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Carson Should Come Out of Retirement

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I was just thinking about how I miss Johnny Carson. Maybe it’s a sign of my old age, but nothing really compares.

Letterman used to be funny. Leno never was. I think I just don’t get Conan O’Brian. The only one who ever really comes close to Carson is Jon Stewart. I don’t think many people would compare the two, but they had a similar style. Carson was always subversive without being mean. You could never really guess his politics because he poked fun at everyone equally. The only bad thing about the show was the horrible jazz fusion music that Doc played.

There were too many times when I learned about something happening in the news from Carson’s monologue.

“Got no job? We don’t care. Got a bad credit rating? We don’t care. Got a prison record? We don’t care. Don’t expect to pay us? THAT’S when we care!”

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  • Eric Olsen

    H. Wayne, I couldn’t agree more. The flavor left late night when Johnny departed – too bad we can’t freeze him at about 60 forever. Remember too, by the end he was down to about half a show per week, so we’d still have to put up with guest hosts all the damn time even if Johnny came back. I like your point about picking on everyone equally, and the Stewart comparison makes a lot of sense.


  • Chris Wilson

    I too miss Johnny Carson but love the fact he went out on top. He was kind of running on fumes anyway at the end of his historic tenure. But him coming out of retirement would be akin to – say Joe Louis – coming out of retirement. He would risk harming a near-flawless legacy. I disagree with your opinion about Conan – though he will never be as smooth as Johnny. As for David and Jay? Well, following a legend is never an easy job……..