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Carrie Underwood Wins Two CMAs And Faith Hill Storms Off Stage

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Last night on the 40th Annual Country Music Association Awards, season 4 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood walked away with two huge awards: the Horizon award (CMA version of Best New Artist) and the Best Female Vocalist of the year. In the latter she was up against Martina McBride, Sara Evans (who had a particularly awful performance), Gretchen Wilson, and of course Faith Hill (whose performance was equally awful).

This is the perfect punctuation to a near perfect year for Carrie, whose newest single Before He Cheats just recently hit number one on the Hot Country Songs Billboard chart, making it her third number one single in a row. Carrie's debut CD Some Hearts has nearly sold 3.6 million copies. With the radio success of her single and the big wins last night, I'm willing to bet her album will be certified 4X platinum any day now, which clearly makes her CD the best selling debut from any American Idol winner ever. Simon Cowell's of course sitting pretty high and mighty right now, as he predicted this would happen two years ago.

Her close friend from her season of Idol, Anthony Fedorov, accompanied Carrie to the ceremony where she also performed her song which, despite the less than stellar performance, should still spike her radio airplay and her sales. A year after the disc was released, Some Hearts sold 35,000 copies last week, over 10,000 copies more than Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics which not only had a top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100 (something Carrie never had minus her Idol single) but also was only released a few months ago.

The most notable thing though, aside from Carrie's two wins last night, was the reaction from country diva Faith Hill who showed poor sportsmanship after losing Best Female to Carrie at the end of the night. Hill, who had just performed before the award was announced, stood backstage awaiting to hear the winner, and after Carrie Underwood's name was called, she threw her hands up in the air, yelled "WHAT?!" at the camera, then stormed off.

Some are saying she didn't hear the name, which is why she said "What?" Her reps are saying (according to USA Today) that she was just joking and didn't know she was on camera. Although, if that's the case… why did she look directly AT the camera when she did it?  Not to mention the fact that right before they announced the winner, you could clearly see Faith mouthing "I'd better win".

I personally feel like Faith isn't the type of person who would react that way, and it did look quite exaggerated to the point it could have been a joke — I honestly hope that's all it was. Either that or maybe she was paying tribute to Kanye West.

You can view pictures of Carrie as well as fellow Idol alumnus Kellie Pickler on the red carpet at the CMAs, video of Carrie's performance, and stills from throughout the night over at Breath of Fresh Ink.

Here's the infamous Faith Hill moment: 

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  • lindsay

    That’s all bull.. Faith was making a joke about herself.. all of you are stupid if your honestly going to lose respect for her when she DID call Carrie Underwood after the CMT awards.. she called and appoligized to her and let her know she was making a joke on herself..NOT ON CARRIE!!

  • shayla

    Carrie is better than Faith! Get over yourself.

  • amber scivicque

    pleassse carrie underwood is just now a fake. i hate her. ok i cant say i hate her because i dont know her but i dont realy listen to her stuff anymore. from what i’ve seen shes becoming more fake then ever and shes so boring! her new cd is horrible..shes yelling the whole time ewe. faith hill is def better then her! and faith has the right to have that attitude. faith worked hard to get where she is now and carrie didnt even do anything. ok well she sang. but she didnt really work that hard to get the adwards she got. faith def deserves to say whatever she wants because she does have more talent then carrie underwood and she knows how to present it. carrie underwood can yet shes just becoming a bore. and not a complete fake..but very close.

  • me

    this website is to funny..why may i ask does anyone even care?? if it was joke..ok..if it wasnt..she has faults like you and me. they are both wonderful..in my eyes. i love both their music..and i could care less what they do they still sound amazing..end of story.

