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Carmelo Anthony’s Friends Bail Him Out of Trouble Yet Again

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Isn't it time for Carmelo Anthony to realize that true friends are good for you as well as good to you?

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that Tyler Brandon Smith – whom Carmelo describes as his "best friend" – was pulled over by police in Lochbuie, Colorado. This happened late Sunday while Tyler was driving Carmelo's 2005 Dodge Magnum, and Tyler was cited for marijuana possession and three traffic violations.

Each charge is a misdemeanor, added the AP. The marijuana charge carries a fine of up to $100 for conviction but no jail time.

Carmelo has been linked to marijuana before, no thanks to another one of his friends. In October 2004, Denver airport inspectors found marijuana in his backpack, but prosecutors dropped a drug charge after this friend claimed ownership of the marijuana and said Carmelo didn't know about it.

The Denver Nuggets star has also made headlines for a bar fight in New York and for an unwitting appearance in a bootleg DVD in Baltimore in which a man threatened to kill police informants.

"I cursed (Tyler) out a little bit," Carmelo said Wednesday at his annual basketball camp, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "I just want him to learn from his mistakes. He's a man. He's got to face what happened. The one thing I did tell him is that anything that happens is going to come back to me, so just watch out… He understands."

Perhaps what the NBA star needs to understand is that, if he keeps dealing with friends like these, he won't need any enemies.

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    Sorry about the spelling, Carmelo. It’s that other guy, Carmillo, who has enjoyed grating my eardrums.

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