.
    Good luck. I know its a challenge to deal with this on an every day basis.

  • eGot

    Everyone and their dog is a criminal psychologist now huh?
    Well “doctor”, let’s see all this first hand evidence you claim to have access to. Links please!
    I don’t believe it exists and you’re just one more twisted opportunist promoting the presumption of “guilty and criminally insane because Nancy Grace says so”.
    I think there’s something totally unbalanced about someone claiming to be a professional who isn’t professional enough to recognise the dangers of engaging in or promoting malicious gossip.
    Care to comment on that?
    Or do you not as easily recognise and admit your own shortcomings?

    Really, I’d love to spend time reading about your garden or some other personal achievment some time.

    But claiming to know and understand someone based on what you’ve seen on some tabloid TV report, or slandering people you really know nothing about is a little insane don’t you think?

  • Linda

    OCM, I think DR. Juliann answered your question, shes right about limits and boundaries! Some people can be so aggravating! And all the while putting your life in danger if you are driving! I got rear ended right before christmas, the person was a (COP) on a cell phone! The. DR.,said (I WAS LUCKY TO BE A LIVE)!So dont let people do that crap to you. Im a people person,i love to talk but not when im driving, i would just say i dont talk when im driving!!!

  • Linda

    DR. Juliann, please speak up! eGOT, I THINK ITS TOTALLY UNBALANCED OF YOU TO ATTACK AND SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT DR.Juliann! No one here is promoting malicious gossip!Why dont you go play in your own garden! Your the one claiming to KNOW something!Maybe you dont understand, little insane dont you think? Go blow your( HORN )somewhere eles!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Dear eGot,
    I take it that you do not agree with this piece that I wrote. The really great thing about living in America is that we are all allowed to have our own opinions and share them if we choose to do so. It is an opinion article, I stand by what I wrote, links are provided in the body of the article.
    It would be more interesting if you would share your own personal experiences related to this article.
    Using your real name and not some intials might also lend some credibility to your comments. As I mentioned in an earlier post it is easy to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet.

    Best wishes,

  • One Confused Mom

    Thanks doctor, yes, that is good advice. My problem is that I am a polite person and while I wait for that breath in between sentences to say I can not talk (I do try that) I can feel my heart rate going up and when I am already stressed I become even more stressed waiting. I feel rude when I have to do the cut off. I know I can’t change the person, I want to know how to change how it effects me!

    It’s easier said than done!

    As for EGOT, e-gads, are you trying to be controversial or incite an e-uprising in here? Eh, I think you have mispoke, re-read things. Maybe it is the other participants here that inspire your anger. I too am repulsed by NG, but worshipping her show is not the true intent of the message here. The message was to explain what we are all witnessing from an educated scientific point of view for a better understanding. I don’t think anyone here has been slandered. You will have to try harder to offend this clever crowd.

  • Tma


    all of the info in question is based on discovery evidence provided by the prosecution, and is public record. take some time to read the “facts” provided (in black and white), by the state, and you’ll be amazed at how much of this topic is based on fact, not opinion. there are thousands of pages of text messages, interviews, videos, photos, and conversations available to you, so you can form your own opinion. and after reading this info, you will change your tune, i’m sure. based on what i’ve seen and read (not nancy grace) and im talking state evidence, not gossip. this is one twisted family. check for yourself….www.docstoc.com/search/casey-anthony-documents/

    then again, youre probably one of those people sending her money in jail.

  • eGot

    There’s nothing anonymous about eGot, the name is actually quite well known.
    I’m not here to promote myself though, only to defend the rights of someone else who isn’t able to.

    Well, I re-read your article and all I see are links to other articles based on hearsay and speculation. So again, it calls the validity of your diagnosis and your article into question.
    In the unlikely event that you did arrive at your diagnosis via access to first hand interviews, why was it nessesary for _you_ to post this? Aren’t their professionals actually assigned to this case who’s job it is to make these assumptions? What makes you think it’s _your_ right or responsibility to diagnose Casey Anthony?
    I realise she’s not actually _your_ patient but don’t tell me ethics weren’t a part of any training you may have received.

    Even the last poster (who’s name or initials I notice you haven’t criticised) refers to online “state evidence” as if it is gospel truth. It rarely is. (and the defense is allowed to produce articles of evidence as well you know!)
    If you have any understanding of or experience with the judicial system, you’ll realise most of that “evidence” is likely to be dismissed at trial because a good part of it is either manufactured or is circumstantial or has been tampered with. Investigators know this and they have padded their presentation accordingly.
    Very little of it will hold up up in court.
    Such as the image of the heart sticker affixed to the ducktape. No one found a sticker on any ducktape anywhere! That was assembled for photographs by a very amateur lab technician or incompetent detectives.
    There’s no way now to prove that any glue residue wasn’t placed on the ducktape by investigators themselves. Their lame attempt to increase impact on jurors by assembling multiple items into a single exhibit now means that none of those items can be presented to a jury.
    Which is why they’ve had to assemble so much other “trash evidence” to try and win their case through confusion by volume rather than by presenting simple hard evidence. That’s the way the game is played.

    Regardless of whether Casey Anthony is guilty or not, she still has the right to a fair trial without people poisoning potential jurors with speculation and “professional” opinions based on second hand hearsay. Your article may have been acceptable sometime down the road if she is in fact convicted, but at this point it’s just malicious and totally unnecessary.
    I don’t know what your reasons were for posting what you did at this time but I can only assume it was for personal glorification or to attract attention to yourself or your business.
    Since I still see no evidence that anyone here has first hand knowledge or even knows anyone who has first hand knowledge, I stand by what I said.

    I see you’ve already tried this case and formed your own opinion, god forbid suspects should have anything but bread and water while awaiting trial.
    Yes, if I had the kind of money that would do any good, you’re damn right I would offer it. Not for personal use but for use in putting a stop to the kind of malicious slander that I see on blogs like this every day.
    Everyone deserves a fair defense and a fair trial. This case is just not getting any of that. Instead, everyone is just poking sticks and throwing stones at someone held in custody awaiting trial. That may have been acceptable 100 years ago but hasn’t civilisation progressed beyond that sort of barbaric entertainment?

    Maybe some of you fine well educated people are familiar with the term “Due Process”?
    Let’s just hope someone remembers that principle and applies it to your case if you ever find yourselves in a similar situation where your every move is disected under very public scrutiny, and hope that you don’t have some distant “professional” declaring you as damaged goods on a blog with trackbacks all over the web.

  • One Confused Mom


    I appreciate where you are coming from. I too see lack of compassion and understanding and respect for the ENTIRE process here, in general conversation at the grocery store, on tv, in magazines, and anywhere else where people talk.

    People are talking though, and reaching out for information and an outlet to share their complete repulsion that a beautiful girl, with a loving family, who propose such an outrageous story, mislead the police and fabricate lies to cover lies to cover everything but a need to protect her daughter with an ounce of responsibility and normally maternal instinct – it morbidly fascinates us while it offends our senses to the core of our very being.

    So, we ask for understanding and yes, agree, there is too much speculation on every fiber analysed from the lab or what blowhard leonard padilla said today, or how many tidbits NG has blown out of her prosecutorial proportions for ratings but in the end we must think for ourselves.

    This crime has occured in our society, someone has killed a child. This is public information and will be a public trial. No where does any law or moral code dictate that we passively ignore our natural responses of wanting to communicate.

    Yeah, the good doctor is probably studying the responses on this blog (and it’s been pretty wild in here), perhaps even for a book, but that is what doctors do, they study people. These are the educators, the more we learn together about ourselves and criminal minds, the better humankind can be.

    So I refuse the notion that I must stay quiet and fold my hands in my lap because I owe Casey Anthony nothing. (I never misplace my child.) I will however continue to be a good and intelligent human being. I strive for knowledge. I just can not fathum this and that is why I am here, to share.

    Yes, the investigators mess up, the police make tactical errors = human errors. I don’t think it’s about circumstantial errors vs. an innocent person of circumstances. Casey Anthony has no one second guessing that she is a calculating liar. Whatever she did, including the stories even if they were true, was wrong.

    A child is dead.

    I am sad for the family.

  • One Confused Mom

    In addition, the police transcripts are released for the world to consider. This stuff, and forming our own opinions from the taped interviews as well as the media coverage that was shared in order that we all look for this child under every crevice of our nation also lent us to care about her, even though we never knew her. We relate to our own motherhood and try to apply ounces of these impossibilities to our own lives.

    Nothing in this case adds up, even if you follow and believe the lies and CONFLICTING fabrications given by Casey Anthony, she wasn’t looking for her child, she was enjoying her new friends and free drink job at a bar, stole from her friends and family and either lost or killed her child.

    Sad stuff

  • One Confused Mom

    Also, it is no one’s obligation to stay ignorant of the news so as not to poisen a jury pool

    I for one would not want to be judged by an ignorant group of people who were not evolved by knowledge, a rounding of current events, etc. Personally, I think jurors should be vetted (more personally scrutinized) as I would not want to be judged by the average american either, it might be Gina. I also think there should be a litmus test for the voting public first who then becomes the available jury pool these are thoughts for later

    I don’t think there are any intelligent americans who would deny anyone the right to a fair trial, that is our right as an american, each of us.

    I do not believe however our personal sympathy is an obligation, we also have the right to free speech and freedom of choice and protection from religious prosecution as per our awesome forefathers. It’s then a balance.

    On occasion an innocent person is sentenced to prison true but is there anything to suggest Casey Anthony is innocent? So if it is a “game” then I say the defense has missed the mark, it’s not about proving mistakes in the investigation or technicalities were not perfect, it’s about convincing a panel of jurors, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this girl is telling the truth because a little girl is dead, wrapped stuff from home and Casey, her mother, went on to have a care free life until pressed by her mother and father who found the car smelling of death.

    Now I ask you, which one of Casey Anthonys stories are the truth?

  • Gina

    TMA- Thanks for posting the following link http://www.docstoc.com/search/casey-anthony-documents/. As someone addicted to this crime drama I am always looking for new info or photos. The document site has it all.

    This site by Dr. Julianne is awesome, even the people who disagree aren’t so bad but I feel I’ve repeated myself enough, just said it in different ways. The way I feel about Casey & her family is obvious.

    Been pretty busy but just wanted to say the document site really opened my eyes to the level of pure deceit & dysfunction the Anthony family are involved in. They are worse than I thought & seem to thrive on chaos & drama even before Caylee ‘went missing’. If some one has the time it’s worth going through some of these documents & photos.

