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Careful What You Ask For…

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…you might just get it. An Ohio preacher finds out the hard way when lightning strikes him after asking for a sign from God.

This is the kind of event which, if you don’t believe in a God, won’t convince you otherwise. But it sure is funny. Realistically, how many people actually expect to receive a sign after they asked for one? Not a single one.

Christians everywhere use this tactic all the time. Maybe a nice guy is in a convenience store and is attracted to a porn magazine. All it takes is a quick prayer, “God, make my youth pastor walk into the store right now if I shouldn’t look at this magazine.” And of course, nothing happens. Same thing happens with drugs, shoplifting, etc. It’s like a religious version of “Let’s Make A Deal!” There is no visible reply from God and they go and do whatever the hell they want to do.

(Of course, what those people are forgetting is that there is already a sign, the Bible, which already states, if they believe, their God’s opinion.)

So watch what you ask for. What if you actually get it?


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