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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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For those who don’t know, my actual weblog is The World According to Pete. I am but a simple man with simple needs trying to make some sense out of this crazy complex world.

I just happen to write about it online as well.

Then there are my detractors. Derivative and reactionary, in my opinion. But sometimes good for a chuckle or at least for a good head-scratchin’ moment. Or so I’ve thought.

This one has been around for a while:

The World According to Pete According to Me

Now there’s a strong up-and-comer looking to make a name for him/her/itself at:

I Really Hate Pete

But yesterday I received what amounts to a wake up call, from a fan in Norway no less, who wrote in part:

“I enjoy reading thine observations, so knit to the point, and so, well, so true.

Without wanting to scare thee, having thine post of October 8th on the subject in mind, kindly let me make thee aware of the blog “I Really Hate Pete“. What is here being given is not funny.

Keep up thy good work. Christ guide thee.


That got me to thinking. Good God, what have I done? Why do my simple observations inspire such passion? And such hatred? It’s like Proverbs 10:18 all over again!

I took a long, hard look at what I’d been doing and the various and sundry reactions. And I had a moment of inspired revelation! It was something straight out of Romans 12:18-20.

Yes, my life had become so empty. I had a crisis of words. So I did what any level-headed object of idolatry would do.

I decided to accept Jesus Christ into my heart.

Jesus is now resting comfortably in my heart. With that knowledge I find wisdom. Just like Psalms 111:10 told me I would.

So today I went out for a walk. Jesus walked with me. I stopped at the convenience store to buy a coffee. I wanted one of those fancy flavored cold bottled coffees. The Starbucks brand was $1.99 while the same-sized generic brand was only $1.29. So I thought to myself, “What would Jesus do?” I figured he’s buy the cheaper brand so I did too. I saved 70 cents. Praise Jesus!

On my way home, I swung by McDonald’s and ordered a hamburger. Before eating it, I said a little prayer for the cow who died so that I may live. In a way, that cow was a little like Jesus.

It’s about time for me to go to work now. I will be doing the Lord’s work today.

And when I get home tonight I won’t be sleeping alone anymore.

I’ll be sleeping with Jesus.



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The World According to Pete According to Me

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  • joe dirt

    After reading this, I hate you too.

  • beadtot

    Oh, but the Pope of the Italian people — his chin was trembling too when he was scheduled and carried away to San Francisco, and look what happened to him during a stiff neck day.