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Carolyn Goodman Uses Sharron Angle’s Poller

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A new poll reported by Jon Ralston in the Las Vegas mayoral race has Carolyn Goodman leading Chris Giunchigliani by more than what other recently released polls have suggested. There is something very fishy about these poll numbers and the circumstances surrounding them.  According to this report, the same company’s April 8th polling results showed a 10 points lower lead for Goodman.  Further, a more recent poll has Chris Giunchigliani within 2 points of Goodman.

According to Ralston, John Yob’s firm conducted the polling. Remember Mr. Yob from Sharron Angle’s campaign? A few red flags go off immediately, considering the outrageous polling coming from that race a whole 8 points off.  

According to the story in the Las Vegas Sun, John Yob “paid for the poll out of curiosity.” Amazing! Really Mr. Yob? Curiosity? Sometimes I wonder what these people take us for.  Why would a former Angle advisor from Michigan randomly be polling the Las Vegas mayor’s race? That seems crazy to me.  We remember that Goodman hired them for an early to mid primary poll. The results of that poll showed Goodman a hair away from winning outright. That was dramatically wrong.  The more telling fact is that this company is one of three Carolyn Goodman has used for polling data. Makes you wonder, could they be shopping for results?  The question I keep asking myself; what has Carolyn Goodman done to convince any of the 63 percent of voters who did not vote for her in the primaries to vote for her now?

It’s said by some that this election comes down to name ID and so Carolyn has the advantage. Again, if the name ID is so important, why did she win only 36 percent in the primary?  At the end of the day, how can we trust the people (the Goodmans) who used taxpayer dollars to send out a campaign mailer made by city staff at a cost of $50,000-$80,000?

Are the people of Las Vegas really happy with the status quo, or as Jon Ralston once argued that, ‘the power and money of the casino industry, combined with the behind-the-scenes string-pulling of a powerful and ruthless cabal of political insiders, render important Nevada elections a mere formality.’  Will large amounts of money, even some donated by mobsters, be enough to crown Carolyn the successor to her husband’s throne? 

Or will the people actually decide on Chris Giunchigliani, the candidate who represents their interests?

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  • Peter P

    Anything John Yob does should be questioned. Tim Cahill sued Yob for sabotaging his campaign for Massachusetts governor. Then Yob went to work for Sharron Angle. How did that work out for Sharron?

  • LoneStar

    John Yob is also the brains behind “I’m not a witch” Christine O’Donnell comedy of errors in DE….and dont forget about Yob’s train wreck Tim Cahill campaign in MA.

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    Isn’t Yob the same guy that ran the Sharron Angle campaign into the dirt? Has he EVER bee right?