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Capturing Streams To MP3

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Apple’s new iTunes 4 with “Music Sharing” won’t let you save the stream to disk. Right? I mean, it can’t be easy, can it? Yes it can. Stream a playlist, use a network scanning tool like tcpdump to determine the URL, and then grab that URL manually.

Look for something like this:> (224 bytes)
TH_PUSH TH_ACK GET /databases/32/items/1104.mp3?session-id=20570 HTTP/1.1

Then, use this:

curl id=20570 > file.mp3

Of course, this will only work with MP3 files, or presumably M4A files. The M4P files that you get from the new Apple Music Store will still want to be “authorized” to play. Still, it’s almost too easy.

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  • Phillip,

    The cool thing I read about at MacInTouch yesterday was that you can apparently listen to other people’s iTunes libraries over the Internet.

    I didn’t quite understand how it worked, but I can’t imagine the music companies are happy about that capability, if it exists.

  • Apparently the iTunes Music Sharing features normally skips .m4p files, only streaming the MP3s you already have. I guess that’s something.

    It means I no longer have to run Quicktime Streaming Server. Well, once there is a Windows client I won’t have to.