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Casey Anthony and the Internet

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People all over the world seem to be buzzing about the Casey Anthony trial, and most importantly its verdict! I do not remember the last time a story got this much press coverage, not only in its own country, but around the world!

On Tuesday, July 5th, 2011, Casey Anthony was a worldwide trending topic on the social networking website Twitter. Her name appeared multiple times on my Facebook newsfeed and every newspaper in the world seemed to be covering the story. And the majority’s consensus was clear: the verdict was shocking. But why would it be? From what I read about the case, there was not enough evidence to convict her of the murder of her child.

Sure, her own version of what happened was full of lies, but she will be serving prison time for that. Living in a democracy means that there is the wonderful thing that is presumed innocence. Unless the prosecutor has enough incriminating evidence to get a jury to convict her for the murder of her daughter, Casey Anthony is innocent.

No one knows what really happened. And yet, people worldwide are accusing her of something the legal system did not find her guilty of. People may have their doubts, after all Anthony did not seem too stressed about the disappearance of her daughter and made up a whole bunch of lies concerning Caylee’s disappearance; however, she has been found innocent. Until further proof is put forward of her guilt, give the lady a little benefit of the doubt.

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  • margotlily

    @Snooksme I don’t think Casey Anthony would be getting the mother of the year award any time soon, by a long shot! And I don’t think she should be liberated so early on, after all I’m pretty sure they could have charged her for mistreating the child (a woman who goes clubbing when her child has disappeared must be seriously disturbed) however at the end of the day, nothing says that she has killed her child. No one was there when it happened, and she could very well be guilty like she could also actually be innocent. A jury has decided, and until proven differently, she has been judged innocent. People can judge her for her loose parenting abilities, but accusing her of murdering her child is a serious claim and maybe people should not be so hasty to judge her. We do not have all of the details and presumption of innocence is a concept we should cherish in a democracy!
    But I agree, her story does not make sense for the most part and maybe the case should be reopened! But until then, for all that I am concerned, she has not killer her child. Who has, that is another very important question which should be resolved.
    Thank you for your input though! I wanted this piece to spark arguments and open a debate and I am glad someone participated 🙂

  • Snooksme

    I am sorry but I feel like we have all been had. Those who believed her innocence most likely some do not have a child. Toys left in the bag. Not brought up or identified in the trial to my recollection. I just feel that we have all fell beneath the wheels on this one that followed Casey’s life of not disturbed her child dead. I feel she got her way from the last time she sedated her until this past week. We have been had. I know we are suppose to get over it as some say but sorry, I never will. Money is being made hand over fist on this. It is a disgrace. One by one the jurors are telling they just could find no evidence. Really? A lot of people did. I think the state did not present it in a way that got the attention of the jurors. After all the practicing before the jury ever saw what was being said by those being questioned was ridiculous. I also think the jurors were not qualified to be involved. They were worn out, wanted to get home or back to their jobs before there were repercussions. I always said: “Haste makes waste!” State of Fl paying the bill, broken heart people paying for justice not actually served and it is not over. We will protect her, feed her, hide her and I am not for it. Let her walk out the gate like so many other people that did not ever commit such a crime as this. What you reap you shall sew I think is the way it is said. Lot of that will be going on for a lifetime most likely for innocent ones but not the guilty.