  • brenda hardin

    I too lost a lot of respect for Faith. I saw Faith the first time in Nashville singing on the Nashville Now show. This was before Faith had her teeth , hair and wardrobe fixed and she appeared scared to dealth . I smiled at her and she stared at me the whole time . She was starting out and green but I could see she had talent. I was shocked to see her reaction about Carrie . Sure both Faith and Carrie worked hard , it wasn’t given to either one x Faith did ride on Tims heels a while. Faith you need to remember 1990 when you first began and help the younger artists, instead of being jealous!

  • whatever

    u don’t know what ur talking about fait hill. Noboby knows her unless you are friends with her she probably was pissed that she didn’t win… Also she is a millioniare why did she only give that poor sick child $1000.00? Really makes you wonder. I would appreciate anything but if I had that kind of money I would cover all the hospital stay. Seems to me $1000.00 from me is a nice gesture. Just a thought. And Carrie is a great singer she is giving Martina McBride a run for her money and she is fantastic.

  • Katy

    what is sad is that the media takes this and makes it a negative. Maybe Faith was serious, maybe she was joking. Do you think the media airing it is going to find out first. NO!! All they want to put out there is negativity because that is what gets attention. What if we as individuals stood up and told the media to shove it. Stop airing negative items. They seem to want to put more focus on this than the positive of Carrie Underwoods win. It is sad that we have allowed our society to accept this. Don’t let it continue!!!

  • Michael

    VL wrote: “This was sooo long ago….why are u guys wasting ur time….Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood are both great singers….get over it and move on with ur lives……”

    This is my opinion as well!

    But the Faith Hill bashing continues … Oh, folks, c’mon, bring it to an end!

  • VL

    This was sooo long ago….why are u guys wasting ur time….Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood are both great singers….get over it and move on with ur lives……

  • Danielle

    Carrie Rocks, Faith Hill sucks!!!

  • AWinthrop

    Of course Faith Hill apologized when she realized her true nature had been exposed. As far as Carrie Underwood accepting Faith’s apology, what else could a decent person do.

  • Bonnie Moran

    I am not shocked at Faith Hill and regardless of how she has helped someone or even in Mississippi helped the flood victims , when in the public eye we sometimes forget where we came from. I am sure she thought she should win but, Faith it is time to step down Honey and let someone else on the thrown. How many years did Reba, Dolly and Barbara Mandrell, along with Loretta receive award after award?
    I am proud of Carrie and Faith you should be too as this could have been your oldest daughter competing against you. You meant what you said, and that dam gretchen wilson won the first year so why in God’s name didn’t you and Leanne Rhimes attack her. Gretchen is a Drunk and I will not even listen to her sick music. On the “Raw Gretchen” she drank through the whole show and this is a women with a small child. Come on! Get her out of Country Music with those sickening Big and RIch. Kenny Alpin you owe people in Culpeper for screwing them out of lots of money when you lived here and you stated you weren’T married. Your EX wife teaches School at Culpeper High School. Why lie when you get money in your pocket but yet you forgot how you messed up alot of peoples lives with your housing developement that you took the money and did not refund a dime.
    I think all country music stars need to have federal background checks on them as our children idolize the idiots.
    Carrie your the best thing since Apple Pie.
    Faith, stay home and raise your kids or have more. Tim won’t go anywhere. No one wants a second fiddle. I stopped buying Faith and Tims music as she is a spoiled person who thinks her S doesn’t stink just cause she is married to Tim. Hey where was the Mcgraw Baseball player when Tim was growing up?
    Now he writes about him please, he did not even admit he was Tims Dad.
    Oh! Well, sounds like the making of a country song. Get the old foggies out and put more in like Miranda Lambert and Carrie. Leanne is a burn out, along with Gretchen, and Faith. Want to see Faith in the natural.
    Visit Brawners in Michigan and there is a picture of her with the owner. Powder and paint, without you ain’t.