    There was one where Caylee’s great grandmother Shirley Plesea, Cindy’s Mother tells detectives in an interview that Caylee was not a bratty, difficult or spoiled child. She said even though Caylee hadn’t seen her great grandfather in a long time the first thing she did when they visited was jump in his lap, hug him & rest her little head on his chest. That’s the heart breaking photo we’ve all seen on Nancy G. She tells how Cindy said from the time Cayle woke up in the morning she was a ray of sunshine happy, easy to please & so giving of her love to others.

    I think that’s what most of us sense about her & why she has touched our lives & broken our hearts. Strip away all the distracting craziness this case has become & that’s the bottom line.

    Caylee was murdered & justice must be done for her. And that no other parent thinks they will get away with killing their child because it’s an inconvenience to raise them.

  • Gina

    E-Got- OJ Simpson went through a ‘fair trial’ in a court of law & was found innocent. He got away with double homicide so don’t even go there. We have a right to form an opinion about a case, especially one where all the proof, documents, behavior, photos have been released to the public on TV, newspapers, online.

    I watched a live stream of the hearing yesterday on whether the lying Anthony’s would have to answer questions in a deposition for Zanaida Gonzales who’s name Casey & Cindy dragged through the mud. I couldn’t be any more informed if I was there in person, so don’t tell those who have a right to free speech not to ‘form an opinion’ until the trial is done, as if that means justice will prevail, yeah right. Going from past trials, OJ, Phil Spector, Michael Jackson, you sure you want to depend our legal system to right the wrongs of this world, including the conviction of a child killer. I wouldn’t count on it.

    Who are you to tell anyone that we should wait for a trial to decide whether Casey
    Anthony is guilty or innocent? The only way I need more proof is if someone shows me the video of Casey doing the deed.

    There are at least three different crime scenes that lead back to Casey Anthony murdering her daughter, the Anthony home, Casey’s Pontiac Sunbird, & the wooded area less than 15 houses from the Anthony residence where Caylee’s remains were found.

    If the courts don’t get Casey, I guarantee this is one time I truly believe vigilanti justice will prevail.

    This bitch will not walk around free, the protestors in front her home is just a taste of what will happen if the anthony’s do succeed in Casey getting away with murder. they ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Gina

    One more thing E-Got, IMO Dr. Julianne is spot on in her profiling of Casey as a sociopath. It’s like the word sociopath was invented for Casey
    Anthony & I noticed there have been a few copycat articles about Casey that I believe were copy & pasted from Dr. Julianne’s article.

    You seem to know little about criminal behavior & even less about human behavior in general. Go read a book, maybe one of Dr. Julianne’s & educate yourself.

    It also might help to update yourself as to what’s going on in the Casey Anthony case, you are obviously not up to date or well informed on the subject that you tell others they should shut up about & wait for the painfully slow wheels of justice to turn.

    I’m not waiting for a trial which could be more than a year away to keep myself educated & up to date. I can tell from your ignorance that’s what you choose to do, be in the dark. Just don’t try to force your ass backward ways & stupidity on us.

  • Lynette

    E-got-Is that you Cindy? I thought you were too frail to speak publicly? Sooner or later you will tell the truth. Can’t hide behind your wheelchair bound disgusting, sleazy lawyer forever.

    One day all that will be left of you & your family are the lies you’ve told to protect a baby killer. Your failure as a grand mother to protect Caylee & all the ways you’ve obstructed justice in the investigation into her murder will looking back at you in the mirror.

    No one will care about you anymore, you will be old news, no publicity– just you, George, Lee & the many attempts to cover-up your grand daughter’s murder.

  • A Duck

    I know this is a silly point. However, it’s “duct tape” as opposed to “duck tape.”

    Just looking out for my interests.

    Carry on…

  • eGot

    One Confused Mom, thank you for presenting your views without resorting to the abusive language and ignorance so may others here are displaying. |
    This post:
    “This bitch will not walk around free, the protestors in front her home is just a taste of what will happen if the anthony’s do succeed in Casey getting away with murder. they ain’t seen nothing yet.”
    should be removed and the poster should be contacted by public health officials or law enforcement.
    There’s just no excuse for threatening someone’s life no matter what the circumstances!
    I hope someone here will take serious steps to identify and deal with this person before they actually harm someone.

    A Duck, you are mistaken.
    _Ducktape_ is a plasicised fiber reinforced adhesive backed tape that was developed for waterproofing munitions crates.
    _Duct tape_ is an adhesive backed metal foil used for sealing seams in ducts.
    They are 2 completely different products with completely different uses!
    It’s important to _know_ these things if you are going to form opinions that could result in someone’s execution.
    (Or if you plan to do any heating work.)

  • St. Cecelia

    Quack quack duck– Some of my ‘duct tape’ has a picture of a duck on it, weird. And contrary to what Linda Baden says I don’t have Henkel brand ‘duct tape’ but I have about 3 other brand names, black tape, white tape, beige tape & clear shipping tape, none are the “Henkel Brand’ which the defense says is the most widely bought & used.

    I also have 4 clothing hampers made of fabric, none of them are the “Whitney brand”, we have flower stickers, no hearts that match the one placed over Caylee’s mouth. And my garbage bags are white with red ties, not black with red ties. And my kids bedroom doesn’t have Winnie the Pooh decor motif with everything matching except one Winnie the Pooh blanket missing that was found on the dead body of the child who lived in that bedroom.

    Add to this about 30 to 40 other coincidences + not reporting your daughter missing for over 31 days while you party & have a blast, acting like you’ve won the lottery or just found freedom with your friends & you’ve got circumstantial evidence leading to the murderer of your little girl Caylee.

  • Gina

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch, it’s my opinion of what will happen going by past occurrences in front the Anthony’s home by protestors. It’s really not hard to figure out & I was never one of those people but by law protesting can be done & is part of a free society.

    Sorry that you are ignorant to the facts of this case, but it’s not my fault, I’m calling it as I see it.

    You know nothing about what was staged as evidence in reference to the remains found & all the items with Caylee’s bones. You just mouthed off that there was no heart & that it was made to ‘look that way’ how would you know that? Were you there when these items were found, photographed, categorized, described & released as evidence.

    Do you think what you say might also be considered slander? That’s if anyone really cared about what you say or how you reached these opinions.

    It’s always funny to me when people are called out for their lack of knowledge & threaten me because they have no real argument or comeback. Truth is you made all that up, or it’s your opinion that the LE framed the evidence, nothing more or less. Certainly not based on any real truth, witnesses, theories to support your outlandish beliefs.

    So I think I’ll stick to believing & trusting what so far has panned out to be true, proof that Casey murdered her daughter, everything black & white in front of me. As far as why you think she’s innocent, or that she’s been framed, it’s about as solid as Jose Baez’s latest ‘Casey is like The Fugitive with the one armed man chasing her theory– laughable & it’s garbage.

  • Gina

    A bitch is a female dog e-got, what is so threatening about that? Though calling Casey one is insulting to all female dogs who protect their young ones, feed & nurture them.

    Can’t say the same for this subhuman thing who doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body.

    Facts- 31 days went by with Caylee missing & Casey had no intention of reporting it to police, ever. Her Mother finally called 911 & she was heard in the background saying to hang up & give her one more day!

    Facts- But Casey had plenty of time to steal lots of money from family & friends, not an accusation, her criminal actions were videotaped in several banks, grocery & dept. stores.

    Facts- Casey entered a Hot Body Contest at Fusion Ultra Lounge, got a tattoo that says ‘The Beautiful Life’ just days after Caylee went ‘missing’.

    Casey lied to everyone that her baby was fine, at the beach or at ‘Disney world with the non existent ‘Zanny the friggin Nanny’.

    Plus so many other lies under oath & wild goose chases that she sent detectives & the FBI on, they are too numerous to mention right now, she’s priceless.

  • A Duck

    Duct tape (sometimes called duck tape; see under Etymology) is a vinyl, fabric-reinforced, multi-purpose pressure sensitive tape with a soft and tacky pressure sensitive adhesive. It is generally silver or black in color but many other colors and transparent tapes have recently become available. With a standard width of 17⁄8 inches (48 mm), duct tape was originally developed during World War II in 1942 as a water resistant sealing tape for ammunition cases. (Wikipedia)

    I guess we are both right.

    So long as you don’t use it for taping ducks, it’s all good to me. 🙂


  • Gina

    Speaking of sociopaths & narcissists, I just watched a movie “In The Company Of Men” starring Aaron Eckhart, It’s from 1997, really interesting black comedy, both horrifying & hilarious- to me anyway I have a weird sense of humor sometimes.

    The main character ‘Chad’ epitomized evil thinly disguised as civility. Like Casey Anthony, this guy looked like an everyday normal person, a professional in the world of the new computer.com businesses. He also was a back stabber on the job & undermined his best friends work & credibility to steal his position & have his friend demoted behind his back.

    He’s a misogynist who convinces his long time college friend, a coworker to both date & destroy the life of a naive secretary by pretending to both fall in love with her.

    I was curious if you have seen this movie Dr. Julianne? If so have you ever met this type of woman hating male? Not just women, Chad could also be classified as a misanthrope & his best friend was a follower, a wishy washy type easily convinced to go along with the cruel plan.

    Because I once worked with this type of man who was good looking, could also be very charming & persuasive. Though the guy I know was not quite as cold & calculating as ‘Chad Piercewel’ the movie character, I’m sure they do exist among us.

  • Mindy

    Dr. Mitchell,

    You wrote: “Yes I have read some of the transcripts of Cindy’s interviews with law enforcement and I have seen her interviewed on tv. There does seem to be tremendous denial on her part about what has happened to Caylee and the role her daughter seems to have played in all it especially Casey’s lying repeatedly to authorities.”

    That is the only thing you’ve written I disagree with. It is patently obvious that Cindy is not in denial at all; what she is, is a liar and manipulator. She knows her granddaughter is dead; and she knows exactly what her daughter is and what she is capable of. She even called her a “sociopath” and was in the process of kicking Casey out of her home and starting adoption proceedings. Her “Casey is a wonderful mom” and “Caylee is still alive” mantra is just a steaming pile. She doesn’t believe it. What she wants now is money. She is doing everything she can to keep the money rolling in (the latest interview with Meredith Viera netted her five grand). I suppose she figures that her life is destroyed; her precious granddaughter is dead and her daughter is probably going to end up in jail or strapped to a table with a needle in her arm. The family has been deeply in debt; this is a ticket out. Sure the money is soaked in blood, but money can soothe a lot of pain.

    The Anthonys–every single one of them–are beyond vile. They are like scuttling cockroaches that scatter quickly after the light is suddenly turned on.

