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Canon EOS Digital Rebel

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The Canon EOS 300D SLR, also known as the Digital Rebel, is nothing short of a revolution for the digital camera industry.

The Digital Rebel has a 6.3 megapixels (effective) sensor, auto and manual focus, program and manual exposure, JPEG and RAW file format, ISO range 100 – 1600, Lithium-Ion battery. It does not come with a standard lens but is compatible with all Canon EOS system lenses and accessories.

The image quality of the Digital Rebel is excellent. It is easy to use and and has all the features the amateur yet serious photographer would want.

The Digital Rebel looks very similar to its big brother, the EOS 10D – the main noticeable difference is the silver plastic body. It is sturdy but doesn’t compare to the magnesium alloy of the 10D. This keeps the price down but does give it a slightly ‘cheaper’ feel also.

This camera makes DSLRs affordable and will set the trend for other manufacturers. Already Nikon have announced the D70 which will compete directly with the Digital Rebel.

There have been a few reports of problems with the Rebel, but these seem to be confined to when it is used in conjunction with Sigma lenses – stick with original Canon lenses and there should be no problems.

Overall I would highly recommend the Digital Rebel to anyone who wants to take their photography up a level from their digital compact camera.

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