  • faith hill just sucks she is a loser and will never win an award while Carrie underwood is around and besides faith cant sing her way out of a paperbag

  • Jamie

    You can tell Faith is joking. If not, you DEFINTELY HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR. I’m watching Faith on the Ellen DeGeneres and you can tell Faith is telling the truth. She felt so hurt when people took it the other way. Faith has given no reason, media wise, to come out as phony, fake, nor mean. Even Carrie knew is was a joke. Of course, she comes off as perfect, you need an image in this industry, especially Country Music. It’s a clean cut image genre!. As someone who works in the music industry, I know image is uber important. And of course she kept her last name “Hill”….it’s HER STAGE NAME. No artist in their right mind changes their name in midst of their fame. It confuses and it’s bad marketing, it’s like changing a band name.

    I love how everyone here is convincing themselves they actually KNOW what happened. Get a grip people. I’m not saying that I know everything. But its pretty freakin’ obvious that it was joke. Of all award shows she’s been too, after all the awards you won (and lost), why would you think she would act this way. She has lost before. Reading all this comments (with bad grammar by the way, which makes their comments null and void) really shows how many dumb people there are in this world who can’t a JOKE and make a big hooplah over this.

    Unless you can prove you can make better country music, then you have no reason or right to say that she’s suck. If you know how this industry is run, then you know that Carrie (Talented, yes. Original, No) sold her soul to the American Idol monster aka a CONTRACT. She didn’t write her first album nor is not allowed to make major creative decisions, so she’s not truly an artist until she can do it by herself. She has not proven yet, unlike Faith, to be a true country artist. Faith didn’t need a TV show to earn her fame….so why would she be jealous of Carrie? Faith has more cred than Carrie hands down.

  • Marty Benson

    I tell you what the video of Hill shows you she was not kidding. And why would someone kid about another singer winning? I don’t care for Hill or Mcgraw’s Singing and that is my choice so don’t attack me. As far as putting these people on pedestals ,fans do not know these singers you only know what they put on. What she did was bad taste, bad manners, and not very classy. she was a sore loser.So like i said the video speaks for itself, so i will believe my lying eyes before i will believe she was kidding.

  • A blogger

    We’d better close this thread now.

  • Alyson

    Came across this site by accident and started reading. It cracks me up that any of you think that Faith was serious!

    You can clearly see that she was screwin’ around … like she needs any more awards! If you see any personal interviews of hers you can clearly see that she has a healthy sense of humor and rampant modesty.

    And she did call Carrie, per Carrie’s interviews, and Carrie stated that she thought it was a joke anyways, but Faith had called to make sure she realized it was all in jest. I don’t think Faith ever dreamed that it would be interpreted the way it did — but a clip of video is often like an email, VERY easy to misinterpret.

  • jane

    Jann, shove it and get some manners. Try not to aim low for people.

  • Jann

    Faith >Carrie but politics. Carrie’s looking geross too. I’m sure she’ll be entering rehab soon.

  • survRy8

    Carrie is a great singer – she had a lot of great hits but Carrie did NOT go on a RECORD BREAKING tour – Faith Hill and Tim McGraw had the best EVER selling country tour in history. The beat out the Stones! She had a very busy year and did great! You all probably don’t follow Faith probably havent heard all of the great songs on all her albums. Carrie had a few hits big whoop – Faith has had many more hits and deserved to win that year and this year. Faith is much more talented and a much better performer.

  • pricetagonyahead


    Right. But Kristie even nice people have their faults.

  • A blogger

    She did apologize – many months ago. And Carrie accepted it.

    We’d better close this thread now.

  • Rico Paulo

    Carrie Underwood is an american idol….so, what’s wrong with Ms Faith Hill?! We al know that Carrie is better than Faith… Jesus Take the Wheel is better than There you’ll Be…!!! I am dissapointed on Ms. Faith…. If i were her, I will give apologize to Carrie Underwood…!