    Thank you for an excellent article about sociopathy. As an educated man, I am sure you know sociopaths have been known to fool even the most aware and trained professionals. They’re very good at aping emotion and mirroring what those around them want to see. We still have trouble accepting the reality of those walking around without a conscience, and perhaps without a soul. We can’t wrap our brains around it, it’s alien to us. That’s why you’ll see the bickering, and the lofty pronouncements of “innocent until proven guilty”, or the fanciful postulations about accidental deaths in swimming pools, even though I’ve seen IRS Agents with more emotion than Casey.

    Keep up the interesting writing, Doctor.

  • Sydney

    Dr. Mitchell,

    Why do you think some people on this blog are writing very personal attacks towards other people who post opinions different to their own?

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Gina,
    I haven’t seen the movie, “In The Company Of Men” but sounds like something I should see. Thanks.
    You asked if I have ever encountered any misogynists? Yes, both professionally and personally. They are scary and yes, they really do exist in our society.
    Misanthropes are even scarier. If we cannot love and accept ourselves then we cannot love and accept others. So misanthropes have serious issues with themselves, lots of self-esteem problems and that is just the beginning of the dysfunctions. So while misanthropes hate others they also hate themselves and there is no compassion or caring for other people, for animals, for anyone or anything.
    With misogynists these men have issues with their mothers or primary female figures in their childhood. They are dangerous, destructive, and debilitating to women.

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    A Duck,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We can always use a little levity here.

    Keep Quacking!

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    Thanks for commenting. When I wrote the article in October there was not as much information available about the case as there is now. If I knew then what I know now I would not have written the sentence as I did.

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Sydney,

    Thanks for coming by and for asking a very good question.
    It seems to be human nature to quibble with one another, not all the time, but often. Conflict is almost a given in any situation whether a little bit or a whole lot.
    In a situation like this where emotions run very high, conflict is inevitable. Caylee’s murder has become very personal to many people. It is beyond imagination how anyone could kill a child. Even though Caylee’s mother, Casey has been indicted for her daughter’s murder there are some who are convinced she is guilty, others who do not think she is guilty. When people are passionate about either position it can become very personal and in some instances on this site it has.
    Also, as I have said in a earlier post it is easier to write on a computer screen than be confrontational in a face to face encounter.
    I think the majority of people who post here care very deeply about Caylee and all that has happened to her. I also think most of the indiviudals who post here are good, loving, caring, intelligent, curious, passionate, and aware.

    Best wishes,

  • Linda

    eGOT, Well you got to hear from alot of intelligent mothers, no its not 100yrs ago! I have always belived in a person being innocent untill proven other wise! Why would you want to defend the rights of someone who has this much evidence against them?Petential jurors have been poison by Casey herself!
    If you want to place blame,then place it on casey and the state of florida who gave out this this information-police transcripts released to the world! This is (NOT) a (game!) Very little will hold up in court?Some might not make it in, but the best( parts) will! Not reporting a child missing for 31 days! Knowing that your daughter is stealing money partying staying away from home and not letting anyone see the child because she says she is A – BITCH!
    And for the grandmother to ignore her grandchild just the fact she had not seen the child in 31 days is to me is insane! Do you really think people are going to stay quiet! Yes Casey, Has poisoned alot of peoples minds her self by just being her self, laughing smileing showing NO emotion NO concious, DELIBERATELY TRYING TO MISLEAD POLICE, LIEING TO POLICE!!

    ! I mean really come on certainly you have to be a little smarter then that! Oh yeah, I can not imagine and no one eles can this is horrible its deliberate, a person who says they love someone has to show grief when there love one is missing and would try when they were out of jail to find them instead of making excuses, even her father went to court against her!!Certainly he knew something and smelled something that he had smelled before and knew what it was in the back of Caseys car, her own dad, COME ON ! Morally at that time he felt he had to tell the truth!

    Casey never once looked stressed over Caylee being gone, no she was out at the local bar with her new friends having a ball! I was really in disbelief when i saw her still trying to convince her mother and father that Caylee was still alive, cindy looking at her in disbelief when they were at the jail trying to get information out of her, Casey tells her thats why i dont want to see you and Lee because you are always trying to get information

    .I have been in here a month, out of the loop tried to back track while i was out! If i was out i could try and work on some things, and looks at them like do you belive me? Cindy looking at her as if she could kill her at that min, putting her head down trying to get Casey to show some emotion for her, but all Casey could do was smile smile,and smile again! When they found bones in the Econ river,Casey showed no emotion because she knew Caylee was not there!

    George looked crazy at this point!Cindys face looked like she had been hit by a 2by4! I THANK GOD I HAVE THE COURAGE AND THE CONSCIOUS TO STAND UP FOR A INNOCENT CHILD! Yes i have an opinion because its my Right! AND 2/27/2009 have SYMPATHY for a beautiful little GIRL! Because it is MORALLY THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Quack!!! quack! Quack!!!sorry for mis spelled word, its lying! not lieing!!! QUACK!!!!quack! QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One Confused Mom

    Well, I can see that everyone has caffine again, this place was starting to get a little dull. Thank goodness for the church of Starbucks…..

    Anyhoo, eGOT, I understand many of your points and how you could be offended, things can get a little aggresive in here.

    I wonder if you are Cindy, if you are, I do not think you are profiting. I don’t know how anyone (who believes their daughter or not) is able to accomodate a normal budget, grocery shop, buy gas, or pay their mortgate and utility bills in your case as well as return to work for a regular income. So what if you accepted $5,000 (chump change for national tv, probably their minimal fee – television is a billion dollar industry, no one is to go on tv for a show to exploit your story for free, there is a balance for everything, $5,000 is all? that’s practically free). You don’t owe an explanation to anyone for accepting such a meager amount in my book. It seems that the only thing that would make people who will pick apart your very need for toothpaste and toilet paper will only be happy with the very worst of all situations, and, do you think that kind of hatred is productive? No, and, it’s not christian or any other religious belief that I can see but the very people who condemn are claim to be good law abiding and god fearing people.

    If there is a god, I hope I get to go to a different heaven.

    Does this mean that if any American or their family member is accused of a crime they are to also be financially ruined before they go to trial? Pilgrims. (I have my red “N” on today.)

    And, whoever your are, I am sorry there are some who would skin you alive (and probably go on NG with your skin for $5,000,000.00 with the absolute self rightiousness that they are correct in their vigilantyism), but they exist and are our legal peers unfortunately.

    This girl will be given a more than fair trial I have no doubt. I wish it were not a matter of money to go to trial for anyone.

  • One Confused Mom

    Clarify my last sentence, BECAUSE it takes a lot of money to defend yourself against a crime, regardless. It takes a lot of money for ANY legal fee, to involve an attory, whatsoever in this country.

    The real criminals in the criminal justice system are attorneys, blood sucking leaches that we need per our democratic system. (Even I would not depend on some underpaid underachieving lack luster apethetic court appointed attorney just because they were free, I would hire the best I could afford, regardless of the situation).

    So I ask everyone. Should the Anthony’s also be homeless and bankrupt and silent because you don’t agree with their decisions at the moment.

    Certainly, no one here has ever experienced this kind of situation or pain, no one. How can any of you judge this? I don’t think I would know how to put my pants on everyday if I were her.

    If you are Cindy, I am truly, really very very sorry for your loss of a wonderful little sparkle of light, so so sorry.

    Peace and love.

  • One Confused Mom

    And Linda, I can’be believe you said this “And for the grandmother to ignore her grandchild just the fact she had not seen the child in 31 days is to me is insane” is a mixed up, summarized, untruthful ridiculous thing to say – I had more faith in you.

    We have all seen and heard the interview here haven’t we? Linda?

    1. No one ignored their missing grandchild for 31 days.

    2. Cindy was given a heap of fabricated stories, involving she and Caylees whereabouts almost every day – whoppers involving overnight business trips, accidents, hospitals, other people and even kids Caylee was playing with.

    3. Not until the Anthony parents were notified about the abandoned car, did they know something was wrong, at that point Cindy went hunting them down in town (picking up Amy, etc.) then Casey, then calling the police……

    4. To suggest that Cindy just sat around having selfish uncaring time is ridiculous: a. Casey was an adult parent of her grandchild with the full authority to do anything she pleased with her daughter and b. Cindy wrote a my face space place thing pleading for her granddaughters return from the bottom of her heart (appeared to be a plea that maybe she was punished because of the argument and Casey was just keeping Caylee from her to be vindictive.

    It’s weird, no matter what is shared here or what is reasonable, somehow, someway all the fingers keep pointing back to the Anthony family as if they committed the act themselves. THEY are the ones who have suffered the loss everyone. NOT ONE OF YOU even knew this family, THEY are in pain, not you.

    So, however they process their disbelief that their own family member so obvious to everyone else did this, is THEIR BUSINESS.

    It is not a crime to be a screwed up family.

    It is not a crime to believe in someone’s innocense.

    It is not a crime to ask everyone to believe what you believe.

    It is not a crime to be so afraid of admitting the truth because, you know, you may feel responsible for your own child being convicted of the worst crime of the world, and you would be the perfect witness against her.

    How many of you could say you could do this to your own child?

    If there is 1, then shame on you.

    I will work hard to do the best mothering I can but I can promise you I would not be offering my kid to all of you if they were Hitler.

  • Linda

    IF you are Cindy? Iam sorry for your loss also! Theres alot of things in the world thats not right, and we fall under the stress of things sometimes its hard to keep things going! OCM, is right, I have never had to experienced a situation like this!!No i do not think the Anthonys should be homeess and bankrupt!And its true they have to keep living!If you are Cindy, Iam truly sorry for You, George and Lees loss of your little ray of sunshine, GOD what a beautiful child! MY sympathy remains with CAYLEE!

  • One Confused Mom

    Biggest Hugs Linda, e-smooch

  • One Confused Mom

    quack quack quack

  • Linda

    OCM, I really did not mean for it to sound the way it came out, I know Cindy loved her grandbaby, she showed her love!
    OCM, you are right on somethings!I know cindy had to work!But i think after a while i would want to see and talk to this babysitter Zanny!

    George said he ask Caylee about her, so he had feelings about it! I heard Casey ask her mom for more time on the tape,CINDY SAID, I HAVE GIVEN YOU 30 DAYS!!I KNOW SHE CALLED POLICE TO HER OWN DAUGHTER!I think her biggest mistake was trusting Casey!
    Its to late to change that now, OCM IAM SORRY IF I LET YOU DOWN, But there is NO way in (HELL!) I would have waited that long and i know all the things Cindy did! I know her family is in pain!
    Iam speaking for me, thats who iam! And another thing, if one of my Children killed anyone and i knew it, I would call the police my self! And yes it would be hard, for me to think i raised up someone who could do such a thing!
    But i would tell the truth!!! I really do feel sad for the Anthonys but at this point they need to tell the truth and move on!
    Cindy, the truth will set you free!I BELIVE IN THE INNOCENSES OF CAYLEE!!!

