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Cars, which are the most popular form of individual transportation in the U.S., come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Consumers choose cars based on the vehicle's intended purpose, whether it be basic family transportation or high performance fun.

Cars require regular maintenance. These maintenance items can be found in the owners manual which comes with every vehicle. It is up to the owner to read and understand what maintenance is required and at what intervals. Typically a maintenance interval is defined by mileage, the amount of miles the vehicle has been driven, or time, usually expressed in months. Cars can be fitted with vehicle tracking systems that enable owners to monitor their vehicles at all times.

Car owners desiring to do their own maintenance work can find much help online. There are manuals available with detailed diagrams, and there are car repair videos which show these procedures so people can make a better decision as to whether they will have the skill and ability to attempt the work.

The ability to find information about a car has become much easier online. You can find news about the auto industry by reading some of the top car blogs.

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