  • dolly gatti

    I always thought Faith Hill was a phony. She never even took her married name from her marriage to Tim McGraw, and that is tacky as she prefers to use her FIRST HUSBANDS NAME. She was married to Dan Hill a Nashville music executive for 6 years. Then she was engaged to Scott Hendricks, a mega Nashville music executive and broke that engagement when she met McGraw. but she still keeps Dan Hill, first husbands name. She would never reveal who her birth mother was, but attended the funeral of her birth mother surrounded by bodyguards. I would never buy her cd again after her rude poor loser display at the award show.

  • fr

    I never thought that Faith Hill would act like that. I always liked her and bought every one of her albums because I thought that she was a real down to earth person. I guess all the money and fame get to some people. Faith should realize that Carrie is a great singer and be happy for her. Faith has been very blessed for many years and she should not be jealous or mad because she didn’t win. Carrie was just better.

  • blogger

    “Faith should seriously get a grip and grow up…She’s not 7 anymore ok…ya she’s made a couple of good songs but so wht!? been like a bajillion years since she has made any good songs so she should just forget about herself for a change and realize that many people are better than you…some 13 to 20 year old people are better than her…and she’s prolly not even that good whatsoever…she prolly lipsyncs” hahahaha is bajillion a word now?

  • Alex

    None of you know Faith Hill personally, so NONE of you know if she was serious. You all have issues for talking so much about it. You all need to learn how to speek proper english and how to use grammar correctly, and finally, Carrie is never going to see the “congrats” you’re all leaving her.

  • Rabusa

    i think that she is a very nice person.
    and a good singer.

    love Rabusa

  • A Blogger

    I am sure that Carrie Underwood doesn’t have to be a second Faith Hill, because the people love her as Carrie Underwood. And as Carrie Underwood she can be successful for the rest of her life.

  • Female Vocalist in AZ

    Well I disagree with the last sentance. Carrie’s voice and wholesome appeal will keep her around a VERY long time. She may never be Faith Hill, but she will definately match her sucess and longterm career. She will be the new country diva. Hell she already is! Her voice isn’t going to get any worse, she’s still only 24. And that career isn’t going anywhere but up!

  • Amanda

    I have sat back and read the comments posted about Carrie and Faith…..
    First of all, losing respect for someone you don’t even know as a human individual means you have little time on your hands. Granted, she may have been in the wrong, but put yourself in her shoes. People do make honest mistakes and NO ONE knows for sure if she was joking, maybe she thought the camera wasn’t on her….NO ONE knows for fact….
    Seems to me there are ALOT of haters on Faith Hill… Hate all you want…. She is gorgeous, has a gorgeous husband, gorgeous children and a life we would all die for. I can assure you, you WON’T break her with your petty comments against her….. People make mistakes Faith…Hold your head high…. There are alot of people who will try to bring you down, but you will remain on top…. Carrie is good… don’t get me wrong…. but she will NEVER be a Faith Hill!!!!!!

  • from Germany

    OK, but it is some time ago. At least the music of Faith and LeAnn is as great as it was before. And their character: OK, they had a kind of bad moment. This can happen to all of us, even to your daughter. Shall all people go away if the daughter does something wrong?

    And about myself: I always knew that Faith and LeAnn are great musicians, but I never planned to buy their cd’s. I was also never interested in the music of any American Idol, I never was interested in Kelly Clarkson, I was NEVER interested in Britney Spears, I am a little bit interested in the music of Christina Aguilera, although she is almost more yelling than singing. I like the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain (although I don’t like her voice). But now: A NEW STAR IS BORN. A star which shines much brighter than all the other stars who are angry now because of her appearance. Carrie Underwood has everything to be a hero of music and to make many music fans glad. And this is what counts. She is pure music. She is brilliant, she has such a wide range of music, she has a huge talent, and she will definitely sell more than Faith and LeAnn, not only because of the character. Carrie ist music, and – by the way – she is a brilliant live performaner. You can easily see it at Youtube. Check for “Sweet Child” or “Whiskey Lullaby”.