  • Linda

    Biggest Hugs! TO YOU OCM!

  • On Confused Mom

    But here’s the catch my friend, you have never been in their unique position.

    Love conquors all……………..

  • Linda

    NO, (TRUTH) is i have not been in there unique position, My friend ! Iam sorry i have to disagree with you again,

    (LOVE )does not conquor all! Truth is…….. LOVE )will not ever bring CAYLEE back!

    And it will not change what happend to CAYLEE! I belive love reaches beyond the grave into FOREVER!!But LOVE can not change the TRUTH!!

  • Linda

    Lets DR.Juliann,

    Do you think LOVE conquors all?
    As in everthing!

  • Linda

    To The Anthonys, and everone that reads this blog!
    Iam not blaming or punishing the Anthonys and i am very sorry for there loss!In there own hearts and minds, they will have to be there own Judge!I feel they most certainly loved CAYLEE, AND THEY LOVE CASEY!

    They have punished them selves more than an adequate amount of times, iam sure!Its like they dont want to choose, but they have to!Question is , which one will they choose? Innocent, CAYLEE or EVIL, CASEY?

    I can only pray and have faith theses people will choose GOOD and INNOCENT OVER Evil! Religious or not, this is there choice to make!They have a consciouse! Depressed or not, at least i hope they do.

    If i could say one thing to them, it would be GOOD ALWAYS WINS OVER EVIL, KEEP THE FAITH AND TELL THE TRUTH FOR CAYLEE! And move on with your life, because the truth will set you FREE!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Linda, I’m so glad you see the light, the time has come & gone for the Anthony’s to put Caylee first & tell the truth for her sake, she deserves it not her killer. I know it’s their daughter, but for once they must not enable her lies any longer, this is too serious to still pretend some phantom babysitter stole & killed your child when the FBI proved she doesn’t exist.

    Yet they seemed to have made a pact to continue the lying under oath, obstructing justice, tampering with evidence. Don’t they realize it’s too late to save Casey & the public outrage intensifies everytime they publicly defend her innocence?

    My husband isn’t into the case like me but today he almost fell out his recliner looking at clips of Lee Anthony’s deposition in the Zanaida Gonzales lawsuit.

    Lee says he believes everything that his sister has told him so far. Now we know that is a lie because he’s been on record with the police, Casey’s friends saying she’s lied & told annie Dowling not to cover for casey’s stories to police, to tell them the truth.

    Then Lee goes into this ridiculous long story how a ‘different Zanaida’ took Caylee from Casey
    at Jay Blanchard park who took Caylee, yet Casey didn’t even fight for her child, though ‘Zanaida had no gun or weapon.

    The Zanaida in the lawsuit though was the only one fingered by Casey, dragged through the mud by Cindy in the media, picked up & arrested, interrogated, lost her home, lost her job & was temporarily living in a shelter with her children because no one would rent to her or give her work with this Casey’s accusations & the kidnapping possible murder stigma attached to her name.

    This Zanaida was the only one at Sawgrass Apts, her name on a register to apply for a vacancy. Apparently that’s where Casey got her name from when she went there to visit friends & built a whole web of lies about Zanny the Nanny around her.

    This family doesn’t have to turn on their daughter, just stop enabling her to continue this ridiculous stream of lies, piled on top of each other, so confusing that none of the family can keep them straight anymore.

    Wouldn’t it be better for them to say the truth, like I don’t know exactly what Casey did to Caylee, I believe she did something because Caylee is dead?

    We know they know, the police, FBI know they know, they aren’t helping Casey in the least, only making themselves the target of hate because we feel they have not been there for Caylee, & want to set her killer free.

    Dr. Juliann, do you have any idea why they still choose to drink the Casey kool-aid in the face of a mountain of evidence & public scrutiny? Look where their enabling of Casey’s behavior, covering up & lying for her has gotten them, a dead grandchild & Casey locked up awaiting a murder trial. Why can’t they see it’s time to end this destructive & appallingly bad behavior, if not for themselves, for Caylee??

  • Gina

    Casey Anthony is incapable of love, so it doesn’t even come into play with her ever admitting she killer her daughter. And her family, if they would stop defending her publicly, it would dry up the only support she has left besides her lawyers.

    I think if they would have not been so vocal in supporting Casey & enabling lying for her murdering her child, she could have broken down & confessed a long time ago. all that honey, darling, you are the boss bullshit that the anthony’s though would help to draw the truth from her in those jailhouse visits were failures. It had the opposite affect because she knew that theyt would defend her & lie for her no matter what, they were fighting for her through thick & thin & she believed with no body she was going to go free.

    Now with the body, it’s harder but I’m sure their public messages of support get through to her in jail.

    Like at ‘Calylee’s Memorial’ the 2 hour “Casey was a wonderful Mother infomercial” brought the murderer comfort & the courage to stick to her lies whatever they are at the moment of what happened to Caylee.

    The Anthony’s message– look, we are still here for you know matter what you’ve done. Casey was probably happy that the parents put her first, while Caylee was just an afterthought on what should have been her day. I think that’s partly why she killed Caylee & what she was trying to get back again, being #1– the center of her family’s attention.

  • truth prevails

    I noticed comments about the Anthony family’s strange behavior & self destructive actions, though they think they are clever, it always backfires. This was my take on the (Caylee Memorial) more like the Tribute to Casey Show.

    The service was nice at first, with the exception of a pastor who reminded me of Jimmy Swaggert. I even shed a few tears, then about half way through Lee’s speech did the tear brakes screech me to a hault…there are no words to explain how angry I became, I was speechless.

    When Cindy began her American Idol performance I got sick. George seemed like he was the only one sincerly heartbroken UNTIL the “send my daughter a Valentine” comment came flying out of his mouth…unreal..I thought sure, I’ll get on that first thing in the morning George…

    My daughter had a baby recently & gave her up for adoption because she was too young to give her the things she needed, the courage she had to do what she did amazes me ever day. I cry looking at my angels little picture. How Cindy can chew gum like a cow, smile, act like a gestapo control freak while beng a ‘grieving grandmother’ is odd.

    People grieve in different ways but I see none of that here with her..

    Welcome it’s the Casey Show..staring Casey Anthony, guests tonight her stupid brother Lee musical guest Cindy. Special appearances by Jose Bozo the Clown……I am ready to puke…

    God forgive them for they know not what they do….but wait!! they actually do know which makes it even worse. God doesn’t like nasty, selfish liars who’s whole life now revolves around freeing a baby killer…He has His own way of dealing with them & they will pay the ultimate price, forever in an eternal hellhole of their own making!!

  • anonymous

    A friend of the anthony’s- I found this interesting on another website

    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#817 Monday Aug 18
    Cindy was going to file for custody of Caylee. Casey and Cindy were fighting before all this happened. Casey had stolen

    money from Cindy’s mom and dad and Cindy was fed up with Casey’s behavior. Cindy went to a counselor and the counselor told

    Cindy to kick Casey out. Cindy was worried that Casey would take Caylee with her. The counselor told Cindy to file for

    custody. Casey took Caylee to punish Cindy. That is what Cindy thought for a few weeks anyway. Casey would not produce

    Caylee or let her talk with Cindy. Cindy only tracked Casey down when they found that the car had been towed and they

    retrieved the car. Cindy called all of the phone numbers of Casey’s friends to locate her. Her friend Amy said she knew

    where Casey was as Casey had just picked her up at the airport the night before. Cindy wondered how Casey could do that

    without a car. Amy said she let Casey use her car when she was gone for a whole week. Casey stole $700 from Amy too. Casey

    has stolen over $25,000 from her mom and dad through credit cards. Cindy had to go into her 401K from work to pay off all

    the bills. That is why the Anthony’s were behind on some payments. I know all of this because I know the Anthonys and

    Cindy’s mother. I talk to Cindy’s mother once a week.

    126.misskatie on February 13th, 2009 12:54 pm
    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#821 Monday Aug 18
    cgab wrote:

    Do you know if either of them have family or extended family…I’ve never heard any mention of this.

    Ricks response –
    They aren’t real close to their family members. They talk only once in a great while. Cindy’s mom keeps in touch with all of

    the family on her side. I know George’s parents live in Ft. Myers somewhere. The rest are still in Ohio for George.

    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#827 Monday Aug 18
    janielane Winter Park FL wrote:

    Where is this info coming from?

    Ricks response –
    That is Cindy’s father. He had a stroke in early January of 2007.

    127.misskatie on February 13th, 2009 12:55 pm {Dud link removed by Comments Editor}

    128.misskatie on February 13th, 2009 1:01 pm
    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#832 Monday Aug 18
    just a mother wrote:
    Have you filed this with the police? Shouldn’t they know or do they already.

    Ricks response –
    I know the police went to see Cindy’s mom and they should have gotten all of this from her. The police know a lot more than

    they are letting out. They don’t want the defense to know what they know yet.

    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#838 Monday Aug 18
    just a mother wrote:
    How do you know all this information? Could you let us know please

    Ricks response –
    If you didn’t already see it in my previous posts, I grew up living near them and know Cindy’s mom very well.

    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#844 Monday Aug 18
    curious wrote:
    Then there is some truth to Casey having a drug problem?

    Ricks response –
    Casey’s behavior got worse in recent months. I don’t know if her new found friends were into coke or extasy. I would bet it

    probably was one of them. It only make sense. I don’t have any proof except the amount of money stolen.

    129.misskatie on February 13th, 2009 1:02 pm
    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#858 Monday Aug 18
    cgab wrote:

    What is the Great grandmother’s take on all of this? Has she indicated that Casey would be capable of harming Caylee?
    She thinks it probably was an accident and the way Casey lies it balloned into this big mess.

    130.misskatie on February 13th, 2009 1:03 pm
    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#873 Monday Aug 18
    sad about caylee wrote:
    check out how sad caylee is at the nursing home, clinging to g. grandpa….She looks terrified! Also, for the past 2 years

    when Casey would leave home to “go to work” where the heck did she go with Caylee in tow? Did she just drive around until

    parents were either at work or asleep. If she got fired 2 years agol where does she goe when she pretends to “go to work”
    Have you ever been in a nursing home/ I visited Cindy’s dad in that nursing home. The people are very nice but to a little

    child they look scary. My grandmother used to work at a county home for old people and I was terrified when I had to go with

    my mom and dad to visit her. I liked seeing my grandmother but not in that place. She worked a lot and that was the only

    time it seemed we could see her. It is scary for a little child.

