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Most people’s stomachs are filled with vomiting butterflies when they finally sit down to sign on the dotted line and purchase a new car. And well they should be. Along with a home, a vehicle is one of the largest investments you will ever make in your entire life. The key is to make sure your car investment is protected for the duration of your ownership.

A car warranty is part and parcel to the car ownership experience. When your vehicle is new, the manufacturer’s warranty provides essential coverage. However, these warranties have a notoriously short life, usually lasting only three-to-five years. In addition, the mileage limitation of these warranties is considerable.

A single mechanical failure can incur enormous costs; however, car warranties are not cheap, either. The savvy car owner will juggle the need for a car warranty with the car’s expected mechanical failures. Finding the right balance between the condition of the car and the warranty needed is something each car owner needs to decide for him or herself.

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