    Unbelievable that Carrie is completely unknown in Europe. I really hope that they go to change it. I would be so happy to enjoy her in a concert. Go, Carrie.

  • Tyler

    I am going to start a protest against Faith Hill and Leann. I am personally going out to purchase Carrie Underwood’s cds. In fact Im going to buy a whole lot more and save them for Christmas gifts. I have given all my Faith Hill cd’s to Goodwill. My daughter was obsessed with Faith Hill. We talked about Faith Hill’s actions against Carrie, and my sixteen year-old decided that she was going to take down all of Faith Hill’s pictures. Faith Hill shocked the both of us. We always thought she was such a great role model. Beautiful inside and out. Ooh no- She fooled us. Thanks Faith Hill! Carrie I love you!

  • Abel

    Congratulations Carrie! She is so beautiful inside and out. She deserves everything she got if not more. Faith Hill is written off in my book. I have never been a fan of Leann. Get a life you Faith and Leann- You act like kids!

  • Dawn

    I love Carrie Underwood. I useto obsess over Faith Hill. I useto believe there wasn’t a country singer more beautiful inside and out. Boy I was wrong. They are right when they say if you are ugly inside it will make you even uglier on the outside. I will never purchase another cd from Faith Hill again. In fact she better produce something banging if I even will ever listen to any music song by Faith Hill. How awful. That is proably an example of how she is at home with Tim. She really needs help with jelousy. And as far as Leann she has no room to talk. She got very lucky at the beginning of her career. I am so pissed off right now by Faith Hill that I have been telling everybody at work about her stunt. Get a life Faith!

  • Nicole

    Faith should seriously get a grip and grow up…She’s not 7 anymore ok…ya she’s made a couple of good songs but so wht!? been like a bajillion years since she has made any good songs so she should just forget about herself for a change and realize that many people are better than you…some 13 to 20 year old people are better than her…and she’s prolly not even that good whatsoever…she prolly lipsyncs

  • Nicole Gender

    I think Faith Hill is such a jerk…come on… just because u didnt win something doesnt mean you have to get all upset and then lie how u were just messing around about it because then people just hate you even more because there was a big hint hint that she was looking straight into the camera…and b4 that she tried to make it look like she was going to win…(LAME!)BIG props to Carrie Underwood because she really gets what she deserves…she is very talented and she is getting awarded for it…thats the way it should b…Faith Hill is just really Conceded

  • jammie halbert

    carrie you rock….i love how carrie reacted to the whole thing she just said she knew faith was joking because she didnt want anymore drama even though she knew deep down inside that faith wanst joking, and it probably really hurt carrie to see one of her idols treat her like crap. I think carrie will represent country music very well in the years to come.

    rhimes you need to shut up because i havent heard anything good from you since the song “I Need You”

  • Suckmypeepee

    Both Carrie and Faith suck ass. Country music is for inbreds who can’t handle rock and roll.

  • Corrie

    Faith Hill is a poor sport and not all that she thinks she is. Carrie Underwood deserved every award she received. Faith Hill has had about two good songs in her entire career, and obviously her fame has gone to her head. On an awards night, her supposed “JOKE” is totally childish and unacceptable. Faith needs to come back down to reality and realize she is not better than anyone else just because she can sing. She is not the only one is this world with talent, and there is always the one better than you!

  • you are so cool

  • Tracy

    Go, Carrie!
    I think Carrie deserved to win both awards. Faith Hill’s new music is not that good! She needs to go Stand In Her Kitchen And Stay!
    Guess What, Faith? Your old and washed up!
    We Love Carrie!