    United States Reply »
    |Report Abuse |#890 Monday Aug 18
    Countrygirl wrote:
    Rick, if you’re in Niles (or close) then you should know that while Officer Anthony was employed by the sheriff’s
    department, Dr. Sudimack was coroner. Do you remember his legacy?
    I was born in Warren and raised in Vienna, I remember the years well. My grandparents knew the elder Anthony’s and the car lot.
    Truth be told George “retired” early from the sheriffs department for a reason, the car dealership was just a smokescreen.
    I have two uncles, both from Niles who were on WPD, one ‘retired’ early, one worked for several years. You and I both know that this family and their roots stink.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    I don’t know that there is any correct answer to your question. It seems to be a personal belief as to what truly conquer all.
    So why don’t we ask others who post here what are their thoughts.
    Thanks so much for posting.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Hi Gina,
    Great question. To be honest I don’t know the answer and at this point I wouldn’t even take a guess, educated or otherwise.
    Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?
    Thanks so much for posting.


  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    Truth Prevails,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. How brave of your daughter to allow someone to adopt her child. What a courageous and difficult decision that must have been for her. It is wonderful that you could be supportive of her. Best wishes to both of you.


  • Linda

    Dear Gina,

    Everone is entitled to their own opinion, in this case! Its not that all of the sudden i have seen the light!
    I have known all along how many lie’s casey has told, and that they are not White lie’s! It is the responsibility of Cindy George and Lee to tell the truth and to know when Casey’s lying has turned yellow! It’s not like casey still belives in Santa or the tooth fairy!

    Now tell me if someone could actually kill their own child, would they mind telling lie’s and a lot of them? Would they mind destroying some one’s life?
    If she was jealous of caylee, you can bet the Anthony’s knew it!They know casey better than anyone and they and Lee know casey lie’s! Lee said on the NG show last night, casey lied to police, so why would Lee lie for her unless he was jealous of caylee are is this some kind of sick sibling loyalty? I have to belive my sister!

    This kind of loyalty could find him also behine bar’s!I remember casey saying,Zanny love’s caylee and thought she was a wonderful child! So what would be a motive, for her to kill caylee?I could not belive Lee, he was lauhing not really saying anything about caylee,only how he belived his sister, and that his message was for all 3!

    Does this guy know how much money this case is costing the state of florida or does he even care?Does he know what a fool he made of him self, or does he care?

    Cindy and George, I plea, You take own the responsibility of telling the truth, I know you are hurting and are in pain, but you have to wake up and stop this !The truth is going to come out sooner then later, you can not hide from depression or gilt! This kind of loyalty is beyond safe boundaries!
    Stop this before your family is completely destroyed! TELL THE TRUTH! FOR CAYLEE!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Linda, I guess what I meant was more directed at your attitude toward the Anthony’s. Your patience with them seems to be wearing thinner & I understand why.

    It seems you gave them every benefit of the doubt & now are maybe as confused as many of us as to why they continue self destructive behavior by their determination to cover-up for Casey at all costs.

    I’m out of here for a few days again, I do get too emotional & it’s good to shut myself off from the latest news & come back with a fresh perspective. I need to tend to my family, my animals & block this out my mind for awhile.

    Have a good week-end, quack, quack!

    I admire you for not sticking to your original opinion for argument sake & admitting that as time goes on, you are seeing the Anthony’s in a different light.

    That’s how it looks to me anyway, I could be wrong.

  • Gina

    My opinion about love, no it doesn’t conquer all. My first husband loved me but treated me like dirt. He claimed to love our son but waited 17 years to form a relationship with him.

    My parents idea of loving their children was to tear then down physically & mentally. They were never satisfied with myself or my two younger brothers. It’s a miracle we all turned out half way normal.

    That’s why my approach to raising my sone was the total opposite of how I was raised.So love doesn’t overcome these type of obstacles & though my parents claim to love me, I think they would have been better off childless. Nothing sexual, but it was abuse.

    I’m glad I was born but have scars that will never heal because of ‘my parents love’. A therapist would have a field day with me.

    Now I’m really gone, but it felt good to kind of get that off my chest, later!

  • Linda

    Gina, I guess my patience are starting to wear a little, thanks for sharing, i grew up amost the same after my dad died.

    My mother remarried 4 yrs later and he was a self destructive person,he made us kid’s life a living HELL!

    It’s a wonder he did’t do something like this to us!Because he was jealous of us kid’s with our mom, he had never been married had no chilren, and could not stand the sight of us, nothing sexual just mean!

    I thank GOD when my baby sister was born he was the same way with her, no care no love! Thank GOD my mother woke up and put him on the road!He never did love my sister and she was his only child!

    I think he was a Sociopath! I think of all the times he could have really hurt one of us, no one could do any right around him and so my mother finally saw the light and got rid of him, to this day my sister has nothing to do with him, thank GOD!

  • Tma


    you said: Yes, if I had the kind of money that would do any good, you’re damn right I would offer it. Not for personal use but for use in putting a stop to the kind of malicious slander that I see on blogs like this every day.

    what slander do you speak of? everything that we formed opinions about is based on FACT!
    1)decomposition in the car — fact
    2)lying to police about everything from employment , to the nanny — fact
    3)not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days, while partying , getting tattooed, and shopping with stolen money.— fact (love to see you explain away these facts, by the way)
    4)murder scene linked to the anthony house —fact
    5)a nanny that has been around almost 2 years ,that nobody (including the grandparents) has ever met, seen , or heard of. no phone numbers, pictures, or valid addresses. —fact
    6)the alleged phantom phone call from caylee, that cannnot be validated — fact
    7)no emotion after losing your little girl– fact
    i don’t think i have enough room on this page for all the facts…….so i repeat… where’s the slander? every example i’ve given is based on fact. and there are thousands more facts. this is not an ordinary case. it was put out there for everyone in the world to see, by the media. so , we’re not allowed to form opinions anymore? we have to sit with our hands in our laps like stepford wives and not say whats on our minds? if you don’t like it, don’t read it, cindy ( oops, i mean Egot) . truth hurts…..

  • Tma


    glad i could help you out. if i find more links i’ll let you know…..after all, we have to brush up on our “slander”(FACTS) (lol) be careful though, cindy(i meant Egot ) might have you reported to the authorities………FREE SPEECH???
    …..by the way, Egot, the word you’re looking for is LIBEL. slander is spoken…Libel is written, or printed…

  • Gina

    TMA, I seriously believe E-Got is someone within the Anthony family. He/she is taking our opinions that Casey is guilty way too personally. But what other conclusion would any person with half a brain come to, unless you’re an anthony or one of their lawyers?

    E-got said someone should report me to public health officials for calling Casey a bitch & saying it’s inevitable that there will be hell to pay if the unlikely scenario of her getting away with murder happens. There would be an angry mob in front the Anthony home like they haven’t seen. That’s no threat, just common sense.

    Got to go, we are snowed in today & the electricity is blinking off & on, wonderful! Looks like we’ll have to connect the generator to have electricity soon.

    But yeah TMA, the doc.com site is best one yet to get all the document dumps in one place so thanks.

    Have you visitedThe Caylee Daily? They have live feeds of all the hearings & depositions & of course forums to comment.

    Casey will be in court Monday, & I can’t wait to see how much worse she’ll look than last time. All those pork rinds & hershey bars going straight to her butt. See you later!

  • Gina

    Linda it sounds like you learned from the experiences with your stepfather & used it to become a better person. So many people mimic & repeat the mistakes their parents make & it’s handed down for generations. I thought my upbringing was normal, didn’t know anything else.

    That’s until I was old enough to have friends & go to slumber parties, meet other parents & I realized my parents thrived on misery, pain & chaos 24/7 & this was not the way to live.

    My mother was not happy unless she was putting others down & making them as miserable as she was. At the time they gave her shots to calm her down don’t know what it was, but that didn’t even help her manic depression. She lived on valium & was in an angry semi-coma because she abused them.

    I notice most people treat their own children in the same manner they were treated, unaware they do it. But at least we were smart & compassionate enough not to want to inflict the same pain onto our children. Peace, really must go, we have 8 inches of snow & it’s getting worse losing power, have a great Sunday!

  • Gina

    One more thing about your step-dad Linda, that’s heartbreaking that he was so jealous of you all? I never could understand that but I think that’s also way too common. After my first divorce I dated a little & I sensed that from several guys that met my son.

    Maybe your Mother didn’t realize he was going to be that way until he lived with you all? Once you are in that situation it can be hard to escape, mentally & financially.

    There was an instant jealousy & competition & I never understood it. Needless to say I never dated them once I realized they wanted me, but would have rathered my son not be around.

    Poor children, at the mercy of adults & if I wouldn’yt have protected Shane & winded up with one of these men what kind of life would my son have had, God knows. Maybe another victim like Caylee, it’s sad.

  • I did have a comment on Casey’s appearance in court though; I was wondering what the doctor thought about her body language namely playing and grooming her hair while she is in court.

    I noticed too on the interview tapes she does this as well as smooths her skin and constantly wipes like a cat.

    Does this mean anything?

    Also Lee’s interview is well, speaks for itself. The good news is that no one else is buying this girl’s literal web of lies.

    I see everyone has a point of beginning and loads of history that leads them to their mentality. My family has an extreme case of denial and granduer also so I kind of (and I say that lightly) see the similarity of supporting their Casey on an emotional basis. I wonder if they are so anti law emforcement because of the Dad’s history that they have made a pact among themselves not to watch the news or read releases of facts and interviews causing themselves to be in a bubble chosing to believe Casey. Oddly, Cindy’s first alli was then someone she accused (from Casey trying to drive a wedge between them so they didn’t compare too much info) Amy. Thank goodness Amy answered her phone and took her to Casey that fateful day.

    My family chooses to have a set of beliefs about a certain family member that are so glossed over I don’t even talk to them about it anymore because it’s too frustrating. I have removed myself from this black whole. They also apply admiration and grand reputations of “matriarch” and such to people who #1) aren’t deserving of such a title (it’s like a word they heard and now repeat) that I get frustrated with them. They also excuse people with bad behavior with “she’s bi polar and they are in marital counseling” as if being depressed is a get out of jail free card for bad, rude or aggresive behavior. It’s ignorant people trying to act intelligent and annoying so its best just not to engage with this kind of conversation because they don’t live in the same reality.

    I am curious doctor about denial – can you explain the layers of denial and the effects on a family?

  • I hope they can study Casey.

    Is it legal to submit a prisoner for a brain CAT scan or MRI to study.

    Now that would be interesting.

    Have they done any of this on Susan Smith? She has admitted her crime.

  • Oh woops, I see I forgot to change my alias back…………..

    I have come to realize that what is so riveting about this case to me is the denial. Now I realize most people claim this initially but with the wide national coverage you would think that someone would have broken by now.

