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Can’t wait for Reloaded

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Talking with RoverPundit this evening reminded me how much I want to see the new Matrix. He’s gonna do a big group outing to watch it while I’m in North Kakalaky, so (like I said, I think) I’ll have to see it with my father and sister. Mom’s got no interest in anything Matrix, hell, it was hard watching Titanic with the woman, what with all the yelling, “Stop kissing and get off the goddamned boat!” I loves ya, Moms, I really do.

But, damn, I can’t wait for this movie. I’ve been thinking about this movie since the credits rolled on the first one. I had to be dragged to that, and I was only convinced because I was stuck in Fremont, CA for the afternoon and had three hours to kill. Plus, nothing else was showing. I walked out a changed man.

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