  • Barbara

    Here is my take on the whole thing.
    1. Faith knew the camera was on her. She even hammed it up a little for the camera, grinning from ear to ear as her name was announced as a nominee.
    2. It is a standard practice on award shows to have the camera trained on ALL nominees and they are montaged on the screen so that the one who wins has a camera on her and people at home can see the reaction. (Its really not meant to see the reaction of the losers).
    3. Faith raised her arms in celebration of winning..it even appears that Faith was in mid-stride ready to bounce onto the stage. None of the others reacted in such a manner, except Carrie, AFTER her name was called, not before.
    4. No nominee should attend an awards show assuming they will be chosen. How many times have you (and the expert predictors) been surprised when someone wins or doesn’t win?
    5. Faith “appears” to have lost her cool and had a little diva moment. It happens to people in the spotlight sometimes. Maybe she needed this humbling moment to bring her back down to earth.

    Private message to FAITH:
    You are not going to be at the top of the “Hill” forever. In fact, you may have just taken a bad step on some loose gravel. This can cause a swift downward slide… Denying that you made a mistake will not remove the gravel… you’d best admit the mistake, take the high road, and avoid those patches of gravel.

  • kristen

    Faith Hill is just a sore loser. she doesn’t like to lose. She gave the same show when tim mcgraw won instead of her. Carrie is great I like she music but Faith needs to figure it out she isnt going to win everything in life. newer and better talent is coming up in the world and well old dried up faith will someday be forgotten

  • Faith Hill reacted just how i would have reacted. I love Faith will all my heart. She is very talented and deserved to win. Listen, just because she made one little mistake, everyone acts like she commited murder. OOO wow she was mad and/or shocked but thats no reason to keep on about it. In my opinion Faith, who has more experience and is way more passoinate about her music should have one. In carrie underwood’s music video, “before he cheats”, was destroying the city with her terrible singing. My heart goes out to Faith.I love ya to peices.

  • Told u so

    based in the videoclip..why was Faith so restless? she was so active backstage!

  • Marie

    It’s obvious that the incident wasn’t a joke. Faith was clearly upset and genuinely surprised that she did not win. Her reaction was human. We have all been sore losers at one point in our lives, she was just unfortunate enough to have her moment broadcast all over television and the internet. As for saying that she didn’t know the camera was on her, has she never seen an awards show in her life? Everyone knows they record the nominees reactions. She should have known better. Also, as for Leann Rimes, she needs to keep her big mouth shut and stop being a hater.

  • Tara Ashley

    Whether it was a joke or wasn’t a joke really isn’t the issue. You would think that after so many years in the industry, Faith Hill would know to be on her best behavior during an award announcement? If it wasn’t a joke, it was a tasteless outburst. If it was a joke, it was insensitive and selfish. Sure, she’s human- but she’s human with a publciist and years of experience behind her- something, I might add, that Carrie has little off and yet still comes off graceful and appreciative. Take a lesson from Carrie, Faith.

    On another note, Leanne Rhymes needs to keep her mouth shut. If I remember correctly, she was barely a teenager when she rose to fame- as a teenager, had SHE paid her dues? And where on earth did this notion of dues come from anyways? Hard work or not, the industry is about talent- and Carrie has ENORMOUS talent. Possibly more talent than Leanne and certainly as much talent as Faith.


    Lighten up people, IT WAS A JOKE!!!! She had a camera on her the whole time, she was not taped by accident. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that she was joking around backstage and decided to stage a joke to spoof Kanye West’s award show meltdown. It was cute and funny and the most entertaining minute of the night. I thought it was nice to see that she doesn’t take these awards seriously, and she’s not so uptight that she has to be politically correct every second. The whole idea of an award show is a joke, they’re boring, predictable, and someone showed that for once. Good for you Faith.

  • Martha

    A joke? Do you really throw your hands up in the air, yell “What?!” and storm off angrily? She should show good sportsmanship and applaud for the winner like all the other nominees did. I’m sure if Faith was the winner and Carrie reacted the same stupid way, Faith certainly wouldn’t take it as a joke, would you? You deserve it Carrie! Faith has just lost a fan.

