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Captain America Revealed!

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In today's Dose of Awesome our first glimpse of Joe Johnston's Captain America has been revealed, although not in the way many were expected. It took months before we saw our first glimpse of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Marvel appears to be keeping the look of Captain America just as secret. What's come out today is a series of concept designs that, apparently, are the real deal.

Ain't It Cool News originally posted the images, which were leaked to them by one of their readers. At first it was believed they were just a ridiculously good fan mock-up of a description of the costume JoBlo posted after getting to see concept art of the costume. JoBlo have now come out and stated that the images Ain't It Cool News have are in fact the very same images they saw and described in their article.

So now that we know these are the real deal are they any good? In short yes, yes they are. Creating Captain America's suit, so it didn't look ridiculous, was going to be one of the hardest jobs for Joe Johnston's team. With Marvel attempting to invest a lot of realism into their Marvel film universe a guy who runs around in a flag costume just wasn't going to cut it. Also the fact that the Super Soldier Serum probably cost billions to develop they weren't going to send him out in something that offered him no protection and practicality. Many people believed that the costume would be based heavily off of the Ultimates universe Captain America and there are some similarities.

I really like the way they've used the red straps to replicate the flag on his costume. The use of brown also helps to give him that World War II army feel and on the whole it's a very good-looking outfit that takes the key elements of the Cap suit and makes it more presentable and workable in a modern film. Oh and utility belts are back, baby. The one thing I'm not sure of is the helmet. It gives him a really dome shaped head and it doesn't look strong, although I'm pretty sure that's just the drawing style used. I will be interested to see how the concept transfers into real life. I'm expecting the blues to be quite a bit darker and I wonder if it will have the real pieced together look of the pants. Could that be some sort of armor?

Anyway what do you think of Captain America's costume? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Can't wait to see a real shot?  

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  • El Bicho

    Indifferent. It looks too modern and I miss the impractical wings. More importantly I wish they had a better director

  • Troy Mayes

    It is a bit odd seeing him without his wings, like I said his head does look a bit funny. Yeah Johnston hasn’t convinced me although the inclusion of Tommy Lee Jones is pretty cool

  • ultimate captain america

    I dont like it, it’s really untraditional And it looks like desert storm not ww2 marvel owned disny can suck it.

  • Troy Mayes

    apparently there are going to be 2 costumes in the film. one that’s his USO costume and its meant to be more traditional and flashy and then this is the one Cap makes himself when he decides he wants to fight and its meant to be more practical military