    So again, I am curious about this thing called denial, seems to be empowering to some and infuriating to others.

    And I correct myself, love is a beginning but forgiveness conquors all – love is only a catalyst to forgiveness, forgiveness can free you from torturing yourself………….

  • Linda

    She has also gained weight, i have to say she does look better, her face did not look right when she first came in and her eyes looked crazy, they don’t look like that now!
    She’s not smileing ever time you see her now, wonder why?I also think she had plan to do this for avery long time, but did it all the suddon with out a well thought out plan, and wanted to kill caylee so bad she could not even cry about it!
    I think she felt free after and was so happy she just could’t hide it! Caylee had a GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO LIFE and casey took that away and for that she deserves to die! why should she be allowed to live?

  • Sue

    I am new to this….3 comments for thoughts
    #1 Do any of you think that Lee is Caylee’s father?
    #2 How do you think Casey, attention seeker that she is, is dealing with the media focus going to Haleigh’s family, instead of her?
    #3 How do you feel about the death penalty being taken of the table?

  • Linda

    Sue, Im not sure about the death penalty seems they maybe could have used it to get a confection?

    I mean once its on does it stay on?I really do not think Lee is the father.
    I think she may be glad some of the attention is off her, she needs time to think up some more lie’s and have time for boso!

  • Sue

    Linda, my understanding is that they can add or take away the death penalty until they actually go to trial, then they must make the final decision. My belief is that if the death penalty was made for anyone, it’s Casey. I’m not sure about Caylee’s paternity, but would not be surprised if Lee ended up being the father. As to the attention. I think Casey will say or do something to get the media attention back to her. I don’t think she can stand not being in the spotlight. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  • One Confused Mom

    Well, everyone is sleeping……….

  • Linda

    Bring back death penalty in this case, im all for it!!!

  • Jordan Richardson

    All this mob needs now are a few pitchforks and some torches.

  • kathleen

    After what Casey Anthony did to her daughter Caylee,I’m sure Casey Anrhony will be seeing alot of pitchforks and torches where she is going.

  • Linda

    And now her att is paying for her defence with blood money!
    This is so wrong!
    Caylee has been her meal ticket in life and now in death!
    Now tell me she didn’t do it! Morally wrong!
    How eles can you see it!
    She never tried to work with police and has lied at every turn, if she loved caylee and did not do this, then why keep lying!

  • Linda

    Give us something we can belive!
    Why keep changing story! She thinks she going to get out of this maybe not rich, but with money! AND WHO KNOW SHE MIGHT COME OUT RICH IF PEOPLE KEEP BUYING THE STUFF, I SAY BAND THE STUFF AND DO NOT BUY IT!!!PASS ON THE WORD TO ANYBODY YOU NO!!!!

  • Sam

    Dr. Mitchell, Re: Mindy’s question about Cindy in denial.

    You responded that you would not have written the sentence the same way had you known what we know now.

    How would you change this? A lot has been revealed about Cindy in her constant media interviews and public exchanges caught on tape, as well as the people they (Cindy at the helm) have chosen to bring into their circle such as felons (Kid Finders), swindler spokesperson (who took money for Cindy’s interview but did tell her) while publicly alienating the law enforcement and publicly berating Judge Strickland even well before murder charges were ever brought against the daughter.

    In addition, Cindy would turn a talk show interview into ‘blame the media’ if anything happened to Caylee because the media did not do their job as she saw it.

    There must be something telling in this behaviour post-denial period.

    Hope you can help us understand,

  • On Confused Mom

    Sam, interesting observation, good question.

    I too am curious about denial, in general and find the Anthony family fascinating.

    I don’t think there is a prescribed behavior for responding to a crisis. The father of the missing Haily girl proposed to his “dumb bitch” girlfriend yesterday who is sporting a large engagement ring now. I find this a peculiar time to rejoyce but I am not them.

    I also think that if you ingest all this hatred you become all that repulses you.

    Let’s try to help the children who are here.

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD

    A Different One Confused Mom,

    My apologies for the delay in responding, sometimes life just gets really busy.
    To answer your question about Casey’s grooming behaviors in the courtroom. There could be a number of reasons for those: a way of soothing herself because she is feeling anxious about the proceedings so it could be a nervous habit or as a way of being flirtatious. Women often do things with their hair ( playing with it, smoothing it, etc.) as a way of drawing attention to themselves.
    As for an explanation of denial and it’s impact on families. Denial manifests itself in many different ways but underneath it all is an unwillingness to accept. recognize, and deal with the truth regardless of what the situation. It is not uncommon for an entire family to be in denial about something or someone’s actions. Situations become conflicted in a family if some members are in denial and other family members are not. Denial is a defense mechanism and a way of protecting oneself from recognizing the reality of a situation. Many times it feels safer to deny there is a problem than confront it head on. Sometimes people use denial because it is so overwhelming and the situation so horrible that denial is what enables the person to function. Denial is a protective mechanism for the self.

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Juliann Mitchell, PhD


    To answer your question about how I would have written the sentence differently related to Cindy Anthony’s denial. I would not have labeled Cindy’s behavior at all.
    Although I have observed people who were in tremendous denial about something when I knew that deep inside they knew the truth. However as I wrote to A Different One Confused Mom denial is the glue that frequently enables people to function in the worst of times. Denial does not mean the person does not know the reality it means the person in denial will not accept the truth or admit it to anyone sometimes even themselves.

    Best wishes,

  • On Confused Mom

    Thank you, I am glad you explained denial, provides for understanding I think.

  • The Obnoxious American

    I know this is an unpopular viewpoint, and I am going to get slammed for posting this. And I think that this woman is clearly insane and needs to be locked up if not given the needle.

    But she is kind of hot. Something about crazy girls in bed – they are usually pretty fun! May not be the right thing to say but am I wrong?

  • Chickenbutt

    Interesting, if unpopular view, Obnoxious…I certainly do not think that Casey is insane. I think she is evil and with full thought and sanity committed this crime. As to crazy women in bed….hmmmm…husband tells me I’m crazy all the time and we do have fun!

  • Connie

    I didn’t know this site was here until about an hour or so ago. I read just about everyone’s comments from Oct. 08 and am so cross eyed I am too tired to get into this discussion now but, will definitely come back tomorrow and discuss my opinions. My grandaughter and I often say this…”what’s up?”… “chicken’s butts when they’re eating!” Cute huh? (the last person to comments’ name)

  • Linda

    Hey, its way passed my bedtime and iam fixing to tottle off to bed, but first i have to say casey is not insane!
    The way i see insane is a person who dose not no right from wrong and don’t know where they are most of the time!
    Casey did not have a well thought out plan, but she just could not wait any longer to do away with Caylee.
    It could have been the fact she just did not want to be tied down with Caylee, which is a shame, also her new boy friend did not want caylee around, could have played a facter in the getting rid of the child!
    I do know she had been bringing up the nanny for 2 yrs yet no one had ever met her seen her,never talk to her on the phone ,did not have her phone number,did not no where she lived, never picked caylee up from her home, never talked to sindee george or lee! And casey said she loved caylee and had no children of her own, so why would she want to kill caylee? I think its all to stupid for words! Casey wanted to be free of caylee and she could have given her up but she was her meal ticket, but got to the point she just had to be free,and i hope she will find freedom like shes never found before!! Like zapped right out of this world!!

  • On Confused Mom

    Also, in her statements to police she contrived a story of how she knew Zanny, all fabricated inserting the name of a guy she ran into weeks before that she had not seen since high school.

    I would love to read his testimony or listen to his police interview.

    According to Casey, these two had their children watched together at (was it Jeff?) her friends house for a year and a half – it was he who introduced her to Zanny the Nanny, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

    Then she rambled on about how he moved away to new york and that is why she had no phone number for him, etc. etc. etc.

    This story, along with all the others given to her mother during Caylee’s absence is what cements it in stone for me that she will say and do anything to keep from telling the truth at the moment.

    She has some odd confidence I think that she thinks that everything she said and all the dead ends and compared to wacky stories will all be forgiven.

    I don’t think this is “crazy” or not within her control. I just think she is a horrible person who probably overdosed her daughter in the trunk of the car so she could screw her boyfriends.

    My opinion.

    Obnoxious – I think there should be a lot said for the fact that she is beautiful, hot. I think beautiful people are excused a lot in their families and in society, absolutely a part of this story.

  • On Confused Mom

    Actually, this fact alone would diminish any believability for me if I were her family member (i.e. the long involved description of history meeting Zanny through “Jeff” who watched both their kids at “Jeff’s house, etc. etc. for a year and a half compared to “Jeff’s” account of “I saw her at a store a couple weeks ago and prior to that I had not seen Casey since High School – I don’t know WHAT she is talking about”) makes things open and shut to me.

    The girl is like a serial liar who committed murder of her own child.

    It’s just a fantastic story of horror!

    So much to learn…………..so little time.

  • Chickenbutt

    Connie, Funny you mention that. My grandaughter and I also do the “whats up chickenbutt” routine. But it was my boys that tagged me with it. In my opinion, Casey has never been believable. Every time she opens her mouth she lies. I also believe that the Haleigh case, also in Florida, is driving Casey crazy…taking the spotlight away from her and we will continue to hear Casey making waves (signing her statement that the State is mad that she won’t take a plea deal) etc, just to give her more airtime.

  • Curious

    Linda (or anyone that may know) speaking of the “nanny”…In the past did she ever mention the nanny’s name? Or did she just refer to her as the “nanny”? Did the name “Zany”(sp) just come up when all of this started? I find it odd that no one knew the nanny, just because when I took my daughter to her nanny’s house it wasn’t unusual for a Grandparent to pick her up due to our work schedule (She also required me to let her know in advance if anyone other than me or my Husband were going to pick up our Daughter – Grandparents or not). Both sets of Grandparents had the phone number, had been to the house, and had met the nanny, her Husband and Children. Maybe this is being a little over protective, but sharing the nanny’s information with our family just came natural without any forethought. I guess she (our nanny) and I kind of interviewed each other when we first met…
    I have been curious about this for a while.


    God Bless little Caylee

  • Curious

    p.s. I’m not trying to criticize the Anthonys – everyone’s situation is different.

  • Chickenbutt

    Curious, If memory serves me, Lee said in his statement that “Zanny” had been mentioned in the past. I think I also remember in a jail house conversation with her parents, Casey said that Zanny had a key to the the Anthony house. Do you think that the defense will say that Zanny came in and took all the stuff that was with Caylee’s remains? As to grandparents knowing a nanny or babysitter, I would never let my grandchildren stay with someone I had never meant! And for 2 years??!! Wha do my kids know…they will never be as smart as me…lol.
    Dr. Mitchell, how do you think the Haleigh case will impact Casey and her case?