  • golmer

    “WHAT” is actually audible if you listen close enough. Must have been LOUD to have leaked through an open mic so far away!
    The part about “being a joke” is just a natural PR lie to soften the blow of this silly incident. Anyone watching the body language knows that Faith was angered in a big way. We simply have a spoiled brat on our hands. Country music has no place for that. Let’s let her try to make it out in the real world like the Dixie Chickens.

  • I don’t know Faith Hill as a person, but I dont think she would do anything like that. She has a kind heart, I know that for a fact. I know that because 2 years ago, my daughter was born with a very rare disease and needed a transplant. She donated $1000.00 dollars and many signed pictures of her and Tim to auction off. She didnt even know us, just seen a picture of my daughter and her story and called herself to help us. Not many people would do that for someone they dont know. She is a good person. You cant convince me that she could be so selfish…..

  • Clarissa&Maddie

    Maddie; I think that Carrie Underwood deserved the award, I still like Faith Hill but her last few albums wasn’t very good at all.

    Clarissa;I love Carrie Underwood she deserved to win, but Faith Hill shouldn`t have done that to Carrie.

  • I think Faith needs “faith” because she has forgotten her Christian upbringing.

    Come on now, it was no joke! When was the last time we saw her be a joker? It was the real McCoy.

    I think the great Cindi Lauper sang it best, “Your true colors come shining through, true colors, true colors….”

    Congrats Carrie on a well earned award. May you win many more!

  • Bobbi

    I think Faith really needs to come out and apologize to Carrie. Sorry but Faith hasn’t done a damn thing for country music lately. Not only does Faith owe Carrie an apology, she owes her public an aplolgy for acting like a spoiled child.

  • duane

    They actually hand out awards for this CM crap?

    The Sound of Muzak by Porcupine Tree

    Hear the sound of music
    Drifting in the aisles
    Elevator prozac
    Stretching on for miles

    The music of the future
    Will not entertain
    It’s only meant to repress
    And neutralise your brain

    Soul gets squeezed out
    Edges get blunt
    Gives what you want

    Now the sound of music
    Comes in silver pills
    Engineered to suit you
    Building cheaper thrills

    The music of rebellion
    Makes you wanna rage
    But it’s made by millionaires
    Who are nearly twice your age

    One of the wonders of the world is going down
    It’s going down I know
    It’s one of the blunders of the world that no-one cares
    No-one cares enough

  • cherry

    That was pretty amusing to watch. You can definitely see Faith Hill mouth the words, “I better win” and chuckles once they show all the nominees. It seems as though when Carrie Underwood’s name was announced, she had raised her arms and hands thinking it was her (hopeful wishing taken too seriously). She then yells “WHAT!” into the camera and leaves the stage. All in all, great diva reaction from a diva herself.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Oh boy, its so massive even Carrie’s fans in Malaysia know….CONGRATS CARRIE!!!…u were totally deserved this recognition….we love you!!!

  • lisa


  • Greeneville, Tennessee

    “I know Faith and this just isn’t her.”

    Yeah . . . right!

    “I’ve never seen Faith act this way before.”

    That’s the key, you’ve just never seen it. It doesn’t mean the Queen Bee hasn’t done it.

    Faith Hill has very expensive PR people who have created a false public image. You got to see a few seconds of the real, un-PhotoShopped Faith Hill before she ran off to complete her tantrum.

    Welcome to the real world, Faith. Things don’t always go your way just because it’s what you want.

  • Cope

    Hey … Faith Hill was not joking! She threw her arms up as though she was the winner, but then it sunk it it was not HER name they called! They’re just trying to cover it up as a joke because her reaction was caught on camera!

  • Get a life

    I think you’re all losers for talking about it this much. Don’t you have somewhere to go or a friend to call?

  • I think it is just as unfair to make wild assumptions about Faith Hill’s true character based on this lone incident as it is unreasonable for fans to claim to know how a star would act in real life.

