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Carolyn Goodman Continues Attacks

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I kind of feel sorry for Carolyn Goodman right now. She felt she was entitled to be the next Mayor of Las Vegas and was just going to walk into the Mayor’s office and not actually have to run a campaign.

So she hired a campaign manager who honestly isn’t very good. I have never met Bradley Mayer but judging from his campaign strategy, he thought they were just going to cakewalk to victory and he would be a made man. Instead, they are in a dogfight with Chris Giunchigliani.

Since Mayer or Carolyn weren’t prepared to actually run a campaign, they are Carolyn Goodmannow flailing around with the usual Republican scare tactics because they have nothing positive to say about Carolyn except that she really really loves Las Vegas. So do I, but does that make me qualified to be Mayor? I always thought politicians were, you know, supposed to have qualifications.

Mayer is trying to throw a hail marry in his latest attack ad. You might have been unfortunate enough to view this unoriginal and clearly false ad where he tries to misinform voters by distorting Chris Giunchigliani’s record on taxes and pay raises.

Before I get into the actual ad, I have to admit I am kind of in awe of the gall of it. It takes a special kind of arrogance to insinuate Chris is using public office to get rich when your candidate is a Goodman. I mean seriously? Let’s not forget this is the wife of the man who got an alcohol sponsorship as a politician. Then there is the issue that Carolyn is attacking Chris Giunchigliani’s plans to rebuild Las Vegas when she has none. If Carolyn wants to criticize Chris’s plans she should tell us how she would do it better.

Let’s look at the Carolyn’s attacks. Carolyn claimed Chris will raise your taxes. Las Vegas doesn’t have home rule. If the Mayor lacks the ability to raise taxes, how is Chris going to raise taxes? Shouldn’t Carolyn know this? Apparently she doesn’t.

But let’s look at the facts. Chris has proposed reducing the liquor origination fee Chris Giunchiglianithat was raised by Oscar to $70,000. Of course, Oscar reserved the right to selectively waive this fee. Not exactly what you would expect from someone who is going to “suck you dry” as Mayer said.

How about pay raises. Chris Giunchigliani voted to freeze her salary in 2009 and 2010 and to cut it in 2011. At the same time, Oscar sponsored a measure that would more than double the Mayor’s salary. Does anyone believe for a second that Oscar or Carolyn would ever support a reduction in their pay?

Carolyn said Chris voted for higher taxes. Chris voted to cap property taxes to protect the taxpayer. She did vote for a Chamber of Commerce supported tax bill that received bipartisan support and was signed by a Republican Governor. This isn’t a convenient fact though so Carolyn ignores it. Like she does most facts.

Carolyn has no plans for Las Vegas. She can’t point to anything she will do for Las Vegas. She has no option but to lie about Chris’s plans and record.

If we are going to talk about responsible use of taxpayer money, let us not forget the taxpayer sponsored showgirls. Oscar has had two showgirls with him at all times for the past 12 years. A showgirl costs about $150 an hour. What do you think the over/under for the amount Oscar spent on showgirls during his 12 year rule? 1 million? 2 million? 5 million?

I’ll take the over.

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