  • Jen

    I have been following this case from day one as most us have. I have a daughter that is almost to the DAY 1 year older than Caylee and I really was on the lynch Casey Anthony bandwagon but I am now remembering the JonBenét Ramsey case. EVERYONE (myself included) were convinced that the mother had murdered her child in the WORST possible way because she had wet the bed. Turns out that after years of public HATRED (scorn does not even begin to describe the HELL that woman endured)the mother was posthumously cleared of ALL culpability in her daughter’s murder. I’m not suggesting that there is a parallel in these 2 cases, the motive and evidence are clearly much more persuasive in Caylee’s murder but why doesn’t everyone BACK OFF this and let the legal system DO IT’S JOB??? This media FRENZY that WE are fueling is making a fair trial impossible.

  • Curious

    Thanks Chickenbutt and Jen…

    I’m not on a lynching bandwagon, but I do find this case interesting. No matter how it occurred little Caylee didn’t deserve what she went through…one child abused is one too many and there seems to be a high number of children abducted or abused…very sad

    thanks again

  • On Confused Mom

    I truly appreciate your point Jen. I was thinking about “why why why” is this case so mobidly fascinating again and I think it’s because the media has been spoon feeding bits of gore to us the eager public.

    Regarding a grandmother allowing or not allowing her adult child permission to have or not have a nanny they approve of is not really supported by the legal system I don’t think anywhere. I don’t know that your adult child has a legal obligation or you would have the right to demand any proof of or information as to where they take their child for care, even if you are providing them a home.

    Curious, I agree, I think the lessons learned about this girl and all the emotions it has purged from the unwitting public should best be put to a better use now – I think Mark Klauss should step up and take advantage while the iron is hot and get some more support going and information out – let’s start in our own neighborhoods. Let’s help some kids that we can help now.

    In answer to your question (only because I listened to a lot of the initial interviews) Casey had the “Zanny” story going for at least a year and a half at their household according to Cindy. It was all so believable she had no reason to think otherwise. Remember, Casey was also lying that she had a regular job and even worre a name badge leaving for work with her child all the time! (Leaving me to suspect Zanny was Xanax and the trunk of the car for a while until she ran out she made chloroform herself, my hunch.)

    I think the excuse that Zanny had a key was a recent add so she could blame the evidence on her like Zanny came into their home and used their household possessions, etc.

    Yes, poor Mrs. Ramsey, and poor John Ramsey – I can’t imagine his losses……..

  • Curious

    Thanks OCM – Then, if Casey has mentioned “Zanny” for over a year, how strong will the accusation be regarding “Zanieda Gonzales” on the books at Saw Grass Apartments? See why I’m curious? ha ha
    This is the only part I’m confused about. Well, I’m curious who the baby’s Daddy is, but that is probably irrelevant.

  • On Confused Mom

    Excellent Sleuthing! Yeah, you are right, that doesn’t work – I am going to look into that contradiction (could have been an AFTER THE FACT supportive comment by Cindy – I like the initial interviews before everyone has compared stories…….)

    Could be poor Zainada was just cleverly spotted on that list and Casey added it to her list-o-lies to convenience her story. Wrong place wrong time.

    I wonder if someone is compiling a spreadsheet or flowchart to compare facts and contradictions –
    Comparing all the BS is a real job isn’t it?!!

    I don’t think the Dad is a fair issue or related to this case, Caylee didn’t have a father for all intensive purposes and it’s her memory to preserve here. Remember Casey lied to her boyfriend Jesse about that too, insisting he was the father but she was already pregnant when she met him, she even let him take a paternity test. The girl is a mess.

    I am interested in her friends comparison of stories, they have no reason to lie and present a true picture I think. I am interested to see them when they testify.

    Another case that freaks me out is the Fritzl case in Austria where the father imprisoned his daughter for 20 years and had 7 kids with her! There are just so many twisted people in the world! That monster is going to get 15 years prison only.

    I like to practice something I call RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – like notice a kid in your neighborhood who never has decent shoes or a jacket on when it’s cold and go get them one annonymously – leave on the doorstep……

  • Marcia Neil

    That a different ‘Cindy’ — Cindy Sheehan — has been featured so frequently in media journalism no doubr has and yet does contribute to the family’s mental and emotional confusion (shee han’ / ant hon’y — get the point?). It is less likely that one media overexposure has caused another than to comprehend the effects of influence networking upon borh families, such that a child has been killed within both.

  • Myra

    The Anthony family is so messed up it would take an army of ‘professionals” to get in their heads .
    when little Caylee was born , I can only imagine the “battle’ they had to give her a name , they do not agree on anything ,wonder how they got the name Caylee Marie Anthony , could it be CAY after Casey,Lee after Lee , Marie after Cindy and Anthony after George ? no father on the birth certificate , IMACULATE CONCEPTION ? I can’t help but wonder if they remember their own names and what a field day the lawyers will have on trial day ,one other thing that has not been mentioned , in the attempt to blame someone else , who was driving the car between july 16,08 with a Dead Body in the trunk , THEN Casey abandoned the car , OUT OF GAS , didn’t she notice the smell and why would’nt she report it missing those days , OH maybe it was the Ghost of Christmas …….

  • Curious

    OCM – You are right, probably an after the fact supportive comment…

    I hadn’t heard about the Fritzl case – how sick is that?

    Awesome gesture – taking care of the neighborhood kids.. very sweet of you.

  • Marcia Neil

    [typos — ‘doubt’ and ‘both’, lines two and four]

  • Linda

    Hey there,
    I have a thought about them knowing about this nanny for 1 year and a half! Come on don’t any one think that some one eles in the family would had to have picked caylee at onetime are another! And they said own the jail house tape bozo was crying and casey just set there with her arms crossed! Never cryed, this FREAKS ME OUT! CASEY DID NOT LOVE OR WANT HER CHILD THAT IS VERY PLAIN TO SEE! THERES YOUR MOTIVE! The look on her face told the whole story!!

  • Linda

    Curious March-12 Yes you are right, the name zanny never came up untill all this started!
    The name nanny has been around for about 1 and a half yrs to 2 yrs.
    This had been being planed for a long time! I think casey made her mind up to get rid of caylee when she came up with the name nanny!

    Funny her granddad cindy or Lee never saw this woman or picked caylee up from her,And who in there right mind is going to give a key to there house to some one they do not know!
    Unless they trusted casey that much, going back to jessie, he said the casey thats in jail is not the casey I knew!
    So some where along the way casey got messed up with some bad people, drinking and dopeing and not careing about NO body but her self!
    She has hurt a lot of people her mom dad brother and most of all caylee.
    Read between the lines when she told police her mother would never forgive her and she would never for give her self, that statement says it all!
    When she frist got picked up and she was doing all that smiling shes not doing that much anymore, you can see the fear in her eyes, she knows shes going up the creek but shes going to play it till the end!

  • One Confused Mom

    Linda, breath, just breath! Are you yelling? Because we hear ya babe! Who is bozo? GAD, we are finally over our month long cold, spring is here, spring is here – it’s beautiful outside!

    However their family operates like or unlike another family is beside the point to me. No one but me picks my child up from daycare other than her father, ever. I have family in the area but we do not have this relationship. Not every family has a supportive and close network. As well, there isn’t really anyone I trust completely to do this! So, again and again I question how Cindy should be held accountable for not demanding everyone explain theirselves for approval or not, as the grandmother???

    I also don’t think anyone should be judged for no father on the birth certificate, irrelavent to me – this occurs in many cases and isn’t a cause for being a murdering anything or of poor character judged on the standards of others; simply there isn’t a father to name – could be any reason I think incest is a stretch, besides, who would believe her to claim incest now?! I wouldn’t believe word #1 from that girl and to demand a test from her brother is beyond indignant and would be a violation of his civil rights. My humble opinion.

    As always, Marcia Neil, you speak up just in time – what a broad and fanciful intellect you share, thank you.

    Yeah, everybody commit a random act of kindness this weekend. Pay for somebody who looks hard up behind you at the store (a $20 break for some people is the difference of food for the week) yeah, in the spirit of Caylee, let’s do something nice for a neighbor kid………..buy them sidewalk chalk at the $1 door – they will love you forever! Walk somebody home to show them you care they get home safely and on and on……….it’s easy to be NG and rag behind a desk but to make a real difference takes a minimum effort, let’s do it!

    And for Fritzl, there was a special documentary on MSNBC tonight, had to turn it off, too too horrid, I can only peek at the story but not watch the whole thing, makes my stomach turn.

    I am still going to investigate the nanny occurences, I am curious now too curious.

  • One Confused Mom

    What 17 hairs in the car????

    I am behind times.

  • Chickenbutt

    If this is not a case of how internet websites can hurt you, then I’m crazy. We should all sit down with our children who have Facebook, personal blogs, and any other friend site and show them what harm they can do. In this time of recession, employers look at these. Police look at these. Do we want our kids lives (and photos) out there for all to see? Do you know what photos your kids are posting?

  • One Confused Mom

    Exacalacaly, I don’t like even the idea of personal blogs (this is the first blog I have ever visited to be honest)! I am guilty of wasting time here too!

    Facepage Facebook or what the heck is called and all that other stuff is a weird advertisement of yourself exposing to the world supposedly your inner most private thoughts is it not? Yeah tell me there aren’t 10 preditors for every one young kid posting stuff about themselves. When you are young, everyone feels different and this expression forum is dangerous – it’s a parents job to constantly reinforce the good stuff until you have a confident young adult fly out of nest.

    My child has a main access to the internet that is controlled and has our preapproved selected sites to play, for a timed amount. I will never allow real internet cruising or video game boxes! I know people who have this rule at work now, they have to ask for a site first (and if you can’t cruise you don’t really know what’s available so you don’t bother!). I was without the internet at home for 3 weeks and it’s interesting to see the withdrawl, etc. but after you realize it – it’s not something you NEED!

    The internet is convenient, an immediate library to the world but it also harbors and suggests the worst of people lurking right outside your electric outlet so forget it. I also don’t like the idea of most of the violent video games. If you see violence, experience it, have visions of this in your memory, it becomes you. I absolutely choke at the idea that (and I have had friends that do this) moms and dads spend $400 a year + $60 per game to give their kids the x-box of the season (because the one prior is always obsolete 6 mos after you buy it) and license them to get no exercise, have no real life, have a violent cartoon social life with the tv and have any expectation that they are developing normally! They can’t believe young Jimmy seeks out pot although it’s been suggested and something on the video game he’s been buying with his credits since he was 10!