  • rocker

    I love how fans say “I know Faith and she wouldn’t act like that”,,yeah right, you “know” her. This revealed the true Faith Hill—egotistical, bratty, with her doors blown off by a younger, more talented product.

  • keithc

    I think it was totally real and HILL-arious. It’s obvious that it was a reaction from a fading star who’s over-inflated ego cannot handle the passing of the torch.

  • sarah

    i personnally believe that faith hill was joking she has never given me any reason to think poorly of her so why should i start disliking her now over something that people are saying ive listened to faith since i was 3 years old and she is a very talented artist i will continue to be a huge fan of hers and also carrie ive loved carrie ever since her audition on american idol and said she would win so rock on CARRIE and FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really think there is more to this than that .Promo runs pretty deep in the CMA and there was like a secret little message if you notice between the announcers just before the winner was read . Faith had her hands raised in acceptance even before the name was read as if the decision was made beforehand and she was also aware of it . Someone in the process ovbiously became disallusioned with the continuing promotional aspect of the CMA and honestly made an honest award for a change .

  • Mark

    I agree with you 100%. She is extremely attractive. Much prettier than Faith. CONGRATS CARRIE!!!!!!!

  • Larry D.

    Carrie is so gorgeous!!! I did not like her dress too much, but other than that, she is a very pretty woman.

  • Josh

    That was so ridiculous what Faith did! I could not believe her poor attitude. Everyone knew that Carrie would win. I have little repect for Faith now.

  • Michael

    I watched the clip several times and if Faith Hill wants to make us believe that she was joking maybe she should just say it was a mouth malfunction. It worked for Justin Timberlake!
    Also if she says she didn’t know the camera was on, come on faith your in showbiz you mean to tell me you don’t know when a cam is on. CONGRATS to Carrie she deserves it.

  • Michael

    Faith Hill didn’t know she was on camera???..that’s BS. Like this site said, she looked right into the camera and said it. It’s clear to see she is a liar. I lost A LOT of respect for Faith. CARRIE ROCKS!!

  • Cheryl

    That’s all we’ve heard for years how perfect Faith is and how perfect her life is. It’s nice to see that she’s human just like everyone else. I would have one question for Faith. Why did you take the focus off Carrie’s PERFECT night with your little joke? No one has ever pulled a little joke when you won. Now that’s all Carrie is going to hear for weeks to come. Carrie is country music’s breath of fresh air. Her talent speaks for itself. She deserved to win.

  • Ok, I totally missed that moment last night with Faith Hill. Then I heard something about it on the radio this morning and was like “WHAT?” because I watched the entire show and couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. Now I realize at the moment that Carrie Underwood’s name was announced, my daughter and I started screaming and high-fiving ’cause my predictions from my prediction piece were right so I missed all the drama!! Now Britney has to go and eat up all the fresh comments…. can’t let anyone outshine ya, can ya Brits?? Thanks for the YouTube replay….I felt so out of the loop all day!

  • Steve

    Oh, and if Faith was just messing around, maybe she ought to publicly apologize to Carrie, not just try to say she was fooling around.

  • Steve

    While Sara Evans may not have performed great, keep in mind she’s going through some trouble at home. I was impressed that she even made the show, and was glad to see she’s not giving up.

    Faith’s reaction that you posted is hysterical though. It definitely looks like she was mad she wasn’t picked. Of course, anyone in the real world could have told you Carrie Underwood was going to win.

    I wish Miranda Lambert was recognized a little more. She has lots of talent, and just comes off as a true fun loving country girl.

  • Bg

    She deserved both awards she got!! Faith hill has sucked since Breath and just cause someone is 100% better then she is doesn’t mean she has to be a poor sport. I doubt she was joking. WTG CARRIE WTG!!
    But the sad thing is when you said that Simon said she was going to sell more then any other seller, that may be true but he also said he liked Kelly Pickler better and look who won and didn’t win AI