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Carnival of the Vanities #5

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“Due to illness, the part of Denis Leary will be played by… Denis Leary.”

I can’t keep mine secret any longer. Bigwig is in der unholy Betty Ford Clinic, doing time in rehabilitation for thine sinful Blogging Addiction undt wearing pants with fancy zippers instead of buttons. Get well soon, Bigwig, undt when thou art out, be sure to post all about thine recovery on thine blog undt risk eternal Hellfire and damnation as a sinner.

Until then, everybody’s favorite Amish Blogger is here undt he hast der chalk undt slate to lead der congregation through this time of troubles. As the devil says, he’s a deadly handsome man, der lion in the lamb. Der show must go on, undt der wicked Carnival of the Vanities continues into its fifth week. Turnout was good, even if it wasn’t up to Week Four standards, but what do thou expect… we have nein electricity here in Amish Country.

So, with nary an ado, here’s some stuff that thou mayst have missed der first time around. Instead of breaking this up by categories, I’m going to tick people off by posting them in the order they came in undt as well as tacking on a few of mine own comments…

" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', '<br />\n', 'Trip To The Ozarks');">Trip To The Ozarks: A bunch of beautiful pictures from a trip to the Ozarks.

  • N.Z. BearThe Bear Doctrine: The Bear states his own principles for justifying American military action and regime change and how it differs between Iraq and North Korea. But if you apply it towards Major League Baseball, Bud Selig would be deader than a dodo…

    Well, that’s about it, so all rise while the blogpastor leads us in a hy-

    What? Oh, fine. If you’re looking for something by me, well, I got inspired by Fred of Fragments From Floyd and decided to pull out two of my Raving Zionist Loony classics: The Two Thousand And Forty Year Old Man Part I and Part II. I keep trying to come up with Part III, but no matter how many times I listen to the Rhino CDs they just don’t come fast enough.

    Cue the end credits music please…

    The Carnival of the Vanities is published every Wednesday at Silflay Hraka and Blog Critics, except for this week, when it is being hosted and compiled with time-honored Amish webcrafting tradition at Amish Tech Support. Many thanks to Bigwig for allowing me to risk the reputation of his blogging franchise for a few cheap laughs.

    Information on how to join the Carnival is available here, and all are welcome.

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    • Eric Olsen

      Very nice annotation ye olde Amish dude (how’s that for conflating various European and post-European tongues? Hey, that sounds like fun) Biggy: get well soon. It’s always more fun to jump off the wagon and then lie in wait for the driver.

      This is a great series!!