    People need to be smarter with so many more choices for their kids. The basic things in life are still the best. Just because there are 10 disney channels, 4 stores in a 2 square mile radius and walmart sells slutty HM clothes for 6 year olds to emulate her does not mean you should flock like sheep to contribute to the church of hanna montanna who is only a pimped child by her parents and exploited by a company for a cottage industry. This egomaniac miley will probably explode like half baked brittney spears and have a melt down at 22 in front of the world too, sad. I hope the world reconsiders the rammifications of the sinister ways of even disney who creates a provokative world for 10 year old girls – it’s called “tweens” and these prepubescent kids are still 10 years old in their awkward years whose real nature is to ride bikes and play barbies get through a monumental growth spurt, not have have a sophisticated social life entwined with boyfriends and adult problems they aren’t developmentally capable of living. I always laugh at these teen shows with deep thinking dawson’s creek kids, when I was 16 I did not even wonder where the water came from in the faucet, nor did anyone I knew.)

    OK, so I am guilty of pontificating and blogging. Time to go, I just got a snuggle from the most wonderful person in the world………..time to go!

    Peace and love and babies are the best smelling

  • Kitt

    OCM…I absolutely loved your last posting!!!@! Right on!! Just one question; what are HM clothes? I seriously don’t know!

    About kids and the internet/Facebook, et al. Gotta share this. My daughter’s college professor told the class a real-life story. Here goes.

    She has a pre-teen daughter, I think 12 yrs old. She has always taught her daughter (who has a Facebook account) that you NEVER give your real name, address, phone #, etc.

    Mom was curious to see what her daughter does on Facebook, so Mom created a fake account and put on a photo of a nice-looking young man. Mom then sent a “so-and-so wants to be your friend…” to her daughter. Daughter accepted. Daughter happened to have two friends over at the time this took place. Mom says within an hour, all three girls had given their names, ph#, etc. Mom was shocked. Wanted to see how deep the girls would get in over their heads. Mom, posing as cute guy, arranges a meeting with all three girls for Saturday evening. The girls said yes, they could meet cute guy at church parking lot at the agreed upon time.

    Saturday night rolls around, and with the same two friends over, Daughter asks permission for all three to walk to local convenience store. Knowing what’s up, of course Mom says yes.

    Girls arrive at the parking lot and see the van that cute guy said he’d be driving. As girls approach van, side door slides open, three men all dressed in black with ski masks jump out, each grabbing a girl. Girls are thrown into van, door slides shut, black cloth bags are placed over each girl’s head, and duct tape bound around each girl’s wrists and ankles. Girls are crying “Please, no, don’t, please” etc. Duct tape is slapped across mouths. Blinded and immobile, girls are driven for what seems like miles. Then van stops. Door slides open. Each man picks up a girl, carries them into some building, and dumps them on the floor. Then duct tape around wrists is cut off, so that each girl can free herself from the bag over her head and the tape covering her mouth. When the girls pull the bags off their heads, they find that they are on the living room floor of the home of one of them, and standing in a circle around the girls are dozens of friends and family members.

    The three masked men were actually the fathers of the girls. They planned this out, borrowing a van that was unknown to the girls, and timed themselves. They had the girls into the van and bound in under 60 seconds. They drove a circuitous route in order to keep the girls from knowing where they were going.

    As can be expected, the girls were totally freaked out, probably even traumatized. I can only hope that each of them, and any/all of the friends they relate this story to, will realize that even tho this was only a “It could happen” lesson, IT COULD HAPPEN!!!! The daughter has since told her mom that she would like to tell her experience by making appearances at school assemblies around the county.

    Just one note: This happened to pre-teens. Anybody who meets people on the internet, no matter what age, should realize that IT COULD HAPPEN!!!

  • One Confused Mom

    Hi Kitt, Hanna Montana clothes!! I hate them! HAHAHA!

    WO, that is a heart stopping story you told, I am freaked out and I wasn’t even there! It’s really true, kids AND WOMEN are really easy prey on the internet to begin with, the internet just takes the work out of it for them! Look at all the wierdos they entrap on that tv show. I just don’t see anything positive about those facebook accounts, I don’t think my kid will ever have a computer in their room (notice I have never said what sex my child is) nor will ever be able to use the computer privately. What ever happened to reserving privacy and waiting to get to know people personally? Young girls, and I was one, are stupid, I was really stupid and pre-computer age – I can’t imagine what bad judgement can bring these days, more missing children and opporunities for preditors. I try to teach all the little girls I know to be more self involved instead of obsessing on boys (like we do) explaining to them that boys, unlike them, don’t even think about them rather they are off playing sports, doing their homework and hanging out with their families! So, let’s all commit to giving our girls MORE attention until they are sick of us!

    Remember the little girl who was raped and killed by her uncle this last year, he preyed on her from the internet. (Granted her family allowed the convicted child preditor to be a part of the family and was a trusted family member, stupid people but still not deserving.) Remember the little 12 year old on facepage who was hassled by an adult of a rival kid on the street over a boy, suicide (my heart breaks over this). And, do you ever notice that convicted child preditors live near schools, that’s not a coincidence, they lurk in all the dark corners of a kids world including facebuttpage.com. The days of staying out playing on a hot summer night with the neighborhood kids are over, the sick people of the world have way more morbid stimulation and can’t seem to get their appetite for horrid acts on others satisfied. Then there is the human trafficking where kids are just stolen, shipped to other countries or cities kept in locked brothels and sold as prostitutes and sex slaves to wealthy people or the underworld with sick natures. I am seriously aware of all of this so we practice the general rule of “take no chances”, ever. I only watch or read stuff for info but I am known to never even watch scarey movies!

    I also don’t have a sticker on the back window of my car with a cartoon picture of everyone, and their ages (including the dog often times) next to a bumper sticker of what school’s honor roll my child attends, etc. etc. Even baby-on-board things in the window of your car are #1 dangerous if they become airborne in an accident and #2 an advertisement that you have a baby in your car or in your house for the taking.

    Don’t invite the world into your home.

    Eeesh, god (L thats for you) I am a blowhard…….

    Any suggestions from anyone on how to make a difference? I think all the passion that the Casey Anthony case has inspired surely should count for something GREAT in the memory of Caylee – ideas? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?!

  • ajoya

    #348 — January 26, 2009 @ 03:57AM — Linda
    Got to say one more thing before I go,we have to also remember Cindy and George brought caylee home with them from the hospital,gave her a place to call home food to eat,I know she call cindy nana and george papa sometimes joe joe, these people showed love and care for this child and I would think bought all of her clothes she had a beautiful room with beautiful things in it how many people out there would do this? some not even for there on grandbaby ! And never in a millon yrs thought casey would do something to her they still do not want to belive it, but they will in time.They need help people not hate,remember if cant say something good say nothing at all!!!!!!!!

    I believe imho…95% or more of us would do this and more. As for the Anthony’s hate is not the word…un-natural and disturbing are though.imo
    People do hate what Casey did and that rings through many of the coments and you need to not take it so personal.

  • One Con

    Ajoya, I am one confused mom. I don’t understand why you are quoting a remark and adding an editorial made by someone 2 months ago that was during a heated controversial volley on this blog.

  • Joe Karasin

    This story has become a reductio ad absurdium for the news media in the United States. I personally feel Casey Anthony is innocent of the murder but guilty of being a poor mother. Lots of 22 year-old females probably regret having a child at that age…even some 40 year-olds don’t necessarily qualify as what we call “good parents.” Casey deserves the same “innocent until proven guilty” standard we should give to all those charged with crimes. Nancy Grace and Gret Van Sustren have all but allowed this young woman to be convicted without even having gone to trial. As to the charge that Miss Anthony is a “sociopath”; We as a society have become quick to use small signs from the DSM-IV to instantly categorize people so as to have a simpler way of describing their behavior. This “pop psychology” is a sickening facet in modern day life.

  • Chickenbutt

    If you feel Casey ia innocent, who do you think had the opportunity and motive to do this? How do you account for all the lies? I agree she is innocent until proven guilty, but in my opinion, the evidence we have (and Casey’s own behavior) seems to point directly to her.

  • On Confused Mom

    Well Joe Karasin, I agree with you regarding FOXformation of the news for profit fed to the eager but, I bed to differ regarding your other points.

    Age has nothing to do with this case nor does regret of having a child early. This case is regarding a dead child, and, who killed her.

    The facts collected paint a clear picture that the child’s mother lied about her whereabouts to everyone for over a month while living the party life, and different lies to different folks as well as there is a body found bundled in articles from their home, etc. There isn’t anything said by her that wasn’t a lie! There are about 1,000 factual reasons why accusation points to this girl. There isn’t 1 reason why she could be believed that this wild tale is true, not since there is a dead body found bundled in their household belongings.

    I think your way off on this one. This isn’t about pop culture, this is a mortifying story to most of us who can not fathum such outrageous horror coupled with the odd confidence of this chick makes for a chilling tale.

    If this is only about a technical trial of legalities then society has failed us.

  • kitt

    One Confused Mom,
    Just want to correct one statement in your post, if I may.
    You wrote “There isn’t anything said by her that wasn’t a lie!”
    There was one time when she told the truth. It was when she led cops on the wild goose -chase at Universal, when she got near the end of the hallway and stopped, then said to the officers, “I lied.” That’s the one time she told the truth!

  • On Confused Mom

    HA Kitt, you are correct! Didn’t she also say something like “you got me” prefacing “I lied”. So, apparently she does know the difference!!!

    During her “Universal”, interview, she also blathered on about sharing this Zenaida babysitter with her friend at work Jeff (fired in 2002 who hadn’t seen her in years or shared a babysitter named Zanieda or had a babysitter named Zenaida) and Juliette Lewis who can attest to this story (who doesn’t exist as a known person yet other than on movies – hollywood star, poor her, must creep her out.)

    Fifty cents says any sympathy for her will be from men, most women are confused this situation is remotely even possible and are repulsed.

    Dr. Mitchell – do you have any thoughts on sympathy fueled by sexual desires? Aren’t there some Freudian principals to consider here? Certainly if Casey were pudgy or an unattractive girl there would be no one garnering sympathy for her. It’s because she is young, beautiful, hot to some, and vibrant that people want to believe her isn’t it?

    We can choose from where we read our news and what influences each of us, but in the end I owe no one an explanation for my formed opinion about something in the news. It is not my obligation as a citizen to have my head in the sand for every potential jury I might be on! I also don’t think that is the idea behind the jury pool being balanced!! The concept is laughable!

    hahahahaha INNOCENT hahahahahaha

    This chick is the most outrageous liar of all time!!! You could revel over every count of ridiculous on this case – it’s mind blowingly bizzare!!! And this is why we are here, to share our reactions.

    Peace and Love